5 Classic DIY Kids Party Games

You would have to be blind not to have noticed just how out of hand some kids birthday parties have become. From pony rides to bouncy castles to dedicated hosts in full costume.

We think sometimes the best ways to keep little ones entertained is with good, old-fashioned party games and we’ve got our top 5 classics for you to try!


[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Pin the tail on the donkey”]


Fix a poster of a donkey to a wall [or cupboard or door] and have blindfolded players try to pin a tail on the right spot.

Variations: pin the bee on the flower or pin the spider on the web or pin the tail on the bunny… the options are endless!

pin the bee on the flower_opt


[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Pass the parcel”]


The original version of this game goes as follows. Wrap a simple gift in a layer of wrapping paper or newspaper. Then continue to wrap it in many layers of paper until you have enough for every child.

All the children sit in a circle and a grown up plays snippets of music during which time the parcel is passed from child to child in a clockwise manner. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel removes one layer of paper and then passes it on as the music starts again. This is repeated until the last layer of wrapping has been removed.

Variations: wrap a chocolate bar or lollypop or small gift in each layer of wrapping paper so that each child gets a treat.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Musical Chairs”]


Set up chairs in a circle facing outward, with one less chair than number of party guests. Start your child’s favourite party music and have children walk around the chairs. When the music stops every child has to take a seat. At the end of every round, remove another chair so that there is always one less than the number of children playing. The children who do not get a seat then help you remove chairs and play the music. Repeat until there is only one chair and two players. Last child seated wins!


[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Limbo”]


You will need two grown-ups to hold either end of a stick [like a broom stick] at chest height. They should hold the stick in cupped hands, so that it will fall easily if touched.

The children take turns going under the stick without touching the stick, bending their knees and leaning as far back as necessary. Their hands are not allowed touch the floor. After each child has had a turn, the stick must be lowered. Any child who falls over or touches the floor is out.

This game is more fun when played to happy music!


[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. Musical Statues”]


This is a great game and all you need is some fun-loving children and some happy music!

Children move around the room dancing while the music is playing. Once the music stops, they have to freeze where they are not move – just like a statue. The child who moves first [laughs, smiles, fidgets or flinches] is out of the game and can then help out. Repeat until there is a winner!

Did we miss one of your favourite old-school party games? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to know! 

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