Best Baby Monitors 2023: 9 Monitors for the Ultimate Peace of Mind

There isn’t a baby item on the market that provides peace of mind quite like a baby monitor. We really think it’s a must-have for the nursery and every new mum’s best friend. But with so many baby monitors on the market, it can be hard to determine which are worth considering and what sets them apart. That’s why we’ve picked out our top picks for the best baby monitors 2023 – our pick of high-quality baby monitors from trusted baby and tech brands.

Our best baby monitor choices for 2023 include award-winning products from VTech, Oricom, Tweetycam, Tommee Tippee and Uniden. These monitors tick all the boxes in you would want in a monitoring system and all come with unique features that set them apart from the rest. 

But before we reveal the best baby monitors 2023, let’s delve into the difference in baby monitors and what to consider when making your purchase.

How baby monitors work

All baby monitors allow you to watch and hear your baby. However, baby monitor technology has advanced above and beyond these features with time. Many also offer ways to monitor your child’s oxygen levels, heart rate, movements, sleep patterns as well as room temperature and more.

What’s included in a baby monitoring system? 


All baby monitors will come with a camera unit which you will set up in your baby’s room. Some come with stands so you can place them directly above the cot while others are best left on a dresser next to the cot.

BUYING TIP #1: When checking out the camera, see if it comes with a pan, tilt and zoom function which allows you to move the camera to the precise position, even if it’s placed at a funny angle.


Some monitors will also include a parent pod or a parent unit which may include a video function or just an audio function. This is how you monitor your child.

BUYING TIP #2: If you are looking at a parent pod, our top tip is to ensure it has night vision!

In some instances, baby monitors will include an app where you can monitor your baby instead of through the parent unit which is ideal if you are out of the house. Many monitoring systems offer both a parent unit and an app for remote viewing.

Some parents love having an app but others don’t necessarily need it or use it. It all depends on if you like this technology or not. Baby monitor apps are also helpful to track sleep patterns and some can also track more advanced patterns including breathing patterns and oxygen levels.

BUYING TIP #3: Having remote access through an app is incredibly beneficial if you are away from your baby as you can watch bub while you’re at work or out of the house. Many parents find this feature invaluable, especially as they transition back to work.


Baby monitors often go above and beyond just monitoring now and many double as a room thermometer as well as a white noise machine. Some will play lullabies and some will feature a two-way talk so you can actually talk to your baby through the camera (pretty cool, right?).  Some monitors are now wearable for an even more accurate and advanced monitoring experience.

BUYING TIP #4: Advanced monitoring systems are super handy but they also tend to be a bit more expensive than the traditional video monitoring system. Be sure to consider your budget when buying too.

The baby monitors in our roundup range from $220 right up to $800, so there’s something here for all budgets!  So let’s get to it, shall we?

Mum Central’s Roundup: Best Baby Monitors 2023

Oricom Guardian Pro Wearable Sleep Tracker + Video Baby Monitor

RRP: $749
Where to buy: Oricom
What we especially love: Complete monitoring and wearable technology 

Source: Supplied

For the complete monitoring experience, the Guardian Pro Wearable Sleep Tracker and Video Baby Monitor is a great option from a great brand – Oricom. They’re known for developing amazing baby monitors and this wearable baby monitor is made of soft fabric that you place on your child’s ankle. It’s comfortable, adjustable and easy to put on and take off.

The sensor on the underside of the monitor takes readings and tracks your baby’s sleep quality and activity including oxygen level, heart rate, body temperature change and any movement. More than just a baby monitor, this innovative wearable monitor provides the ultimate peace of mind.

This baby monitor comes with a sleep tracker, camera and parent unit and includes all the features you want in a monitoring system. There are preloaded lullabies, natural sounds, infrared night vision, two-way talk, a touch screen parent unit and the digital, pan, tilt and zoom camera is wall mountable. This baby monitor really does and have it all!

Charge the Guardian Monitor with the charging dock, which also serves as a Smart Soother and Audio Monitor and keep track of your infant’s sleep and wellness patterns through the HubbleClub for Partners App, available for free download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Uniden BW6101R Smart Baby 2K camera with clamp and 5″ monitor, smartphone access and animated night light

RRP: $399.95
Where to buy: Uniden
What we especially love: Exceptional detail, danger-zone detection and bonus clamp camera included 

UNIDEN BW6101R best baby monitors 2023
Source: Supplied

Uniden BW6101R is an award-winning smart baby monitor with exceptional detail and clamp camera that can attach to the cot. The system comes with a parent pod plus an app for dual-mode functionality, allowing parents to keep an eye on their babies from the included 5-inch colour screen HD monitor while at home or remotely from a smartphone or tablet device from anywhere.

