Mum Mistakes Kidney Stone Pain for Labour Pain, Then Gives Birth to Triplets

Just for a second, imagine the pain of kidney stones and then the relief of hearing it’s not that at all. Only to then be told you’re in labour with TRIPLETS. Um, excuse me?

Sounds unbelievable, right? It’s one family’s amazing story on how they very unexpectedly welcomed three beautiful babies into the world this month, and what a ripper of a story it is!

Let’s just try and get our head around that for a minute. Surprise triplets. Therefore, definitely not kidney stones.

A Familiar Pain..

South Dakota mum of two, Dannette Giltz was suffering with what she thought was a familiar pain – that nasty pain associated with kidney stones. Dannette said “I started getting pains. I figured it was kidney stones because I’ve went through them before”. Fair enough I say, go with what you know.

It’s reported Dannette presented at the hospital fully expecting to be whisked away for kidney stone surgery, only to be told she was actually in labour instead. And to expect twins. Consequently, cue panic and chaos.


For the Giltz family, they had considered themselves ‘done’ with the two gorgeous children they had. Therefore, a surprise baby is one thing, but to be told you were going to be having twins is quite a shock. But wait a minute…

So already shocked to the core, we REALLY feel for Dannette’s hubby Austin. Dannette says of the birth: “It was quiet; we thought they were done,” Dannette said. “He’s over there, kind of like rocking, like, thinking of the names and then she’s like, ‘Well, we need another blanket’ and his reaction is like, ‘Excuse me? Put it back. No. I was told I have twins; I’m not doing triplets.’ She’s like, ‘No, there are three babies in here; there are triplets.'”

Sweet baby cheeses. We feel you Austin. WE FEEL YOU.

Source: Facebook/Baby Glitz

Triple The Joy

Born at 34 weeks gestation the triplets were conceived naturally and amazingly without much drama at all. Apart from the surprise element. But otherwise, they’re three healthy babes, weighing in at around four pounds (1.8kg) each. And so as a result, this family of four now expands to a family of seven with the arrival of son Blaze and daughters Gypsy and Nikki, joining the ranks on August 10. Congrats guys!

Be Careful What You Wish For

Not so surprised by his three newborn siblings was Dannette and Austin’s firstborn, son 10-year-old Ronnie. He tells a local television crew, KOTA-TV “I wished for a baby brother and a baby sister and I knew this day was always gonna come” . Note to self: STOP KIDS WISHING FOR A PONY.

It Takes a Village

Understandably, it’s a lot to take in and the Giltz family’s community has rallied around them to help. “You don’t ever see triplets being conceived naturally, let alone going 34 weeks without knowing. So, everyone’s like I can’t believe it, I’m like we’re still in shock, trust me, we know what you mean like I go to the doctor’s thinking I’ll have surgery for kidney stones and end up going into labour with a c-section that night. It’s crazy,” says Dannette

It’s believed the family will be bringing their sweet cherubs home from the hospital in the coming days. But we’re SURE there will be no shortage of help on hand. For instance, people will be lining up at the front door for a cuddle of these surprise babies!

WATCH: See the Giltz family interview below!

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