Be part of the air purifying revolution! Experience first hand just how much of a difference an air purifier can make in your home.

We’re on the hunt for 100+ parents to review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater. This ingenious little system keeps your air clean, reduces allergens in your home and acts as a heater and fan to ensure you feel comfortable all year round.

We are looking for parents in all areas of Australia, especially those living in areas with high air pollution hot spots, near main roads or in metropolitan cities. If you have a pet, a family member with asthma or allergies or are pregnant, we also encourage you to apply!

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only test drive the purifier, but also share your experience with other parents.


Why a Purifier?

Most of us clean our homes on a regular basis. But you may be surprised how many allergens and pollutants live in the air. Data from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate research indicates that air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside. Considering we spend around 90% of our time indoors, it makes sense to want to ensure the air we are breathing is clean!

The problem is, Australia isn’t perfect when it comes to air pollution control. With the coal mines, coal-fired power stations and traffic across the country, many families experience poor air quality without even realising it.

The statistics are actually quite frightening.

The World Health Organisation estimates that more than nine out of 10 people across the globe live in areas where its air quality guidelines levels are not met. And that an estimated 7 million deaths are attributed to poor air quality – to put it in perspective, breathing is more dangerous than smoking, poor diet, drinking alcohol and lack of exercise.

More and more families are turning to air purifiers to help manage indoor air pollution and give parents peace of mind.

Make 2018 your year to purify your home

So, just what is the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater? Is it an air purifier? A heater? A fan?

It’s all three. And it’s insanely cool!

dyson-hot+cool-kitchenThe Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater is their most advanced purifying technology released to date. Using patented filtration technology, the system cleverly cleans the air while helping keep you and your family feeling comfortable.

Whether you’re home or not, this intelligent machine can automatically detect airborne pollutants and purify the air. We gave it a go last year and the results were absolutely amazing! But, this year, we want to give more mums a chance to test it out, which is why we’re asking you to join us.

How it Works

Let’s start with the purifying qualities. This nifty little device uses intelligent sensing to check our home for nasties and remove them. Their latest model comes with a new and improved compact filtration technology – the 360° Glass HEPA filter. It can capture potentially harmful gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens, pollutants* that can be present inside our homes.

Best of all, you can see the difference and keep track of the purification process through the Dyson Link app** on your home’s wifi connection. Because there’s something strangely satisfying about seeing how effective our cleaning appliances are.

review Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater

Plus, the purifier fan heater uses Dyson patented Air Multiplier technology which projects up to 200 litres of air per second.  Impressive right?

Clean and Comfortable

In addition to the purifying awesomeness, Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater is also your own personal temperature control. You can choose from a heater for those extra chilly days or a fan for those hot summer nights.

review Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater

The system is quiet, energy efficient and compact. Plus, unlike air conditioners and other fans, the system doesn’t just spin round and round, collecting dust and dirt (ahem…I’m talking about you, ceiling fans). It captures these unwanted nasties! No duster required.

Available in white and silver or black and nickel, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater retails for $999 from leading electrical retail and department stores.

 Are you interested in joining us as we delve deep into our homes for a purifying experience like no other?

We have teamed up with Dyson to deliver a nationwide trial of their Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater for a six month period.

To apply, simply fill out the form below in full,  then tell us in the comments which feature you’re most looking forward to testing and why we should pick you to review the Dyson Hot+Cool Link™ purifier heater fan.

Apply to Review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater!

* Particle capture tested to EN1822. Gaseous capture tested to JEM 1467 (acetic acid, acetaldehyde, ammonia), GB/T18801 (formaldehyde, benzene) and DTM-003282 (NO2). Gaseous capture rates vary.
** App functionality may vary by location. Requires WiFi and app enabled device. Standard data and messaging rates may apply.


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. I would love to see if it helps with my young daughters athsma, can’t hurt to try

    • Living in the country, there are a lot of asthma fuelled plants and dusts around.
      Wouldn’t it be great to try the Dyson purifier to help my children with their allergies and asthma.

    • My daughter is highly allergic to dust and a normal fan just blows it around and makes it worse, we have removed the carpet from her room and most teddies etc to try eliminate dust, i think the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater could really help.

      • Casey Mehmed Reply

        My 20 month old has been admitted to hospital 7 times in the last year due with asthma symptoms. Would be interesting to see if this product makes a difference.

    • Allirra, I too would love to see how much the ‘Purifier’ would help with my asthma and my Granddaughters breathing problems.

    • I’m most looking forward to trying the air purifying functionality. Dyson, if you are truly looking to test the air purifying functionality of this machine there’s no better location than my home! Frequently in the media for having australias worst air pollution and the most complaints to the EPA. In fact, they even split this suburb in two whilst I don’t know for certain I truly believe it was to make the number of complaints regarding airpollution from this suburb look smaller by decreasing the population size! The two suburbs split still top the list and have been in the nightly news and herald sun (for shockingness)…I’ve actually called Dyson to query if this machine will help! I’d love to be able to try it and find out once and for all…ud have this suburb and the neighbouring suburb queuing to buy it! We have looked into moving home too purely due to the airpollution despite my daughter’s school and my husbands school being a stones throw from home..we cannot breathe here some days! No exaggeration! I’ve complained to the EPA myself too.

      • apologies Dyson, I wrote this commentary “off the cuff”….hoping your not using it to judge literacy skill…if I was lucky enough to be selected as reviewer I would wordsmith my reviews extensively so they are polished 🙂

      • I am mainly looking forward to the ability to have a heater in our bedrooms as our main heater doesn’t reach the bedrooms down the hallway. Plus there is no blades for the fan. Always admired this feature with Dyson products. Very safe for little wondering fingers.

    • Isabelle Sutherland Reply

      I would love to win it for my family, with my husband allergic to air conditioners and my girls and I allergic to dust we could really use a kid safe humidifier and fan that cools us down and heats us up on the extreme weathers we have been having lately.

    • Our ducted aircon gives Mr 6 the sniffles, son would love to have a Dyson for his room so we can see if it helps him sleep more soundly

    • My son and I both have asthma. It would be great if we could test the dyson pure hot and cool link purifier. I would love to see how the purifier works and see if it helps us breath easier. We live in Sydney so it would definitely get a good work out.

    • Why us ? Well we are a crazy busy family who loves life and is always up for adventure (though of the home kind not the actual adventure type ) we have lots of pets of all shapes and sizes and the hubby is asthmatic so something like this sounds perfect.Our younger son is homeschooled so keen to help with reviewing and is not afraid to voice his opinion ESP when he thinks sonething is fabulous. We would be “blown “away if chosen (did I mention we all share a quirky humour )

    • I love the air purifier to know my children are breathing safe purified air .
      And the heater seem like such a safer option with a crawling curious baby and toddlers

    • I have a 5 month old with multiple allergies. I love the idea of protecting him with cleaner air whilst heating his room in winter!! Its a win, win situation.

      • Between inner west living, 2 dogs and 3 people im keen to try out the purifying function though the remote log in is a close second

    • The air purifier will be ideal as I have 2 daughters with asthma and can afford for them to get sick this winter as I’m due with my 3 rd bub and we all know we need to protect new born babies and it’s hard enough in a healthy environment

    • I suffer form bad hayfever and this would be fantastic to help me with that. I love Dyson products and would love to try this one

    • Fiona Messner Reply

      I would be most interested in the air purifying with a 4yo with athsma, living in the metro area surrounded by main roads and many old houses being demolished and building of new ones, it is constant dust and triggers to her.

    • Charmaine Barretto Reply

      While we have heaters, fans and AC , it’s the PURIFIER that grabs me the most. Our home is situated at a T junction and hence traffic accelerates in this zone. I’m very concerned about exhaust/ emissions. I suffer from bronchial asthma which is triggered by particulate matter/ pollen/ pollutants/ dust . I ‘m very interested to see if this would make a difference. As an educated professional – I’m committed to a review/ feedback that’s detailed,timely, thorough and unbiased.

    • I would love to review this as my son has dust allergies and asthma so I think this would make a huge difference to his life. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I love it so I know this would be a fantastic product.

    • kelly Truine Reply

      We’re a family of 3, and all of us have been dealing with allergies. My husband has always had asthma, I’ve been struggling with insane hay fever after my pregnancy. It was always in the family but I never had any issues until now. And I guess my son took on these allergies from both our sides… so we would absolutely love to try this out. We live in Toowoomba so it gets quite cold in winter time. So to combine the heater with the purifier just sounds amazing!

    • We live in an apartment along a busy road full of construction. Our doors and windows do not have flyscreens and we avoid opening the windows so the dust from the road and construction won’t aggravate my husbands and kids allergies. Would love to give the Dyson a go!

    • I’d love to see the purifier aspect of it and if it would improve my allergies

    • Caitlin turner Reply

      Would love to test the fan heater would be great for our daughter who is really sensitive and gets unwell easily. Also 24weeks pregnant for baby number too. Would be great to make home a clean fresh safe place for our family

    • Makayla Chau Reply

      Both my kids have eczema, hay fever and other unknown allergies that cause hives.. I would love to try all of the features! The temperature controls would be very beneficial as my kids sweat a lot and my house is quite cold during the cooler months.

    • We live in a high density area in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Pollution definitely an issue. We have 3 young children with allergies & asthma. Our middle son has serious asthma & respiratory issues. It would be great to see the impact clean air could have on my families health & wellbeing.

    • Between living on a main road, my husband constantly sneezing & sniffing due to allergies, and my toddler & I both getting eczema…aahh where does it end. Would love to see if it gives us some relief. Interesting to see if there is any change.

    • Linda Graham Reply

      My son has extreme allergies, severe ezcema and asthma so I would to be able to test the Dyson Pure Heater and track the purification process through the Dyson link app. It would be great to see how the Dyson will help to improve the air quality for my son.

    • With an asthmatic husband and a child with eczema a purifier would be amazing

    • We have asthma and allergies. Looking forward to trying this as we always seem to have so much dust gathering on our normal fan. Have always been sceptical about things like this but can’t hurt to try!

    • My family fit all your criteria! Inner city, busy street, asthma, allergies, 5 kids, pets and wanting to keep electrical costs down! Will this machine change any of these!? We live across from a nature lake and are constantly sick. When one person gets sick, everyone gets sick. I worry mainly for my 82yo father and 1yo bub. Help!

    • Kallie O'Connell Reply

      My son has eczema and allergies including dust mites so would be fantastic to have an air purifier.

    • We live in a Regional Centre that is a Steelworks town, wondering how much this affects Mr 6s allergies, eczema and asthma, would love to see if the purifying function would reduce his symptoms, would be beyond happy to be selected to review this product. Thank you

    • Looking forward to testing how it goes 1. With my daughter’s Asthma and allergies.
      2. If it improves our air quality living on a main road which has lots of trucks travel along it.

    • I would like to try out the purifier mostly as I’ve recently been told Ive got a chronic inflamatory disorder where my skin gets covered in eczema and little blister type things and the Dermatologist said I’m highly allergic to dust so I need to avoid that to improve my skin It would be great to test the Dyson out as it’s a bit expensive to try if it doesn’t work.

    • My 11 year old has allergies that prevent her sleeping at night due to post nasal drip. We have ducted heating that makes it worse in winter. I think this product will give us the best of both worlds, clean air for my daughter to breathe as well as warmness during the cold winters in Melbourne

    • I’ve been wanting this Dyson fan for awhile now for my baby. I really want to use the purifier and heater at the same time as my little one has a blocked nose for a few weeks now due to the dry air in his room. He already has a salt lamp and evaporiser but it’s not good enough and this is the only solution we can think of now.

    • I am pregnant with my second child and have a 1 year old. I also have an indoor cat. I would love to trial this product and see how much cleaner my home can become!

    • I’m from a family that severely suffers with asthma, dust and pollen allergies and I’d love to see if this helps to deal with that. It would also help with my 2 month old daughter who runs hot and sweats a lot at night I’m struggling to keep her cool but not frozen

    • With asthma and seasonal allergies, I’d like to see if it helps with reducing those symptoms for my 4yr old.

    • Would love to test the purifier feature and see the relief it would bring for my husband for his hay fever. I have a 6 month old baby boy and two year old girl who both use heaters in their rooms during winter. Would love to see how effective both the heater and purifier would work in their rooms ( would need two) to reduce sickness over winter, plus it’s safe as it has no blades. We also own a mini dachshund so lots of air pollution in our place.

    • Margaret Thiselton Reply

      My 4 year old son is pretty significantly asthmatic. He was diagnosed at 15 months after his left lung collapsed and he subsequently contracted pneumonia. Since then his right lung has collapsed, multiple pneumonia infections, countless trips & stays in the ED for treatments – oxygen, steroids, magnesium etc & flown 800km from home for treatment in a Children’s Hospital.
      While not the ultimate cause of his asthma, where we live plays a significant role.
      We live on a busy road with grain trucks carting to the silo’s over harvest, those silo’s being approx a kilometre from our home, & salt to the storage area all year round. Next to that is a busy wharf which outloads mineral sands & gypsum, as well as the grain & salt. The Gypsum train runs 2 full uncovered loads a day 2 blocks behind our home & there is a new development behind that train line for a fish unloading facility which is currently just dry powdered dirt blowing all over our suburb. This project will not be finished in 2018.

      So yeah, you could say we have plenty of air pollutants to deal with. We also have a pets…….

      The constant battle with dust & pollutants of all forms, including truck & train fumes, I have is unbelievable & at this point in time there is no chance of us moving home (although this is a future plan!). If this air filter is as good as I have read & heard about I think it would change our lives for the better!! Winter is by far the worst time as on top of all the outside pollutants, his asthma gets worse when he is sick 🙁 I am also worried about his younger sister as she is coming up to the age he had his first attacks & if I can help her at a younger age I hope that would be beneficial to her health in the long run. My partner is also asthmatic but no where near as bad as our son 🙁 Dyson & Mum Central, I NEED YOUR HELP TO IMPROVE MY FAMILIES HEALTH!!!! 🙁

      To answer the actual question though, it would just be really really really really nice knowing that the air my children are breathing is ACTUALLY CLEAN & not what I hope is clean! If the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link can do that in our home environment then it can do it in any!

  2. As a hay fever sufferer I need one of these! In my old age even the dust inside seems to set it off.

  3. Nicole Woods Reply

    Really looking forward to the air purifying function. It’ll be interesting to see just how much crap is in the air, regardless of how often housework is done!

  4. My son sneezes constantly – we get dust mite allergy plus we are a street away from the m1 motorway.

  5. I love the purifier fan heater uses Dyson patented Air Multiplier technology projects up to 200lts of air per second. Awesome for my asthmatic kids!

  6. Nerissa Bunn Reply

    I would love to try one. We have a little one with slight breathing issues due to cld when he was born early. My husband and I suffer from hay fever. Anything that would make a difference to the quality of air in our home would be worth looking at for us.

  7. Danielle Charlier Reply

    I have 3 kids with allergies, eczema and asthma!! I could only dream of the peace this would create in my home and for my kids. Definitely something we need!

    • Amanda Katherine Porter Reply

      With our household this would be amazing. both children have allergies and skin conditions and hay fever. my oldest has allergies and asthma. and our baby has severe allergies and never sleeps. This would make a huge difference to our household.

  8. Stacey Navarro Reply

    I’m looking forward to testing the purifier. Especially in winter when our asthma plays up it would be fantastic to explore a different option to help with our breathing.

  9. We have previously lived in a house where my family were exposed to black mould.
    As a result we have long standing health and respiratory issues.
    I myself have server asthma which is being treated with emphysema medication.
    I’ve only had asthma since living in toxic mould.
    I would love to see if the purification aspect helps me to regain my lung capacity back!

  10. I would love to test out the air purifier feature. I love that you can use the app to monitor how it’s working. My sons and I all suffer from asthma and hay fever. I think this would improve our quality of life by improving the air quality.

  11. Air purifying amazingness aside, I’d love to see just how quiet it is. With a light-sleeping toddler and a new baby on the way the quiet-factor is a must for our household!

  12. Melissa Campbell Reply

    Would love to give this a try! We recently moved into an older home that we plan to renovate over time while living in it. Since living here our 2 year old son quite often gets an annoying dry cough at night time. We’re not entirely sure what’s causing it, lately I’ve thought it may be dust from the old home/ the renovations or maybe the new ducted air conditioning system we installed a few weeks after moving in (we’ve never had this form of cooling/heating before and have heard it can dry you out a bit). Anyway I’d love to see if this helps at all, also the quietness of the appliance will be a great feature as our son is a light sleeper!

  13. I would love to purify the air in our household as we live on a main road, and also to help my husband and daughter who suffer with severe hayfever. I would love to try the Dyson Pure to see if it can help give them relief and limit the amount of medication they need to get thru the day.

