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Get Set for Paw Patrol’s Latest Adventures with 15 DVDs up for Grabs!


Does it seem like PAW Patrol is on your child’s mind 24-7? Hey, that’s okay. Why? Because we’ve got 15 DVDs featuring everyone’s favourite fur friends up for grabs!

PAW Patrol is back with All Wings on Deck. The pups are poised to save the day, and your child can see it all! That is, starting on 29 of September.


What can your kids expect from this new release DVD? There’s 10-year-old Ryder taking the lead, and pup after pup all running to the rescue. Yes, that’s right. Those pups are taking on some real-world rescue jobs. A fire fighter, a police officer and a construction worker set the tone and inspire these colourful characters. And, now it’s time for everyone to work together and start the saving.

So, are all “wings” really on deck? You bet. Not only are the playful pups rescuing Mayor Goodway’s pet chicken in this all-out family-fun film, but they’re also helping out a parade of penguins, a bat, a parrot, a queen bee and more!

If you’re already imagining the smiles, giggles and joy that your kids will get from this DVD, you won’t have to wait much longer. And, if you’re one of 15 lucky mums to win PAW Patrol: All Wings On Deck you get all of the awesomeness for free (and who doesn’t like something that’s free, right?).


To celebrate the release of Nick Jr.’s PAW Patrol: All Wings On Deck, we’ve got the chance for you to WIN 1 of 15 DVDs! To enter, simply complete the entry for below in full, comment below and tell us what you love about Paw Patrol and you’re in the running to WIN!


Win 1 of 15 New Release Paw Patrol 'All Wings on Deck' DVDs

Belinda Jennings
Belinda Jennings is a fun-loving mum who’s a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. When she’s not tap, tap, tapping at the keyboard Belinda can be found happily wrangling two small boys and loving on her superstar husband. Good conversation, close friends and fine chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. She believes life’s too short for bad coffee, folding fitted sheets and not wearing your favourite shoes.
  • sue perry

    My little man is learning while watching his favourite show & i get a chance to do chores without “help”

  • Fiona

    Love all their different personalities – so cute!

  • kylie clark

    OMG my youngest LOVES paw patrol. Paw patrol over and over again from the moment he wakes to the moment he sleeps. New episodes would be fantastic. I think i know most of them now lol

  • Paula Harris

    Another awesome show that keeps the little man quiet and happy 🙂

  • Deb

    I love how Paw Patrol keeps the grandkids interested

  • Claudia Gildea

    I love that they all have diverse and important skills but also have their own little quirks.

  • Maree Gray

    The kids absolutely love the adventures the Paw Patrol gang have and how they help others

  • Jane Gardam

    My 3 year old grandson adores this show and anything associated with it. He plays imaginary games with all the characters, so cute to watch. He would definitely love this dvd.

  • Aimee Walden

    My kids love paw patrol, especially my nearly 3 yr old son! They role play episodes and love to run around playing as each character and singing the song.

  • Laura

    My kids would love this dvd

  • Nadine

    My daughter loves paw patrol.i like how it helps with role play and teaches teamwork.

  • Rachel ziino

    Yes please! My son is paw patrol crazy and i only i have 1 dvd that gets played constantly!

  • Teresa

    i get a little bit of peace and quite while my son watches them

  • Sophie

    Paw Patrol we’re on a role!
    No job is too big, no pup is too small!

  • Raeleigh Coleman

    My youngest son loves Paw Patrol so much that the rest of our family has to be a different character each and go on a mission each time for dinner – then we get our treats! haha.

  • Sasha Blunt

    My children interact and play when its on

  • Renee rogers

    Love that it’s something I can pop on and watch with the kids!! Love that it makes my daughter super helpful after watching it cause she wants to be like Skye!

  • Natalie

    I have 3 kids that LOVE to re-enact everything they watch. It’s pretty awesome to watch as they rescue each other and work together.

  • Sonia Morgan

    Love that its encouraging kids to help others as a team, instiling great values

  • Mikaela Murphy

    My 3 year old son is obsessed with Paw Patrol and loves Rubble and constantly shouts “Rubble on the double”!

  • Selena Baker

    My 3 are HUGE fans, they all have different favourite characters. I don’t know how many times a day I hear, “Chase is on the case” – “All fired up” – “Green means GO” they have the lil costumes and role play EVEY single day. We love it!!

  • Sophie Miller

    My little ones love Paw Patrol! I love that it brings out their imagination as they love to role play while watching it. They also have a huge love for dogs and whenever my little one sees a dog she says “paw” it’s very cute. She is only 18 months.

  • Lora Nuku

    I love their team spirit and can do attitude there are alot of positives about this show

  • Tehani Gauder

    I love that my son loves them all, I have to tape the show so he’s not late to school. Adore the team spirit.

  • Samantha Leigh Youssef

    My little ones are in love with paw patrol . They love that they are helping their friends to save the day working as a team . They just want to watch paw patrol and dress up as the dogs with the marks the made and copy them .

  • Nicci Traeger

    My kids love joining in by each being one of the pups. They love all the adventures they get upto and saving the day.

  • Bethany Copp

    I love the fun adventures that keep kids entertained but also teaches valuable lessons about team work!

  • Alison O

    Paw Patrol a favourite in our house. My 3 year old can’t get enough and she would love her own Paw Patrol DVD

  • Jessica Charles

    My three boys, ages 7, 5 and 2, LOVE Paw Patrol and set their alarm clock to 10:30am every day so they don’t miss it!

  • robfunk

    I love that they’re all good pups and they save the day! The adventures are all good fun and safe for my son to enjoy, there’s always a positive message too.

  • Rebecca

    My daughter loves watching Paw Patrol with her cousins, and she particularly loves Rubble. It is a very fun filled action packed show great for little kids!

  • Yvonne C

    I love that it’s helping kids work together

  • Emma

    My son just loves paw patrol. We have lined up to see the live shows and done meet and greets. He has the paw patroller and lookout tower and pups and plays with them constantly.

  • Katherine H

    My 3 children aged 5, 4 and 3 years old are absolutely in love with Paw Patrol. After every episode they allocate different characters to themselves are run about being Ryder, Chase and Marshall on a mission to save the day! I love how this show is sending positive messages that the children so easily pick up on 🙂

  • Ying Ying TAN

    Love their friendship, adventures and most of all…how cute are they!!!

