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APPLY TO REVIEW: Little Bodies Eczema Treatments That Work. We Tried Them and You Can Too

If you’re the mumma of an eczema kid, pay attention. There’s big news by the name of Little Bodies.

We’ve reviewed it (and we love it!) And here’s your chance to try it too! 

Being the mum of child who suffers from eczema is exhausting.

You’re tired of the suffering. The whinging. The flare ups. And the cream-time-fighting. Every. Single. Night.  Add to this the worry of constant steroid use and eczema is a day-to-day curse for kids and carers alike.

Little Bodies is a new regimen of three products, designed to work hand-in-hand to soothe, cleanse and moisturise for eczema relief. I put Little Bodies through its paces on my kid and the results are sure to surprise.

Little Bodies eczema lotion

Eczema relief without steroids

My 9-year-old son Oscar is an ongoing eczema sufferer. With summer’s humidity now peaking, we’re using multiple steroid creams trying to relieve nasty flare ups on his wrists, knees, ankles and elbows. Of course, long term steroid use can bring its own problems (like I don’t already have enough reasons to lose sleep) … so a range with less nasties is definitely appealing.

Just one day into using Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream, his irritation was lessened. To be honest, I wasn’t convinced that a natural product could achieve what a steroid could not. But the photos don’t lie – Little Bodies took the heat out of Oscar’s hot spots.

Don’t just take my word for it. In a controlled trial, Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream relieved itching, redness and swelling as effectively as 1% hydrocortisone cream in a single application. Of course, your child’s doctor may still recommend the use of steroid products for certain conditions and flare-ups and you should always follow their advice.

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These four square images on the left show before use & the image on the right is after using Little Bodies. Less redness, less irritation, greater skin hydration.

Cleansing without irritation

If you’re well-versed in eczema care you’ll know that fragranced, bubbly or chemical-laden body washes are an absolute no-go zone. Proven to strip the natural moisture from the skin, they can also worsen eczema symptoms dramatically.

As a mum, it’s frustrating to not have something calming and non-irritating to bathe your child with. And if you’re a parent to active, sweaty, sporty boys (ugh!) – you’ll know that water just isn’t enough!

Little Bodies Eczema Wash & Shampoo is soap and sulphate free and doesn’t trigger further irritations. It does however provide minor relief from the itches and offers a pleasant, gentle fragrance.

Using Little Bodies Eczema Wash & Shampoo was an actual thrill for my son. He was delighted to finally have a product to call his own and to make bath time special. Of course, as his mum I was impressed to see no irritations from its use – and definitely appreciated being able to bathe him in more than just water.

Little Bodies Eczema Wash

Just add moisture

Keeping an eczema sufferer’s skin hydrated is crucial in preventing flare ups and minimising the dreaded itches. I’ve watched helplessly as Oscar dug holes in his knees until they bled – desperate for relief from the crawling skin sensation. With studies showing that Little Bodies Eczema Moisturising Lotion increases skin hydration by 35% – I couldn’t try it quick enough!

After one week of use, the results were visible to the eye. As a long-term sufferer, Oscar’s skin will always be thickened and scar-damaged. But it became softer, less dry in appearance and he was definitely scratching less (which I attributed to the total combination of the three-product regimen).

Eczema Relief Little Bodies
Before and After: 7 days using Little Bodies products

What’s the magic ingredient?

There’s no doubt the Little Bodies regimen made a difference. My itchy, scratchy kid was definitely less. And without a steroid in sight. So, what’s the secret?

The Little Bodies regimen features Colloidal Oatmeal. This super ingredient is traditionally used in herbal medicine and features in ‘old school’ eczema management such as oatmeal baths (this time without the mess and blocked plug hole! Yay!)

Colloidal Oatmeal provides soothing relief and assists with hydration by providing a silky, protective layer next to the skin – perfect for not only eczema but burns, bites and other irritated skin conditions.

These kid-friendly products are also infused with peppermint oil, calendula and aloe vera, also known for their healing abilities when it comes to soothing rashes and irritated skin.

Eczema Treatment Colloidal Oatmeal

The power of three

Just like all eczema care programs, there’s no one cure-all product. Little Bodies is a regimen of three that combine to create results. Sure, one alone might help but together you’ve the trifecta and the very best chance of success.

Mum side note: The Little Bodies products are super affordable, all priced under $15 so you won’t break the bank to adopt the trio! 

Four (less itchy) thumbs up

Little Bodies is undoubtedly a Louis family success story. Even for long-term eczema sufferer Oscar, the improvements in 7-days are easily apparent. He’s less red, less itchy and less dry.

As an eczema mum that’s tick, tick, tick. More importantly he seems happier and less agitated by his unpleasant condition. I absolutely plan to continue to use Little Bodies, integrating it as part of our eczema management plan.

Little Bodies

9.3Little Bodies eczema cream


  • Accessible
  • Moisturising
  • Steroid-Free
  • Australian Made
  • Naturally Good
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Eczema Cream Little Bodies
And look at these eczema-free hands!

We tried it – now it’s your turn

If you’ve an eczema kid in your house, why not see for yourself why we’re raving about Little Bodies! Pick it up below or keep on reading to find out how you can try this game changer for yourself, on us!

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mum central

Got a little itchy body of your own at home? We’re looking for up to 12 families with eczema affected children to try Little Bodies products and report back.

All you need to do for your chance to be a Mum Central tester is fill in the form below – it really is that easy!

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