  14. Rebecca Appo Reply

    I’d love to have to opportunity to test this baby out. Especially with #2 on the way and with how cold our house gets in winter! I’m curious to see if it would eliminate the need to use a vaporiser when the kids get congested.

  15. Jessica Greenhatch Reply

    The cooling feature would be amazing and somehow my room is always so dusty an air filter would really help me there!

  16. With constant colds and bugs caught at childcare and a hot bedroom, this will be great to try in the kids room. I like the safety aspect of it.

  17. My youngest recently had his adenoids removed and seems to get lots of stuffy noses. I would love to put this in his room to purify the air to help him breathe better at night.

  18. Our family lives in a mining town and the air quality isn’t the best. I’d like to try the air purifier in our house as we have 2 babies and anything that helps them and our family breathe better is worth trying.

  19. We live with moderate asthma & severe allergies that impact regualary on daily life. This would be an amazing chance to be a part of something that could make a difference for us and others like us. .

  20. I would love to see if it helps with my daughter’s hayfever which becomes so bad we’ve had to visit the hospital when aggressive westerly wind blows.

  21. I would love to try the air purifier because we live right across the road from a quarry. This means there is always a lot of dust in the air and then with big trucks driving in and out all day long there’s always pollutants and dust and all sorts in the air. I think this would be a great addition to our house to keep the air clean for my two little ones.

  22. Kylie Embury Reply

    The air purifier! My son slleps in an attic room that is prone to dust and pollens. It also gets hot in Summer, and cold in Winter, making this amazing Dyson product the perfect solution!

  23. I would to win this as 3 out of my 4 children have asthma triggered by changes in temperature and pet allergies. This would be amazing to purify the air and also heat and cool our house to keep the temperature more constant.

  24. I’d love to see how much it actually cools Asmara our house is old with no insulation or aircon plus the air purifier part too as our bathroom and one bedroom constantly has mold!!

  25. Joanne deane Reply

    So many good features, however, I would love to hear how quiet it really is and if it helps all out hay fever sufferers in the household. There are days we have to stay inside as the allergies are so bad.

  26. I would love to try the air purifier as we live on a busy main road and I actually wonder if this contributes to my husbands asthma. Also would like to make sure my daughter is safe from pollutants in the air from all the trucks and cars that travel along our road.

  27. Recently got rid of all carpet because the thought of all that dust and particles staying Trapped in the fibres worried me. I can now see the amount of dust and grime when I clean the floors. Very interested to see if this makes a difference in that regard.

  28. With a 5yr old child with autism and a high allergy to dust mites and suspected asthma (who always sleeps on the floor), a hubby with an allergy to dust mites and myself with asthma this awesome fan can help with its amazing purifying capabilities. This would help our family so much as we are renting and cannot install air conditioning nor remove the carpets, I’d love to see how much better it can improve all our lives!

  29. Nicole Strachan Reply

    I would love to trial the Dyson Pure to see if it can help reduce our usage of the air conditioner.

  30. I would love to try the air purifier as we live near the coal fire power station and I’m always seeing how much coal dust covers my car. This has to be also getting in the house which would be causing allergies and breathing problems that my family has.

  31. Luke Clark Reply

    I have 2 kids with eczema and asthma!! I could only dream of the peace this would create in my home and for my kids. Definitely something we need! It would also give the air conditioner a break.

  32. Jessica Watson Reply

    I am currently pregnant with baby number 2, and would love to try this out for not only myself but my 1 year old daughter who gets dry coughs at a night time regularly.

  33. Lauren Papworth Reply

    As an all year round allergy sufferer the purification is what I am most looking to try I’ve tried all the medicines my house is as clean as a whistle but still I itch and sneeze!

  34. id Like to try the air purifier for my daughter asthma & help keep her room warmer in winter.

  35. I would love to review the air purifier as my son can go from perfectly healthy to having pneumonia in a day or 2.

  36. Monica Elkins Reply

    I would love to try the purifier to help the kids breathe better at night, The wood heater always has dust around it no matter how many times I clean would love something to help purify the air

  37. I’m looking forward to testing out the air purifier. My husband and I suffer terribly with hay fever which affect our sleep. Mine in particular! He keeps me awake with his tossing, turning and nose blowing and then when he does fall asleep he wakes me with his teeth grinding! Poor, interrupted sleep makes for one cranky wife & Mumma!

  38. I would love to use this machine for its air purifying features. With our home under renovation and our little one not feeling her best around all the dust. It would be great to clean the air and stay home instead of living out of suitcase at my parents. Please.

  39. The heat function. Live rural we have one fireplace in the lounge and it doesn’t reach the bedrooms at all. Would be nice to have a set temp and keep the room warm but still clean air as little heaters normally breed germs.

  40. We live on a farm , we have lots of animals including 3 dogs, the purifying function will be interest to test but what I’m most looking forward to is trying the heating, we get into the minus during winter would love to see how it heats my bedroom and bathroom when it’s minus 7

  41. I’m looking forward to testing out the cooling and purifying settings, I have a hyperthyroid and live near new home construction sites, the dust and humidity isn’t very pleasant

  42. Living in a busy road with my young family concerns me with how much the pollution is affecting their health. My eldest son and husband suffer from allergies and my youngest son and I suffer from eczema. We own 2 dyson vacuum cleaners and trust that this air purify would benefit our family too.

  43. Jacquie M. Reply

    I have been checking on this appliance for a long time now..I would really like to be able to review and use this as we get really congested and get respiratory issues especially my 4 year old toddler. I love Dyson products, I have a Dyson vacuum and its really good. I really hope to have a positive outcome on this one. Thank you.

  44. We live near a tip and its so dusty, We have mould growing in our house, its malting season for the dog so there is dog hairs flying everywhere, plus I have a newborn and a very sneezy toddler and I am terrified how we will face this Winter coming up!!!

  45. I’d love to see if it not only helps my little boys with constant breathing issues, sickness but also helps my dad who has emphaseama when he visits to not be effected by the dog and cat hair and dust.

  46. Ally Horvath Reply

    I’m really interested in trying the air purifier having allergies myself and just having moved into a new rental house I’d love to see what it’s like here!!

  47. The air purifying function for the allergy sufferers in my household

    • My son has recently undergone allergy tests as he suffers from terrible nasal congestion and non stop allergic conjunctivitis. We know he is allergic to pollen and grasses but dust and mould. To be able to test one of these dysons would be amazing!
      Especially if it did help with his allergies because of where we live there is no escaping grass, pollen or dust.

  48. Rachel Tindale Reply

    Ive seen these in the shops and have been really interested in how they work. I was impressed by the amount of power the purifier can handle. I dont own any sort of purifier in my home and never have. I have two indoor cats and need to vacuum regularly as one of the is long haired and molts ALOT.
    I often worry if my house has a specific smell when I get visitors. But reading the reviews and functions of the purifier, i dont think ill need to worry at all.
    I would also love to use it in my toddlers room overnight as his room gets the hottest and coldest over the seasons. Our dudcted system is terrible, its almost not worth using at all sometimes.

  49. Amanda Giffard Reply

    My daughter suffers from skin allergies which I’m pretty certain flare up from all of the cat hair and dust around our house! With two fluffy cats, no matter how much I vacuum I can never seem to get rid of all the hair, but with this Dyson, hopefully it would make a difference to the amount of dust in the air. I’d love to put it to the test and my favourite feature is definitely the fact it has no spinning blades – no more dust catchers and no safety hazard for little fingers. Plus it looks nicer too! I wouldn’t mind having this machine out on full display! Functional and stylish, Love it! Improving the air quality in our house is definitely something I’d like to do as I often feel it gets quite stale when the doors and windows have been closed for a while and can only imagine the nasties we are breathing in on a day to day basis. Looking forward to being able to breathe easier and maybe even see some health benefits. Thank you.

  50. Raelene Verlin Reply

    Love to try one for miss 10’ s bedroom which is either too hot in summer or freezing cold in winter which aggravates her cold induced asthma

  51. I would love to see if it helps with my sneezing and daughters on and off runny nose.

  52. I’m looking forward to the humidifier to try and help asthma sufferers and circulate more fresh air through my suburban house

  53. Definitely the air purifier feature. Everyone in my house is either asthmatics hayfever sufferers or both. Would love to see if it helps. Also my husband is a plasterer and very dusty.

  54. We live in an older home and two of my children suffer from asthma, hayfever and eczema triggered by dusts, pollens and cold viruses. My son had two trips in an ambulance in one year due to breathing difficulties. While we try to reduce the triggers we are always looking for more ways to improve their health and comfort. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier Fan Hearer would make a big difference to help support our efforts, especially with its superior filtration technology. I would love to see how it can help my family and provide a safer environment for the special people in my life.

  55. Since bringing bubs home from hospital, he’s very sneezy. I know he’s just getting used to the outside world, but would love to see if an air purifier makes a noticeable difference. I’m also really keen to test the fan, as our cheapies struggle in anything higher than 30 degrees, which lately seems to be every day!!

  56. Carol appelkamp Reply

    I would like to trial this as i have asthma and copd and i think this would help me tremendously as it also has a air purifier ro help keep the air clean while heating or cooling

  57. I’m really hoping to get to trial this dyson purifier. At this time of year, having two very big fluffy malting cats living inside is terrible. No matter how often i vacuum, there’s always fur floating around in the air. Perhaps one of these is just what the doctor ordered!

  58. Lisa Inganni Reply

    My husband suffered from Asthma when he was a child and hasn’t suffered from it for over 30 years however, his asthma has returned since we moved to Australia. I want to see if the Dyson works as it says and does clear the impurities from the air. Looking forward to testing and reviewing.

  59. Jim Wetherill Reply

    Would love to see if this unit can help my daughter get a good nights sleep. Living in the location we do there is a lot of dust / pollen in the air which causes allergies for our longest. That and the added bonus of a cooling feature make it well worth a try.


    We live in an area with high pollution from industry, with constant EPA intervention. Would love to try!

  61. Jenni Woods Reply

    This would be great to try for my sons asthma, especially with the colder weather approaching.

  62. Definitely the purifying function. Despite cleaning and dusting, I still sneeze my way though the day. It would be really interesting to see exactly what’s left after a thorough clean!

    • Helen Madigan Reply

      The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater sounds like just what our family needs! Able to keep us cool in Summer and warm in Winter without running the electricity bill up like using the air conditioning can. Most of all I am looking forward to seeing the benefits of the HEPA filter on mine and my kids’ asthma and allergies. I dread the sound of that first little sniffle, because I know it’ll be days, if not weeks, of discomfort for us all. The purifying effects of this awesome all-in-one from Dyson will help keep my family healthier all year round.

  63. Amy Catania Reply

    I’m currently 30+3 weeks pregnant and I’m struggling with the mugginess of a night time. We also have a large dog who still sleeps in our room and sometimes I can just feel how heavy the air is even after dusting and vacuuming. I would love to have the Dyson air purifier in our room for when bub comes along so that I can have that reassurance of the quality of air I’m providing him and ensuring that I do what I can to keep a safe level of warmth in our room during the colder months.

  64. Mu daughter has athsma, I like to try can Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater help.

  65. Sharee Ussher Reply

    Our favourite feature would be the “Air Multiplier” technology protecting up to 200lts of air per second… incredible! This would be a treat for our family of 6 (4 young boys) & can’t forget our parrot. Our family suffers from asthma & eczema. Sickness tends to spread so quickly being a large family.

  66. With two boys who are prone to hayfever and allergies and a long haired cat Im keen to see the air purifying technology and if it makes a difference to the boys health on a day to day basis.

  67. The cooling would be the feature that stands out for me. Unfortunately my house gets quite hot and my air conditioner in bedroom doesn’t work so this would certainly make a lot of difference to cool myself and the children down

  68. My 5 month old daughter is constantly congested and her nose needs cleaning a few times a day. I think the air purifier could help her with the congestion.

  69. Lisa Summerell Reply

    Id love to try this especially the purifying part to remove pollutants, allergens and dust. We have a small house with minimal windows- mine in bedroom dont open, so it would be great to get rid of the old stand alone fan that i use to push air through the house- that probably isnt really doing anything. Id love to be able to see the health differences in my children, partner and self such as dry sniffing stopping. Coughing and a general feeling of healthy inside the house. Using the dyson air purifier heater and cooler i am already imagining how my house will feel. I am sure this would also help with a better night sleep for all with cleaner air around. With winter right around the corner and a stuffy house, this would be perfect for that big spring clean before bugs, germs, mould start to creep in.

  70. Rhonda Phillips Reply

    This would be amazing in our home. I especially love that it is a heater, fan and air purifier in one.

  71. Lana harrison Reply

    I live in the dry tropics so very hot during the day would love to compare to the use of airconditioners. Also have allergies so the purifier would be great to try out, also have a pet pooch! My 5 month old son i think would also benifit from the purifier.

  72. Xzavia Green Reply

    I live on a dusty property with trucks constantly driving by the door. One of my children has athma and we ALL have dust allergies. Combine this with the open fire with ash settling on everything it’s a sneeze and cough fest!!
    I absolutely love the fact that it cleans the air and that I can see exactly what it’s doing on the app. How innovative is that?! My daughter would breath easier which would be such a relief.
    And less dusting for me!!
    Plus; after being away it takes a few days to warm the house back up with just a fireplace. This would be so much appreciated.

  73. I would love to try this out. I live in Perth. I have a 1 year old and a dog. I’m also pregnant with my second child. I suffer from hay fever terribly and can not seem to a fan at night because it set my hay fever off more. Would love to see how using this product improves the air quality so hopefully I can stay cool during the warm Perth nights while pregnant.

  74. Ann-Maree Bostick Reply

    Since waiting on an aircon to be hubby who has asthma has wanted relief from the heat. Our dog would also benefit.

  75. Shelley Hooker Reply

    I would love to see the effects of the air purifier, and if it helps with our family’s issues with allergies and asthma.
    I am 6 months pregnant so this trial period would be perfect to keep me cool in these hot months of pregnancy, and then perfect to keep my new little bubba warm when he arrives in autumn.

  76. Terri Todd Reply

    As I suffer from allergies the air purifying feature is what I most look forward to. People who don’t suffer from hayfever or allergies just don’t don’t or can’t understand how bad it can get or how bad it can make you feel.

  77. I have indoor dogs and also like to keep my windows open year round – I’m curious at to whether or not the Dyson would make much difference to the quality of air in our home.

  78. Haylee Spreadborough Reply

    I have an ex 26weeker who is on oxygen due to chronic lung disease. As well as have two older toddlers we can’t ensure the air is always going to be the best quality this would help reassure us and likely make a massive difference

  79. Rebecca McCrae Reply

    Most looking forward to the air purification feature. As a chronic hayfever sufferer, & so is one of my kids, would be awesome to be breathing a little better & suffering less due to better air quality.

  80. Holly-Anne Reply

    Everyone in our family has either eczema, allergies or both. I love that it can heat and cool while keeping the family healthy

  81. I trust thE Dyson brand and this sounds wonderful. I could use it all year!

  82. Caroline Spencer Reply

    I’d love to try out the air purifying , and cooling property’s. I have twin daughters with disabilities and one has allergies. They also don’t react well to heat.

  83. We would love the opportunity to test out the cooling affect. We have lived on a main road now for many years and since living here we’ve noticed a big difference with our allergies and my sons stuffy breathing etc
    We also have two cats

  84. Rebecca Howard Reply

    I’d love to review the purifier, my son and I both have Asthma and sinus issues and have a large number of triggers. Having this in the house would be great to help purify the air and help on warm days where we have no proper air flow for cooling.

  85. Purifier fan heater would be great for Asthma and allowing everyone to breathe easier.

  86. The peace of mind this would provide, as a parent of a new baby is immense. Protecting him from air pollutants, and keeping him at the right temperature fills me with confidence.
    As both my Husband and I have asthma it is of great concern to us that he too may be affected, the Dyson Hot + Cool makes us feel safer, happier & more content!

  87. I love the purifier function. We live near an air polluting cement factory, who we have leanred have repeatedly been given authority to exceed maximum pollutant emissions levels. I am sure this is contributing to repeated infections on my 3 young children, as well as skin allergies. I would love to try this put in our home and improve the air quality.

  88. I am most looking forward to the purifying element of the fan. To have the air around us be clean and free of all the nastie that we breathe would be great.

  89. Emma Peters Reply

    I would love to try this product. The air purifying element sounds amazing. We are a household with 2 dogs and 2 cats and now also a 5 month old daughter. My husband also has mild asthma, so this would be amazing for us? I recently bought a Dotson V6 aminl stick vacuum and it’s the best thing I’ve ever owned. If this product is half as good, I would be one very happy lady. Thanks for the opportunity!

  90. I’m keen to keep track via the app to see just how bad it really is here

  91. I own a 1960’s house .. we have ripped up the carpet and polished the floorboards but a air purifier is what I need I can still see particles floating in the air … that scares me so I’d def love to try and review this amazing Dyson machine

    Thanks Bianca

  92. Linda Taylor Reply

    I’d love to see how quiet it is and how effective it is at cooling my kids bedroom. My 8yo has autism and can’t tolerate the sound of a normal fan.

