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Blitz Those Nasty Nits with This Easy & Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment


It’s the tenth time your little one has scratched her head in the past two minutes. Is that what you’ve feared? Head Lice!

Those little nits are making your child itch, and you’ve got to do something about it pronto. Before you freak out or come down too hard on yourself,  keep in mind that a case of lice doesn’t mean your child is dirty or that you’ve failed as a parent.

Rest assured, while they’re not completely attractive, nits are completely common. Hmmm, maybe that’s why they spread in such a lightning-fast way.

Roughly 35% of Australian children 4-11 years get lice each year. Yikes!

Okay, so you see spy those nasty nits and ponder what to do next. You know you need to act fast before they infest the whole family, and that your kid can’t return to school or daycare until the nits are under control.

Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of head lice treatments out there. Most of them use chemicals to kill those pesty little bugs. Sure, they work well. Really well. But, do you really want to coat your child’s head in pesticide? Probably not. I’m thinking you’d probably do your best to stay away from chemical pesticides when it comes to products that are around your child. And now some lice-killing company wants you to put their pesticide not only near, but actually on your child. What? Wait!

Before you go nuts over the nits, there’s a new chemical-free player on the nits market and we love the concept so much we want to share with you!


Euky-Bear-Blitz-NitzMeet Euky Bear’s Blitz Spray & Go

divider-3Unlike chemical-filled formulas, this one is made with natural, essential oils. Botanical extracts, such as argan kernel and grapeseed oils, help treat the problem while also nourishing your child’s hair. Bonus, the natural oils also actually make your child’s head smell good (and not like a nest of nits and chemicals) and are gentle on sensitive skin.

Along with the botanical bonuses, Euky Bear’s Blitz Nitz Spray & Go is exactly as it sounds – you spray it and go. Scrap the traditional treatments requiring your child to sit and wait while the medicine works its magic (ie, while it kills the nits). Blitz Spray & Go actually suffocates the lice – simply spray the treatment on, let your little one style her hair and that’s it.

You can even spray it on right before bed!  By the time your child wakes up, the nits are dead! Just leave it on for at least 5 hours before your child washes her hair again. When she does she’ll be washing those nits out too. So, breathe again. The head lice trauma (that’s yours, not your child’s) is done and dusted!

It’s also kind on sensitive skin which is great for little scalps, and mum’s hands and smells really pretty good too!

So if you don’t have time to stop your busy life for head lice, grab clinically proven Blitz Nitz Spray & Go.  It’s available at Chemist Warehouse, $12.69 (normal RRP $14.95).   The Euky Bear Blitz Nitz range is proudly 100% Australian made & owned.

For more info on the full Blitz Nitz head lice program, visit



Thanks to our friends at Euky Bear we have 5 x Blitz Nitz Prizepacks up for grabs, valued at $50 each.

Each pack contains: 

  • 1 x Blitz Nitz Spray & Go
  • 1 x Blitz Nitz Nitview LED Comb
  • Euky Bear Soft Toy Koala
  • Euky Bear Eco-friendly Bag
  • Euky Bear Balloon
  • Australian Themed colouring book and pencils

To enter simply complete the entry form below and tell us in the comments below what you love so much about the Blitz Nitz Spray and Go!


Win 1 of 5 Blitz Nitz Head Lice Treatment Packs

divider-3This has been a sponsored post for Blitz Nitz Spray & Go and all opinions expressed above are my own (even the horror at the thought of head lice!) #touchwood

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  1. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    i love that its chemical free and therefore wont damage their hair

  2. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    i love that it has essential oils and you can leave it in their hair

  3. Avatar of Beksmum

    After spending the last 3 nights combing through 2 girls long hair (not to mention my own), I am looking for something simple and easy – I feel like I am going crazy!

  4. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Love that it is natural and gentle on sensitive scalp, what more it is Aussie made – WIN WIN!

  5. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark Reply

    Love that you can just spray and leave it, doesn’t make it such an ordeal or a big deal, then they won’t be bothered by it either.

  6. Avatar of Andy G

    Everyone is susceptible but the stigma remains. Aussie Euky has done it again… providing an amazing natural product to be administered with utmost ease… BLITZ brilliant!

