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Mum Central is Australia’s premier lifestyle hub for women with a love for parenting and lifestyle, beauty and fashion, food, travel and of course, great giveaways.

Belinda Jennings AusMumpreneur AwardsHave You Heard the Mum Central Story?

Tired of countless eBay fees and not finding an ideal solution to sell her sons’ preloved baby gear, first-time mum Belinda Jennings harnessed her marketing background and the power of social media to create Adelaide Baby Bargains back in 2010.

Her preloved baby & kids marketplace was a FREE platform for Adelaide mums to sell her their preloved baby & kids gear amongst each other and SAVE MONEY! Needless to say it was a big hit with local mums and very quickly revolutionised the way parents bought & sold online.

Her new ‘kids classifieds’ quickly developed into a part of everyday life for thousands of parents online, and forged a strong national footprint in no time with the Australian Baby Bargains website.

Over the next few years, Australian Baby Bargains grew into a thriving online community of mums, however she was constantly hearing countless mums desperately seeking advice from ‘other mums’, not just the experts.

Her vision to create a go-to hub for Australian mums with a large emphasis on real stories from real women was born with the launch of Mum Central late in 2013.  It was clear from the start that Mum Central would become a “no plastic fantastic and gossip” zone, a place for safe and authentic conversations with mums of all walks of live, and to nurture and inspire our readers on a daily basis.  The Mum Central Facebook page is growing fast and offers a variety of engaging, fun and serious topics, reaching millions of mums every week.

At the same time, the Mum Central network focuses on delivering compelling and creative advertising campaigns which also deliver valuable opportunities for our readers to ensure a great win/win for both our readers and the brands we choose to partner with.

In May 2015, Belinda expanded her digital network further with the introduction of Mum’s Pantry, the network’s food channel which features recipes that are quick, easy and family friendly.  Belinda read the market and it responded well by capturing market share VERY quickly.

Since then the network spans almost 800,000 mums nationwide, and we’re so proud of how far we’ve come in such a short time.  We set out to create a space for mums that was real, that would take us behind the scenes of parenting, that would celebrate the glorious hot mess of motherhood. And we’ve done that.

That place is Mum Central.

Meet the Mum Central Mum

She’s sassy, she’s savvy, she likes to keep in the know, she’s a glorious hot mess of motherhood.

She’s the mum next door yelling at her kids to hurry up and put their shoes on, the mum you see at the supermarket with a trolley full of little ones and no time to stop, the mum pushing her toddler on a swing at the park while simultaneously rocking her bubba in a pram.

She’s the mum pacing the floor with her baby at two in the morning, whispering sweet lullabies into that tiny newborn ear, who still gets up to make the school lunches.

She’s the mum rushing to childcare on her way to the office, the mum manning the Mother’s Day stall at school, the mum who can whip up 101 brilliant healthy weekday dinners with nothing but a tin of tomatoes and a handful of herbs, but isn’t embarrassed to order a pizza when Friday night rolls around.

She’s the mum who makes the magic happen – she makes the Tooth Fairy fly, the Easter Bunny hop and puts the S in Santa. She’s the one who kisses the ‘ouchies’ away and banishes the monsters from under the bed.

She’s all of us, every mum, every day.

But most of all, the Mum Central mum wants to do the best for her children, in any and every way she can, and she trusts us at Mum Central to help her do that.

This is the Mum Central mum and we are her story

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Meet the Team

As Mum Central continues to grow, so does our team. The Mum Central team includes pregnant mums, mums of newborns and infants, cheeky toddlers and preschoolers, all the way up to teens and adults (with and without attitude).  We have one very big thing in common.  We’re all just as passionate as the next about delivering our readers with amazing content, valuable information and to be that safe place to come on the tough days, and the ones that make you pee your pants with laughter right when you need it!

Belinda Jennings
Founder & Director of  Strategy

As the owner of both Mum’s Pantry and Mum Central, Belinda is passionate about empowering women to make the best choices they can in raising their kids.

She lives in Adelaide and is a mum to two young boys and while she’s become extremely skilled at juggling, she enjoys switching off with the sun on her back and sand between her toes (oh, and a glass of champagne wouldn’t go astray either!)

Elaine Davies
Director of Sales

Heralding from the UK, with a thick accent to prove it, Elaine now resides in Melbourne. She is a mum to two grown sons and is enthusiastic about creating unique, strategic and exciting opportunities for brands across the entire platform.

Beth Walker
Campaign Manager

An absolute delight, Beth, whilst new to the role, is a well organised machine and the absolute essence of everything we strive for with our clients.  She runs a tight ship, and rightly so!

She brings a wealth of experience to the role having spent many years working with a wealth of agencies.

When she’s not at work, she’s playing mum to her two gorgeous kids Charlie and Samuel and has quickly become a real asset to our team.

Taylor Spears
Social Media Manager

Taylor has recently joined the team as our new Social Media Manager and we couldn’t be more excited!  We think Mum Central is the perfect fit for her – allowing her to focus on her two great loves – families and social media!

We can’t wait to see what magic you create for us, so welcome to the team!

Jenna Galley
Head Commercial Writer

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe, including her son, two daughters, cat, dog and partner. When not writing, you can find her lounging by the pool, running around town or nagging her kids to put on their pants.

Lexi Klaebe
Food Editor

Flying the flag for rural mums, Lexi lives in country South Australia with her ever-patient husband, kids and not-very-well-behaved dog. Celebrating all things food, all the time, you’ll often find her stalking the supermarket aisles or nose deep in a cookbook.

Victoria Louis

Victoria is a 30-something mum-of-two based in Sydney, NSW. She is full of opinion, big on kindness and believes the day is always better with a dash of lipstick.

Kerry Rosser

Mum of three country kids, part time psychologist, writer and aspiring children’s author, Kerry believes that happiness comes from being grateful, being surrounded by people who support and inspire you, and being brave enough to be yourself.

Klara Donovan

Klara, who is a Perth mum to a toddler, has a background in finance and admin. She is trying to be the best mum she can be, and hopes to inspire others in her venture!

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