  93. Sharyn Williams Reply

    the 360° Glass HEPA filter –
    having children with strong allergies to dust mites and pollen which increases their asthma and allergy episodes is stressful galore
    this air purifier would clean the air in their rooms which would make it so much better for them for sure
    to breathe without these worries is what they deserve and clean pure air we would all adore

  94. Katrina Brown Reply

    Love the Dyson range. It would be awesome to see how this works in ours house with the range of allergies and asthma we have within the family

  95. id like to review the fan heater as i like to see how it goes in a bathurst winter as it can get pretty cold here

  96. Rachel Moncrieff Reply

    I would love to try it this fan heater especially coming into winter. My son struggles during winter with his asthma to the point of having to leave a heater on for most of the night. This would be great to know it’s not only heating but also purifying the air he is breathing

  97. Love to review it, with a toddler who has eczema and maybe asthma and a 5 month old this would be great opportunity to see if this helps my daughter. We live in a dry state and a dusty area so purification of the air would help. I also suffer seasonal allergies and if this fan ellivates our symptoms we won’t need to buy expensive medications …I would say that’s a big bonus.

  98. I’m mostly interested in keeping my baby boys sleeping environment a comfortable temperature whilst keeping the air purified and clean. He deserves the best I can give.

  99. I would adore one of these as a household with allergies, asthma and autism (so much safer!!) as well as being pregnant currently it would provide cooling , cleaner air, and peace of mind !!

  100. Eleanor Caldwell Reply

    As a mum of 3 kids and 1 very elderly (and often smelly) dog, I love the idea of purifying our air. We also have trouble with upstairs getting very hot and stuffy so the cooling and purifying effect would really help!

  101. I make handwoven fabric which results in a lot of fibre particle dust. I would love to see if the air purifier function will make a noticeable difference to the air quality in our home.

  102. With three children who between them have severe allergies and asthma, a husband who has hay fever and allergies to dust, and myself having asthma and dust/mould allergies, I am so keen to try Dyson’s purifier fan heater! We’ve spent last winter and this summer in hospital, so purifying the air and giving my family the best start to a clean bill of health!

  103. With 4 out of 5 of us being asthmatic and that’s 5 out of 6 if you include the cat, the removal of the allergens from the air would be amazing!!

  104. ALIson beattie Reply

    Id love to tryal this as a heating / cooling and purifying option in my kids bedroom. I have children with astma and alergies and one with echzma who often visits. we live right behind the truck rout in benalla on the midland higway so we have stock trucks and there stenches and exaust fumes from trucks and trains. And we have both a dog and a cat. Also since moving here my husband gets bad hayfever every year.

  105. Bec Whitford Reply

    My husband can’t sleep without a fan in summer and then a heater in winter blowing directly on him. This causes havoc for me as my allergies flare up with a fan etc making it hard to breathe during the night

  106. Would love to see how warm it keeps the kidlets in their room at night with how cold winter gets in canberra! Might also help with the old dusty carpet they have…

  107. Danielle G Reply

    I love that it does so much in one machine! Heat, cool and clean the air!

  108. Nicola James Reply

    The filtration technology. I live in a tiny country town in QLD in a 100 year old wooden cottage and the amount of dust that is blown in is amazing, and with 2 cats and a canary I feel that I am fighting a losing battle.

  109. Sherryne S Reply

    The purifier is the most interesting part for my suffering of hayfever but also to see if it helps with the lack of air flow in our kitchen.

  110. The purifier and heating options would be the best parts – the purifiers to help my young daughter and husband who both suffer from asthma and allergies and the heating option for me as I’m a sook when it comes to feeling cold!

  111. Tara Robertson Reply

    I would love to reveiw this product for all 3 options. I suffer a severe dust allergy that stops me from having your everyday fans which attract dust to the front vents. Living in townsville the weather is very humid which means i need the air flow. Having a bladless fan that also purifies is a winner i would love! Something to remove those allergens is something i dream of. The amount of dust i deal with on a daily basis can be frusting. Regarding the heating element, it would be nice to have a fan that doubles as a heater. It does not get extremely cold in Townsville nor does it happen enough to warrant having a heater but having a fan that gives me the option to use the heater for those nights or early mornings when i wish i had a heater would be handy.

  112. PennyJane37 Reply

    I would love to test out the purifier as my kids has a disability and need clean air to help them function.

  113. I suffer from sinusitis daily & know it’s caused by pollution in the air. I’m most looking forward to purifying the air in my home!

  114. I’m most looking forward to the air purifier. I’m an asthmatic and my hubby has just been diagnosed with lung disease so am positive this will help us both

  115. I would love to test this out as we have two dogs and a one year old who always sneezes.
    Would love to see how the air purifier works and the cooling option too.

  116. Jessica Bennett Reply

    I can’t wait to see if this product helps our family with Asthma and Hayfever as we suffer with this year round! Fingers crossed!

  117. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I am currently 36w pregnant, suffering through the heat and from hayfever which I am unable to take anything for. My toddler is 16months old and frequently gets snuffly noses, he has been prescribed an inhaler to help clear his airways when this gets particularly bad. The previous owners of our house (30 years – we are the second owners!) were chronic smokers. Although we were told that they never smoked inside, it is fairly obvious that this did happen as it smells like an old hotel when the rooms are shut up for more than a few hours! With high lofty ceilings upstairs and down, it is hard to heat up the house in winter. We do fortunately have an evaporative cooling system which works wonderfully to cool upstairs in summer, but unfortunately (especially for me being pregnant and very hot) our living space is downstairs so do not cool down very well. I have resorted to having my partner fan me down with a hand held bamboo fan to help me from overheating! It would be total bliss to live out the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and the first few heat flushed weeks of the post partum period with this innovativly designed fan to help cool me down and clean the air for my newborn! I also love how safe this is for keeping around my cheeky toddler – no fan blades for him to stick his curious little fingers into!

  118. Definitely the purifier as we live on a main road (for Tassie), have two pets, a child with asthma and am currently pregnant. Would mean a lot to know my soon to be new born would be breathing in clean air!!

  119. We’d love to see if it helps with our hay fever and allergens. We live in a semi rural area, so you’d think that the air would be clean and pure, but we have worse allergies to what’s in the air here than in the city!

  120. As an allergy sufferer, I love the idea of having the nasties filtered out of the air. Plus, we live in an older style townhouse and sometimes it’s a bit chilly in the winter and hot in the summer. I love the idea of one smart device that will work perfectly all year round!

  121. My eldest daughter suffers so severely with hay fever that she gets too block up at nighy making her snore and leading to restless nights sleep. My youngest daughter with asthma spends most nights coughing, this would be a great help to purify the air and a added bonus of room temperature control.
    I can finally get rid of the pedestal fan, heater and air purifier and replace with one nice looking gadget that is safe. Mr dog might even be aloud back in the house again

  122. Roz Beaton Reply

    Im most looking forward to making sue that the air that mt newborn breathes is as great a quality as possible. I grew up with multiple allergies which Im hopeful my children dont develop too.

  123. I am extremely allergic to house dust mites. I would love to see if the air purifier function can make a difference

  124. Would love to try the benefits of purified warm air for my soon to be born baby! And my 2 year old

  125. My husband is allergic to household dust and we live in an area where dust is our enemy. I would love to try the purifier out to see if it makes some difference to his poor nose.

  126. I like that it’s a air purifier aswell as a fan/heater and with 7 children including 3 under 3 having no blades makes it safer for me to have it in my home around my Kids.

  127. Karen Field Reply

    My daughter and I both suffer from Asthma and Allergies and would love our house to have cleaner purfied air. This looks like an amazing product for us.

  128. This would be the perfect time to be part of this trial, my son has had bronciolitis since he was 9 months old and we have been in and out of hospital since and he was finally diagnosed with Asthma at 12 months old. We have a another little one on the way and having clean, allergen-free air for my little boy, the new baby and myself, would be amazing!

  129. Seeing how this technology helps with our families asthma and hey fever

  130. I love that it will take more dust etc out of the air as my son suffers from hayfever and dust allergies. Im sure all can benefit from cleaner air.

  131. Trish McIntosh Reply

    I love Dyson products. Would love to trial one of these little beauties in my home as I have seen them round. I love most that there is no blades that my little ones can get distracted with which give me peace of mind. Love that it has the cool and warm features for this very unpredictable weather that we are now getting.

  132. Catriona McIntyre Reply

    I would love to try this for my boys. The youngest has asthma and ezema and the oldest has allergies.
    I love the idea of purified air with regulated temperatures. Added bonus that it’s a Dyson!!

  133. I’d love to see if it lives up to the lofty expectations of Dyson products that I have.

  134. The Dyson Hot & Cool, will help purity the air in our family home from allergens, I’d love to test and provide my honest reviews.

  135. Katie sara Reply

    I would love love love to see what a difference it makes to the air quality in my home!!! And a heater and cooler too, this is the device that dreams are made of!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  136. Kerri Nixon Reply

    With 4 young kids id love to have no blades. No pulling apart to dust. Would be gret to see the difference in our home and my asthma.
    Love my other Dyson products so will love this also i am sure.

  137. Interested to see whether it will work especially with general dish and pets

  138. Compact size, dual function as heater and cooler plus purifiying the air. Sounded perfect and couldn’t ask for more. Looking forward to testvthese features.

  139. Amanda Kingsmill Reply

    I’m allergic to dust and with the amount of sneezing my son has done lately I think he is too. I would love to review the purifying features especially while there is building work happening around us.

  140. I live with a family of asthmatics and hayfever sufferers, to trial the purifying features would be wonderful, thanks for the opportunity.

  141. Kate Slack Reply

    The Dyson Link app it would be awesome to be able to see what impurities are being filtered out of my home.

  142. Im most looking forward to the air purifying feature, with a young 2 year old child and a wife that not only suffers asthma but is also allergic to our cats, i believe the dyson fan would be of great assistance to us as a family.

  143. Alexandram Reply

    Living in an estate where they are still building there is a lot of dust and dirt that constantly comes through the windows. I’d love to see if the dyrsom purifiers helps with my eczema and asthma. He feature that rally interests me is the intelligent purification’s how awesome that a device can check your air and send it back to your phone or I pad giving you peace of mind so you m ow how the environment is around you. I’d love To review the purifier for other families to help them improve there environment needs in there homes.

  144. The purifying feature. My son gets bad asthma and eczema. Would love for him to be able to “breathe easier”

  145. I can’t wait to test this and see if my LO sleeps better due to less allergens in the air. Poor little thing sneezes all the time which wokes her all night.

  146. We’ve recently moved to a house with no heating or cooling . Combine that with two indoor cats, hay fever sufferers and a child and another baby on the way, this would be perfect for us! I’m starting to get quite anxious about how we can temperature control the baby’s room!

  147. Naomi Kelly Reply

    I’d love to test this for my baby! He was born at 26 weeks and has neonatal lung disease, so the air purifier would be awesome for his room. I would have peace of mind that he would be breathing better and it would also keep him cool! Win-Win!

  148. Would love to see if it can help with the families sinus issues. Nothing else so far as worked

  149. Dennis & Ronda Clark Reply

    I think having no blade is fascinating and something Id love to try

  150. I’m so excited to try this out in our home, as my husband has chronic asthma, and our son suffers from eczema, it would be really amazing to see if the Dyson Hot + Cold Purifier helps with either of these conditions – particularly as we are moving towards winter (which is the absolute worst time of year for both hubby & son!).

  151. Fiona Charlton Reply

    purifying awesomeness while keeping the family warm or cool!

  152. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Love that you can choose from a heater or a fan for those hot summer nights and still have all the benefits of great air.

  153. Krystal Coates Reply

    I would like to dry this – test out the cooling function in the FNQ heat without using the aircons. I find that I can’t have the air con on as the dirty air makes us all sick, we have a cat and 2 dogs and 5 people withing the house. We all want cleaner healthy air.

  154. Definitely looking forward to purifying the air.
    Im an asthmatic & my son was born 12 weeks premmie & has chronic lung disease
    This would definitely help us sleep & breathe easier

  155. Debbie Hollingsworth Reply

    I would love to see if it helps stabilise the heat I get from my cancer that I have been battling over the last 9 years..Having the bonus of heating and cooling may help regulate my bode temperature better

  156. I’m looking forward to reviewing the purifier heater as we have a few asthma sufferers in our home. I would love to see if it helps

  157. I would love to try the dual functionality of the fan. Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne two years back has my system in shock specially during the winter months. An easy portable fan heater that is hygienic and even purifies the air is an all rounder winner, specially when you have kids suffering from allergies and asthma. Would love to try this one!!!

  158. Between asthma, hay fever, eczema, pregnancy, a dog and a cat, im desperate to try one!!

  159. I would love to try this in my home as i myself have asthma and the normal heater takes my breath away i would love to see if this helps during the winter on those cold nights

  160. Jessie Riethmuller Reply

    This would be amazing for my 2 year old who suffers asthma, eczema, croup and nasal drip. These get flared up as the nights get cooler so would be great to have in his room at night

  161. We live in the country, in a cottage built in 1900s, we have extreme humidity, last night was 95%.
    Our 18 month old daughter struggles with breathing of a nighttime. Would be interested to see if the purifier helps.

  162. I have 2 active children. 3 and 4. Would love a fan/ cooling in the house without any accidents with traditional blades.

  163. sarah gibson Reply

    Hopefully this will help my lo in winter not getting a runny nose.
    I also like that there are no blade in which little fingers can not get hurt

  164. We live near a main road that’s used by lorries and commuter tragic and opposite a construction site, seeing the dust that collects in the window sills does make me worry about what is in the air in our home. We also have a dog and cat that are in the house with an infant and toddler so all that makes for a busy house. I’d love to have some peace of mind to think the air would be a step cleaner.

  165. Mark Agapiou Reply

    No dust will be great the hardest thing is to clean dust in a normal fan. This would be cool to have.

  166. Jessica Johnson Reply


  167. Living near the train line means a lot of dust and dirty air fills our home. To be able to purify the air while keeping the kids room at a perfect temperature would be fantastic.

  168. Tess McEvilly Reply

    I’m a big fan of Dyson products. My daughter suffers from eczema and her skin is easily irritated – would love to see if this helps her!

  169. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    The feature that excites me the most is how it automatically monitors, reacts and purifies but how it doesn’t end there, as it would then report to my Dyson Link app!!! I love the idea that I can remotely control MY environment and bid goodbye to odours and potentially harmful toxins.

  170. Tash Collisson Reply

    Would love to see how it helps with my children’s asthma.

  171. Charmaine Mitchell Reply

    My 4 year old daughter suffers terribly with allergies, so The ability to Purify the air would be amazing.

  172. This would be great in our house as we are moving our daughter into her own room and as shes a hot baby we are needing to get another fan. Would be be great to test it out so we know what works well in our house especially as i have allergies and a cat.

  173. I like the fact it’s stylish, and can be for both heating & cooling! The air purifier is an added bonus!

  174. Currently expecting our first child and would love to trial this fan/heater/filter. Sure we love our two dogs but boy are they not helping clean the air in our house.

  175. Lana Colville Reply

    We have two big dogs, a cat, a toddler and also another bub on the way. I would love to test the purifying system and to clean the air in our house. With animal hair been flicked around and dust etc it doesn’t make it the cleanest environment for my family.

  176. I am looking forward to testing and seeing the differences in my house and keeping track of the purification process through the Dyson Link app, very clever humidifier.

  177. Sheree Cornell Reply

    Own 2 gorgeous Persian Cats 8yrs old
    My daughter suffers constantly with allergies, causing her to have red eyes,sneezing & itchy.
    She also has Asthma
    I cannot get rid of our pets as they are her babies & she loves them.

    I’m currently 6mnth pregnant

    I would be interested & appreciative if my little family could trial this Dyson Product & pray it can help my daughter sleep better without congestion

    Thank You Kindly

  178. Dawn Stanford Reply

    Looking forward to trying this with my asthma and the super quiet functionality of this appliance would be wonderful.. no need for a duster having a machine that kills the nasties.. what a wonderful thing to try!!

  179. My 5 year old has an odd allergy to what we think is dust where the white of his right eye swells up. It’s horrendous for us all and so painful. It happens at all times of the year we are are constantly cleaning fans and heater grills. I would love to test out the new Dyson with its no blade feature and the fact it heats and cools is perfrct for Canberra where its freezing in winter and boiling in Summer. My son needs a breeze to aid sleeping so this might to the trick to stop his allergic reactions!

  180. Carrie Jackson Reply

    Having indoor pets , I would love the purifier as an added control in keeping the house clean.

