We all have our birth stories. Some are beautiful, others are traumatic. Some are etched with humour or sadness and many combine several different elements.

They are one of the beginning chapters in our parenting journeys and we at Mum Central love sharing birth stories with our readers. Every single birth is amazing and special but these 10 stories caught our attention over the past year or two.

Extra speedy labours, incredible support partners and much more – check out our top 10 incredible birth stories over the years.

1. Mum Gives Birth in Under a Minute

27 seconds to be exact! This UK mum has wowed us all with what may be the quickest birth ever. And she didn’t even feel a single contraction!

Read it here.

2. Nine-Year-Old Son Supports His Mum Through Labour and Birth

The first breastfeed made even more magical thanks to Charlie. Source: Milk and Hannah

This is one of our most popular birth stories to date and after you see the images and accompanying quotes, you’ll see why. Charlie, the little man in the picture above stroking his mum’s hair, is an absolute gem.

Read it here.

3. Teen Goes to Hospital with Appendicitis. Comes Home with a Baby

nadia rhoads pregnacy
Source: Nadia Rhoads / SWNS

When 19-year-old Nadia Rhoads began to experience severe cramps in her side and back, she assumed it was appendicitis.

Turns out, it was a baby. Surprise!

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4. Mum, Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth on a Plane

Baby on a plane! It actually happens more often than you may think. But a baby on a plane AND a mum who had no idea she was even pregnant? This has got to be a once-in-a-lifetime birth!

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5. At 22 Weeks Pregnant, Kayla Was Told Her “Babies Wil Be Born Today and They will die”

This beautiful story of strength and survival focuses on Kayla Ibarra twin daughters, Ema and Luna, who were born at 22 weeks and given a 0% of survival.

Read it here. 

We’ve shared a story of a son helping to deliver his baby sister but these stunning images of dad helping his daughter deliver her baby is another truly special.

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7. Lotus Birth Story: Mum Names Her Placenta Alice and Keeps It For a Week

placenta named alice - lotus birth
Source: NY Post Twitter

UK mum Michelle was always going for a natural birth with her son, Otter. She opted to give birth at home and keep the placenta attached until it naturally falls off. This is known as a lotus birth, which is incredible in itself (to each their own). But this is the first time we’ve heard of a family giving the placenta a name.

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8. Sydney Mum Delivers Baby on Her Own While Driving to Hospital

gemma blake birth story
Gemma shared her birth story on Pregnancy Mums Australia. Source: Supplied

Baby Alfie surprised everyone, especially his mum, when he sped out of the womb in record speed. Mumma Gemma Ward was driving to the hosptial when it happened.

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9. Mum Gives Birth in Hospital Hallway

What is extra amazing about this story is that, while the mum didn’t manage to make it to the delivery ward, the photographer managed to make it to the hallway and captured the entire dramatic arrival on camera. And the images? Let’s just say they are sure to floor you!

Read it here.

10. Mum Mistakes Kidney Stone Pain for Labour Pain, Then Gives Birth to Triplets

Source: Facebook/Dannette Glitz

We’ll end our round-up with this shocking story of a mum who thought she had kidney stones but, in fact was in labour with not one, but THREE babies. Could you even imagine??

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These are only 10 of the dozens of incredible birth stories we have shared over the years. Check out our birth stories section for even more.


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