  • Riana

    My daughter Skyla loves that her name is like Skyes. She puts her arms out as her wings and yells ‘this pups gonna fly’…..flying around the house!
    We think Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta are so funny! All round great show for all ages!

  • Andreea Nicolescu

    Love that they help each other are always happy working together, and plus we love dogs

  • Julie Italiano

    My son’s uncle is a firefighter so he absolutely adores Marshall, reminds him of his uncle, and his awesome fire truck.

  • Christie Ferguson

    My daughter is obsessed with Skye and Everest. They are her favorite. She has paw patrol everything we have so much paw patrol stuff its all i ever see in my house. She even wants paw patrol birthday

  • Dawn Taylor

    It’s the favourite perfect show to stop, sit down and cuddle up with the grandchildren and watch.

  • Mel

    My son Ryan loves Marshall the best because his mum is a firefighter too !
    He loves them all and we often role play at home

  • Amy

    My 3yo is Paw Patrol mad she would love to win this as a prize so she could sit and watch whenever she needed a Skye, Chase or Mashall (3 favourites) fixes

  • Rikki

    It’s great because it teaches kids about teamwork and how to problem solve

  • Sarah McKenzie

    I love the amazing colours and graphics! I love that it educates kids, teaches them how to be proud and respectful of their friends, and teaches them about all different professions and what they can do for the community 🙂

  • Gavin

    My daughter loves Rebel. Actually, I just think she loves all dogs. lol

  • cat

    I love that all the pups have different skills and need to work together. It is great for explaining to my 5 year old that we are all different and can still be friends.

  • ElkeH

    It’s actually a cartoon which educates! Not the usual mind-numbing stuff that’s on tv!

  • Maree Wood

    My kids love paw patrol 🙂

  • Deb Lee

    The kids love the cartoon stories, I like the educational value of it and what it teaches them!

  • Jakki Thompson

    My daughter is obsessed with dogs so she absolutely LOVES Paw Patrol

  • CG

    In all honesty I’m not into it but my kids love Paw Patrol and try their best to educate their mum on who the characters are and what they can do. If we win the DVD I’ll sit down and watch it with them 🙂

  • BrisNed

    My daughter totally loves watching the Paw Patrol adventures and the creative ways they solve problems

  • Claire H Simmons

    great adventures shared by amazing paw patrol furry mates

  • Sarah Nicholas

    My daughter is absolutely obsessed with Paw Patrol… She walks around singing Pup Pup Boogie

  • FoodieK

    I wish it was just my daughter singing pup pup boogie – I find myself singing it at work! My little girl loves Skye and Everest and no other undies or nighties will be worn!

  • Jarrod Dancer

    I love that it keeps my kids quiet for 10 minutes 🙂

  • Alysia Sheehy

    I love that it educates in a subtle way! My daughter learns about team work and problem solving while watching her favourite pups! She loves Marshall at the moment! Last week it was Rocky 🙂 her all time favourites are Skye and Everest, she has the bedspread and the little action pups. When she had an operation, Paw patrol was the only way I could get her to calm down

  • Sarah Turnbull

    The peace it gives me while my son watches it and the values he learns while watching it.

  • Julia Morton

    the adventures the go on and they fun and laughter they have and provide my child with to, great and educational

  • jayla1987

    Paw patrol along with Peppa pig are my life savours they give me peace and quiet while I do the housework thanks goodness for nick junior

  • Sarahmary92

    I love how paw patrol promotes the importance of team work and having fun

  • Krista

    Love the adventures

  • Christina

    Love how its educational, teaches youngsters aswell as entertains, it is also not boring for parents to sit & watch with the kids to.

  • Chuzzle

    My daughter loves the many adventures!

  • Blossom

    My 4 year old “cheeky spunky monkey” gives our “do not disturb” signal when watching Paw Patrol. It has dogs in it, what more need I say.

  • Michelle Goslin

    My daughter loves Paw Patrol. it’s watched evey day and she plays with the toys every day too.

  • manasi

    My 2 and half years old son will be over the moon if he gets these DVDs. He is a big fan of them!!

  • DiDi

    I love that all the characters are have different strengths and (even appearances) but that they work together using their own special qualities to achieve great things…and… I can get two loads of washing hung out knowing my kids haven’t moved a muscle since the theme music started up! : )

  • Mandie Boz Louise

    I love Paw Patrol as it gives me 5 minutes to myself (yay to the non interrupted toilet break!) while little miss is distracted caught up in the adventures of her favorite puppies!

  • Kate Slack

    So cute and the theme of the show is heartfelt and positive, my son loves it!

  • Debrah Bassett

    the kids would really enjoy this

  • Adele Whiting

    They are always helping others, its a great show for kids

  • Lisa W

    They always manage to save the day by working together and not giving up.

  • Shannon Discombe

    They always save the day and help when they are needed great to teach the kids young to trust authority figures and rescue services often hear of kids scared cause the police will get u if u do something wrong yes but only big things

  • Bec D’owney

    Adventures, team working, fun and great characters!

  • Ivana O’Hara Ex Kanducar

    We love the friendship and always being ready to help.

  • Kirsty

    I love that it teaches kids to have a new respect for animals. And aren’t they are a gorgeous heroic bunch???

  • Carol P

    I love that its a show suitable with all ages, teaching kids to solve problems and get along and my daughter thinks the dogs are very cute

  • luigi costantino

    Fun adventures!

  • Leah Rose

    i love that is teaches our kids respect and empathy. They love watching the show.

  • Sarah Armstrong

    they are always so helpful, but oh so cute

  • BJ Lee

    I love Paw Patrol because its like our family dog is going out on an adventure with us and solving problems!

  • Isildae

    My daughter is a huge fan of Paw Patrol. I love how each one has a special ability but how they all work together as a team to solve problems.

  • kim

    love the theme song…

  • Lara Haynes Stewart

    the song is very catchy & the pups are awesome & putting paw patrol on makes me get the house work done with my little man

  • Kassy Shrive

    I love watching my daughter dance to the music and theme song. She loves all the characters.