  181. Tracey Bentley Reply

    We live on a main road, next to a highway in a “red” pollution zone. We can see the soot build up on our windows, so I hate to think about what is floating about in the air. We also have several pets. Both of my kids suffer from eczema so I worry a lot about what the air quality is doing to them. I love that you can see how effective the air purifier is – I have never been sure if they do anything or not, so I think that feature would be most valuable to me.

  182. With a brand new baby comes all the worry, especially with Louis being my FIRSTBORN!
    Keeping his nursery the right temperature is a constant battle & I’m forever worrying is he too warm or too cold- I’m constantly TORN!
    The Dyson Pure Hot & Cool link would eliminate the guessing GAME,
    And at the same time- my anxiety it would TAME!
    The added bonus of cleaning the AIR,
    No other fan or heater can even COMPARE!
    I love that I can track the purification process so easily on an APP,
    And no blades like normal fans so with little hands their will be no MISHAP!
    I’m super excited to try one and share my REVIEW,
    And don’t worry Mum central- I’m organized & I’ll be sure to submit my feedback by the CURFEW!

  183. Mel Morris Reply

    If there is anything that could help with my kids asthma and my allergies, I would love to give it a try. I think the HEPA filter could really make a huge difference to the air we breathe. My dog also loves to pop himself down in front of the heater and it will be his new favourite thing I’m sure..

  184. I have the trifecta of problems from my adorable furry boy, hayfever and sleep apnoea so the Dyson sounds a godsend and would love to see just how well it works.

  185. Penny Wiltshire Reply

    I like that it can capture potentially harmful gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens, pollutants* that can be present inside our homes.

  186. Heidi Johnson Reply

    I love that it collects dust and dirt and it captures the unwanted nasties keeping the air clean. No dusting required sounds awesome to me.

  187. I suffered from Asthma and Living in an estate where they are still building there is a lot of dust and dirt that constantly comes through the windows. across the road is farm land so there is always dust and hay coming from there.

  188. Donna Leysley Reply

    Living in the tropics, having a cat, bird and a dog in the house it can sometimes getting a bit smelly.. Also have a little one that seems to catch all the little nasties that go around, I would love to test out the air purifier and as I said living in the tropic that fan would also be great..

  189. As my 4yo son has asthma, I’m looking forward to trying out all 3 features but the purifier has to be the most exciting to try!!

  190. Would love to try the Dyson pure hot cool link purifier to help reduce the allergens in our home

    • This product dies the dusting for you? Well, I’m excited about the claim dusting won’t be needed given the purifier gets rid of dust. Excited to try the toasty feature too

  191. Living near the city between main roads in an older house the dust is never ending in our house. Add a couple of indoor cats and it’s no wonder myself and my daughter are always suffering with hayfever and sinus trouble.

  192. Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I’d love to try the purifier function, because I swear the air in our house is like 90% dust.

  193. We stumbled across a BBC News article that made a simple yet compelling point.

    95 percentage of petroleum is used to create fuel. 5 percent is used to create domestic products like cleaning spray, bug spray etc.

    Whilst 5 percent seems small… we are spraying 5 percent of the worlds petroleum into the air inside our homes!

    Air purification is essential

  194. I would love to review this amazing product where it automatically monitors, reacts and purifies & reports to the app so I have full control of this product remotely & are able to monitor our household’s air quality.. My son has just been diagnosed with allergies & on medication trials which I’d rather him not have to endure by using an advanced product such as this.

  195. C McCarthy Reply

    Purified air for my children’s allergies would be wonderful and I’d love to test it out!

  196. Bronnie Jonkers Reply

    I would like to see if it helps with asthma in our house

  197. I would love to try this product for the purifying feature, my son was born with breathing difficulties but is also a very hot baby so this would e amazing knowing that I could keep him cool but not have to worry about all the nasty things a normal fan or air conditioner would be putting in the air.

  198. Kylie Hensler Reply

    I would love to test out the purifier function aswell as as the heater as a mum of 3 boys all suffer from asthma and i constantly search for asthma approved products such as vacuum cleaners to cut down on dust in my house i would love to review the dyson 3 in 1 systym. The heater function is another element i would use as in the winter months my boys are often coughing all night and a heater helps relieve their coughing and helps my boys get their sleep and mum aswell lol with using this dyson i wont have to put away the fan and drag out the heater as its all in one and what a better way to live and breath with purified air.

  199. Kim Hardacre Reply

    We’re currently undergoing renovations and have sooooo much dust around. Having a croupy boy and an asthmatic girl I’d love to try the purification function to see if it can assist them.

  200. MsMichLong Reply

    My 5 year old has Asthma and we always have issues with other members of the family with terrible hayfever. Looking forward to how Dyson Purifier Fan Heater would help us create a better air quality for everyone.

  201. Our flat gets so dusty and with my wife being sensitive to dust with her asthma would be great to have the air getting cleaner, especially when used in the bubbas room to keep it cool or warm, good to know he will be breathing clean air

  202. My son suffers from asthma so I would be very interested to see if this could help alleviate his symptoms!

  203. I would love to test the purifier to see if it captures 99.95% of pollutants because my kids are constantly sneezing and this can greatly help them.

  204. My family and I would love to try out the Dyson we are sever asthma sufferers and it would be great to see if this product can help us coming into the colder season soon.

  205. Mandy Smith Reply

    I would love this product as during the hot summer nights when we use our fan I wake up with a sore throat as I have a lot of sinus problems and it would be great to see if this fan affects me.

  206. Amy Stacey Reply

    My daughter is always hit at nights so woukd be great to be able to cool just her room!

  207. Bethany Brown Reply

    Having 3 allergy sufferers in the house and 2 with some complicated respitory health issues this would be amazing to review . Might save us some hospital trips who knows I am think the fact it’s air purifying would be an amazing thing especially for our family

  208. Air purifier aspect and definitely the warming as well for autumn/winter for my sons bedroom. Ever since my son had croup as a baby he has an intermittent croup cough year round which is exacerbated with cold air, especially at night. It interrupts his sleep and he can be tired from it the following day, this could be a wonderful help to bring some relief.

  209. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    My darling husband is a tad obsessed with what the temperature is, so he would really be in his element being able to monitor the temperature.
    Knowing we can remove nasties and allergens from the air, really would take away a lot of worry as we have a family of hayfever sufferers and one asthmatic, thus clearing the air in more than one sense!

  210. With a house full of allergy sufferers I am most looking forward to the air purifying aspect.

  211. We’ve just moved to an old farmhouse, and with 2 young daughters the purification is the most interesting capability, though extra heating and cooling would not go amiss

  212. Would love this for mainly the heating and cooling aspects for my little ones room.

  213. Our home is double story and our sons room get so hot in summer and freezing in winter. The Dyson fan could be an amazing product to help our little man sleep comfortably! We also have a few indoor cats, the purifier would be amazing to keep his room smelling fresh and clean.

  214. Sophie White Reply

    This would be awesome, I’m allergic to our cat and it seems my son is too and we live behind a main highway, on a dirt road so there’s a lot of pollution around.

  215. Jess McKenzie Reply

    I have four children: two under two years old, and two teenagers who are autistic. I’d love to try out the purification to combat allergies. We are surrounded by vineyards and the humidity is high so I’d also like to see how the cooling function goes.

  216. The purifying feature would be great for my family and I, as I suffer from asthma. I also have a toddler and a baby on the way this is a safe way to keep our home clean and at the right temperature.

  217. I’m big on chemical free cleaning and keeping nasties at bay so I’m very keen to see how this works!!

  218. With 4 kids, 2 of which were born prematurely, I’d lovr to try this product

  219. Katie Allen Reply

    Omg no dust collection! Knowing that I don’t have to clean it regularly is an added bonus while keeping cool or warm. Less cleaning is a huge win win I say!

  220. Would love to see if it will help family members who suffer bad allergies. And to have it all in one even better.

  221. The filtration system sounds like it would be so much better at purifying the air for both hubby with asthma, kids with allergies and the baby in our house.

  222. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to see if the Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater can help me with my asthma by purifying the air in our house as I’m currently living with a constant cough.

  223. The purifying feature would be great for my family. We have a someone in the house that suffers from asthma and someone in the house that suffers from hay fever and allergies. We live on a main road and they have just start building new houses across the road. We also have many 2 & 4 legged pets. At the moment on cold days we light our open fire, which causes a few problems.

  224. I would love to test out the air purifier feature. I also have a member of my family with lung cancer and I wonder if this would help keep him comfortable

  225. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My best friend is my Bunny Rabbit “Pippa” she feels the heat terribly and I have to bring her inside, BUT my breathing is terrible when she is inside as I have a mild Asthma, her fur sheds in the summer and blows around the room. I think a purifier might be of big help to me.

  226. Pamela Dark Reply

    Living in a cold climate agricultural region, I’m interested in seeing how the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier Fan can add warmth to our home whilst reducing the sneeze inducing particles that typically set in for the Winter.

  227. Melita Malone Reply

    The personal temperature control would be perfect to help with my daughters sleep due to her Eczema. I am forever checking she is comfortable, not too hot, not too cold.

  228. I have a busy household, with a husband who works in mining, 2 little children and a cat. I am excited to trail the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier because it’s important to keep my family healthy, so the ability to download an app and keep check of progress, see what the machine has been doing and identify problem areas in the house is in my opinion it’s best feature. I can’t wait to try it and tell the world about this product.

  229. Oh, for the chance for our entire house to have a full night’s rest, without being woken at 5am by our five year old son sneezing because of allergies. It would be wonderful to see him bouncing around, full of energy live he should be!

  230. Currently we have major construction occurring across the road from us. There is constant dirt and dust flying around which is highly irritating.
    I would love to trial the Dyson to clean the air inside our home and keep our family of 5 comfortable. Hence, my favourite feature is the air purifier. I love that you can keep track of the purification process through the Dyson link app. This technology is so appealing. It would be amazing if you select us to test this great product !

  231. Living in a new estate where clearing and constant building takes place creates so much dust and dirt, with only minutes from the main highway from GC to Brisbane, 3 kids under 4, a dog that drops more hair than on my head. The humidity is just ridiculous so running aircon most days, all day are just a few reasons… the only question would be what room this beauty would go in???

    • I feel i should also mention as the kids r in bed and i am doing uni and invoices for the home business i help run this fan would be fantastic right about now.. quite and help me keep my cool.

  232. Would Love to see the how the fan and purification works. I suffer from Dust mite Allergies & so does my son. Would like to know there is something that can help .

  233. Having a toddler a baby and an indoor dog, this would be perfect for our family especially with the change of the colder months.

  234. I would LOVE the chance to review the Dyson air purifier! I’m conscious about dust and pollutants in our home being 7 months pregnant and with a young toddler. We are also near a busy road, and near the train station. On top of this there has been a lot of development nearby lately, and building an underground train track directly opposite our apartment block. I think unfortunately there would be plenty of pollutants around for the purifier to capture!

  235. Tamara Sharee Compton Reply

    As a mum of 2 and 3rd on the way and both have allergies and one with asthma it makes it hard to maintain their health. Even salt they react to so even need to be careful with salt lamps. Makes it extremely pricey to care for them. Also our temps range from -5 winter nights to 50s in summer days so makes it difficult again finding something suitable for both. It would make it greatly appreciated in our house hold.

  236. Sue dennett Reply

    I’ve been wanting a Dyson hot and cold air purifier for a while now. I like that can capture the dust and allergens in the air plus keep you warm and cool. I live in a country town which is surrounded by many crops and which I’m allergic to the dust, I live on the main road that the trucks transport these crops, so more spores in the air. We get hay fever most of the year and it also affects the skin as I seem to be allergic around the time of harvest. Also having a train line behind my house stirs up dust all year long, which the Dyson purifier would help tremendously. I have 2 dogs and 5 cats which I love but the dander affects my breathing, so the purifier would help enormously here, my house must be dusty because even my animals sneeze a fair bit. My daughter has always had sensitive skin and living here has been hard for her, this would improve her quality of living immensely with the purifier irradiation Of allergens.

  237. I have suffered from asthma and sinusitis all my life and live on a main road – so I would be so keen to test this out and see how well it can stop me from coughing & sneezing while at home!

  238. Vicki Smith Reply

    I have emphysema & Asthma & all three functions of the Dyson, would be very beneficial to my breathing, keeping my home free of allergens in the air & keeping even temperature

  239. MarloJames Reply

    We already use air purifiers in our room, nursery & living room. We understand the importance of clean air in our home & see it as a preventative measure with coughs & colds/bugs etc. We run them in bedrooms every night, teamed up with freestanding fans through summer & ducted heating in winter. They’re fantastic but only a small machine so will need replacing soon enough with the workout we give them. We’re looking to buy a separate heater for bubs room to ensure constant temperature for him in winter so would be excited to try something combining all elements in one!!

  240. I would lovr to try as we live in the old house next to busy roads and airport

  241. This product looks fantastic and I’d love to be able to test it out in my home.
    I have suffered asthma my entire life and both of my children suffer from eczema.

    Living on a main road, we try to have the windows closed most of the time in an attempt to keep out all the dust and allergens. Without air con, it gets so hot and stuffy in the bedrooms. Something like this would hopefully be able to help my kids sleep as it can keep their rooms warm/cool as required whilst purifying the air.

  242. I am looking forward to being able to breathe year round, having allergies to dust and animal dander, and a fur-baby who sheds, I believe this will help.

  243. My son and I suffer form asthma, this would be a welcome addition to our home.

  244. I am an asthma sufferer & have a strong family history of chronic asthmatics. So I’ll do anything I can do to help prevent it in my kids & assist my own breathing.

  245. To be able to purify the air would be great as I live on a busy road & the associated smog affects my breathing

  246. Among the three (purifier, heater, and cooler), I want to test the purifier component of Dyson Hot+Cool Link™ purifier heater fan the most. I have actually developed hay fever and I need all the help I can get when it’s spring (and a few weeks before and after spring). The heating and cooling component are bonuses.

  247. Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    My daughter has a lung disease so this would help Greatly

  248. I’d love to see if it would rid/improve my 4 year old daughters asthma cough which is particularly bad at night time.

  249. Cathy Aplin Reply

    I love that this has a hot + cool function. I prefer an appliance I can use all year round, and that it won’t collect dust for 6 months!

  250. I really want to try out the air purifier, my husband has very bad hay fever and it would be interesting to see if this helps him. It would be a god sent if it does as it would give us all some relief.

  251. I would love to review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater! This is awesome as 2people in my family suffer from hay fever from dust, pollen etc but our family cat also has suffers with asthma. The feature i would most likely like to review would be obviously to see if this can improve the health conditions within the household but too see how good the hot and cold fan works.

  252. Kelly Taylor Reply

    Ballarat is renowned for its extreme temperatures, being several degrees hotter than Melbourne in the summer and colder in the winter. In fact, it is not unknown for air con to be required during the day and heaters to be on that very same night, such are the fluctuations that occur here. This is all due to the altitude of our city. Add to this the farmland that surrounds this rural town, the air is rife with pollen, allergens and irritants that can make anyone with respiratory issues greatly distressed, this includes my father who relies on his inhaler constantly when he visits. We would love to offer our home as a tester for this amazing Dyson product, thank you.

  253. So many great things but the air purifier and cooling with this crazy heat for the kids and whole family would be amazing to try.

  254. With a multi- generation household there is one Asthmatic, 2 Hayfever sufferers and a toddler with respiratory problems. I also have Sleep Apneoa. I would love to think that this would improve the health of other family members even if it doesn’t help me with my Sleep Apneoa. Some of the trees, shrubs and grasses seem to emit a lot of pollens. Sometimes we can actually see pollens/dust drifting across the yard in the sunlight. I prefer to have our windows and doors open but some days the pollen count is too high to risk the “nasties” entering in through the screens of both the windows and doors.

  255. Charmaine Lock Reply

    With a house of hayfever and asthma sufferers, I’d love the oppertunerty to see how much of a difference the Dyson air purifier makes.

  256. I currently use the Oreck Air Purifier in our lounge room. It helps so much which can be seen when I clean the filters. Coming into winter, rather than moving it from room to room, I would love to trial the Dyson air purifier in my daughters room. Not only does it get cold – here the heating option would be awesome, but our fur baby sleeps in her room too. I think the Dyson Air Purifier would be a great asset to our family.

  257. Would love to test out the air purifying function. I see so much dust building up on surfaces weekly its a bit scary what’s in our air!

  258. Jeannine Barrett Reply

    I suffer from hayfever and eczema and our dog has allergies so I would love to try this Dyson Air Purifier and see if it makes a noticable difference to our indoor air quality.

  259. Roz Nordin Reply

    It’s the quietness , energy efficient and compact. And with no nasties to come with it. Would be awesome if i get to test it out. Will works good in my son’s bedroom.

  260. Hubby and I were looking at buying one of the Dyson fans for the home… he suggested buying one with the air purifier and I thought we didn’t need it… so It would be interesting to see if it is a function that would be beneficial to our family.

