7 Reasons Mums Rule the World

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that mums rule the world.  I always suspected this was the case, but then when I actually became a mother myself I discovered the power, talent and energy that women wield.

It’s not just the capacity to grow and birth whole humans that prove women extraordinary, but our ability to keep a million spinning plates in the air. At the same time. Whilst toddlers are climbing the bookshelves and the other kids are brawling in the toy room.

And so, this Mother’s Day, I want to celebrate:

7 ways mums rule the world, because they truly, actually, do.

mums rule the world
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1. Mums literally forge the human race

It goes without saying, but humanity would not exist without mums. If we weren’t up for physically producing new humans, we’d all be doomed. Mums propagate the human race, and do an excellent job of it, too. (Shout out to Dads here. But sorry guys, this is a Mother’s Day article.)

2. Mums are seriously talented multitaskers

Mum’s brain is full of about a million things that she needs to do/take care of / achieve at any given time. Mums juggle household logistics, kids’ schedules, work plans, relationships, upcoming events etc. all at the one time. Our brains are pretty brilliant.

3. Mums are often unsung heroes

Approximately 98% of the multitasking jobs we’re responsible for go unnoticed, and that’s because we’re so good at everything we don’t need recognition for it. However, those countless jobs we do that aren’t recognized need to be acknowledged, because they’re tiring, overwhelming, and often thankless. Mums are saints. (Sainthoods all round!)

4. Mums are working harder than anyone

Research has shown that mums who work part-time are the most productive in the workforce. Mums use time wisely and know they can’t waste it when there are so many other things to do. We work hard, we play (Lego) hard, we sleep hard (when we’re not woken by screaming babes). Mums rule the working world. They’d like to rule out sleeping too. Give us time.

mums rule the world - seven ways
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5. Mums are creative geniuses

Not only can Mums spend endless hours playing dynasties of Barbies or dinosaurs with eager toddlers, we can also produce amazing art, design, dance, words, gardens, performances, formulas, film…

It makes sense that if we forge whole humans out of virtually nothing in our uteruses, we can be a dynamic creative force in the world. And we are. From Cate Blanchett to your kids’ art project – genius.

6. Mums know everything

I was hoping that I’d become some wise parenting guru as soon as my first baby was born, and I was sorely disappointed. Yet somehow I slowly realized over time that I had what it took to understand what my kids needed and how to keep them happy and alive. This knowledge broadens to an understanding of pretty much everything in the world, or at least for answers to the billions of questions our children ask us every day. But why mum? Whyyyy?

7. Mums’ hearts are big

We love you well. And somehow our hearts expand to fit in more babies, their friends, and those around us. If love is what makes the world go round, then we rule that world with the ferocious love gifted to mothers.

Mums do rule the world, it’s a given. And when the scope of our actions and service goes unsung so often, it’s important to recognize the enormity of the job we do. Mums are awesome, and the world is stronger because of them. Tell a mum you know she’s amazing – and that she rules the world!

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Hannah Macauley-Gierhart is a mother, writer, teacher, editor, and fiction reader. The joyous bedlam of raising young kids sees her writing at strange hours, drinking lots of tea, and loving the chaos that fuels good prose.

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