  • Natasha Page


  • upeksha patel

    My son loves the song and knows the words to it. He love all the pups and their gadgets.

  • Caro

    My boys love Paw Patrol! Even my 9 year old twins secretly have a soft spot;).

  • Ashley

    My nephew absolutely loves this show,he watches it all the time,would love to win a copy of the DVD for him

  • Nicole Woods

    It’s all about the theme song. That thing causes a virtual stampede whenever it starts!

  • Mel Bickley

    I love how it teaches team work and kindness through exciting adventures that my 3.5 year old & 13 month old are absolutely hooked on!

  • Janette

    My grandson would absolutely love this DVD, he watches it every day, he has been sick, so would love to cheer him up with this!

  • tracywed

    my grand kids all love paw patrol and this dvd would really help to keep them happy when I’m babysitting

  • Kylie Sneddon

    My son loves dogs and just loves paw patrol and all the adventures and fun they get up to.

  • Kayla Thomson

    I love that it encourages teamwork and you are always able to ask for help. We’re all hooked on it in this house, mum, dad and our 2 & 4 year old boys!

  • Emma Shuker

    We love the lessons learnt and the encouragement to help others and be kind!

  • Bronwyn Elmes

    Great for both boys and girls.

  • Vanessa Lee

    With 2 paw patrol obsessed girls, I know I can have a few quiet moments to myself each day

  • Zuzi

    Flying pets – how can you go wrong.

  • robyn

    It’s fun and interactive for them and all the kids love paw patrol they sit happily watching and learning and it’s fantastic

  • Bianca Hensman

    I have a Paw Patrol loving nephew that would absolutely love these DVDs!

  • Julie Hodsman

    My daughter loves it and her older bro pretends not to bus does.

  • Anita Andrews

    It keeps the kids entertained & it’s not one I mind sitting through either.

  • compingKaz

    My grandson loves Paw Patrol and there is always a good and happy ending.

  • AmberB

    It’s such a fun and happy show 🙂

  • Vicki Maree Laurie

    i would love to win for my nephew he absolutly loves paw patrol

  • catherine helbig

    My son loves watching as he calls them zues (our dogs name) going on all the amazing adventures

  • cleo

    Fun, adventure and entertaining

  • Jodie-Ann M. Arklay

    Keeps my son amused for hours and he plays “Paw Patrol” even though we don’t have any of the toys!

  • LilMiss Kibby

    non violent and cute animations…my son loves it!

  • Kell

    It is just Sweet… no blood and gore…no vampires and werewolves….just Innocents

  • Amanda

    It’s fun and full of adventurous cute dogs.

  • Pamela Singleton

    It’s the perfect way for kids to allow their imagination to flow and teaches them to respect all life forms.

  • Cate

    I love that they are ‘superheroes’-rescuing and saving the day, without resorting to fighting. Perfect for my son to be play acting at daycare and preschool with his friends!

  • Nina Prior

    I love that my daughter and my son both enjoy a show that they can watch and talk about together instead of fighting over watching different things.

  • Fiona

    I love the ” no job is too big , no pup is too small” catch phrase and team work approach modeled on the show.

  • Karen Holding

    I love the team work and how they show the value of friendship and working together

  • Jenna Butler

    We love all the adventures they get up to and are always waiting to see what’s next for the Paw Patrol crew. Rubble on the double!

  • Laura Offerman

    Teaches kids about teamwork and how everyone has different strengths to be valued. My son loves Marshall as he aspires to be a fireman

  • JessD

    The values it teaches and captain Turbot’s use of unusual vocabulary. Though I think my son only watches it because it is dogs driving vehicles. His two favourite things 🙂

  • Alison Crooks

    to be honest, i don’t really love PawPatrol- but the young master does!

  • Matt Brown

    Its fun, about animals and the kids love it.

  • Joanne Blackburn

    My son loves Paw Patrol, at the moment his favourite dog is Everest, it changes every week.

  • Justine

    I love paw patrol because the kids love paw patrol!

  • Katrina

    My son loves Rubble-on-the-double and Marshall. We love Paw Patrol because my son is inexplicably terrified of dogs in real life but we’re slowly coming around because of the awesome lessons and awesome characters on the show.

  • Amy

    Both my sons love the adventures and rescues that the Paw Patrol pups get up to. My 1 year old bounces to the music and loves the dogs.

  • Kat Mears

    My 3yo loves all the pups but won’t leave the house/sleep/breathe without her Skye and Everest. She has to watch at least one episode every night before she can go to sleep and makes sure Skye and Everest are watching with her!

  • Tegan Arnold

    Both my children love Paw Patrol and it gives me 20 mins of quiet time so that i can get housework done

  • Jessica Gabris

    I love paw patrol because it keeps both my pups (2 & 5) entertained and quiet for half an hour so I can get some house work done 😉 my son pretends to be rocky & my daughter likes everest 🙂

  • Nikki Cashion

    cute puppies what’s not to love ,all their pawsome adventures

  • Melzy

    The only show my two “pups” can actually agree on! Perfect chance for “mum-time”!

  • Rebecca O’Grady

    I love that Paw Patrol is always on a roll to help save the day!

  • kiah edwards

    I love the cute animals especially the pups being a doggie lover

  • Sarah Kate

    I love seeing all the adventures that the pups get up to! There is always an exciting mission with an underlying moral to be taught 🙂

  • Laura Powers

    My 3 years old Boy is obsessed with Paw Patrol he would watch it all day if I let him! Great characters and stories thou I do find myself watching along with him 🙂

  • Vanessa

    Paw Patrol is up there with one of the best cartoons… for a kids cartoons its pretty entertaining for us adults too. The best thing I like about PP is that my 2yr old daughter loves it. No matter how many times she watches it (and it’s a lot) she still gets excited.
    Some days Ryder and the pups do my head in but then I see how much she loves it and it makes bearable.

  • Michelle D

    I love the way the characters always face the problem head on and with a positive attitude, which is so important for children to learn to do.

  • Skye D

    I love how they make the puppies and ryder realate to young children showing kindness and family for any shape size colour and species

  • Tash Wright

    i love how they work things out, how they work as a team and show kindness to each other and there friends. Its a great learning show which is fun and effective to all children of all ages

  • Lauren Ibbotson

    The cute puppies and display of team work is what makes an enjoyable kids show

  • Sam Allen-Stephens

    I love how much my son loves Paw Patrol and how it keeps him quiet while I do housework!