  261. I am really interested to see if such a small unit can effectively combine air purification with heating and cooling. It would be brilliant to have just one stylish machine which can combine all three functions with no danger to little fingers or pet paws. Currently I have to have three different machines and all are a bit bulky as well as noisy. I am hoping testing will show this is another real winner from Dyson.

  262. I would love to test this to see if helps with my asthma and migraines and I often have grand babies stay they both get asthma and are prone to chest infections as both were premature babes if it helps us I’ll buy them a unit to and my mum who has COPD if there affordable!

  263. I have sinus problems and so does my son. I would love to see if this makes a difference in reducing my sneezing and blocked nose as its a real inconvenience and a drain on everyday living..

  264. Juanita Torr Reply

    I need air conditioning on, 7 days a week, 98% of the day as I have a chronic health condition where my body’s thermostat no longer has the ability to regulate my body temperature. This means my electricity bills are enormous and I’m on Disability, a bad combination. I’d love to use this Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater because it is so energy efficient but also for the air purifying traits. I have chronic sinus and suffer allergies all year round from dust, pollen, cat hair etc. and also have atopic skin conditions like exfoliating dermatitis, eczema. I’d seriously be able to make use of every facet of this amazing appliance. I’ve been wanting an air purifier for a long time but good ones are expensive and out of my reach. Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

  265. Rebecca Phelps Reply

    Dyson have so many amazing products. Would be interesting to see how the air purifier shapes up

  266. Would love to try this product. We only have an old air conditioner in the lounge room so the kids room at the back of the house get quite warm. It’s portable so can move it from room to room as one room cools down. Love the fact it is quiet and during winter months can use this in my sons room instead of his noisy humidifier.

  267. Michelle Green Reply

    As a family of allergy & asthma sufferers the Dyson purifier is what this family needs. Even though our spoodle is a low allergy and non shedding pet we still manage to have his fluff floating around. It would be great to reduce any chance of allergies to this

  268. We’ve had issues with a leaky roof last year during a particularly stormy night and since then part of our laundry roof keeps growing mould. I suffer from allergies to dust and my baby son already show signs of allergies to egg, strawberries and have patches of eczema that flare up frequently. My partner’s also getting stuffy noses since having this mould problem. We can see lots of dust floating around our house even with frequent vacuuming and mopping. Love to try the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link Air Purifier Fan Heater – particularly the purifier component. We already use a middle of the range purifier and it hasn’t resolved the issue. Hopefully We give it a Dyson treatment and see what it can do for our health and allergies! If I go by my experience with Dyson vacuum cleaners with their top-notch quality and technology, I’m already sold!

  269. sandra nicolle Reply

    although i dont have any small kids living at home my 3 grandkids visit this would also be great to have in the bedroom at night to help with the hot flushes

  270. Jennifer Whitehead Reply

    I would love to try the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater and give an honest and detailed review of how it helped my family.
    I suffer from chronic headaches that are mostly triggered by smells and other pollutants. Living in a big city, with two young children, I would love to try a product that aims to make the air more pure. Reviews are one of the main ways I make choices between what products I buy, so it would be great to provide other mums with my experience.

  271. The purifier, it would be like having an invisible cleaning lady for the atmosphere. Clean air is good for self care!

  272. Leicia Mathers Reply

    As a chronic asthmatic I would love to try a great purifier and have a cool fan to keep my cool as I need to keep all my windows and doors shut due to the neighbours on both sides in my units smoking and my house is always smelling musty. Would love to review it and let other mother know how well it works please.

  273. Michelle Rowe Reply

    I would love to test the new Dyson .
    We run a family business ( photography) which we specialise in newborn babies.
    They’re generally naked in this shoots and we need to keep the room warm and purified clean air is a must.
    Not mention my wife is the photographer and she suffers from asthma,so the purpose of having clean air is a must for her too.
    We could get daily use from this new Dyson, giving amazing feedback for both normal day to day life and in a workplace

  274. Michelle Budge Reply

    It would have to be the purifier. I have 2 very hairy cats and suffer from really bad sinus. It would really help me.

  275. patented filtration technology, keeps this family cool, even when the heat can turn on!

  276. I would love to try a purifier, my 5yr old daughter suffers from bad sinus and I’d be interested to know if cleaner air would help relieve or at least lessen the uncomfortableness

  277. I am looking forward to the hot and cool option features. My new born baby’s room is not insulted so it gets very hot during he day but cool overnight. Hopefully this will help him sleep longer!

  278. I’m really interested in looking at the app and being able to see what it has purified out of my home, My partner comes home from work covered in iron ore and other minerals. My son is constantly sneezing and now it seems his new puppy has allergies. Hope it isn’t to do with living between 2 main roads, a lake and a power station. Very interested in seeing the results, with the cool air blowing from the Dyson of course!

  279. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Would love to help our family to stay safe and allergy free. With and improved compact filtration technology – the 360° Glass HEPA filter, it can capture potentially harmful gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens, pollutants*

  280. I’d love to try it! My husband and 11 month old son both suffer from astmas and eczema.
    Our house also gets extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter so this will be perfect in my sons room as getting him to sleep is a real struggle!

  281. stephen elsworthy Reply

    I have two children with pollen allergies so this would be great to have to help keep the air clean so they(and Me) can get a good nights sleep.

  282. Julie Parsons Reply

    The energy efficiency as our current systems cost a lot to run. Plus the purifying aspects as my service dog lives inside.

  283. With low ceilings the overhead fan makes me freeze. I’d love a fan for a cool room without having to wear winter pj’s in summer. Would be even better if HE didn’t sneeze all morning and wake me.

  284. With having two young daughters that suffer from asthma this would help them with there breathing

  285. Jessica Kassulke Reply

    Hi I have 3 kids one of them is a baby. Our house is a Queenslander and its quiet open but we do get a lot of dust. My partner also does alot of woodwork downstairs and we get alot of dust blow in from that. I would love to test this new machine out and see how well it does in our home. To help keep it cleaner.

  286. I’d just love to try it as I’m curious to see how one work and what my air quality is like before and after. We have a house of animals, cat, dogs and bird and dust monsters! We don’t suffer from any particular diseases, illnesses or allergies but would love to trial it all the same.

  287. Vicki Nelson Reply

    I’d love to give this a try. One of my son often wakes sneezing and sniffling. We have two cats and a dog and live in an often windy regional area. I think this could make a huge difference to our health!

  288. Renee George Reply

    I am interested to try all aspects. Our housr was bulit in 1958 so is hot in summer + cold in winter + due to the room additions over the years it has no proper air flow + needs a good purify!

  289. Kristy Coles Reply

    I love the air purifying my daughter suffers from allergies and asthma, I would love to use this in her room on a hot night or cold night

  290. Alice Sheahan Reply

    We’re a household of adults and babies with sensitive skin, so I’d love to see if Dyson’s air purification helps calm irritations. The ability to heat and cool rooms is also a feature I’d like to try especially as we come into Melbourne’s unpredictable Autumn.

  291. Would love to try and see if this will help relieve my allergic cough, husband’s hayfever, husband and baby’s sensitive skin. Please please be the miracle we are waiting for!

  292. Need this in my house, I sinusitis and sneeze everyday. I would love to clean all the nasties out of the air and wake up in the morning with an unblocked nose. And I love the idea of the app so I can track what is in the air and what myself and family are breathing in.

  293. Massouna Najjarine Reply

    For me and my beautiful 3 grandkids that live with me..9, 7, & 4 yrs old this says it all about this amazing
    opportunity to trial this air purifier.. We only have a few ceiling fans and a gas heater so when I read this part of what it can do for my family.. I got so excited..
    “Whether you’re home or not, this intelligent machine can automatically detect airborne pollutants and purify the air. This nifty little device uses intelligent sensing to check our home for nasties and remove them.” I’d love to trial this..thank you

  294. Sonia Chang Reply

    As Dyson is one of world’s leading brands with brilliant technology, I really love to experience this revolutionary Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater at my home. My family have dust allergic health issues and my house is located at the bushfires zone. I use a vacuum machine to keep dust away with a mask when I clean my house. My two autistic children pets are very happy to share their hair with us, Our furnitures and the floor are covered with animals dead skin and hairs. I have followed this product since day 1, it truly a tremendous opportunity to try and review this Dyson product from number one Mum Central Website.

  295. I’m looking forward to being able to remotely control my environment. Living in a rented unit means I don’t have control over a lot of things but to be able to automatically monitor, react and purify it through the Dyson Link app will give me some control over my allergies and quality of the air I breathe.

  296. I would absolutely love to take the Dyson pure hot+cool link purifier or a ‘test drive’. I feel it would be beneficial for my family of 5 (two adults and three children ages 5, 10 and 14) who between us all suffer asthma and hayfever tomsome degree.
    My self and my son are allergic to airborne dust, and husband has developed an hay fever reaction to out two long coated indoor cats. There’s also a few plants around that trigger allergies.
    It would be extremely interesting to see if this product can help minimise our reactions.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  297. JOHANNE STONE Reply

    This sounds amazing. I suffer not only asthma and bronchitis but also get bouts of hay fever, allergies to dust and other pollutants. It is a constant struggle almost daily as i live near a main road where not only have the on-going car battle but the last few months i have the added pleasure of workmen across the road building a heap of unit blocks.
    I live in Emergency Housing at the moment due to a 5 year non-curiable neuropathic disease battle. Divorced, with 2 young kidlets so unfortunately moving is not an option until a permanent house comes available.
    Would love to get rid of the daily pill popping medications, inhalers, nebulizers and compressors just so i have breath. I have heard so much about the Air Purifiers and the possibility that they could really help me but living week to week on a pension it is impossible to scrape together the money.
    Would so so so LOVE to Trial the DYSON PURIFIER FAN out, to give me the chance to breathe normally again
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for this Amazing Trial

  298. Im a mum of two kids with another one on the way.
    Im really interested to try this as we live at a busy intersection so would love to see the difference the purifier makes.
    I love the idea of using one device in hot or cold weather rather than swapping the bulky machines and i also love no blades for safety.

  299. Carlin Lee Reply

    No blades, compact design, heating and cooling, plus purifying, what’s not to love? As the mum of two children who refuse to keep covers on, I would really like to try these out with both my children for the warming and purifying elements, particularly in the cooler months

  300. Everyone in my house suffers from hayfever and we all love a fan on in summer which blows dust directly into our faces! I’ve been trying to decide on possible solutions and would love to try this.

  301. Kavin Khatri Reply

    All I want is my little ones to BREATHE EASY and stay COOL during this hot summer I I

  302. Anything to help our family with hayever and asthma, so may pollens, would be a blessing to try.

  303. Danielle Bryers Reply

    I would love to test out the air purifier, my husband has terrible asthma and allergies and we have a dog, so would be great to see if this would help!
    Plus I’d LOVE to be able to have fresh flowers in my house….and currently due to my husbands allergies I’m not able to (he’ll use any excuse to not buy me flowers haha!)
    I also have an 8 month old baby and I’m seriously hoping he doesn’t end up with allergies like my husband, it would be great if an air purifier would help with this?

  304. Karyl Jones Reply

    I would love to try the Dyson air purifier as both my son and my husband suffer from rather bad eczema, and my other son gets severe croup, and anything that might help our home environment stay free of irritants, and therefore keep them healthier would be such a big plus for this rather stressed, exhausted Mum!

  305. I would love to be chosen to trial and review the dyson as I have had my eye on one for a while but the cost has made me hesitant without seeing how effective it really is. I love the idea of the purifier scanning and taking the nasties from the air and being able to track it all on an App is an awesome feature. Living by the bay means that any breeze blows all the dust and nasties straight in and I find it impossible to keep the house clean. We don’t have proper heating/cooling so being able to keep my 1 year old sons room at a constant temperature and free of nasties would be amazing. Also my husband suffers from Asthma and Severe hay fever so I would love the opportunity to try it out and see if it well help us all.

  306. Looks modern and save around kids. That it captures these unwanted nasties which will help around allergies I have! No duster required. Thanks for the opportunity.

  307. Shae-Maree Saunders Reply

    Living in the malle victoria we are always watching the spectacular dust storms roll in and fill our homes with dust, we are also surrounded by beautiful farms that produce delicious fruit/veg. A Dyson would dramatically reduce the triggers in our home to help with my daughters asthma and also my own. And it would also make my home clean and fresh!!

  308. I would love to try the Dyson air purifier as my eldest daughter has a dust mite allergy and my son has asthma. We live in the Blue Mountains in a rental house with carpet. The local environment has lots of pollens & flowers. I would be keen to see if the Dyson air purifier could help releive my 2 eldest childrens symptoms. I also have a 3 year old & a 6 month old baby. I believe the Dyson air purifier would be of benegit to them aswell.

  309. Deborah Vella Reply

    I’m looking forward to testing the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool. We live in a remote area of the Northern Territory which is always covered with a layer of fine red dust. The dust gets all around our home so I could only imagine how much is in the air that we breathe. I’m pregnant with a toddler at home so pure good air quality is important to us. We also rely on the dehumidify setting on our current air conditioner to combat the extreme humidity!

  310. What i am looking forward to is providing my family clean air, we live in the suburbs and both girls seem to be fighting coughs and colds and i wonder if our location and environment adds to this. I believe this product will save us

  311. I am a mum of 3 children aged 4,12,16. All 3 children suffer from asthma and eczema. Also, my husband and I are asthmatics, Our son is the worst affected he also is allergic to dust mites as well as asthma, eczema, and also suffers a range of allergies. This year is going to be a very important year for him completing year 11 and studying 5 ATAR subjects. He lays awake most nights unable to sleep due to scratching and being unable to breathe. He wakes most mornings tired from not sleeping and It would be amazing to be able to try something that would be able to help him get a decent night sleep. As a parent, you want to be able to help your children as much as you can. I love the idea that there is no fiddly maintenance, as being a busy family it will make it easier to maintain. Having no blade is also a bonus as having a curious 4-year old I know that she won’t lose a hand and I love the idea of being able to set the thermostat so there is no unexpected big bill.

  312. I would love to try the air purifier I have 2 kids with asthma and allergies. It would be great if it could improve the air we breathe.-

  313. I am interested in seeing this product in our home. My husband is a farmer and we have a lot of dust and dirt flying around our home. Being an old farm house it would be interesting to see how it would impact our lives! I’m hoping it will improve my 2 year old son’s sleep routine! Great idea Dyson!

  314. Adele Coone Reply

    If i’m lucky enough to be selected I’d look forward to it capturing all the nasties that were hidden in the air.

  315. Bernarda Robinson Reply

    We live in a very old house near Newcastle where coal dust (as well as normal dust) is frequently an issue no matter how much I clean! We also have two dogs and a crawling baby. With the current change in climate I’d love to test out the heat and cool functions and see if it makes a difference to my husband’s morning cough and hopefully we won’t see so many dust particles shining in the morning sun like snow in our living room!

  316. Wow! A product that purifies the air as well as cool and heat temperature. The Dyson air purifier would be a godsend in my house. I have 2 boys with allergies to dust, cats, pollens and grasses. One son is worse than the other. He suffers secondary infections and is often medicated. It would be nice to treat the cause rather than the symptoms. The feature of the Dyson air purifier I’d most look forward to, other than seeing a difference in the health of my boys, is the Dyson Link app. It would be reassuring seeing the results in black and white.

  317. Melissa Hoad Reply

    This would be a god send in my house. I have a little one with asthma & ezcema whose older brother has an assistance dog. It would be a game changer!

  318. Would be great to try out the air purifying qualities with the HEPA filters. Some neighbours in the street building is creating lots of dust in the house which is not helping the little ones keeping healthy.

  319. I love how it’s also has other functions so it can also control the temperature which is great!

  320. I would love to try the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater because i have son that get eczema from dust, we have a fluffy cat and live on a busy road with lots of car burning up and down the hill i’m on. My rental house also has active mould that we try to kill with essential oils but that sometimes doesn’t work. would love to try one with my family.

  321. The air purifier is definitely the highlight! Being highly allergic to pollen, dust AND pets at the same time, living in an old house with old carpets AND having a rescue cat is a combination my sinuses have been suffering from for a while now 🙁 And our 2 year old bubba definitely won’t complain about having a cosy and warm bedroom during the upcoming winter either! 🙂

  322. Being a pregnant lady and completely not surviving in this summer heat (originally from the UK so even without being pregnant doubt I would be coping!) would love to try the Dyson especially for the cool air!
    I’m also one of theirs people who usually get ridiculously cold in the winter, so knowing I could use it for heat also sounds like a godsend!

  323. We live in Tasmania, the land where the weather has no idea what it’s doing on a daily basis, our house is going from an oven to a condensated, freezing cold and stuffy environment and I’m constantly having to clean the walls and ceiling to stop the mould. It’s not healthy for my 3 girls who suffer with respiratory infections every winter when Mother Nature wins! The fact that it traps 99.95% of fine particles excites me, fine particles are something I have no control over so this is easily the best thing since sliced bread. The heating and cooling functions are an absolute bonus in this completely confused climate so I would no longer have to worry about my kids being too cold or hot at night, it’s all sorted with a touch of a button and even better that It sets it’s own airflow depending on the air quality, it couldn’t get much better!

