Where the Heck Was Mum? Stop the Selfies and Put Mum in the Pics!

mother and child in bed with red pillow taking selfie
How many pictures do you have of your own mum? Chances are, not many. Go ahead, search through your family photos. You’ll be lucky to find a rare few of your mum. Why? Most likely, because she was the one snapping the pics. And, now history is repeating itself! You’re taking pictures left and right. You follow your kiddo around like...

What Every New Dad Needs to Know About Life Right Now

What Every New Dad Needs to Know About Life Right Now
Will all the new dads please stand up? Welcome to the club guys. You’re probably utterly besotted and yet totally baffled by your new addition. But so is your other half. Plus she’s knee deep in nappies and night feeds, bottles and burp-rags – and probably so sleep deprived even matchsticks can’t cut it. Maybe you’re back out earning a...

My Wife Had A Miscarriage: One Dad’s Brave Story

Side view of a muslim man comforting a sad caucasian girl mourning in a train station
We were in Bali holidaying with family and celebrating our wedding anniversary when my wife, Emma, called me into the bathroom and said ‘I think I’m having a miscarriage’. I immediately felt useless, not only because she had instantly asked for her Mum, but because I had no idea how I could help. This wasn’t my body and I didn’t...

Male Contraceptive Injection Trial a Great Success but Stopped Because of What?!

For couples that were hoping a male contraceptive injection was not too far away, studies have linked the product to depression and stopped the associated clinical trial. Controlled studies have shown the product to be as effective as the female birth control pill with only 4 of the 266 men who participated in the study becoming fathers. This is...

WATCH This Deaf Husband Find Out He’s Going to be a Dad! So Clever!

Meet YouTube user Brittany Welch who creatively put together a gift back for her deaf husband which announced her pregnancy. His reaction, priceless! Turn on the captions using the settings (cog) icon at bottom. Even without the captions, you can tell from the way he responds how he feels about this news! BRAVO!

Powerful ‘Dear Daddy’ Video Urges Men To Protect Their Daughters from Sexual Assault

A powerful video is sending the internet in to a spin with a message to dads everywhere, urging them to protect their daughters by showing zero tolerance to rape culture. The #DearDaddy campaign brings the issue of violence against women to the forefront. Instead of pushing facts and figures, the video creates a shockingly tear-worthy picture of real violence and abuse. No, it...

We Bust 3 Myths on Postnatal Depression in Dads

There was a wonderful article in the Huffington Post recently about the fact that dads get postnatal depression too.  The heading of this article was “Why We Need to Be Talking about Postpartum Depression in Dads” and nothing highlighted this point more to me than the comments that followed this article. Far from an outpouring of support for Dads doing it...

Must Watch! This TV Commercial Will Make You Cry! Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhood

There’s something going down on the playground. Don’t they know that everyone has their own way of parenting? But when it comes down to it, we’re all on the same side in motherhood. Help us put an end to the judgment by sharing this video with every parent you know.  

PND Awareness Week 16 Nov – 22 Nov 2014

Postnatal Depression affects more than one in seven new mothers and one in twenty new fathers every year with more than 100,000 total cases recorded in 2013. PND Awareness Week is an initiative aimed at creating greater community awareness of antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety. Postnatal depression almost seems like an oxymoron. How can what is expected to...

How to Deal with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

In Part One of our Postnatal Depression Series we talked about how to tell if you, or someone you love, is suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety. If you are concerned that either or both may be present, then see your GP or health professional (community nurse, psychologist) in the first instance. They can talk with you and assess whether...