Also included is a multi-purpose adjustable clamp camera, making it easy for parents to secure the device to a cot rail, shelf, or stand. In the case of a power outage or accidental unplugging, a portable battery backup ensures the camera will continue to function. There is nothing in the market quite like this and it’s a godsend for peace of mind.

In terms of monitoring, this system offers 2k Super HD recording and vision which is the highest resolution available for a baby monitor. It also comes with a customisable night light, crisp night vision, room temperature and humidity display function with temperature range alerts, 14 lullabies and white noises, two-way talk, video and image recording and crying and motion alerts.

Another really unique feature is the danger zone detection mode that lets parents mark off an area where the baby is not supposed to go and receive notifications if there’s any activity in that zone via the Uniden Baby Watch App. How smart!

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VTech RM7766HD 7″ Smart Wi-Fi HD Pan & Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access

RRP: $389.00
Where to buy: VTech 
What we especially love: Smart monitoring with simple set-up and image/video recording

VTech RM7766HD best baby monitors 2023
Source: Supplied

If you’re after a baby monitor that comes with all the bells and whistles but without complications, then put your trust in VTech’s RM7766HD Baby Monitor. Not only is VTech the Red Nose preferred partner but it’s also known for its high-quality products that won’t cost the earth.

This baby monitor comes with a camera, parent pod plus remote viewing via the app and ticks all the boxes. There’s a 7″ screen size, motorised pan & tilt, auto night vision, wide angle viewing and incredible zooming capabilities to see your baby up extra close. The camera is also a multi-colour night light with two-way talk and 10 soothing sounds and lullabies.

What we also like about the VTech monitor is that it’s always working behind the scenes, alerting you if needed but also preserving the battery when all is okay thanks to the auto-wake-up mode. The monitor comes with temperature sensors and motion-activities alerts, all through direct WiFi mode that’s detected automatically (extra easy set-up for you).

Through the MyVTech Baby Pro app, you have access to remote viewing and monitoring, plus video and image recording. 
Another impressive feature of the VTech Baby Monitor is that the parent pod comes with 12 hours of active monitoring time before it needs to be charged. C‌hoose from single or twin-camera packs with single-cam, split view and patrol mode viewing options on twin camera pack.

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Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera

RRP: $239
Where to buy: Tweetycam
What we especially love: Affordable pricing and high-quality monitoring WITHOUT the need for WiFi 

Tweety Cam best baby monitors 2023
Source: Supplied

Tweetycam is one of the best baby monitors under $240 and was designed by an Aussie mum too! This monitor is jam-packed with the latest features that allow parents to feel completely at ease, putting their baby’s sleep and wellness at their fingertips at an unbeatable price point.

One of the things that sets Tweetycam apart from the rest is that it DOES NOT NEED WIFI so it’s completely safe from hackers, giving users total security. This simple yet effective approach to baby monitoring is something many parents are looking for and TweetyCam offers high-quality monitoring without the need for an app or WiFi. 

Tweetycam comes with an adorable camera plus a parent unit and is incredibly easy to set up and use straight out of the box. You can also add additional cameras to the system if you need to monitor two rooms. And no apps to download or install either! Just plug in and you’re ready to monitor.

With Australian-designed Tweetycam you can monitor the entire room on a big screen thanks to the 720P resolution camera with crystal clear imagery displaying on the 5’’ HD TFT LCD monitor. Tweetycam comes with 12 hours of battery life, plus night vision, 360-degree panoramic view and 2-way talk, plus it doubles as a lullaby and white noise player and room thermometer. 

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Oricom Smart HD Dual Camera with Motorised Pan-Tilt 

RRP: $399
Where to buy: Oricom
What we especially love: Two views of the nursery thanks to the dual camera from Oricom

oricom OBHDUAL best baby monitors 2023
Source: Supplied

For the ultimate viewing experience, we love the Smart HD Dual Camera with Close Up and Wide Angle Viewing and Motion Tracking! This innovative baby monitor gives two different views of the nursery from the same device. Simply pair the camera to the HubbleClub for Partners app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), and you can view both feeds simultaneously on your smart device.

This baby monitor comes with dual camera and access to the app (no parent unit) which suits many families who simply don’t find a need for a parent unit. You get access to 24/7 remote viewing from two cameras, plus all the features you’ve come to expect including two-way talk, night vision, remote pan & tilt and temperature sensor. 

Track your baby’s resting and waking patterns, play lullabies and natural sounds and get the most comprehensive view of your sleeping beauty. Innovation is Oricom’s strength and when it comes to the Oricom HD Dual Camera, they’ve put a lot of effort into creating a camera unit that Australian parents can depend on.