  324. I would love to trial the clean air HEPA filter the most. I am currently pregnant and have allergies and a constant stuffy nose. I have a small air purifier now that doesn’t make a difference. We live near a main road and truck depot and the house is always dusty! I have been looking for a solution before bub arrives. All of the other features would just be a bonus.

  325. Carmal Harris Reply

    I have a Dyson Vacuum cleaner which I love. I use a humidifier in each room everyday, along with a heater. I would love the opportunity to try this and see how it impacts our electricity bills. Also,, I would like to see if it makes a difference in the air as we live in a dusty area.

  326. Carol Rittner Reply

    I like the size of the product ,convenient to sit on a table etc, and being safe around children.

  327. I have 2 little ones at home. My baby has bad eczema and i am trialling so many different things to know what her triggers are. A purifier will be great to help remove bad particles in the air and hopefully it will help with her eczema. Would love to test this product out.

  328. I would love to trial the Dyson Air Purifier System for my 10 year old son who suffers badly especially at night time which affects his sleep. He suffers from allergies to dust, animal dander, mould, grasses and peanuts. He suffers with eczema which drives him crazy at night combined with nasal congestion due to perennial hay fever. Please pick us I would love to find a solution to help my boy. Thankyou.

  329. Kirsty Moulton Reply

    The ability to check on the app regarding the purifying etc is great because I’m currently pregnant with number two & asthma is big part of our family.

  330. We are a family of six (mum, dad, 5y.o, 3 y.o, 1 y.o and a 2 month old) living in an apartment on a major highway. We only have one main balcony door that allows for air circulation in our apartment. The pollution and dust that comes from the highway is evident on our balcony. Although we would love to have our balcony door open the dust and exhaust fumes are a deterrent. So for our family the most exciting and important feature of the Dyson Air Hot+Cool Link Purifier is obviously in the product’s name, the air purifier! To have the air purified would give us a peace of mind that we are not inhaling dangerous pathogens into our bodies.

  331. My husband, myself and 2 of my children suffer from hayfever.. My youngest was hospitalized with allergy induced chest infections in the past and I really have to watch his triggers. This would make things a lot better at home as there are a few trees around here that set him off (and me sneezing) and we do live near a main road. Keeping the air around him clean will make a huge difference.

    • The purifying qualities of the HEPA filter will make winter and spring so much easier to manage in our home. There is a lot of building and development going on around our area and the dust is crazy outside!

  332. Kylie Humphreys Reply

    I would like to try this. I have a 10 month old baby who has been suffering with skin problems since birth and then since relocating to Nth Qld has been getting a lot of colds. I would love to test this out to see if improving the air quality will help elimate the allergy triggers. Very interested to see how the new app works to track the purification process

  333. Tara Sparrow Reply

    I love love love dyson!!! My vac is over 6 years old and still going strong. Customer service has been amazing when i needed a new vac head so i would be soooo excited to try this fan!! My home is always either too hot or too cold and we have no air con so would be very interesting to see if this would work to cool us down better than a cheap normal fan. We literally use a fan or heater all day every single day so i would be able to give a great honest review!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee pick meee

  334. melanie farrugia Reply

    I love the fact it can be used winter and summer to give us the full benefits year round. In a area close to chemical factories and refineries and a new residential building area this would hopefully give a safe relief for our family

  335. Simply, will it live up to its name and does it work as good as it sounds ?
    I have a Dyson animal stick vac and its a beauty, I don’t stress if any of my kids drop crumbs anymore and no more cords!!!!!
    This product may stop us from sneezing all the time?

  336. Both my children have allergic to dust mites. I would like to try this Dyson Purifier product, hopefully can help to clean the air for them to sleep better. Thank you

  337. This would be a great assett to my home to prevent any nasty bacteria growing or spreading around my family of 5

  338. Courtney Reeves Reply

    Living with cows literally in my backyard, we have a lot of dust and hayfever causing pollutants enter our home from the paddocks. Would be lovely to see if this helps with my family’s health..

  339. Would like the opportunity to review the Dyson Pure hot+cool link. The pollution in our area is on the rise with new constructions underway. An appliance with the the ability to keep us warm during the winter plus be able to purify the air should definitely prove useful especially with young children around.

  340. I like that it’s quiet! There’s nothing more annoying then trying to rest & having to listen to the damn fan blowing around!

  341. Linda Willams Reply

    I think my 5yr son would benefit from this. It would not dry him out and keep him warm and lessen his exposure in the home to airborne pollutants. It looks fantastic for all of us in the house.

  342. I am really looking forward to testing the Hot/Cool function of the purifier fan heater. The main reason for this is not only will it keep our air clean, reduce allergens in our house but it will make my family feel comfortable all year round hot or cold.

    I am currently pregnant, due April 2018. There is currently 6 in our family all with Asthma and allergies to dust, animal fur, wild grasses, nuts etc. We do have a dog and he’s more of a family member than a pet.

    I would really love some help to manage our indoor air pollution to give me that extra peace of mind that all parents need for a safe and healthy home.

      • Krystal Garner Reply

        For the special health needs in the entries I would love to tick them all and it says to tick all that apply but unfortunately you are only able to click on one 🙂

  343. Jessica Hamilton Reply

    Our twins were born prematurely at 28 weeks and 6 days in September. After 84 days in hospital, our son and daughter experienced ventilation, high flow oxygen and low flow oxygen to help their little lungs breathe for them as they grew to strong and beautiful term babies. Although they are both wonderfully healthy babies now, with immature lungs they are both at a higher risk of developing asthma, experiencing breathing difficulties on high pollen count days, and a simple cold can unfortunately turn into pneumonia for our twins if it’s not managed properly. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link Purifier will help ease so many of our worries – keeping the temperature just right in our home and keeping the air pure for our little ones lungs. A win, win for our family.

  344. Kylie Clayton Reply

    The 360° glass HEPA air filtration purification system as we have both asthma and severe allergenic sinusitis in the family. Plus two spoilt cats – one of whom is long haired. It could be used in the loungeroom/kitchen during the day and in whoever requires it the most’ bedroom at night.
    Our vacuum has a HEPA system and it works fantastically well – it’s shocking how much dust and cat hair it picks up! I’m hopeful that the Dyson HEPA systen would do the same… Maybe I could finally be rid of the sinus headache I’ve had for the past month.

  345. Chris Page Reply

    We are a house full of asthmatics so the air purification would help tremendously. I would also hope it stops my sons sniffling from his dust mite allergy.

  346. I love that this device can automatically monitor, react and purify and it will send all of the data back to the myDyson link app! I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant so I would love to use it around the house, especially with the new baby is born, we also have a long haired cat.

  347. I would love to try the Dyson pure Hot + Cold, as we live in a mining town, there is lots of dust and other pollutants in the air. We also have two pets, so it would be great to see how well the filter works and if it seems to improve our wellbeing.

  348. With 3 asthmatics and hayfever sufferers we cant wait to try the purifier to clear our home from allergens

  349. With a new born baby and puppy dog I would love to use this in both the nursery and living room to ensure bubs is breathing in the cleanest air. With many new houses being built around us it feels like the air is always dusty and dirty. It will also be nice to make the rooms cosy in winter.

  350. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    I would love this for my girls they all suffer from different Allergies and at different times of the year and this would help them be more happier and not miss school due to being unwell

  351. I have 4 kids, 3 of whom have breathing issues and a husband who suffers from severe hayfever. I have been looking to buy one of these, but the opportunity to test it before buying would be incredible.

  352. Wow, living close to the freeway and having asthma can be a real challenge. Would love to see how this improves the allergies, eczema and general health of my family.

  353. Being pregnant with a house full of athsmatics I’m very much looking forward to review the dyson. When it comes to health I’m always looking for the best things for my family

  354. Definitely would love the see how effective the fan is at cooling but also the air purification. Our house accumulates so much dust this would be great if it can improve the air quality for my children

  355. Julie Tran Reply

    Both my husband and I are hayfever sufferers so this purifier would definitely break down the bad air for bub as well.

  356. Sharon Revell Reply

    The compact filtration technology with the 360 degree HEPA Filter, cleaning the air so efficiently if very impressive. I have allergies to certain air pollutants which often brings on an Asthma attack, itchy skin and eyes. This Dyson Fan seems like a miracle of technology. Ridding the air of so many nasties. I could breathe easy, knowing that my health is being protected.

  357. Lisa Brooker Reply

    My son gets asthma so I’d love to try it to see if it will help him breathe a bit easier

  358. Kim McDonough Reply

    We all suffer from hayfever and other allergies, I would love to use the purifying feature whether hot or cold to ensure we are breathing the cleanest air.

  359. Arielle Taylor Reply

    Would love to measure it’s effectiveness on my daughters asthma

  360. Jenna Fletcher Reply

    I would love to test this out – a friend has one and can’t speak highly enough about it! I would love to see for myself and also see the impressive analytics it shows about the air quality.

  361. Joanne sampson Reply

    Love the fact it can get rid of dust our house gets so much dust, this would truly be amazing

  362. Nadia Pasqua Reply

    The intelligent sensing feature to check our home for nasties and remove them. thats amazing!

  363. Linhtnguyen Reply

    I am most excited about the 360° Glass HEPA filter. My house is about 10 minutes away from a disgusting regional landfill/tip. Most days, the winds blow the rotten smell of the tip to our neighbourhood and into our homes. I am on the lookout for a purifier that can rid of any nasties that the pollution and the tip have found it’s way into my house. The Dyson will not only capture 99.95% of nasties but I think my 1 year old daughter will love the new look of the Dyson too!

  364. Kelly Heffernan Reply

    We live in regional NSW where asthma and hayfever are very bad. I have two children that suffer from allergies as well as myself and I would love to give this a try.

  365. Deborah Bolam Reply

    This would be amazing to test this dyson hot/cold , hubby has asthma and the 2 kids do as well, if this dyson purified the air this would be a bonus to the whole family, we live on a very busy street with lots of dust in the air, so thanks for the chance

  366. Mel Hunter Reply

    I would love to see if it help with the kids getting sniffles, coughs and colds.

  367. I would love to try the Dyson to help my son. We live in an area that is new so machine and buildings going on all around. We have carpet and 2 dogs. My son is asthmatic but its mainly his eczema. It drives him crazy he scratches till he bleeds and cries. He has dust mite alleries. We vaccum his matress every week.

  368. We live in an apartment with carpet that both my son and I are quite irritated by. We both have highly sensitive skin and I’m convinced a lot of our skin issues are created by airborne particles or those that have sunk into our carpet. I love the idea of the air being purified before it hits the ground. My son is also susceptible to bronchilitis which I think is caused by the use of the fan in his room and the change in air temperature. Purifying the air will work wonders for this!

  369. Marilyn Long Reply

    Both my husband and I suffer from hay fever, especially with dust. I clean the house regularly, but seem to find that this doesn’t always help. My youngest son who is 2 also suffers a little from Asthma. So ideally would love to trial this Dyson (air purifier feature) to see if this makes a huge impact on changing our lives and making us feel comfortable in our own home 100% of the time.

  370. Jodi Matthews Reply

    I have 2 inside dogs, so would be nice to filter the dog smell and dust around the house, hope it would help to combat my hayfever

  371. Natalie GARNER Reply

    We have 2 double coated dogs, 2 cats and 2 people with allergies. I would love to test this and most excited with the HEPA filter, to help with allergies and hopefully take less medication. We also live sub tropical and semi rural, so hot humid days dont help as well as the lingering pollution from the local trucks and tractors.. My eczema is awful at certain times of the year. We are also right in the middle of building, new houses going in everywhere, dust is awful currently, workmen and trucks everywhere and will continue long term as they build a satellite city around us.

  372. With my husband and two youngest having asthma, and myself having fairly severe allergic rhinitis, I would love to see the Dyson Fan improve our families’ quality of life with its superior air filtration and improves allergens in the home!

  373. My husband suffers from hay fever. I would like to trial the Dyson Air Purifier to see if this helps with his constant sneezing.
    I also like to cook and the house often smells of cooking. I’m curious to see if the air purifier will get rid of the cooking smell!

  374. My daughter has alot of allergies (dustmites, grass, weed, dogs, nuts, dairy, eggs to name a few) and finds it hard to sleep at night. She’s either complaining of an itchy throat, sneezes alot or gets itchy. This would be great to review whether it actually purifies the air and help her sleep better at night.

  375. I would love to try the purifying with the heater! We live near a major motorway in Sydney, so I’d be keen to see how effective the purifier is. Our house is mainly floorboards and is raised off the ground, so it gets very cool in our house in winter, hence the use of the heater with the air purifier is very attractive.

  376. I would love to give the Dyson Air Purifier a try. It would be great to see how it works with the app, and see just how clean/unclean the air we are breathing really is. We live in an area with lots of vineyards and orchards that are constantly spraying chemicals on the plants so I would be interested in seeing how that affects the air we are breathing.

  377. Tash Allan Reply

    I love that I can keep my son warm with this while purifying the air at the same time. He picks up so many colds and sicknesses over winter so this would be awesome to trial for him

  378. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    I LOVE that dust is trapped, not just blown around! I have hayfever (and sadly I’ve passed it onto my three kids) so I’d love to see if this could help the epidemic of sneezing we have 6+ months of the year.

  379. I love that Dyson have created a unit that purifies, heats and is a fan and that it is quiet! Just what I need for my family!

  380. Naomi Gamble Reply

    We live in an area where there is a lot of new construction, so dust is a problem, but closing up the house can also be a problem. I’d love to try this mostly for convenience – heater, fan and purifier all in one! Yes please!

  381. Its quite hot today and we only have the one split system that is located in the dining room in the centre of the house. This is also where our only heater is located. I have 4 kids to off them are under 2 and in nappies.. I myself have allergies from dust so the fans ECT with there dust build up causes my sinus to congest causing me to annoy my husband with snoring at night.. when I saw this I really wanna give it a try see if it’s worth investing in or not. Would love yo see if it works for us and then I can spread the word to others in my situation.. it is so humid hot today we are all quite drowsy.. totally need a pick me up

  382. I’d be most excited to put the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link’s purifying features to the test. We’ve got 2 dogs who play havoc with my husbands allergies, as well as a 4.5yo who’s tested negative for dust mite allergies but still seems to react to dust regardless. I’m also 28 weeks pregnant and suffering from pregnancy rhinitis (yay pregnancy hormones) so I’d be super interested to see if this made any difference to that. The heating feature once bub arrives in May would be an extra bonus!

  383. I would love to see if this helps my whole family with seasonal allergies we all suffer from. It would be amazing to wake up not congested each morning if I got to trial this product

  384. The 360° Glass HEPA filter totally excites me. Just the mere fact that this filter can detect and remove gases and 99.95% of allergens, pollutants in our homes really resonates with the clean freak inside of me.

  385. I have two young boys who are asthmatics as well as my husband and I. We also all suffer from hayfever and allergies. I would love to try this in our home to help purify the air. I also have a boutique home skin salon which i would love to use the purify and fan function in there too. Fingers crossed!

  386. Lesley Needham Reply

    I would love to test out the filter. I have a special needs child with health problems who only has 60% lung capacity so needs clean air. His therapy cat has anxiety (not from him) and is losing fur all over the house. And we are in a drought area and dust blows in all the time.

  387. I’m looking forward to trying all the features but interested in the heating aspect, as wondering if our gas heater is triggering asthma in our house. With 2 boys and a hubby with asthma I’m hoping it can help them. We also have a dog, which my husband thinks contributes to his hay fever.

  388. I have young children with allergies to alot of airborne spores. No matter how much i try i can never get rid of it all, making it very uncomfortable for my children daily.

    I would love to trial this with the hopes and drwams of my children having comfort.

  389. We are in the process of renovating our house so it would be nice to have around to keep the air fresh and clean especially when pulling up the carpet and painting.

  390. I am looking forward to testing out the air purification – my husband has quite bad asthma and is sneezing and/or coughing a lot of the time. Even though we vacuum and dust at least twice a week he is still quite bad. He has a fan on every night, so this would be a great alternative for him as it will purify the air as well as keep him cool at night. And in winter we can use it for our 2 year old who has gotten bad chest infections each winter since he was born – hopefully this will help him too.

  391. This would be a godsend with 3 asthma and allergy sufferers in our house. The air purifier would give peace of mind that I’m doing everything to provide better air quality for my family

  392. Kristina S Reply

    I suffer from
    Severe hay fever and my 3 children are starting to ge the sniffles as well as soon as the first bloom is on the way. We would love to Review the Dyson purifier 🙂

  393. Rachael Moss Reply

    We live in outback SA so get lots of dust in the house when it is windy. Live 15mins from a mine. Looking to purify the air in the house for cleaner/healthier living.

