INFLUENCER CALLOUT: Join us to Trial the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater

Be part of the air purifying revolution! Experience first-hand just how much of a difference an air purifier can make in your home.

We’re looking for 10 influencers to review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater.

This ingenious little system keeps your air clean, reduces allergens in your home and doubles as a heater and fan to help you feel comfortable all year round.

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Why a Purifier?

Most of us clean our homes on a regular basis. But you may be surprised how many allergens and pollutants live in the air. Data from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate research indicates that air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside. Considering we spend around 90% of our time indoors, it makes sense to want to ensure the air we are breathing is clean!

The problem is, Australia isn’t perfect when it comes to air pollution control. With the coal mines, coal-fired power stations and traffic across the country, many families experience poor air quality without even realising it.

The statistics are actually quite frightening.

The World Health Organisation estimates that more than nine out of 10 people across the globe live in areas where its air quality guidelines levels are not met. And that an estimated 7 million deaths are attributed to poor air quality – to put it in perspective, breathing is more dangerous than smoking, poor diet, drinking alcohol and lack of exercise.

More and more families are turning to air purifiers to help manage indoor air pollution and give parents peace of mind.

Make 2018 your year to purify your home

So, just what is the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater? Is it an air purifier? A heater? A fan?

It’s all three.


The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater is their most advanced purifying technology released to date. Using patented filtration technology, the system cleverly cleans the air while helping keep you and your family feeling comfortable.

Whether you’re home or not, this intelligent machine can automatically detect airborne pollutants and purify the air. We gave it a go last year and the results were absolutely amazing! But, this year, we want to give more mums a chance to test it out, which is why we’re asking you to join us.

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How it Works

Let’s start with the purifying qualities. This nifty little device uses intelligent sensing to check our home for nasties and remove them. Their latest model comes with a new and improved compact filtration technology – the 360° Glass HEPA filter. It can capture potentially harmful gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens, pollutants* that can be present inside our homes.

Best of all, you can see the difference and keep track of the purification process through the Dyson Link app**. Because there’s something strangely satisfying about seeing how effective our cleaning appliances are.

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Plus, the purifier fan heater uses Dyson patented Air Multiplier technology which projects up to 200 litres of air per second.  Impressive right?

Clean and Comfortable

In addition to the purifying awesomeness, Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater is also your own personal temperature control. You can choose from a heater for those extra chilly days or a fan for those hot summer nights.

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The system is quiet, energy efficient and compact. Plus, unlike air conditioners and other fans, the system doesn’t just spin round and round, collecting dust and dirt (ahem…I’m talking about you, ceiling fans). It captures these unwanted nasties! No duster required.

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Available in white and silver or black and nickel, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater retails for $999 from leading electrical retail and department stores.

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We have teamed up with Dyson to deliver a nationwide trial of their Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater for a 6-month period.

Who we are looking for:

If you tick any of the boxes below, then we would love you to apply.

  • You are a mum with children aged from newborn to 12 months
  • You, or someone living in your home, suffer from asthma, eczema, hayfever or allergies and as a result, you are concerned about indoor air quality
  • You are available to trial the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater for a period of 4 weeks, with a completed survey and custom images due in May.
  • You are able to promote your involvement in the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fan heater trial over the 4 week trial period by announcing the review with
    • 2 social media posts (1 x Facebook and 1 x Instagram);
    • and publishing a review article together with 2 social media posts (1 x Facebook and 1 x Instagram).

Although not a requirement, it would be great you live in, or near, one of the following poor air quality hotspots across Australia:

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Mt Isa, QLD
  • Gladstone, QLD
  • Port Hedland, WA
  • Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Morwell, VIC
  • Yarraville, VIC
  • Brooklyn, VIC
  • Anglesea, VIC
  • Port Pirie, SA
  • Port Augusta, SA
  • Whyalla, SA

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only test drive the purifier, but also share your experience with other parents.

To apply, simply fill out the form below in full. We will be in touch shortly with shortlisted applicants!

Influencer Application: Apply to Review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Fan Heater!


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