  7. Avatar of Christina

    Love that it is made of natural products and oils plus easy to use especially in a busy life with 6 kids. Just spray & go, wash and comb later perfect. So simple and easy! Plus inexpensive.

  8. Avatar of Alicia neale
    Alicia neale Reply

    Sounds amazing for kids who won’t sit still long enough for the traditional way! And so cheap! Greatest invention ever!!

  9. Avatar of julia

    I love that’s it’s not full of chemicals. It’s quick, and easy to use.

  10. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morris Reply

    It’s made from Natural products, works quickly , and it’s Australian made 🙂

  11. Avatar of Melissa Cox
    Melissa Cox Reply

    Not having to sit and comb the nits out of my daughters long thick hair sounds fab!

  12. Avatar of Kristy Lee Coles
    Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    I love that my children won’t have any nasty chemical on there head

  13. Avatar of Liz Wylie

    What’s not to love? No chemicals, fast and easy, smells good, great for sensitive skin and Australian made – ticks all the boxes for me!

  14. Avatar of Heidi Tregeagle
    Heidi Tregeagle Reply

    I’ll have to try this product out once this becomes an issue, touch wood I’ve been lucky so far.

  15. Avatar of Ian Cowling
    Ian Cowling Reply

    Aussie made and ready to use when the lice strike – and they will!

  16. Avatar of Joanne Everson
    Joanne Everson Reply

    it’s quick, easy, kind to sensitive skin and chemical free

  17. Avatar of LEDAM NGUYEN

    suitable for sensitive skin and chemical free are important factor for young skin and my precious child

  18. Avatar of Susan Banyard
    Susan Banyard Reply

    No chemicals all natural, essential oils, with boys they just won’t sit with treatments on their heads. This is fantastic just spray and wham nits killed.

  19. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    A quick, easy solution. Loving the natural, essential oils and great smell. Great to just apply and go.

  20. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Smells pleasant, easy to use and gentle on the skin 🙂

  21. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love that it’s a more natural and ethical way to treat nits and is also kind on little ones heads!

  22. Avatar of Noella Bloomfield
    Noella Bloomfield Reply

    Being made with essential oils is the biggest draw card for me, I am a great believer that using these kinds of products are far more beneficial to the health of my children then harsh chemicals, what a fantastic product!

  23. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy Hatton Reply

    No more embarrassing, lengthy treatments that make children and lice removers alike completely fed up.

  24. Avatar of Kim

    It’s quick, easy, smells good and love that it’s full of natural oils

  25. Avatar of Berenice Lawrence
    Berenice Lawrence Reply

    Would love to try this after the last episode involved so many tears

  26. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    Chemical free, and the piece of mind that while your child is asleep it is getting to work zapping the nits!

  27. Avatar of Katrina Schumacher
    Katrina Schumacher Reply

    The best thing it is Chemical Free.. Also quick & simple.

  28. Avatar of Zuzi

    With two girls and two heads of huge curly manes of hair nits are a nightmare especially since I can’t even run a comb through those locks, this would be brilliant.

  29. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    i love that its eco friendly and by a reputable well known brand.Less chemicals too can only be a good thing

  30. Avatar of Blossom

    Chemical free unlike most others which contain pesticides, pleasant aroma and easy to use.
    Suitable for the whole family

  31. Avatar of Sam Minshull
    Sam Minshull Reply

    would love to win this nothing worse than combating headlice with nasty chemicals!

  32. Avatar of Erin Ramage
    Erin Ramage Reply

    I have two boys who are like a neon sign to every possible school illness and infection going around that they are starting to really rock the shaved head look.

  33. Avatar of Rebecca Yangzon
    Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    It looks super easy to use and is chemical free which is fantastic i need this in our life with my daughters rapunzel hair.

  34. Avatar of Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith Reply

    Being a spray, I think that it would be way more convient and I would have less meltdowns, tears and screams

  35. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    Its a spray and good on sensitive skin which helps me too

  36. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I love that it will require little fuss with washing, combing hair etc. My daughter would scream her lungs out otherwise. It would save my ears!

  37. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha Page Reply

    Sounds so quick & easy to use no combing and pulling of hair and great for sensitive skin. Perfect!!

  38. Avatar of Lauren

    Leading a busy life with kids, spraying and going sounds so easy and with essential oils I can imagine Blitz Nitz would smell amazing.