  394. We really need to try this product out, we have two dogs, both my wife and I suffer mild asthma & hay fever, and my wife has been going through a rollercoaster of eczema and hives for past year . She tried Eczema Diet, Steroids, UV-B treatment and it still wont go away. We’ve cleaned our house but I feel the dust and allergies are never gone – even after a good spring clean!

  395. I’m really impressed that Dyson has created a product that purifies, heats, and is a fan. Bonus that it’s quiet! All three tick major boxes for my family!

  396. I’d love to try the dyson pure hot+cool link purifier fan heater as my older style house (sauna in summer and an ice box in winter) in metropolitan Sydney, along with my asthma and dust allergies, and let’s not forget the 5 kids (including 3 full of beans toddlers), would certainly test the true capabilities of this dyson product to be sure if it really does live up to the dyson brand standard we have come to know and expect

  397. Melissa Olsen Reply

    As a Dyson vacuum cleaner owner, I would be very excited to trial the Dyson pure hot+cool link purifier fan heater knowing that whatever Dyson designs, Dyson designs extremely well. I am in the market for an air purifier having only recently borrowed a friend’s to trial, discovering that it was too noisy for us. We would be an excellent candidate for trialing the air purifier because we have an asthmatic child in the house, one in-door pet , and live in in an area that is renown for asthma-triggering pollens. I also struggle to stay on top of dusting. We know that the 360 glass Hepa filter will work brilliantly, love the look and design of Dyson products and are excited about the fan/heater combination. Choose us please!!

  398. hellen waltham Reply

    purifying the air around us hopefully will give my girls a bit of relief from their asthma but dyson have gone one step further and produce one product with three different features it purifies heats and a fan to boot

  399. having a family with allergies from dust to everything else, pollen, animals, etc this would be great to try to help elevate symptoms and make life a lot healthier and happier

  400. I am looking forward to seeing if the purified air at a constant temperature helps my youngest daughter breath easier. She is oxygen dependant and also struggles to regulate her body temperature, the Dyson sounds like it would be extremely helpful to her!

  401. I would love to try the purifier feature as I have asthma. Also living in humid central QLD I’d love to have the cool fan going in my kitchen!

  402. Melissa Liow Reply

    With westconex and highway surrounding my house, i am yet to discover an air purifier that works

  403. I would love to test the purifier, and try the hot vs cold settings, which would be helpful for my 2 little kids, and my pregnant wife.

  404. Amanda Sutter Reply

    We live near a main road with lots of trucks barreling down it. I would love to try the air purifying side of things to see how good it would be at clearing that pollution

  405. As mum to a daughter with chronic sinusitis this product would be a Godsend. We also have a dog and live in a very windy hot climate. Dying to try this Dyson!

  406. I would like to see how this product would help with pet hair. We have a long haired border collie that sheds a lot. With a 4 month old I do worry about all the hair flying around and allergies.

  407. I would love to test out Dyson’s new product, we live in a large, old house in North QLD , with two kids and a dog. As our house sits on a busy intersection, so would love to test out the purification function, and the cooling function as we can’t use the air conditioning as it seems to make my son unwell. The heating function would be great in winter for all the coughs and sniffles.

  408. I would absolutely love to be given the chance to try the Dyson purifying feature during both summer and winter. As We are living in an older style house on stilts we have a lot of trouble heating and cooling the house in these season. Also as we have a pet and are close to the main road it would be great to see if my hubbys and daughters asthma symptoms change during the trial.

  409. My daughters and I are asthma and environmental allergy sufferers and the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater sounds like a godsend. I’d most like to see how this intelligent little machine detects airborne allergens and purifies the air in my own home and I’m especially interested in being able to keep track of the process through the Dyson app to see how effective it is at purifying the air. It would be amazing to be able to try this product out and be able to live a little more allergy free day to day. I’d love the opportunity to test this product and give my honest feedback and most importantly have the opportunity share my opinions.

  410. I would love to test out the Dyson for the air purifying feature of the product, being a new mum and also a pet owner I would like to experience lovely clean air flowing through my home. Thank you for the opportunity.

  411. Tracy Painter Reply

    Living in a house with allergy sufferers and myself being an asthmatic, I am keen to see whether this feature would work as well as it being versatile in heating and cooling. I really hope I am considered for this opportunity. Thank you

  412. Wow 423 comments already!! Well for what it’s worth I’m a little tired of having to turn the fan off in my sons room every night because it’s blowing directly on him and he has a habit of kicking off the blanket. Second thing he gets bitten by mosquitos so we are constantly spraying his room and this should help with purify the air so he has a sound sleep. It may even reduce the coughing and sneezing which occurs due to spraying his room. May this Dyson bring more sleep for all in our house!!

  413. Living on a main road with 2 dogs & 6 kiddies, 1 with asthma & 4 with hay fever I’m interested to see if this actually helps as I’ve tried a few other things that haven’t helped (salt lamp etc) & would love to be able to help relieve some of their symptoms as I don’t like using aircon

  414. Veronica D Reply

    Wow, reading the above information makes great reading, pretty hard to pick just one feature really keen to try, as they all would be great………but, to have the air purified, breathing clearer and cleaner air would be great. Sadly some of us have allergies and asthma, so using the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Purifier, would be a massive health benefit for us all. Living right near a major highway comes with benefits, but also disadvantages too, but we love where we live, this machine would be so helpful in our everyday.

  415. Donna smith Reply

    We would love to try this. Living on the farm is fun but with myself an Assmatic and my toddler suspected. This item would be come a stable in our home if given the chance to.

  416. Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    This sounds great. I’m always conscious of what I put in my body. This will help to keep the air I breath cleaner and more pure ! Awesome !

  417. leonnie rainsford Reply

    It can capture potentially harmful gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens, pollutants* that can be present inside our homes. I would really like to this this as I am asthmatic and looking for a purifier

  418. Would be amazing to see how this works with my terrible sinus issues from allergens. I go through a box of tissues every couple of days!

  419. Would love to try this out. Youngest has asthma and allergies. His air purifier has just died!

  420. The Filtration Technology sounds amazing! I love that the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Purifier can remove the bad stuff from the air in my house. It also has a nice appearace and doesnt look like it would take up much room.

    My 11 year old son has asthma and allergies and we also have a dog so our house would greatly benefit from trying this product out.

  421. Jocelyn Lambert Reply

    I would download the Dyson App on my i-phone and link it with the track purification as I have 3 kids, one with an allergy. It would also help with my pets which I try to keep outside but occasional the kids let in, so I would like to see the difference it makes to my home.

  422. I’m in love with your vacuums, we own 3 and I’m yet to try the fans. I’d love to see how the purifying function goes, I’ve a history of eczema and sinus and now my young son has sinus issues.
    Mum has one of your first fans and would love to see how they Dyson has improved on it.

  423. Purifier ofcourse.. and the app makes it even better.. with a 3 year old and a 6 month old… anything to have a better purified surroundings

  424. The app is so forward and if I am picked to review I would find it very interesting in seeing the change especially with kids with allergies

  425. Recently moved to QLD, living in broadbeach with my 2.5year old daughter Lili and 5month old Archie we are in an apartment right near the Gold Coast hwy and get a lot of noise and dust from it. I would love to see how this purifier could help with keeping my little ones cool for the humidity they are not use to coming from Perth as well as clearing the air they are taking in.

  426. I would love to try this especially for winter.
    my 2 year old and I have asthma and allergies so I would like to see if this purifier helps in winter

  427. Pinar Krajcik Reply

    Using the app to see the effectiveness of the particle catcher! Something so satisfying seeing how much cleaner the air in my baby’s room will be!

  428. Tanya Dunstall Reply

    I have four inside dogs in a very small home (in country SA) and suffer from allergies from the pet hair and the dust bowl that is our rear yard. I have problems with my sinuses daily and have to flush them twice a day with a saline solution just to keep the congestion and pain at bay. I would love to have purified air and be able to breath comfortably and not have sinus headaches and sneezing fits. Dyson is a brand I know and trust and would be the ultimate in home air purification. I would love to have the opportunity to review the purifier and enjoy it’s magic in the process. Thank you.

  429. eamond tomaszewski Reply

    With many asthma sufferers in our home the the air purifier would be a Dream come true

  430. No more itchy, sneezy toddlers or babies waking snuffly in the night, the dog will be allowed back inside as Dyson will purify the air day and night. My towns love of wood fires and smoke that fills the air will not be a hassle this winter thanks to Dyson’s HEPA 360 degree glass filter.

  431. I would love to try this as the air purifier would be great for making us stay healthier over winter with all the colds that usually arrive over that time.

  432. Kristy Gardiner Reply

    As mish as the heating and cooling appeals to me, I am most excited by the air purifier. I have 2 children who have air-bourne allergies and get asthma and rashes as symptoms. I am beyond eager to sample this new Dyson beauty and zap some nasties from our home environment, and I know my boys’ would be all over it too.

  433. Catherine Howard Reply

    I would love to try this air purifier to see if it helps reduce my sons asthma symptoms and my hay-fever symptoms in the spring. It would be interesting to see if using our fire place omits anything too

  434. We are helping to look after my elderly father-in-law who coughs incessantly. We are keen on trialing a good quality air purifier (hardto find!) and we are BIG fans on Dyson (we recommend Dyson vacs to everyone who will listen to us!). Would love to trial and review and give it an honest review (the good, bad and the ugly, although pretty sure it’ll be hard to fault a Dyson!)

  435. Cayla-Jade Taylor Reply

    Would love to see how it works with allergies and asthma, both my daughter and I have asthma and love in a home with 9 people a lot of dust can get created

  436. I really am interested in the air purifier. With 2 small children and two indoor cats it would be great to see how effective the purifier works at cleaning the air, improving our health and sleep.

  437. With winter coming up, we’re expecting it to be a cold one. This would be amazing in our little boys room to keep him warm & keep the air clean. Air quality is something ee are comcerned with so much construction in the area and living close to 2 major motorways & a main road. Would be such an amazing thing to try this out.

  438. Would love to test out the purifier option mainly to see how much of a difference it will make on my children’s allergies. They both have ezcma and asthma. We have tried numberous meds and creams and hopefully cleaner air will make a huge difference!

  439. Jenelle newton Reply

    I would love to try the purifying feature of the Dyson. Both my 8yr old daughter and myself suffer from terrible allergies and of course living in Canberra is the worst place for that! If it can help us gain some relief I would be forever grateful.

  440. Really interested to see the purifier work and how much stuff is in the air despite regular housework. Also really cool to have something that won’t dry out the air so much!

  441. I would love to have the air inside our bedrooms purified as you can’t always have the window open, so this would be a great alternative. I love sleeping with a fan on a night and i think that this product sounds really good. Would really love to give it try.

  442. Joanne Stephens Reply

    My very old timber house is on a corner, lots of traffic speeding by day & night, only one block behind the main road with heaps more cars & trucks coming & going all the time, stopping at traffic lights, etc. To top this off, now there are units being built next door, noise, dust, digging machines galore, with bare dirt blowing around everywhere. Who knows what we are all breathing!! – it can’t be helping my two children &/or hubby & me to stay healthy. Being able to try this Dyson purifier in our home would be just wonderful.

  443. I’d be very interested in trying out the purifier part of this product as my husband suffers from dust and dirt allergies, especially during the springtime. Looks like a amazing product!!

  444. I was told by a waiter at a restaurant in Hong Kong how he couldn’t live there if not for his Dyson Purifier. He said the humidity can be incredibly bad and he uses his Dyson all the time. I’d love to ‘try before I buy’ so this chance to try and review sounds awesome. Master 7 is allergic to “Tim Grass”, he really suffers as we are country folk. He is asthmatic too, I can help with his asthma but the allergies are so awful, itchiness, streaming nose and eyes. We would love to welcome a Dyson into our home… We will treat it with TLC!

  445. I am most looking forward to the feature of being able to keep track of the purification process through the Dyson Link app. Would love for you to choose my family to test it out!

  446. As a mum who has allergic rhinitis, one child allergic to dust mites among other things and pregnant with a 3rd we would love to test out the purification aspect of Dyson’s new innovation. Excited to hear that it also can cool or heat a room whilst being quiet, energy efficient and compact. Bonus if it doesn’t collect dust,

  447. Jobelle Collier Reply

    Would love to try this being in a new estate we’re surrounded by dusty construction sites which can aggravate the sensitive skin in our household. Between the three of us ‘be got allergies., skin conditions, allergic coughs and hay fever. Plus I just broke the fan today, good on me! ‍♀️

  448. Erin Le Good Reply

    I would love to test how well it purifys the air. My 4yo suffers from asthma and my 1yo suffers from eczema, so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference to them!

  449. Dysons compact filtration technology using a 360° Glass HEPA filter…. …Sounds quite technical but I’m keen to see if “harvests” potentially harmful gases, pollutants and dust-mite dwelling particles. Clearing the air for this family of wheezy, sneezy, allergy-prone members would be fabulous…We live 5km from the CBD, close to busy roads, in
    close proximity to a tunnel ventilation stack… and real estate agents are keen to tell potential purchasers properties are c;lose to the airport. We need a Dyson. .. Heating and cooling elements would be a bonus!

  450. I would love to test the air purifier! My 2yr old always has the sniffles so this woild be awesome to test out! Not to mention the safety of a heater with no nasty hurty bits for her to get into now she is in her big girl bed!!!

  451. Emma Bauer Reply

    Would love to try as my son has ezema and astma. Also we live on a bit of land which is dusty all the time. So with our cats and their fur fliating around and dust it would be great to see how good it works purifying the air.

  452. I would love to have this amazing dyson product to manage the pollution caused by living in a mining town as well as helping to assist my children who have respiratory issues at night which hinder a good night sleep for everyone in our house. I would love to have a solution for my husbands hay fever and ensure my babies bedroom is temperature regulated during winter to prevent illness.

  453. I would love this in my home as my son is constantly sneezing; we have dogs and cats and live on a farm surrounded by dust so trying to manage his allergies is not fun. Doctors just tell us to give him allergy over the counter stuff (zyrtec, telfast etc). It would be great to see if this Dyson could help to purify the home and help my son

  454. Would love to have the Dyson air purifier in our home. I’m a home based hairdresser and spray tan technician, with 3 kids,( one with asthma & one with Eczema ) a dog, 2 budgies, & a hermit crab and a husband with hay fever. Fair to say I’m pretty sure our air is not pure!! Would be great to have this amazing little beauty in our home especially heading into winter.

  455. Ther are so many amazing features to choose just one – I love the air purifying aspect – my daughter is snuffly all the time – I would love to try this and then be able to check on the app the effectiveness of the purifier.

  456. I would love to trial the Dyson mostly for its air purifying functionality. I am highly allergic to dust, suffer from eczema and sinusitis along with three young children who all have had previous respiratory issues, I would love to see the difference it could make within our home, our home also backs onto a main road so the product would definitely be put to the test!

  457. This is awesome. I would absolutely love to test out the air purifier. I have horrible allergies that plague me all year round! Any chance to be able to not take antihistamines daily and ventolin all through winter would be amazing!

  458. With both my daughter and I experiencing dust mite allergies which we can never really shake in our house, I love the purifying qualities of the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Purifier. I’m most sold by the fact that it doesnt spin around and around, but becomes embedded into our home ecosystem almost seamlessly. This makes it innovative and something I want to get my hands on to try

  459. Would love to try the air purifier as we live near a very busy main road and I have a new born and toddler. Would love to try the heater in the kids room for Winter

  460. Carla Eade Reply

    I would live to tey clearing the air for our sneezing family of five!

  461. After selling the family home and having to rent a property with inadequate heating and cooling I’d love to trial this product to make the house more comfortable. With the added benefit of purifying the air for my son who suffers from asthma quite a bit during the change of seasons. I love Dyson products and have the upright and stick vacuums and believe the quality of this heating and cooling air purifier would be of the same incredible high standards.

  462. Carla Durand Reply

    I would love to see if it helps myself and our eldest son with our chest issues. I have had extreme chest problems that present similar to asthma since having chemo and our son was born premature and an ongoing health problem that came from that has been asthma and being extremely prone to chest infections, as I am now. We are stressed about what winter will bring for our family and praying that we will get through with minimal down time due to asthma or chest infections.
    Therefore, trialling a new Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Purifier would be an amazing opportunity for our family. Please consider us for this great offer.

