This 8-Year-Old Isn’t Shy About Her Feelings On Gender Stereotyped Clothes
When was the last time that you took a good look at clothes for girls, and clothes for boys? Well, this little girl has taken a major look—and, she doesn’t like what she sees! Go into any kids’ clothing store and you’ll see adorably sweet little outfits. But, they’re often very gender stereotypical. Hey, it’s been this way since you...
Mum Writes Best Ever Response After Sons Told Not to Climb Trees
Ah, childhood. It’s all about running in the fresh air, playing basketball or football with friends and climbing trees – right? Apparently not so much for a few children in Yardley, Pennsylvania. When Julie Holcombe’s twin 12-year-olds, Ryan and Patrick, decided to stop and climb a tree with friends on their way home from school they were stopped. The Year 6...
Photo of Dad with Sick Son in Shower Goes Viral After Facebook Deleted Photo
Who knew a photo of a father with a sick child in shower could stir up so much controversy? Well, when it comes in the nude (with dad in the picture too), it seems as though everyone on the internet has an opinion. In 2014 photographer Heather Whitten’s son Fix fell ill (with what would turn out to be salmonella...
Why Samuel Johnson Just Became Our Hero
Samuel Johnson is a hero. Seriously. No, not just because of his flawless portrayal of Mollie Meldrum in his latest acting role. Not even because he unicycled across our country to raise money for his sick sister. And not even because he has raised $2.4M for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Samuel Johnson is a hero because he is fighting...
MUST WATCH: How To Tell If You Are An Amazing Mother
Have you ever had one of those moments or days or weeks that you have questioned whether or not you're any good at the whole being a mother caper? I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you have. Perhaps even multiple times. Perhaps even right now. Well, dear mother, we have a solution for you. Meet Emily Wright. Emily...
Tell Us About You and Win a Target Gift Card
We're running a short survey over Easter to find out a bit more about you all, and to say thanks, because we love giving stuff away, we're offering 5 of you a $50 Target Gift Card. Here we go! Win a Target $50 Gift Card
Chrissie Swan – Is She The Perfect Storm?
What is it about some people that brings out the worst in others? From what we have seen, Chrissie Swan is the perfect storm. She’s overweight, she’s a media personality AND she’s a working mother. In our eyes, she’s borne the brunt of some pretty horrible bullying in her time. And we don’t stand for the kind of behaviour at...
An Open Letter to Pete Evans
Pete-Evans-Paleo-Way Bubba Yum Yum
Dear Pete Evans, You are a famous chef. You are a popular television host. You are a best selling author. It seems to me you need reminding of the fact that you are admired and respected by thousands of people around Australia and parts of the world. You collectively have over 832,000 followers across your various social media channels together with the millions...