11 Baby Names Inspired by TV Shows and Movies. Would You Choose Any?

With the advent of Netflix and the current trend of ‘epic binge-watching’ there’s no surprise that many baby names are now being influenced by the shows we love!

Probably actually a whole future generation of babies conceived on their parents couches – those kids definitely need a TV-inspired name!

Either way, in celebration of the series we just can’t look away from here’s our pick of unique baby names inspired by what we’re watching right now…

Who wouldn’t want to be named after the powerful Mother of Dragons from Game Of Thrones. Kahleesi is the Dothraki word for queen and would suit a baby full of personality and ready to set the world on fire with her awesomeness.

A simple name that has made a comeback after Game Of Thrones’ heartthrob Kit Harrington’s character Jon Snow caught every woman on earth’s attention. Baby Jon would be ideally conceived during winter or be born a winter baby. Unfortunately, he may be followed by the ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’ during his school years.

After the stylish Aria from Pretty Little Liars. The name means ‘air’ in Italian and in Hebrew it is derived from Ariel meaning ‘Lion of God’. A strong, powerful name with a modern and edgy twist, it’s made for a baby ready to take on the world.

The kind-hearted teacher/love interest for Aria on Pretty Little Liars has worn this name well and brought it back into fashion. While the name may have some Old Testament connotations, Ezra Fitz has found this name a new fan base.

Jax or Jaxon
Who didn’t swoon over this Sons Of Anarchy bad boy? Although Jax was caught up being a bikie, he had strong family ties and was very loyal – qualities which we would foster in a son! I expect a Little Jaxon would melt your heart with cuteness while being able to get away with almost anything because of his cheeky smile.

This name hasn’t been very common for quite some time but has made a resurgence after the popularity of the Walking Dead’s leading man Rick Grimes. Rick was a straighty-one-eighty but as the show has evolved he has become a total badass. He does what he has to, to protect his family. Baby Rick would be an old soul who loves hats, especially sheriff style!

Named after The Walking Dead’s own bad boy with a heart of gold, Daryl Dixon. Dixon is a baby full of fight. Be warned he may be the kind of kid that loves a good old rats-tail hairdo.

Sure, your kid may be asked a million and one times if she’s named after Frozen but who cares when the name is so beautiful. The meaning of this name is European in origin meaning ‘truth’. Double down and add an Anna to your pack, you’ve got the perfect pair of bonded sisters for life!

Inspired by the X-Men character The Wolverine’s real name, this is a very strong and masculine name fit for a baby who knows what he wants and goes out to get it.

No Girls fan will be able to go past this eccentric and yet very old fashioned Hebrew interpretation of Susanna. Shoshanna, like the character on Girls, marches to the beat of her own drum and will always be a free spirit.

You’re not a Gilmore Girls fan if you haven’t considered naming your daughter Lorelai or at least Rory. Lorelai is portrayed as a strong, independent, quirky and hilarious character and it’s hard to imagine another personality attached to the name. Baby Lorelai may not be the stick-to-a-schedule type; however, she will always be the one to make the other babies laugh.

Is there a TV show or a film that inspired your baby’s name? We’d love to hear your name inspiration below!

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