  • Alicia

    I love that it’s a cartoon made for both sexes rather than aimed at one particular gender. Both my kids love seeing what adventures their favourite pups are going to get up to.

  • Natina

    I love how each pup has a human type job that my little one understands.

  • Kelly Hagenbucher

    My son loves the pups. He sings the songs and knows all of the pups names xx

  • ClareA

    I love how my son gets so much joy from watching these pups. The silly jokes they come up with and the clumsiness of Marshall are his favourite parts of the show 🙂

  • Jennalee Izzard

    I love how all of the pups work together and help people or animals in need. Great way to show kids kindness and showcase individual talents and still work as a team

  • Kylie Embury

    My 5 year old LOVES Chase and the gang and we have some great conversations about being kind and helping others after he watches it.

  • Tess Elise

    Let’s be honest, I love how Paw Patrol keeps my son occupied and happy, whilst I do housework. Win, win for both of us.

  • Lauren Barnes

    The adventurous rescuing is inspiring my 5 year old to do good things just like chase!!!

  • Fiona Czyzewski

    My 1 and 5 year old love paw patrol so much i enjoy seeing their excited faces when its on

  • Amy

    I love how the Paw Patrol pups work together!
    It shows children that by working together as a team they can achieve anything!

  • Janelle Hall

    My son loves the adventures they go on!

  • Jude Little

    We have just discovered Paw Patrol and we all love it – the teamwork, the caring, sharing and positivity is really refreshing and the Pups are so cute!

  • Stefanie Seiler

    Paw Patrol keeps my son busy and he enjoys the amazing adventures at every episode.

  • DIANA.

    A little bit of cute, that keeps the kids amused, entertained and out of mischief.

  • Kate Maynard

    I like the teamwork the show promotes and my son loves the different vehicles. I love how our little ones never question a dog’s ability to drive or fly a vehicle. Young minds are full of imagination – I hope they keep it! My little guy’s favourite is Zuma!

  • James Pizzey

    they are our hero,s we love to watch them entertaining our grand children

  • cher g

    I love the way when I put Paw Patrol on my grandson sits there so engrossed and engaged. I take great pleasure in his pleasure of his favourite show.

  • angela wenzel

    my son and daughter love paw patrol i can not say i have watched a lot of them but it keeps them entertained which is great for me

  • Caroline White

    Paw Patrol is my 2nd eldest nephew favourite kids show.

  • Jenny Woods

    I love the way the Paw Patrol save the day by working together. Would love to win a copy for my 1 year old great-grandson…he loves to watch the puppies & their antics. 🙂

  • Mon Seven

    Love all the characters, the adventures and the teamwork. My girls are huge Paw Patrol fans.

  • Caron J

    my nearly 3yr old son loves Paw patrol and runs around the house with Chase is on the case, Rubble on the double. I enjoy watching it with him as they are very cute.

  • Maree Schmidt

    Its so cute!! The kids love it and it has great messages about friendships and teamwork!

  • Bec S

    Love that the show promotes teamwork. Also, not many shows catch my daugther’s eye (she’s extremely active), but this is always a winner when she needs some down time (what’s not to love about that!).

  • Vanessa Ahern

    I love that Paw Patrol is one of the more innocent kids TV shows promoting teamwork and friendship while still making my kids laugh out loud and get involved.

  • carly

    my son gets excited when he gets to watch this show! paw patrol demonstrates helpfulness

  • Michelle Cohen

    It’s so adorable, I watch it just as much as the kids do!

  • Gillian Harridge

    The happiness it brings my kids.

  • Donna Briggs-Wilson

    I love how it teaches to help and teamwork. Love how each character has something they are good at. Teaches kids we all help in different ways and have different skills

  • Sara Johnston

    I love Paw Patrol,
    Because my sons both do!
    They love the vibrant colours,
    And all the puppies too.

    Seeing Marshall save the day,
    Is always the ultimate highlight:
    And I cheer him on with my boys,
    I love the subconscious bond and no fights! 🙂

  • madmel

    My kids love paw patrol and am happy for them to watch as the character’s talk clearly and are polite

  • Umi Ayyildiz Keskin

    Who can resist puppies saving the day, love their enthusiasm and can do attitude

  • Gracie B

    We are Paw Patrol mad in this house! My daughter just had a Paw Patrol birthday party, we all dressed up as characters, she was Chase, her favourite!

  • michelle

    My daughter taught her brother who has a speech problem all the names as he is paw potrol mad!

  • Krystyl

    My son loves paw patrol. We have watched every episode at least 20 times over and he can now name them and he is only 2.

  • Jo Crowley

    I love that it keeps my little one interested. I often here her playing and role playing what she has just watched.

  • Kim

    The kids love the song and the team spirit

  • Stephanie Callaghan

    Love that it keeps my daughter happy and has good meaningful messages in it.

  • Tess Elise

    My kids love Skye’s propeller dog tag, and how she uses it to communicate with the other pups. They also love when she flies her helicopter.

  • Debbie Chambers

    My grandson love Paw Patrol! He knows each of the pups names, what they do and what machines they drive. He loves them!

  • Rachel Stuart

    My son loves anything animal related but loves “Chase is on the case!”. I love that Paw Patrol is enjoyable by both parents and children alike.

  • joburkey

    I love that my husband loves to watch it with our daughter. They each choose which paw patrols are their favourite

  • Candice Lance

    “Oh Mumma, it’s my favourite! I love the pups!” And I love to see a happy boy.

  • Samantha Zahra

    Its not what i love, its what my son loves, that puppy dogs always save the day!

  • Rebecca Smith

    I love the catchy songs and the ideas that provide opportunities for children’s imaginations to expand

  • Sara Reid

    I love that Paw Patrol gets us an extra half hour in bed in the mornings! Both my sons adore them, and are happy to watch quietly along with their big sisters, so mum and dad can lie in for a bit longer 🙂

  • Joanne sampson

    My little boy loves them he just got marshals bike for his birthday and now goes around the house saving things

  • T Dimitriou

    I love the way the characters, especially Marshall makes my munchkin jump up and down and gleam with joy, priceless.

