Free Parenting Seminar: Toddlers and Touch Screens – What Should I Do?

These days there aren’t many families that don’t have at least a tv, computer, gaming device, mobile phone or tablet (and some have all of them!) which children readily access on a daily basis. Screen technology is just an inescapable part of our everyday living. It’s become an important factor in how children learn, socialise and have fun. And it begins...

SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE: How Small Changes in Diet Lead to Big Changes in Children’s Behaviour. Book Now!

Children's Diet and Behaviour Webinar
"Our kids are out of control at the end of summer! MOODY, CRANKY, WIRED and yet oddly TIRED." It's being said in 99% of homes so don't worry, you're not alone. We're in the same boat and have decided it’s time to do something about it! Join us this Sunday night for a very special (and exclusive) webinar with well respected Nutritionist, TV Presenter...