  39. Avatar of Amy Ginis

    I love the idea of it being quick and easy to get rid of nits!

  40. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole Gurney Reply

    Any hinges that gets rid of the nits and works would be a bonus. I hate shaving my sons head cause of the nasty preschool nite lol

  41. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love how easy it is and that it’s chemical free. It’ll make the whole nit extermination process much simpler in the future!

  42. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    I love that Blitz Nitz Spray and Go is Easy to use, gentle on skin, Australian owned and affordable.

  43. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    I love that it’s 100 Australian owned and made, as well as being totally chemically Free. Win win.

  44. Avatar of James Pizzey
    James Pizzey Reply

    where was this when my kids got nits now we are lucky a Aussie company with this new product to get rid of the dreaded nit

  45. Avatar of Stav Mataia
    Stav Mataia Reply

    I love that it’s easy to treat and it has natural essential oils and no nasty chemicals.
    It leaves the hair soft and nourished with a lovely after scent. It’s fast acting and effective and would highly recommend this treatment to any parent. #MumCentral

  46. Avatar of Sarah Mitchell-McCabe
    Sarah Mitchell-McCabe Reply

    I can use it on my daughter without worrying if her eczema will flare up. Also has a much nicer smell than other products!

  47. Avatar of Martin

    This sounds like my type of nit treatment. No more standing there for hours combing those pesky little critters away.

  48. Avatar of Kim

    Sounds so simple and easy! Have 3 daughters all with long hair…. It takes soooo long to go through bit by bit to check hair. This would be so fantastic as it’s so time friendly which we all need these days! I’ll try it for sure! Great price too….

  49. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    I love that it’s so easy to use, and it’s chemical free so safe for the kids!

  50. Avatar of Kerryanne Bourke
    Kerryanne Bourke Reply

    I love that there are no harsh chemicals that will have a pongy smell when you are using it!

  51. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa Kagie Reply

    What isn’t there to love?
    A simple, safe and effective treatment to Blitz those nasty nits away!

  52. Avatar of Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan Reply

    Easy to use and something that the nits won’t build up resistance to!

  53. Avatar of Kylie T

    I love that Blitz Nitz brings effectiveness and peace of mind
    Natural ingredients beautifully entwined;
    Gentle, caring memories will remind
    Family-friendly head lice treatment, one of a kind!.

  54. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth Martins Reply

    It’s easy to use, brings peace of mind, smells good, doesn’t hurt the kids scalp. If they’re happy, we’re happy.

  55. Avatar of Judy R

    So easy too use, mild on the kids scalps, smell’s great, no nasty chemicals and it works!!

  56. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love the LED comb, that will make it so easy to see what you’re doing. Fantastic idea

  57. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    I love that it’s a simple & quick application for active mums & kids with NO nasty chemicals!!

  58. Avatar of Peta

    I love sharing the bed with my monkeys without sharing their hitchhiking friends!

  59. Avatar of Tayw

    It won’t make the kids feel like something ‘wrong’ with their hair, it can be done quick and easy

  60. Avatar of sue perry

    Spray & go not having to wrestle a crocodile oops sorry child while trying to move the pesky critters

  61. Avatar of Natalie

    To cool to spray before school, upon arrival home no more nits do roam!!

  62. Avatar of cat

    No comb – in our house it is known as the comb of doom and is great to get the kids to run and hide, not so great to try and use.

  63. Avatar of Maree Wood
    Maree Wood Reply

    Horrible little bugger.. I spray tea tree oil on my daughters hair before school

  64. Avatar of Deb Lee

    The fact that it’s chemical free is an added bonus, when trying to get rid of nits!

  65. Avatar of Trace Dickinson
    Trace Dickinson Reply

    This is great stuff just spray and go it does work so would love to win this so keep it up with spray and go it’s so easy.