  • Mandi Hodshon

    It keeps the kids occupied for 5mins so I can actually use the toilet in peace! Lol

  • Sarah Phillips

    I love all the adorable little pups, especially Rubble, he’s our fave!

  • Andy G.

    Master 3 met magical Marshall first in Spanish, when living in Spain for 6 months. Back home on Aus., Marshall remains a favourite. This DVD would be so great to revive happy memories.

  • Richard Harrison

    Big fans in our house, love all the fun the patrol has. Love Rocky the recycling pup, they have to work pretty hard to give him stuff to do!

  • Lisa Wilkins

    We met Marshall on the weekend, I thought master 3 was freaking out too much to get up close, but when it came to the crunch he had the biggest brightest smile and got to give marshall a hi 5, then didn’t want to leave him.

  • April Galloway

    They are so cute & adorable whats not to love about them!

  • Sacha Pech

    The show is full of wonderful life lessons that are age appropriate and relevant to kids. It’s relatable, fun and about loving and fair friendships.

  • Katie O

    I love that there is a lesson to learn with each episode. Its a bonus that they are all cute and fun.

  • Ashley Beech

    My son loves Paw Patrol almost as much as he loves Thomas the tank, and it give me half an hour of peace, so I love it too!

  • shadow88

    The animation is just superb!

  • Robyn Csorba

    Both my kids love watching the episodes over and over again. There is not a day in our house where it is not playing. The kids are happy so I am happy.

  • Kristine Willoughby

    My husband loves watching Paw Patrol, which is great because he can pretend his DVD’s are really for his Grandson.

  • Katrina Stonehouse

    We love all the adorable little pups, especially Skye

  • Kate Jackson

    My two boys (4yo & 1yo) are Paw Patrol mad, its quite funny that the 1 year old can’t say many words yet but say majority of the Pups names! It is actually not a bad show for the adults to tune into as well.

  • Nikki Montague

    My 4yr old is obsessed and is now “zippy” the super dog

  • Megan Rose Wilson

    We love that paw patrol teaches kids a lesson with each episode and each pup serves a purpose. In our house little miss moves Skye and little mr loves rubble

  • Smitzer

    Paw Patrol, how much fun would be it be to live in Adventure Bay? This is why we watch the show, we love the pups and we can just imagine a place with all these adventures.

  • Gayle Vos

    I love that my grandkids love Paw Patrol, they get so much joy out of it

  • Teegan Murchie Martin

    I love how helpful they are, no matter what they are doing.
    A problem can always be solved.

  • Briana

    Love that paw patrol is a show that can entertain my four year but also not drive me insane! I actually enjoy watching too!

  • Rhonda Phillips

    Love how Paw Patrol has different pups who each play a specific role and work togther as a team to rescue others. My boys love it!!

  • Bianca Bonakey

    We love paw Patrol .. I think it’s because we are massive dog
    fans so this is just heaven to us

  • Alana Collings

    I love their little catch phrases my kids (and I) yell out and that my daughter has nominated a favorite character for each of us!

  • Aly Giannitto

    I love that it’s all about Teamwork and helping eachother out.. pity sometimes my little ones don’t help eachother out, but maybe watching more paw patrol will help 🙂

  • Lisa Cooke-Sayer

    We all love the catchy theme song. My 3 year old can often be heard belting it out at the top of his voice.

  • Kirsten P

    I love that both my boys are obsessed with it and won’t move while it’s on tv – and I can get some housework done. Or sometimes I just sit and watch it too 🙂

  • Kellie hartley

    My son loves patrol patrol so much, sometimes he pretend plays his own paw patrol game and does his own rescues! I also like that every episode has a lesson to learn.

  • Neatsiep

    My daughter loves paw patrol but because we don’t have pay tv she doesn’t get to see it often. I love that the show involves working together!

  • Vicki

    The teamwork, caring, sharing and positivity that the pups bring to each episode is so refeshing ot see in shows for kids today, all 4 of my grandkids love Paw Patrol.

  • Shez Anne

    My 4.5 year old is a huge fan! He loves watching then, has paw patrol clothes/outfits and is wanting to meet the characters at the Adelaide Show. His name is also a character in the show and he named his rabbit Ryder!

  • Tracey Ibbott

    The show & toys keep my son entertained for hours. He loves it

  • Tegan Vlahos

    My 2.5 is obsessed. I love that there are no overly annoying voices and when there is a marathon on TV, I stay sane hehe

  • BecknKev O’Neil

    I love paw patrol because its the only thing all 3 ofy kids will sit and watch together! No arguing about what to watch!

  • susan stanley

    I love that my son gets so excited and tries to do his own little rescues pretending to be Chase.

  • Alyce

    The subtle lessons it teaches my son.

  • Heather Lancaster

    I have a grandchild named Chase and one named Skye…..What more is there to love about Paw Patrol <3 <3

  • Kristy

    Paw patrol is a family favourite in my house! Brings us all together and always ends in a full family sing along lol

  • Joanne Christopher

    My daughter loves Paw Patrol especially Skye, the teamwork it teaches is great.

  • Kira Greenwell

    Love it as it teaches teamwork and safety without any fighting and drama! Our 3 yr old son is hearing impaired and its the one show he will actively sit to watch and attempt to copy the catch phrases (great for his speech therapy!).

  • Sharlene Andrijich Holmes

    It is a positive show about helping each other and others out and working as a team.

  • Chris

    My kids love Paw Patrol. My sons favourite is Marshall. We loved seeing their live show.

  • Tegan

    My son is obsessed with paw patrol, his favourite is Marshall and rubble. He would absolutely love for his mum to win this

  • Erin Govers

    We love paw patrol, the team work, sharing the role of rescuer and hearing my little boys belly laugh when he watches it means it’s on a lot in our house, and that’s just fine with me

  • Scott Crumlin

    Skye is PAWFECT in the way hijinks are played. Without Paw Patrol to enjoy, little faces get dismayed. Woofy pals full of friendly fun, these pooches are Team Number ONE! : )

  • Jenny Newstead

    The teamwork and respect that the pups show! Both my boys learn lots from these furry friends!

