Most of us will have a windy baby at some point, so chances are you’ll have a bottle of the best selling Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid somewhere at home. Please, go find the bottle – there’s been a recall issued!

One of Australia’s best selling colic relief liquids has been recalled due to incorrect labelling. Vital information for parents on dosage frequency has been omitted from the label. To the medicine cabinet, you go!

Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid has been recalled!

Infants’ Friend has issued a statement on their website regarding their 100ml Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid, a popular choice by Australian parents for colic and wind relief in baby’s first year.

What you need to know

The product details: Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid 100ml in the following batches have been affected. See the chart below for batch numbers.

UPDATE: Further batches of Infants’ Friend have been recalled as of January 14, 2021.

Please check your bottle for the batch numbers: 794916, 794917, 809093, 809094, 820794, 820795, 836054, 836055, 839135, 839136, 839139, 839140, 839137, 839138. All batches within expiry, supplied from March 2019.


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Problem: Incorrect labelling. The bottles in these batches do not list the maximum frequency of dosages.

What is the safety hazard: According to the Infants’ Friend recall: An excipient (inactive ingredient) used to aid the manufacturing process, chloroform, may be consumed at levels above the tolerable daily intake if the product is used frequently at high levels. This ingredient is an excipient and does not have any effect on how Infants’ Friend works.

Intermittent and short-term use of the product is not expected to be harmful (which is usually the case when using this product for its intended purpose to treat the symptomatic relief of colic, wind or teething discomfort). Usage at a level at which the risk appears would be very unlikely.

There have been no instances of any adverse health effects linked to the affected batches to date.

What to do: Stop using the product immediately. Return the bottle to the place of purchase for a full refund. You should not need a receipt given it’s a recall.

For more information on Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid recall or have any questions, please email [email protected] or the customer service line on 1800 981 403.

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  1. Just beware …. i took an unopened bottle of this back to Chemist Warehouse in Adelaide (purchased approximately 18 months ago when my daughter in law was pregnant) and as i didn’t have the receipt (who would, after 18 months) they would not give a refund. I have lodged a “please explain” with Chemist Warehouse head office but are not holding my breath. They will get monetary return when they send all the bottles back to the manufacturer, so bit rough that they would refund my money 🙁

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