What do you get if your mix adorable triplet toddlers with Sudocrem? A big mess, that’s what.

Don’t be fooled by their angelic faces. These naughty triplets went on a re-decorating spree with a tub of Sudocrem, much to their mum’s horror.

Lyndsey Birrell Palmer, aged 35, from Scotland in the UK, thought her two-year-old triplets Indi, Ella and Lexi were napping sweetly in their bedroom.

That is until she heard them moving about. On investigating she found that they were no longer napping and obviously hadn’t been asleep for quite some time.

Indeed, the mischievous triplets had gotten hold of a tub of Sudocrem and taken to re-decorating the room. What’s more, they had also styled each other’s hair with the thick white cream.

sudocrem triplets
Source: SWNS

Sudocrem chaos

As Lyndsey tells a British news outlet, “’The girls were napping for about an hour, and then I heard them moving about the room, which wasn’t unusual as they normally do this when they wake up.

As I entered the room, the first thing that I thought was “that’s a funny smell” and as you can imagine, it’s not always a nice smell with triplets at this age.”

The triplets had not only rubbed Sudocrem on the walls and all over themselves; they had smeared it on the furniture and on their clothes.

I popped the light on to see Lexi with a huge grin on her face and white Sudocrem all over her. It was only then that I saw the full extent of the drama, and my first thought was ‘oh my God, it’s EVERYWHERE!’ – says Lyndsey.

Of course, Lyndsey admits that after finding the girls her first action was to grab the camera on her phone. She then burst into laughter.

Watch the moment she discovers what her cheeky triplets have been up to with the Sudocrem.

Lyndsey and her wife Lesley say they always find the funny side to their triplets’ cheeky actions. Thank goodness, we say!

Despite the instruction advising to spread the cream thinly, the girls had definitely spread the cream as thick as can be. However, nothing a warm, soapy bath wouldn’t fix!

While this event turned out fine in the end, it’s a warning for parents to keep their Sudocrem out of their kids’ reach.

If they got their hands on another tub, I could guarantee the same thing would happen again!’ – Lyndsey admits.


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