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Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor 

RRP: $399
Where to buy: Tommee Tippee 
What we especially love: The super smart Parent Pod that goes above and beyond

Mayborn dreamsense best baby monitors
Source: Supplied

Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor is new to the market and designed by one of the leaders in parenting products – Tommee Tippee. Armed with all the features new parents expect, the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor also offers an effortless way to monitor your little one without confusion.

The Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor comes with a camera, parent pod plus an app to offer complete viewing of your little one. Features to expect include HD night-vision plus a pan, tilt and zoom camera, two-way audio, a lullaby player, and pink noise player. 

The Dreamsense parent pod is especially smart, using coloured lights and sounds to notify you of changes to the baby or the nursery’s environment. It’s able to sense sound, light and even humidity and can distinguish between the sounds of your baby and other background noises.

Through the app you can track bub’s sleep patterns and gain access to live-stream viewing of your baby regardless of where you are. This monitor also comes with a 4.5/5 star rating from one of our Mum Central reviewers. 

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Oricom 5” Smart HD Nursery Pal Skyview Baby Monitor With Cot Stand 

RRP: $449
Where to buy: Baby Bunting
What we especially love: Bird’s eye view of baby 

Source: Supplied

If you are after a baby monitor that gives you a bird’s eye view of your baby, then this is a perfect choice. The new Oricom Nursery Pal Skyview provides you with a clear, unobstructed and overhead view of your sleeping baby.  Simply set up the adjustable cot stand with the camera connected and the Skyview will take away the headache of trying to sort out the best viewing angle for your little one.

The monitoring system comes with the camera, cot stand plus parent unit together with Smart Device access to the HubbleClub for Partners App, available for free download from both the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

This connected baby monitor is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows access to the HD camera feed from your phone, anytime, anywhere and comes with the features you’ve come to want – two-way talk, night vision and digital pan, tilt and zoom. The system also comes with sleep trainer functionality, preloaded lullabies & natural soothing sounds together with a room temperature sensor. 

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Oricom Babysense7 + OBH930 Connected Baby Monitor Value Pack 

RRP: $599
Where to buy: Oricom
What we especially love: ARTG Medical Device and Video Baby Monitoring bundle

Source: Supplied

This value pack includes the Babysense7, Breathing Movement Monitor which is designed to monitor the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby + the OBH930 Connected Smart HD Video Baby Monitor. Babysense7 is unique to the market in that it is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No. 97479) and an audible alarm is activated if your baby’s breathing movement rate slows or cannot be detected. The monitoring system continues to give families comfort by advancing the path to intervention.

The pack also includes the OBH930 Connected Smart HD Video Baby Monitor which connects to the Hubble Club for Partners App, and features a motorised pan, tilt and zoom camera, remote viewing on smart devices via the app, night vision, room temperature display and two-way talk.

It also comes with a screen view for multiple cameras and doubles as a night light (with seven colour choices) together with a lullaby player offering soothing sounds and bedtime stories. You can add on (up to four) additional cameras and the unit is rechargeable for up to 8 hours with the display off.

Babysense7 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No. 97479). ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND USER GUIDE, USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

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Bubcam Baby Monitor

RRP: $299.95, now $219.95
Where to buy: Bubcam
What we especially love: Plenty of features at an affordable price and Internet-free security

bubcam best baby monitors 2023
Source: Supplied

If you’re after a Wi-Fi-free baby monitor that still comes with all the bells and whistles, and without the need to connect to an app or internet, then you’ll love Bubcam! It’s the all-in-one solution that combines unparalleled security and ease of at a really affordable price!

Bubcam features a parent unit together with a camera offering crystal-clear video and audio. The two-way high-quality audio allows you to connect and interact with your baby effortlessly too. Featuring infrared night vision, sound detection, and an ambient room temperature monitor, the cam also offers sound detection for peace of mind. Flexible mounting options include a secure wall mount and a flexible mount to attach to various objects meaning you can place the camera anywhere you’d like for total flexibility.

The 5” HD parent unit features an extensive range of 300m, great for multi-story homes and allows you to watch bub from anywhere in your house or yard. You’ll also appreciate the long battery life of up to 12 hours as well as the adjustable screen brightness and feeding reminders.

Connect up to 4 cameras to monitor multiple areas plus Bubcam can also record clips onto an SD card for easy review. Aussie owned and operated, the expert customer care team at Bubcam are available 7 days a week, a 1-year warranty and speedy delivery from their Gold Coast warehouse.

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We hope you have found the perfect baby monitor for helping you to keep an eye on your little people. Be sure to take advantage of any discount codes above and get a jump on getting ready for baby and SAVE! We’ve got plenty of other guides for those shopping for babies and more. Check out:

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