5 Simple Beauty Tips to Take Years Off Your Appearance

As I stood in front of the mirror looking at my reflection, I reminded myself of the importance of upholding a beauty routine, despite being a busy working mum with demanding family duties!

Preserving natural beauty doesn’t have to be a time consuming chore. It should be a simple, relaxed ritual that ties into your existing routine.  Think of it as your time to nurture yourself.

To reclaim your beauty and sense of confidence, all you need are 5 simple beauty tips.

Each tip has been handed down to me from various women in my life – women who are beautiful both inside and out.

  1. Be fresh faced and fabulousmoisturise your face, lips and neck daily (including the “back of your neck” – it’s an area we often forget.) I apply a PH Balanced cream, straight out of the shower.
    TIP: This “back-of-neck” tip was passed to me from my grandmother, who once worked at a cosmetic counter.
  1. Display divine décolletage – Some consider this their best asset, so show it off – let it shimmer! Again, this is an area I lather in lotion before dressing each morning. (Neglected, it can begin to look like a road map and no one wants that, especially in summer.)
    TIP: A successful mum I worked with during my 20’s gave me this tip – it was something she’d regretted not doing when she was younger.
  1. Enjoy elegant elbows – these bony little suckers are often left dry and abandoned, so give them liquid loving whenever you can.
    TIP:  This was a tip learnt from a dear friend at 19 – I’ve been hydrating my “pointy joints” ever since.
  1. Uphold heavenly hands – we use and talk with our hands every day, so make them your proudest asset. Don’t let them age prematurely – apply rich hand cream each night before bed and wake up to hands as soft as silk.
    TIP: Told to me by a stunning friend who has the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen.
  1. Lubricate luscious legs and feet – moisten your legs and feet with luscious lotion before running out the door each day. You’ll feel alive and sexy, guaranteed!
    TIP:  A friend with fabulous legs gave me this tip when we were sunbathing teenagers.

You see all it takes to feel beautiful in this busy-mum-world is a little love and care in the simplest of ways.

Take some time to think of your beauty inspirers and note down the ways you can pamper yourself to reclaim your radiance! Then put them in practice.

You’re worth it and you deserve it!

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