Apply to Review Tamar Valley Dairy Kids’ Greek Yoghurt with No Sugar Added!

It’s lunchtime and you’ve prepped a totally healthy meal for the kids. Add a yoghurt, and you’re done! But, wait. Is this little dairy delight really that healthy for your little one? Well, if it’s Tamar Valley Dairy’s new range of Greek yoghurts (which are specially designed for kids), the answer is yes, very! Really? How come? That’s right. Tamar Valley Dairy just introduced...

Let’s Talk About the Crap We’re Feeding Our Kids and What It Does for Their Behaviour

Don’t be scared – we’re not going to tell you off! We’re in exactly the same boat and that’s why we want to start the conversation. It’s not easy to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet all the time. We get it. As mothers, it’s hard enough for us to do it ourselves let alone for our kids right? We’re busy...

Low Sugar Kids Lunchboxes

low sugar lunchbox
Welcome to Low Sugar Kids Lunchboxes! We’re so glad you’re here. In the lead up to our Mum Central Low Sugar Kids online program due to launch soon, we have released another free taste so you can hit the ground running! A nourishing lunch can make all the difference to your child’s mood, concentration levels, energy and behaviour… which we all know...

This One Easy Tip Will Assist Weight Loss & Reduce Sugar Cravings

Fight the urge to binge on sugar throughout the day and especially at breakfast with this one clever tip. Eat protein at breakfast and you will be more likely to feel full and energised throughout the day. This means less ‘grab and go’ food with hidden sugars and will help to reduce sugar cravings. Research from the International Journal of Obesity...

Is Fruit Juice Just Another Junk Food?

My grandmother would not even read this if she read that title. She was a "juice–aholic" and loved all twenty seven of her grandchildren with cold glasses of fruit juice on her back porch on Long Island on a hot summer day. Sadly, no matter how much vitamin C or highly antioxidant fruit, it's still quite disruptive on our blood sugar....

What Does Low Sugar Have to Do With My Child’s Mood?

angry child
There is a lot of medical research about sugar and the links to illnesses such as diabetes, insulin resistance and poor immunity. However, I tend to focus on the mental aspects of food and how it relates to our children's self esteem, moods and energy levels. So let's simplify why our children (and us as well!) can become cranky, moody, tired people...