Bebcare Wins Best Video Baby Monitor of 2022. Wait ’til You See What It Does

Baby monitors … a must for most families. But with so many on the market, how do you know which is the best video baby monitor for your needs? If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and easy-to-use baby monitor, we’ve found the one for you.

Meet Bebcare – the first low-emission baby monitors in Australia. Bebcare monitors have the lowest EMF emissions possible and are dubbed the “safest baby monitors on the market“. These monitors offer a best-in-class performance without the confusion that comes from some of the other models out there.

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Bebcare provides parents with the peace of mind they deserve, from newborn to toddlerhood and beyond.

There are a few different Bebcare models on the market, including the Bebcare Motion (a video baby monitor) and Bebcare Hear (an audio baby monitor), our two picks for the best baby monitors of 2022.

Let’s take a look at each one:

Bebcare Motion – Digital Video Baby Monitor 

Bebcare Motion - Best video Baby Monitor 
The Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor with low emissions and a 4.3-inch dedicated parent screen unit. Source: Bebcare website

If you’re after a video baby monitor, then the Bebcare Motion is the one you want. It’s priced under $300 and does everything you need it to do and more. Temperature display, zoom, pan and tilt plus some gorgeous lullabies at your fingertips. Add to that a 16-hour battery life …  that’s all big ticks in our books.

Walkie Talkie with your child

There’s also the two-way talk feature so you can talk to your baby through the monitor and “hush-hush” them back to sleep. A great feature when your little one is older too as you can kindly remind them to “stop making a blanket fort and close your eyes”.

The night vision is also a massive plus – and check out how clear the visual is too.

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Night or day, you can expect nothing but the best in clarity with the high-quality 4.3″ True Colour display. Source: Bebcare website

No background noise 

Another cool thing about this video baby monitor is the white noise silencer of VOX voice activation. Essentially it filters out the background white noise so you can get clear audio on baby’s noises.

When your baby is not crying, the baby monitor enters into a Sleep mode and stays completely silent. The monitor automatically wakes up when it detects your baby crying. Amazing!

Bebcare Motion video baby monitor
Hear nothing but baby thanks to Bebcare’s VOX feature. Source: Bebcare website

Now, all of these above features are incredible but pretty standard when it comes to video baby monitors. But there are a few key features that really set Bebcare Motion apart.

Non-wifi baby monitor

The first one is the fact that it is so incredibly easy to use and offers the most reliable monitoring system out there.

The Motion doesn’t require an app, Bluetooth or a WiFi connection to work which means there’s no risk of interference, security breaches, lagging, delay or randomly cutting out if the internet goes a little weird.

This peace of mind and assurance that your video baby monitor will never cut out, is by far one of the most important things to consider when buying a baby monitor.

Bebcare Motion works through a parent system and a camera and nothing more. Plus, it literally takes ONE click to set it up which is a big bonus for parents who really don’t have the time or patience to fiddle with apps, passcodes, etc.

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You can expect zero video and audio delay ever. Just simple, real-time, clear viewing whenever you need it. Source: Bebcare website

One monitor for many children 

The second thing that truly makes Bebcare Motion one of the best video baby monitors on the market is its durability and versatility. All of Bebcare’s baby monitors are designed to last year after year, child after child, so you don’t need to buy a baby monitor every time you have a child.

But what if you need to monitor two children in two different rooms? Or three children? Or four even? The Bebcare monitor supports up to 4 baby camera units. What this means is you can purchase additional cameras as needed for $169 each.

Keep one camera in the baby’s room, one in the toddler’s room, one in the playroom, and view every room through the same parenting unit. Easy peasy, right?

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With a 16 hour battery life, the Bebcare Motion can easily operate for a full day. Source: Bebcare website

Low radiation, low EMF

Okay, now we’ve actually saved our fave feature until last and that’s the safety aspect of the Bebcare range. We’ve mentioned Bebcare is the safest baby monitor out there and the reason is that they are the only monitors in Australia to feature ultra-low radiation mode. 

Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor utilises DSR Digital Safe Radio ultra-low emissions wireless technology which reduces wireless emissions by up to 95%. 

award-winning low emf video baby monitor - Bebcare Motion
Source: Bebcare website

A low radiation baby monitor means one thing for you – less EFM (Electromagnetic Field Radiation) around your baby.

A massive tick for us and for parents everywhere. And one of the many reasons the Motion has received so many product awards including the Mom’s Choice Award Gold Award and NAPPA National Parenting Product Award. 

Bebcare Hear – Low Radiation Audio Baby Monitor

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The Bebcare Hear digital audio low emissions baby monitor. Source: Bebcare website

The Bebcare Hear comes with this same low radiation guarantee but differs from the Motion in a few key ways.

The main thing is that instead of a video camera, it has an audio monitor – no visual but excellent sound quality. It’s also one of the most affordable baby monitors on the market at $189.00. 

Monitor from 2,000 feet away

Like the Motion, the Bebcare Hear doesn’t require WiFi or any apps. Simply plug it in and away you go. Expect nothing but the best in sound quality too which crystal clear audio up to a distance of 2,000 feet. That’s insane, guys! You can literally be across the street and still have perfect sound. An awesome idea too if you’re travelling or away from home and can’t plug into wifi easily.

bebcare audio monitor
With an amazing 2,000 feet (300 m) wireless range, the Bebcare Hear delivers the best-in-class range. Source: Bebcare website

There are a few great features of the Hear worth mentioning too – the starry night light and lullaby system make it a treat for little ones to fall asleep.

Plus, there is also an optional Bebcare Mat baby sensor monitor that allows you to monitor your child’s breathing at night too.

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Up to 70 hours of monitoring without the need to charge. Source: Bebcare website

Battery for days!

Like the Motion, the Hear comes with a white noise silencer so you don’t hear background sounds and rustling through the night.

It also comes with up to 70 hours of standby time on a single charge (holy heck!) and supports up to 2 baby units paired to a single handheld parent unit (each sold separately for $99).

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The safest baby monitor for your bub. Source: Bebcare website

All in all, this is a star baby audio monitor performer. Low emissions, zero radiation, durable, reliable and a crowd-pleaser for babies too. What more could you want?

Your eyes and ears while you get things done

Regardless of whether you’re after a video baby monitor or an audio monitor, Bebcare can offer you quality and safety that you may not find in any other monitoring system.

The low radiation, peace of mind, and simplicity of the system are what truly set these monitors ahead of the rest and why so many parents credit them as being the best video and audio baby monitors of 2022.

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If you are after a low EMF baby monitor, we recommend the Bebcare Hear audio baby monitor or Bebcare Motion video baby monitor. Source: Bebcare website

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This is a sponsored post for Bebcare.

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