Share Your Real Life Stories and Video Reels with Mum Central!

There’s never a dull moment in the life of a mum. We all have a story to tell but most of us don’t get the chance to share it.

Well, now’s the time to let those creative juices flow and share your story or reels with us at Mum Central.

We absolutely love hearing all about the realities of being a mum. And we know our little Mum Central community is just buzzing with crazy, cute and kooky parenting-related tales.

If you have videos, reels, stories that showcase the ups and downs of parenting, we’d love to feature it across our Mum Central channels! 

All stories and videos are welcome! Here are a few topics to think about:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth stories  – Did you give birth on the side of the road? Or in your backyard? Perhaps you went through the majority of your pregnancy not even realising you were pregnant? Or overcame a major obstacle to become a Mumma? Let’s hear all about it!
  • The highs and lows of motherhood – you know, the good, bad, ugly, and hilarious!
  • Hacks, hacks and more hacks – Cleaning, parenting, organisation – let’s see it ALL.
  • Transformation journeys, travel tales and inspiring stories – Have you done something you never thought you could ever do?
  • Little heroesGot a little hero at home who deserves a mention? Or perhaps you’ve battled a serious injury or illness and want to raise awareness? We would love to help get the word out to our community and assist in helping to raise funds or awareness.
  • Real-life drama – Stuck in an elevator with five hungry kids? Witnessed a snake attempt to slither into your baby’s cot? Or discovered a weird ghost on bub’s monitor. Do tell!
  • OtherNot sure where your story fits? Submit it anyway! We’re also after:
    • Snack ideas
    • Activity ideas
    • Funny moments
    • Things kids say by accident 

Sharing your experience and your journey can help other people see that they are not alone. It may be your story that will help another move forward and find inspiration in their own journey. Or maybe you will just make someone laugh today!

Whatever the case, we want to hear from you!

Important Video Footage Notes

    1. The footage uploaded must not contain a watermark on it e.g., TikTok account.
    2. By uploading your video, you give Mum Central permission to use it on their social media channels. This may include a mixture of Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok & others.
    3. In addition to this, you agree that Mum Central can add their own watermark to the footage e.g., Tik Tok and give credit to the creator via the post content.

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