  66. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    nits are knackeredd and eliminated with chemical free nit busting sprat

  67. Avatar of jayla1987

    Never tried this but sounds amazing for school kids and chemical free

  68. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    the ease of use with the spray and it being a preventative is a big drawcard

  69. Avatar of Chuzzle

    Haven’t tried but when the bugs arrive willing to try anything! 🙂

  70. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie Louise Reply

    Oooh this sounds so good!
    Especially since both my daughters and I have very long, thick hair. And my son has thick hair also. A bit comb usually shreds our hair, and we end up losing more hair than lice when we treat our hair!!!
    The other bonus is a nice smell! There’s nothing worse than sending your kids to school smelling like tea tree oil- it’s a guaranteed way to let everyone know that you’ve recently been treated for headlice- which kids find embarrassing!!
    This is fantastic that finally someone has come up with a product that will kill the nits naturally- without making the kids smell like a flea product has been used lol.
    Thankyou! From mums all over who I’m sure suffer the same frustration I do!
    Good luck to everyone! I hope we win, as it seems to be headlice season right now!!!

  71. Avatar of Shannon Discombe
    Shannon Discombe Reply

    Omg to not have smell those nasty treatments and all the crying an whinging that comes with the eradication of those itchy little critters with 3 girls this would be so good can’t wait to try it

  72. Avatar of Lia Mead

    I wish I didn’t know about head lice but unfortunately my daughter has a child in her class that has them constantly. My daughter has had them 4 times already this year.

  73. Avatar of Cat helbig
    Cat helbig Reply

    What isnt there to love about it. The fact its chemical free and safe for sensitive skin which is my fav thing about it but also the ease of it

  74. Avatar of Kell

    Anything that gets rid of those nasty little blood sucking home invaders. I will not survive another Lice infestation….help!!!!

  75. Avatar of Sam Allen-Stephens
    Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    I love how it’s suitable for sensitive skin as my son is very sensitive to a lot of products.

  76. Avatar of Alicia T

    Chemical free and you can spray and leave in is amazing rather than making kids sit still for 10 minutes.

  77. Avatar of Emma Hough
    Emma Hough Reply

    I have tried many treatments but not this one! This is the first time I have heard of it and would love to give it a go!

  78. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra Black Reply

    Oh yes please , as I work at a school I’m always treating my self and looking for something for recommend to parents that works !! Fabulous !!

  79. Avatar of robyn

    Love that it’s as simple as spay and go no fussing from the littler ones and its chemical free which is fantastic

  80. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzie Reply

    I love that it is chemical free! And seems a lot easier to use!

  81. Avatar of Mel G

    products that are chemical free, easy to use and not tested on animals are the best for my family

  82. Avatar of Emmy Anderson
    Emmy Anderson Reply

    love that its a spray bottle which make application a lot easier, also that the product is chemical and animal testing free

  83. Avatar of Alarna

    Easy to use, and easy on all those not needed chemicals, win win really!

  84. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    nitz are yuk and cause itchiness to everyone
    Spray & Go can make it treatment a little bit fun

  85. Avatar of Mel Baillie
    Mel Baillie Reply

    Miss 3 has not had them for over 12 months! TOUCH WOOD!!But im always looking for a simple, fast option that doesnt have ne spending hours playing with her hair, she barely handles 2 minutes doing it!

  86. Avatar of Stacey Hollis
    Stacey Hollis Reply

    I have tried so many treatments having 3 kids going to school i have not tried this one yet but i would love to give it a go

  87. Avatar of cat

    It’s spray and leave – the kids run away from the comb so not needing to use it is fantastic!

  88. Avatar of Tracey Hall
    Tracey Hall Reply

    Love that it is spray and go. Nothing worse then getting a child to leave stuff in their hair then having to use a nit comb to get the nit/lice out.

  89. Avatar of Kat Hards

    A chemical free alternative that doesn’t leave everyone smelling like a salad dressing. ☺

  90. Avatar of Julie Close
    Julie Close Reply

    I LOVE that it’s chemical free and safe for my kids, and also that it’s so quick and easy to apply!

  91. Avatar of ElkeH

    We haven’t had it yet but definitely keen to try this an an option given the great reviews!

  92. Avatar of Ern

    Can’t really say until I’ve tried it, but love that it says it kills nits on the go. Quick and easy.

  93. Avatar of DIANA

    – you spray it and go, exactly what this Mum on the go needs. Nits are bad enough without them consuming time to make them go away.

  94. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    I have four kids, and when they only tell me that their head itches just before school time, spray and go is literally a day saver!

  95. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    We’d love to try this product out, it looks like a product of the year, it would defiantly eliminate the fear of nits!

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