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Little Chase begged his mum to sing You Are My Sunshine to him, despite his mum saying it always made him cry. She’d sung it to him every day since he was born, so it had so much meaning. Mum agreed and it didn’t take long for his little bottom lip to quiver and the happy tears to flow! It’s so super darn cute, you can feel the overwhelming love and security he feels when he hears this tune.


If you’ve splurged on a brand new clothes dryer, fridge, freezer or fridge/freezer since the beginning of the year, or are looking to purchase one sometime soon, a sweet Government rebate could put up to $480 back in your pocket. Yes, you read that right—cold, hard cash for your energy efficient appliance upgrade. Find out more and check to see if your appliances qualify!


The fire is believed to have started after Dean Heasmen, the father of 7, allegedly set a pillow on fire and hurled it as his defacto partner. The fire took hold of their family home, which eventually claimed the life of three of his children. Sadly, as the family tried to escape, Heasmen forced the family back inside the burning house. Yesterday, his partner, and mother of their 7 children, returned to the scene to inspect the floral shrine that has built since the tragic event on Sunday. RIP little ones, our hearts go out to this poor mumma and her children.

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In a dazzling display of star power, Justin Bieber jetted off to India to perform at the extravagant pre-wedding festivities for India’s wealthiest family. The celebrations, which included a sangeet—a traditional Indian pre-wedding event filled with music and dance—were nothing short of spectacular. Best of all he shared it with his Instagtam fans and we couldn’t help but share it with you!