  • Linda Hynson

    My little one loves marshall-i like that it promotes teamwork,such a valuable lesson

  • Mikaela Cowan

    All the fun adventures the dogs get up too!

  • Melissa Downie

    My 3 yr old Chace is a huge fan! We love the friendships that the paw patrol have and we especially love it when they do the pup pup boogie. Mummy is a huge fan of chickaletta the purse chicken!!

  • Kylie Radford

    I love the varied rescues they get to do, the characters, especially Mayor Goodway and Cap’n Turbot. I love the teamwork aspect and that it takes all the pups to make the Paw Patrol. My children and I also love the songs and sing them quite a bit, particularly “Pup Pup Boogie”.

  • Suzanne G

    My 2 year old loves dog so when we found Paw Patrol it was an instant success. He is always saying their names, and dancing singing Pup Pup Boogie, which is very cute and funny!

  • Karyn West

    Paw Patrol is a kids-oriented show, with a clear message that anyone can be a hero (regardless of size) – the townsfolk of Adventure Bay regularly cheer for the pups as they head off to complete a ‘job’. Who could resist the clumsy, but always happy pup Marshall, who regularly tumbles into the other pups but continues to persevere is his quest to reach the elevator without incident.

  • Kimberley Wilson

    Paw Patrol is the first show my little boy liked and since I teach our daughter school of the air at home because we are geographically isolated. He needs to entertain himself for parts of the day and he loves the pups. If I need to dig a prickle out of his foot or look at something Paw Patrol allows me to do this As he definitely is not a sit still boy. Being a teacher I wouldn’t like it if it was rot, it is so good to see them help everyone. It is something I am happy for my son to watch.

  • Sarah Nicita

    My son looooves gaw gatrol (can’t say it correctly) everyday he wants to watch it over & over. It’s the only thing that he will sit still & watch which is handy when I have a 3 month old to breast fed when paw patrol is on, I can see him while feeding younger son

  • Connie Christensen

    I love my little girl randomly belting out the theme song at any time and when its on do not change the channel!

  • Tori Nelson

    Nothing better then seeing my boy all fiered up for paw patrol. showing kids you don’t have to be big to save the day or be a hero.
    Paw patrol your on a Roll!

  • Angela Aschberger

    Paw Patrol has a lovely theme of always helping others, and there are characters for both my daughter and son to enjoy.

  • Donna Bennett

    Paw Patrol is such a favourite in this home. Would be lovely for the family to enjoy this new DVD. Such a sweet show that entertains the kids for hours at a time. Thanks so much for a wonderful competition and chance to win.

  • Shanell Tant

    Its such a big hit in our household. The only show that will keep little miss 3 attention longer than 5 minutes. Its also her go to movie when feeling unwell

  • Irena

    My kids love it!

  • Danieka Kingsbury

    I love that it puts a smile on my niece and nephews faces 🙂

  • jan wilson

    my boy would go crazy for one of these prizes, such lovable characters in this tv show

  • Jodie Arrowsmith

    Me and my son love singing along to the songs and saying all the characters catch phrases. We sing and yell them out all day long. They can cheer us up, even when mummy kisses won’t 🙂

  • xeike

    My daughter loves to sing along and fully concentrated on there amazing adventures.

  • Paula

    Paw patrol is awesome. My kids love it. (Secretly so do mum and dad). Its a sweet show and pretty funny. Francois and Captain Turbot are hilarious. The pups are always happy and helping and so accepting and inclusive of others. Its nice. It makes my kids smile and laugh and they’ve even learnt a few things from ryder and the pups.

  • Rebecca Yangzon

    Kiddies love this delightful engaging show

  • Raechelle Van der Meer

    My youngest daughter loves paw patrol. She always asks when its on tv next.

  • Melinda Bolitho

    I love watching my daughter get excited every time she watches it. Even if it’s the 10th time for the day she is glued to the rescue!

  • Kieta campbell

    We’ve just started watching it, love watching the smiles.

  • Juanita Munro

    I love how there is a ‘girl’ pup among the crew, GIRL POWER, WOOF WOOF!

  • helen c

    Paw Patrol is always upbeat and has a great moral message every episode – perfect kids entertainment with learning, fun and laughter.

  • Peta

    My little ones are just starting to watch Paw Patrol and love it!

  • Olivia

    We love that puppies can talk!!!

  • Natalie Cotton

    We love Paw Patrol as it gives me some time to get what I need to do! My son LOVES it and will watch episode after episode! In fact, the “dummy fairy” is coming tonight and my son has requested a Paw Patrol gift…

  • amanda

    my daughter loves that the puppies talk

  • Samara McRae

    My son absolutely loves dogs, and talking dogs even better!

  • Melisa Stone

    My little one just loves it cant get enough of it

  • Rebecca Zapparoni

    Both my kids love watching paw patrol. The pups always helping others and is a great show to watch.

  • Ange Fletcher

    This is the only show my son will sit down and watch….do you have any idea how much housework I can get done in one episode???

  • Ali Hillier

    I love the way the pups work together as a team and I love how much my son enjoys this show. And Chickaletta. Oh what mischief that chicken gets up to!

  • Skye Danaher

    They are so cute!

  • shelbyward

    I just love it that they keep the kids happy!

  • Sam Byrne

    My little girl has just discovered Paw Patrol and it was instant love 🙂

  • Lara Morello

    the humour – my kid giggle through every episode

  • Kristina S

    I love how they help kids with how to tackle their worries and make things that seem big and scary not so much and you can overcome them

  • Laura Scriven

    The cute adventures they have a fun to watch, plus it gives me a break from Dora’s adventures!!

  • Louise Baida

    My daughter just loves dogs, so she is Paw Patrol obsessed. She loves all the adventures, and we even have to make up adventures to play at kindergym.

  • Chantal Tysoe

    The adventures that they have and how they help people out. Good role models for young kids compared to some TV shows.

  • Adele Smith

    Paw Patrol do an awesome job of showing how you work together to get a job done whilst also showcasing how much fun it can be. (The merdogs are pretty darn cute too) 🙂

  • Denai Scott

    I love Paw patrol because it keeps the kids occupied for quiet time. They are great role models and have awesome adventures the kids get excited about.

