Reliable, comfortable, convenient, eco-friendly, and easy to wash! These are just some of the many words used to describe Just’nCase Contoured Nursing Pads, a better way to protect yourself from soggy sheets and stained clothes when breastfeeding. 

Just’nCase nursing pads real mums review of reusable breast pads
15 mums recently put Just’nCase nursing pads through its paces. Source: Supplied

Last month we shared a few facts about Just’nCase Reusable Breast Pads and the difference between reusable and disposable breast pads.

We also asked 15 breastfeeding mums to help us review the new reusable nursing pads. Because who better to share their thoughts on reusable breast pads than mums who are currently going through the milky motions? 

Just'ncase reusable breast pads a lifesaver for mums
Comfortable and discreet. Source: Supplied

A little bit about Just’nCase nursing pads: 

  • They offer the best combination of absorbency capacity, absorbency speed and leakproof performance of any reusable nursing pads on the market – this is lab tested, people! 
  • Soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, odour-resistant and gentle on your skin.   
  • Features a cute silicone grip pattern that keeps them firmly in place. They are contoured to stay put – no bunching or scrunching! 
Just'ncase reusable nursing pads
They also come with a GravityDri™ pocket for maximum moisture retention. Source: Supplied
  • Verified free of potentially harmful PFOS and PFOA chemicals. 
  • Safe to put in the dryer (or on the line) – your choice! 
  • And, of course, are reusable – an eco-bonus for the environment and for your wallet too! 
Just'nCase reusable breast pads
Quick dry, whether on the line or in the tumble dryer. Source: Supplied

Sounds great, right? But we wanted to put these reusable breast pads to the test with mums who are going through the milky demands of breastfeeding and know all too well what it’s like to spring a leak. 


Confitex Just’nCase Pads a ‘lifesaver’ 

All of our 15 reviewers have hungry infants attached to their breasts but with very different breastfeeding situations. Some of our mums admit that their flow is out of control while others told us they may only leak through at night or if bub skips a feed

Whatever the case, ALL 15 of our mums were over the moon with the comfort, quality, absorbency and confidence that Just’n’Case Nursing Pads provided them. 

Source: Supplied

A must-try for breastfeeding mums! 

✅  100% gave them the thumbs up for COMFORT
✅  100% gave them the thumbs up for CONVENIENCE 
✅ 100% gave them the thumbs up for VALUE FOR MONEY
✅  93% would BUY Just’nCase breast pads again 
✅  93%  would recommend this product to others
Grab, go and let it flow! Source: Supplied

Here are a few more glowing reviews Just’nCase reusable nursing pads received: 


“Wow, these are by far the best I’ve ever tried! So comfortable I forgot I was wearing them. They look and feel nice.

Excellent quality and have not had any leakage problems at all. I will be recommending to all breastfeeding mummas!” 



“They got me through a night where I was soaked in tears, sweat, baby pee, vomit and dribble. I can guarantee my boobs stayed as dry as ever thanks to this fabulous product.

Since receiving my nursing pads I have not looked back and I don’t plan to.” 



“I have a very heavy flow of breast milk and constantly would wake up multiple times throughout the night with wet bed sheets and would have to change my breast pads and clothes.

Since using these reusable nursing pads I’ve had full sleep throughout the night and not waking up to wet patches. They are highly absorbent, leakproof and very comfortable to wear.”



“Just’nCase nursing pads are reliable, comfortable and a great confidence boost for nursing mums. The pads reassure you that you can dress yourself up and step out the door knowing you are not going to look down and see milk stains on your shirt.

Say goodbye to the wet and heavy feeling of disposable nursing pads and hello to absorbent and inconspicuous quality.”




“These were a much higher quality product than the other reusable breast pads I have. A must-have when it comes to breastfeeding! 

Their cute grips give me confidence
there will be no movement throughout the day and they keep me leak-free with an invisible appearance.

They are machine washable and can even be tumbled dry which is super convenient for busy mums.”



Now that’s a lot of love for Just’nCase Contoured Breast Pads!
Our mums rated these reusable breast pads a combined total of 9 out of 10. 

Just'nCase Contoured Reusable Breast Pads

Convenient 9.0
Absorbant 8.7
Comfortable 9.0
Value for Money 9.0
Recommendation 9.3

Get yours today!

Just’nCase Nursing Pads are available only online at for $23.90 a pair.

Find out more at or follow @justncasebyconfitex on Instagram or Facebook.

This is a sponsored review for Confitex. All images and comments are those of the reviewers.


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