  463. Vivienne Dobin Reply

    I suffer with eczema, sinus and hayfever and dust and allergens are my enemy. I live in a semi rural area so it is very dusty which is also an enemy. This air purifer would hopefully be a godsendl

  464. Both myself and bubs suffer from allergies, plus I’m asthmatic too. I can’t wait to see a reduction in dust particles, because I’m so tired of forever cleaning the dust accumulating on the ceiling fans. We also own a cat. I’m eager to see if we will get a reduction in allergy and asthma symptoms, plus being able to filter out the toxic nasties that make their way into our home from the nearby busy main road and highway, not to mention neighbours who smoke – I can often detect a whiff of yucky smoke that has managed to seep in through window and door seals, and it bothers me not being able to purify the air we live, breathe and sleep in. Plus the fact that it’s also cooling and heating means we can take the evening chill off the room – being a ground floor apartment with a slab ceiling there is a definite chill once the sun goes down, but sometimes not enough to crank up a big heavy oil heater which can be expensive to run.

  465. Would love to try the air purifying feature as I often wonder why my son seems to get a horrible cough a few times a year. We are currently getting him tested for asthma while ruling out other medical issues also. In addition to this, hubby and I need a quiet fan for our room.

  466. Julie Gunning Reply

    I would love to trial this for it’s air purifying as I live very close to 2 main roads and also not far from where there are major roadworks (excavation/cement work etc for new road and overpass infrastructure) for the past 6 months and most likely another 6 months. My son and I both suffer from hayfever, allergies and I also have asthma so it would be fantastic to see if the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Purifier can help with better air quality in our home and the associated health benefits.

  467. Dee Bryant Reply

    With three of in the household with asthma, with a dog and living close to a freeway, this sounds like something that would be advantageous for us. We would love to trial this Dyson product.

  468. Mandy Bull Reply

    I am most looking forward to the air purifying function. My husband, 18 month old son and I live in an old Queenslander:
    * that seems to create its own dust (seriously, it does);
    * 5km from the Brisbane cbd;
    * across the road from a park; and
    * with our pet cat.

    We all suffer from hayfever that is aggravated by the (Queenslander created) dust, pollen from the park and our cat’s fur!

  469. Tegan Vlahos Reply

    I would love to trial an air purification system. My husband randomly become itchy and has a red rash- often fixed with a shower and dose of antihistamine. My oldest child has eczema and food intolerances. My youngest and I seem unaffected. Would be great to see if an air purification system would improve living conditions for my men!

  470. The fact that the Dyson cleans the air while it heats/cools is amazing. We have a fully carpeted house and the amount of dust that arises from the carpet is tremendous. Our current ducted heating just blows this dust around but doesn’t fix the problem

  471. Narelle Walker Duffill Reply

    I co sleep with my daughters in our main bedroom and after the central qld cyclone we still haven’t got the electricals fixed so a fan would be more beneficial to us then the air con less power consumption and assisting us with our allergies, our asthma and my hayfever

  472. I am a mother to a 3 year old and also a 8 month old.

    Both children attend daycare and are regularly picking up colds and germs from daycare!

    I’m looking forward to trying out this purifier to hopefully help in keeping the air at home clean and free of any nasties they may bring home!

  473. Kristina Kinsella Reply

    My husband has asthma and sleeps in the only room in the house that has carpet. As we live out in the country, have beautiful established trees, and a range of animals, we have an endless amount of pollen, dust and goodness knows what getting into the air and floor coverings! An air purifier would hopefully cut down on how often my husband needs to use his inhaler, and provide a cleaner environment for our son.

    We also struggle to find ways to effectively heat and cool one side of our home, so we’d love to trial the dyson hot and cool link air purifier, as it seems super portable and efficient too!

  474. Netnonymous Reply

    Living in a house with two indoor cats and surrounded by many new housing constructions, we’re excited to test the air purifier and monitoring functions to improve our home’s air quality and our health!

  475. Maria Kuli Reply

    My son has asthma and were just a sneezy family through and through! (all 4 of us get hayfever). We have a dog and budgies so it’s an endless mission to keep pet hair and feathers from getting to us! We’d love to test the Dyson air purifier and improve the air in our home for the health of our kiddies and our family as a whole.

  476. Becwarren7 Reply

    I’m most looking forward to using the air purifier and hepa filter.
    My youngest daughter has asthma (flares up when she’s unwell), and we have an 11 year old pet cocker spaniel, who spends most of her day asleep on the lounge.
    Anything that can help with air quality and minimising dust particles in the air would be fantastic to trial.
    Coming into the Autumn and Winter months it would be interesting to see if the incidences of asthma attacks my youngest daughter has decreases with the use of the Dyson “Pure-hot and cold link” compared to last year.

  477. Most keen to try out the purifier and app. I get awful hayfever and have an allergy to smoke. The kind of hayfever where the only way you can tell the difference between it and a cold, is by the duration. Frequent burn-offs in my area have me shutting out all “fresh” air, which drives me insane. I’m in Brisbane where it is super humid right now, so the fan would be a welcome relief. I can’t use the ceiling fans in my bedroom due to the stirring of dust and the incessant squeak that it makes. Hopefully Dyson might make me breathe and sleep much more easily!

  478. I would love to try the following feature: Automatically monitors, reacts and purifies. I suffer with hayfever so it would be great to try this product

  479. Deborah de Geeter Reply

    Would love to try this to help with my hay fever and my son’s asthma.

  480. Georgia Thiesfield Reply

    It’s a toss up between the heating component and the purifier.
    Heating because I’ve moved from far north qld where winter is virtually non existent ,to regional southern Queensland where it gets below zero which is sure to be a real struggle!
    Not only that but the fact I have a toddler with asthma that’s acting up, anything that may help is worth a try!
    The Dyson trial could result in a permanent smile!

  481. Automatic night-time mode sounds great. A good sleep is really important for our kids. The machine can continue to maintain air quality without disturbing it, which would give me peace of mind.

  482. Me and my wife have asthma so keeping the air clean would help us out a great deal. My wife also works from the house so it would allow her to have a fantastic working condition.

  483. Tess Di Pietro Reply

    I’d love to try this for a few reasons. To see if it helps with all the dog fur and dog smells my gorgeous dog seems to leave behind. To see if it helps my daughters asthma not be affected as much and also because I live right in the heart of the city I’d love to see if it can help keep all the nasty pollutants away so we don’t have to breathe in all the smog, smoke and grime all the time

  484. Kara-Maree Reply

    I love that the Dyson can automatically detect airborne pollutants and purify the air, even if I’m not home. I live in an area near multiple power-stations and a main freeway. Members of my household have respiratory problems, sinus issues and allergies. Pick me, so I can stop pulling apart and washing fans!

  485. tracy wedding Reply

    The Air Purifier would make my life so much better no sneezing everyday , my kids would be protected from allergies

  486. The air purifier would be fantastic. I have suffered with allergies for years. I ended up having to have surgery to remove a massive amount of polyps from my sinuses. I continue to have issues on a daily basis. I have been moving away from using harsh chemicals in my home hoping this will help. I feel this air purifier could be a blessing for me and my family as a whole. Especially coming into winter where the only form of heating we have is a wood fire.

  487. Elizabeth Olasz Reply

    i love the air purifier as we are a family of 6 with 4 of us having Asthma and our 2yr old has Severe Eczema so being able to have one of these in out home would be an absolute godsend to my little boys skin.

  488. Elizabeth kaminsk Reply

    With a new baby and a dog at home, I am most excited to try out the air purifier!

  489. I am severely allergic to dust so the air purifier component of the Dyson would be perfect for me! It would be fantastic for my 2 children also.

  490. I can only imagine what having a 360° Glass HEPA filter can mean in capturing the potentially harmful gases as well as all the fine particles and allergens, that’s an exciting breakthrough for us with so many allergies in our homes, then add the fact it heats and cools, just perfect and will compliment my Dyson vacuum.

  491. Hi, I have a cafe, shop in Wollongong NSW and I am the bottom end of town close to the Port Kembla Steelworks. The wind blows a very fine black dust also the sporting fields and creek across the road blow a lot of allergens inside not to mention cooking residues etc .It would be a great place to trial your system as I have a lot of customers from surrounding gyms, day care centres , government and other local business as well as a lot of retirees driven crazy with the fine black dust in there million dollar homes. I swear by my dyson vacume cleaner owned proudly for at least 5 years

  492. Joanna Lau Reply

    I love that it is dual in purpose and that best of all it kills all those nasties! Bye-bye allergens, rashes, asthma and other dirt & impurities on air that my cause harm to my family especially to my newborn.

  493. With the fluctuating temperatures in Perth, I would love to see the effectiveness of temperature control within our 2 storey home. We have a newborn, toddler and inside dog.
    With nappy smells, dog smells and outside build up coming in I’d love to test the newest technology to improve our home air quality!

  494. With heating and cooling as well as purifying, my family will suffer asthma no more, also ensuring we stay either warm or cool all year long. Such a great innovation!

  495. natalie waideman Reply

    D ry air
    Y ears of suffering
    S omething has to give!
    O nly Dyson can help purify our lives

  496. Maureen Woodbury Reply

    The feature I am looking forward to is the purifying of the air as with all the development in our area there is lots of dust and with 4 children and the eldest with asthma it would be most welcome.

  497. Sarah Blockley Reply

    The best feature would be not having to listen to my husband’s constant sneezing! He sneezes A LOT – every change in the season and he is so loud! He used to scare the kids until they got used to him. I must say, it also doesn’t help that it’s a heater too!

  498. Having a few pets and finding out a few years ago my allergies (and hay fever) were caused and exacerbated from owning pets means I am always trying to find new ways to reduce allergens in the air which reduces the reliance and tolerance of antihistamines. My partner always loves to have the aircon on all summer which means I am needing to use portable humidifiers to add moisture to the air. This product will alleviate and help in some of my long standing sinus problems and give my little daughter some nice clean air at home

  499. My household consists of my husband, our 3 sons and my self. Id love to try this out as living with 4 boys the air is less than pure (haha) Also our youngest suffers from eczema so i would be very interested to see if the Dyson Pure helped his skin. With the added bonus of keeping him warm or cool, dependent on the weather.

  500. Sarah Elizabeth O'Donnell Reply

    As we are about to go into Autumn and Winter I’d love the heat settings for my baby’s room. To know she’s comfy at night, even if it gets cooler.

  501. Gina Decapia Reply

    I’d love to see how the purifier can help with winter allergies for a household of myself and the 4 kids (1,3,5 & 6yo). Hubby doesn’t get winter allergies – he cops the spring/summer hayfever.

  502. We need need need a purifier so we don’t sneeze sneeze sneeze

  503. I would love the opportunity to review this. I read about them some months ago and wished there was a way to “try before you buy”. We live on a street that runs off one of the main roads in Brisbane and there is a lot of new development near by. Unfortunately for us this means we have a lot of trucks, especially cement trucks using our street as a thoroughfare. With two kids under four its a shame to have to close the house up when it gets too bad outside. I’m particularly keen to have the chance to try this as winter creeps up. My two year son has had several hospital admissions for respiratory issues and we now have a confirmed verdict of asthma. Before 10 months old he’d had a week in hospital for respiratory issues plus insertion of grommets given the recurrence of ear infections. By 18 months we’d had a 2nd set of grommets inserted, adenoids removed and yet more hospital trips for respiratory issues. We’re doing all we can to keep him protected for this winter for example this week we had our airconditioners serviced to ensure they are clean but the dry air doesn’t help him. The chance to try this would be amazing. Last year we used an oil heater to keep his room warm but he’s out of his cot now and I’m too worried of him touching this to use now. The Dysons no blade safety aspect is really appealing – a way to keep him warm safely and hopefully avoid more colds which will see him snowball. The air purification feature is most definitely the aspect I’m keen to experience and I’m sure I will be glued to the app!

  504. Wendy-Jane Reply

    With two kids, two cats and a dog in and out of the house, I’d LOVE to test how effective this air purifier is…. We have plenty of ‘stuff’ coming into our little home and this would be a godsend. (It’s a good thing the pony stays outside) ….

  505. KatherineZ Reply

    I’m most looking forward to testing the air purifying function. We live in Australia’s worst suburb for air pollution.. this suburb was again in the Herald Sun 3 days ago…has been on nine news and in the Herald Sun several times as Australia’s worst spot for air pollution. I have had several skin problems and my son breathing problems and my husband allergies (the form didn’t allow me to select more than one), I personally believe these are the result of the air quality here. It is a SEVERE problem EVERY DAY, every day we cannot breathe. I have called Dyson about buying this machine and we did consider it for a time. I would be able to advise all the residents of this suburb and neighboring suburbs that a solution has been found if this works. There would be a solution we could report to all the papers and news articles about this suburb…please help us finally be able to breathe. Furthermore, we are currently considering selling our home and moving as we can’t stand it anymore. Between the cost of agent fees, stamp duty, capital gains tax etc. we have calculated this would cost us approx. $100,000. If the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater works it would literally save us $100,000. Thank you for the opportunity! (Also regarding the form I am currently not working as we have two young children, before the second child was born, when I was working, our income was considerably higher.)

  506. KatherineZ Reply

    Again apologies about writing off the cuff…if I were selected as a reviewer I would wordsmith my reviews to the nth degree lol

  507. As I sit at the computer at 5.00 am holding an icepack to my eyes in a desperate attempt to soothe the irritating, itchy, red and swollen mass that were once my eyes I ponder what a trial of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link would mean? Perhaps my son who is totally in love with his adorable cats would be able to enjoy their company without expressing the desire to snatch out his eyeballs every night? Perhaps I could sleep easier knowing that the pollen and molds are quietly and efficiently being removed from our home? I think my favourite feature would be the Dyson Link App which gives me control of how I use the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link and the information to do it well – and after all with two eleven year old boys I need to feel some control in my life.

  508. I’d really love to try out the personal temperature control – it’s so hard to get the temperature at a comfortable level!

  509. The Intelligent purification is the feature I am most keen to try out as it will let me know exactly what is happening in my home and allows me to remotely adjust it. The system will be in my baby’s room so it means I can monitor the air in his room and change it without going in and potentially waking him up! We all know how dangerous that can be!!!

  510. I’m a cold frog. I always say cold feet, cold bum. A portable heater that’s so efficient would be brilliant for our place to heat room, and being a household of asthmatics (except the dog, I think she’s right), this heater sounds perfect for us!!

  511. The Dyson air purifier would be ideal to try in my home. With a dog, a toddler and two adults I feel like we are constantly cleaning- just can’t escape the dust, fur and hair in the air. And I love the idea of adjusting the temp in my little girls room for nap times

  512. The Dyson Air purifier is something our home would benefit. Son has Asthma, loads of other allergies including dust mites, grasses and pollens but loves to sleep with the fan on which makes him sneeze and nose itchy so would love to test and see if the Dyson Pure Hot + cool link could change our lives and many others that suffer. We have one dog who adds his fair share of pet dander and i suffer ENT issues which have also been heightened since getting a dog.

  513. I can’t wait to try the fan and the purifying qualities. I live in an upcoming area with house constructions left, right and center causing lots of dust and air pollutants mingling in the air. Since moving here, my whole family suffers from allergies all year round and constantly cleaning. Also, it is commonly known that the temperature in my area is insanely 10 degrees higher than the city in summer. It would be great to have a fan to cool us down all day long.

  514. Kylie-Marie Reply

    I just recently got 2 guinea pigs for my kids birthdays and they are indoor animals mostly. My youngest son is also chronic asthmatic and his immune system isnt the best especially during winter. Im most looking forward to trying the air purifier part of the dyson but would love to test out the heater/fan and see if i can cut back on has and electricity during the winter months which are fast approaching

  515. Tannie Wannie Reply

    My autistic daughter doesn’t do well in the harsh heat or cold winters, which means were constantly running the air con and heater, with that comes concerns about air quality. To know that the air my daughter was breathing was purified would give great peace of mind.

  516. I like how it’s a fan/heater as well as a purifier, which would be great on the warm nights my son snuggles right next to me and I don’t have the aircon on, he’s like a human hot water bottle! The design is awesome looking too, would be an amazing product to review.

  517. Mary Irwin Reply

    The Purifier! For so many reasons, my eldest daughter was diagnosed at 6 weeks with a hole in her heart and at 3 as an asthmatic. She is now 9 and doing great but i am still always vigilant of what we use and do in the home. We have just been advised the local council has approved a major drainage and road works project for our street which will create a lot of dust and air pollution right outside our door! And finally we are on the road that connects the major town road with the highway so a lot of traffic! I would love the opportunity to review the Dyson which is a well loved and trusted brand and hopefully improve my families health in the process!

  518. I really want to see how the purifier works. I live close to a main road and had a baby last year. I constantly have issues with hayfever and allergies and my little one is showing signs also. Could be great to see how it goes

  519. Would love to use the app that measures pollutants. We have pressed metal ceilings and a central unused and old fireplace that we have been paranoid about since we moved in. My daughters both have eczema that is exacerbated without obvious cause and for peace of mind I would love to discount our house as the cause.

  520. Dyson make the best products would so love to try this for sure

  521. The dust and dirt feature, we live behind a new development only half is finished the other is sand being moved around, my house is constantly dirty and dusty, would love this to