4 Things to Know About Animal Adoption: Why I Wish I Never Got a Rescue Dog

Dog licking a happy woman in whit shirt on the lips on the couch.
Thinking of a rescue dog? When Tania Pradnum finally gave in and rescued a puppy she realized her life was never to be the same again. So, my kids had been asking for a dog for a while. Actually, that’s an understatement. They have been BEGGING for a dog since they could say ‘dog’ which, as many of you parents would...

8 Steps to Successfully Introduce Your Baby to Your Dog

Bringing a new baby into the world changes yours completely. What a lot of dog owners forget is that it also completely changes the pack dynamic of your household. This can lead to tension and boundary issues if not great problems with your dog if it is not tackled up front.  Preparing Your Dog Ready For Your Baby’s Arrival Sad...

These Realistic Photos Reinforce The Normality of Parenthood

You know those impossibly perfect photos that constantly pop up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds? You know what we’re talking about – the ones featuring a pair of impeccably dressed kids, sitting sweetly next to mum (who also happens to be completely stain and stress free) under a fabulous flowering tree and smiling. Oh, the smiling. Even guinea pigs...

Cat Owners: Here’s Three Key Signs They Could Be In Trouble & How to Prevent Them

cat urinary health
My mum's always been a cat lover and she's always had cats. And very recently her beloved cat Moushka had a bit of health scare that seemed to appear quite suddenly. You see Moushka started showing unusual signs, nothing over the top at first, but one by one things started to piece together. At first mum wasn’t sure what the problem was....