Imagine going for nine months without having no idea that you’re pregnant. It happens a lot more often than you may think.

But, surely, if you’re already a mum, you’d be aware of the various symptoms of pregnancy, right? I mean, the swollen feet, the massive boobs, the kicks to the bladder from within. They are kind of hard to ignore.

Not the case for UK mum Georgia Crowther. She gave birth to her second child unexpectedly on 14 August 2021. She did not know she was pregnant and only realised that she was in labour after she felt the need to push.

Pregnancy surprise

The action started around 3am in the morning after Georgia, 20 and her partner of four years, Calvin, 27 returned home from a dinner with family. The couple had put their daughter, Isla-Mae, 2, to bed and headed to bed themselves.

Georgia woke up in excruciating pain and Calvin called an ambulance. However, they were told it could take up to six hours for the paramedics to arrive. At this stage, Georgia wasn’t sure what was wrong but she told Calvin to take their daughter downstairs and she remained in the bedroom in pain.

I had been on the bed and I just felt like I really needed to push. I got on my hands and knees and was just biting on to the duvet,” Georgia told Manchester Evening News.’

‘It’s a f****** baby’

Georgia gave birth alone in her bed while her partner, Calvin and Isla-Mae were downstairs. When Calvin came upstairs to check on Georgia, he found her cradling a baby boy.

When he came up I was on the floor and I had just had the baby. He was on the phone to the ambulance and was like ‘oh my god it’s a f****** baby.”

did not know she was pregnant
Source: Manchester Evening News

The ambulance arrived 10 minutes later and escorted Georgia and their new baby, Vincent to Royal Oldham Hospital where they remained for a number of days. Little Vincent was transferred to intensive care initially as he had an infection but has since returned home.

‘Felt absolutely fine’

Georgia said that up until last Friday night she had been feeling absolutely fine, and had no signs at all – simply she did not know she could be pregnant.

Since I had my girl I have struggled really badly with my weight and when I was going out I was feeling really bloated,” she said. “I don’t get periods anyway because I have had the contraceptive injection.”

Since the surprise birth, Georgia and Calvin have shared the news with their friends and family who are over the moon, after getting over the initial shock.

There was a lot of swearing when I told my family. Everyone thought I was joking at first.”

The young couple has also received plenty of baby gear from family and friends for little Vincent.

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