  • Lauren Julie-ann Johnston

    Paw patrol is such a wonderful cartoo. My kids love it! And I love it because it teaches them to help each other, it isn’t violent and the pups aren’t rude like some other TV shows out there. We’d love to win please.

  • Lyndall Crisp

    I just love the simplicity of the show and suitable for all kids!

  • Nicole D

    I like that it’s graphics aren’t complicated and they are easy for young ones to focus on and follow. It’s also a great example of friendship and teamwork. And who doesn’t love puppies?!

  • Lauren G

    The characters are just so adorable!!

  • Tracy Wood

    We adore chicolata!!

  • Belinda Maelin

    They are so cute showing kids of all ages how to work together.

  • Ellen Grieve

    The kids love it!

  • Hamish Macdonald

    I love that my kids love it they will happily watch it forever, the characters they all know off by heart and the graphics is so much better then some other childrens programs

  • Nicky Barton

    My daughter loves paw Patrol. She likes how they help each other all the time.

  • Mel

    My son adores dogs!

  • Bronwyn Erasmus

    Both my kids absolutely love Paw Patrol!! They would watch it 24/7 if they could!! And to be honest, I actually like it too!! It has some really great lessons in it!!

  • Gweneth Boddington

    This show catches my kid’s attention and they can’t get enough of the paw patrol team!

  • Namika Bell

    My daughter loves it. Its such a great show, and also teaches some really great lessons.

  • Kris Ryan

    My kids love anything with dogs in it!

  • Cinnamon May

    I just love how my nephew says paw patrol…. “paw catrol” he’s only just turned 3 and My family introduced him to it.. now he’s addicted!!

  • viviennedobin

    My grandson Levi is 2 years old and he absolutely adores Paw Patrol. All you hear all day from him is Dogs Dogs. He is glued to the telly when they are on. Nothing at all can distract him from them. He would be thrilled if I won this prize for him

  • Shasha

    My boys love seeing these lovely pups in action going on their rescue missions and they want to rescue others.

  • Debbie Moody

    I love putting anything Paw Patrol on the dvd and then not having to worry about the boys while I cook a delicious dinner for them.

  • Vanessa Stojanoski

    This is daughters favourite show & toys. Ahe absolutely loves paw patrol! She would love to win & receive a special parcel in the mail.

  • marypreston

    PAW PATROL is such a lot of fun and certainly adventurous .

  • Leah Taylor

    My son learns a lot from paw patrol, he eats, sleeps and breaths paw patrol.
    he quotes them all the time, when he falls over he says ” I’m alright” like Marshall.
    We have a dvd player in our car with no paw patrol dvd’s so winning this one would be great so my son can take the pups wherever he goes.

  • Tamara Taaffe


  • Mary Moschovakis

    how playful they are and the laughter they bring to young and old especially my gorgeous nephew Jesse

  • Amy Laity

    My son loves paw patrol. He has named his puppy Rocky and tries to go on rescue mission with him all the time. He is constantly singing the paw patrol son with all his heart. For his 3rd birthday everything was Paw Patrol. I have even found myself watching the show, love it hahaha

  • Jacqueline

    My daughter loves everything paw patrol

  • Jackie Vilensky

    my son loves paw patrol and loves all the clothes you can buy now with it on

  • Michelle Lalezari

    My boys love paw patrol and all of their adventures

  • Kelly Wagner

    I love the sense of adventure, teamwork and limitless possibilities of Paw Patrol… and it appeals to my daughter greatly as well.

  • Julia Morton

    as the pups are tough with a cute exterior and have time for family and friends while saving others, power to the pups

  • Samara Cassidy

    Paw Patrol is my sons go to show. I love that it teaches him that helping others is a good thing to do and it also teaches him about team work.

  • Heidi Wray

    We all love paw patrol.

  • Tori P

    love how it actually teaches them in a fun way

  • Trista-Leah Kadar

    Chase is my m sons favorite.

  • Melissa

    I love Paw Patrol because at present the cute cartoon woof woofs are eliminating the need for the real life pet dog.

  • Belinda Mouk

    My niece loves the adorable Skye and loves watching it with her cousins.

  • Liz Wylie

    My 2 year old daughter loves dogs so Paw Patrol is a big winner here at our house.

  • Kerrie

    My son loves this show – it has all of them helping each other out, and teaching them important morales of the story

  • Julie Hearn

    I love that my kids love it

  • Meg Fitt

    Teleah is 4yo and walks around the house all day “Paw Patrol Paw Patrol, No job too big no pups too small – Paw Patrol!”

  • Kylie Boden

    It has my son’s two favorite things – dogs and cars!!

  • Samantha

    I love how it teaches my little ones about helping others out.

  • MelJD

    My girls love Skye and Everest and find it hilarious that the Mayor has a pet chicken!

  • Kate Tinson

    Our grandson loves Paw Patrol especially police pup Chase

  • Tabatha Voss

    They leave pawprints on your heart

  • Catherine Whyte

    We love how entertaining it is, the catchy theme song, everything about it! My daughter’s life is Paw Patrol these days, everything she wears has the pups on it, she’s having a Paw Patrol themed birthday party in a fortnight! She loves Skye and Zuma the best!

  • Shannon Wotton

    I love how the Paw Patrol pups each have their own special skills and that they all work together to rescue and help others. It sets a great example to my kids that we are all good at different things and that our different skills are all very important!

  • Diana Angel

    All pups are very cute and very helpful and they are very good role models. Its entertaining and pet chicken its very funny.

  • kirbie caldwell

    How happy it makes my son, he is always full of smiles when it something to do with Paw Patrol 😀

  • Samantha Pearce

    My boys love chicoletta! and i especially love it because its keeps them entertained and its NOT violent!

  • Roberto Colombi

    It’s ‘Paw’fect fun for the kids!

  • Kristy F

    With lots of adventures to be had it teaches my little pups how to be safe and have fun, all at the same time as giving this mum a little free run to get some jobs done.


    Great for the kids….entertaining and educational….great for teaching how we all have our own unique skills and how we can use them for good….kids also love our own dog a whole lot more thanks to the Patrol.

  • Kerrie Lee Groves

    All the pups are different but pull together to save the day.

  • spog777

    so much cuteness and all in one place <3

  • Louise Patterson

    They are all so cute and create wonderful outcomes.

  • Susan Banyard

    Supercool pups with amazing backpacks, really love Zuma, he’s an adorable labrador who loves to get wet. Skye is a pretty cute cockapoo too

  • Han E

    Kids enjoy Paw Patrol and I like to make them happy!! (And I love the supercute pups too!)

  • Joy Lange


  • Valerie Wee

    They are the superhero to the kids. It brings good example too.

  • Janelle Dowton

    Paw Patrol are our fave,
    Heroes who are always brave,
    Rescuing others every day,
    And helping out along the way!

  • Kat Anderson

    My kids just love this show still at age 5 & 8!

  • Andieharrie

    Paw Patrol is the one
    That entertains and adds some fun
    Pups on patrol
    A fun show and characters with lots of soul

  • Kimmibon

    When you’re in trouble, remember to Yelp for Help. Hehe so cute and entertaining while sending great messages for the kids.

  • Suzanne Blommaert-Botha

    We have had four Paw Patrol Parties this year…..one each for each one of my kids. That’s what I love about Paw Patrol, all four my kids (Ages: 10, 8, 5 & e) all love the show.

  • Britt Bazzica

    We love Paw Patrol. The adventures are great and the underlying messages for the kids are important and delivered in a fun way!

  • Rebecca Eustance

    My daughter isn’t that into paw patrol yet. She knows about them but I’d like to get her into them more. Haven’t gotten around to getting a DVD yet.

  • Rachael

    I love how they all work together as a team to get the job done. Each Pup has their own strengths and weaknesses. Great messages for kids there 🙂

  • Tia Kaluder-Kenyon

    My daughter loves it, and the kids talk about it at kinder. It’s like their version of our office conversations about the latest episode of some grown-up show! Adorable.

  • Samantha

    They are always there for each other, and teach children when ANYONE is in trouble its our job to help them.

  • MJ Duncan

    Puppies, teamwork and helping each other out. Who wouldn’t want to see this!

  • Hayley Kirby

    It teaches my daughter about helping other people and working as a team. My 3 year old loves it.

  • Leah Taylor

    I love how it teaches my son great lessons in working together, helping other people.
    He loves to help me out just like the pups

  • Trish NJ Welsh

    I love that it instils the values of friendship and teamwork, in a fun and engaging way! It also teaches we are all unique and special in our own way! 😀

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    beckaboo27 – Paw Patrol is my babysitter, my toddler will watch it for hours allowing me to get things done or rest, yet he doesn’t realize he is learning to work together and help people

  • Ten

    The different adventures, the team work, and the individual skills they all bring to save the day.

  • Kylie Ricci

    I love the look on my little nephews face when he watches paw patrol and I would love to give this fantastic pack to him for his Christmas present

  • Sharon Markwell

    I love their super cool outfits (I guess this is because I was born to shop and these critters have great taste).

  • S Williams

    I love the fact that my nephew knows every single character off by heart and feels the need to proudly tell me their names and what they like to do every time he sees me! Although he may need some help because he has a tendency to bark at people – playfully of course! Anything that makes him smile and get inspired to be creative is enough for me to love it.

  • Margaret

    Love these paw patrol guys and would love to win a DVd for a friend’s 4 year old who loves them too

  • andrew

    Will this DVD satisfy adventure loving boys enough to keep them still when the weather is poor?

  • Debra Marr

    My 5 year old granddaughter’s favorite.

  • Elisabeth Martins

    I love that it features animals.
    It’s a good example to show to kids.
    Overall the show is “pawtastic”.

  • Em

    You never hear a peep when it is on,
    My toddler loves this show a big tonne.
    She loves the missions and the cute puppy faces,
    The skills they have and all the fun chases.
    Her favorite is Pilot Skye because she loves flying,
    My daughter loves to copy and is always trying.

  • Calisto Brady

    Daughter loves this show

  • Julie-Anne Jensen


  • Mariapen

    It has everything children love – adventure, friendship and adorable animals.

  • britishstorm

    I love its ability to keep my little ones QUIET.. lol
    Oh and the animals are adorable 🙂 x

  • boofie

    It stops arguments – when i can’t stand the kids bickering any longer i put the dvd on and they are so mesmerised they stop fighting. Seriously it should be tried on an international scale to achieve world peace!

  • Jann Trapp

    All children love to watch the animals they are so cute.

  • Anne C

    I love animal animation movies because they’re so colourful and Paw Patrol is full of fun and friendship.

  • Stevee-Lee Anderson

    I love the smiles it puts on my nieces faces and the giggles that come from them!

  • Juanita Thorn

    I love that it is a feel good show that is full of love and happiness….all good things I want young kids to see – not violence.

  • Jody

    My children love it, the friendship, adventure and extremely cute characters!

  • Jessica Hamlin

    My twin boys just love paw patrol they both have a different pup as there favourite – I like how it teaches team work and problem solving all while having fun.

  • caylee

    My 3yr and 5yr Olds adore Paw Patrol. They enjoy choosing which character they will be during each episode.

  • MelB

    The cute dogs (albeit animated) and their “never say never” attitude

  • paulie

    The kids love it and mum and don’t mind watching some episodes also

  • Deb

    My grandkids love watching the show and have their own special favourite pups 🙂

  • Jaime Lee

    I love watching how excited my son gets when Paw Patrol comes on he dances and smiles with the start up song and then sits mesmerized the whole episode and then dances again when the song comes on at the end 🙂

  • Jennifer Worrall

    I love how the kids are always so excited when Paw Patrol are on. I also love how it teaches the kids about teamwork, environment issues. and helping others

  • Mindo AK

    My daughter love their adventure

  • melanie whittle

    I love that Paw Patrol makes my sweet little niece so happy shes always on patrol with her pup

  • Danielle Tassan

    I love how excited and happy my four year old gets when watching Paw Patrol. He loves to sing and dance along to the intro.

  • Mel Hill

    I love that its aimed at both boys and girls. My kids love it

  • Tina Kraja Was Nul

    Today my daughter said ‘Lily is on the case, Super Lily’
    They have given her imagination and all this was while she was walking along with her Skye umbrella in the sun lol