11 Super Teething Toys For Soothing Sore Gums

Teething sucks. There’s really no sugar coating it.

The red cheeks, swollen gums and general whingy behaviour that strikes when baby is teething is not fun for anyone.

And it can drag on for months! Thankfully, there are plenty of cute and clever baby teething toys on the market to help soothe even the ouchiest of little mouths. And we’ve found them for you.

11 Best Baby Teething Toys 

1. Kmart Easy Grip Teether

Bright, colourful and easy to hold on to, these Kmart Easy Grip Teethers ($2) are BPA free and filled with water. Keep a whole stack  in the fridge or freezer so you always have icy-cold baby teething toys ready to soothe swollen, red gums.Kmart baby teether toys

2. Nuby Chewy Charms Wrist Band Teether

Made from 100% soft textured silicone, these Nuby Chewy Charms Wrist Band Teethers ($10) come in a range of different and colourful designs to hold the attention of even the littlest teether.

Nuby Chewy Charms Wrist Band Teether

3. Bubba Chew French Fries Teether

Do you want fries with that? This funky Bubba Chew French Fries Teether ($12.95) is free from nasties like BPA, Phthalates and PVC. The easy grip shape lets bub chew away their sore gum blues, while everyone around them gets to giggle at the fun design.Bubba Chew french fries baby teether toy

4. One. Chew. Three GUMMI Silicone Teether

Super soft and easy to clean, these One.Chew.Three GUMMI Silicone Teethers ($23.95) are made from 100% silicone (yep, even the rings!) for a soothing and colourful teething toy. And they’re pretty enough to make a sweet welcome-to-the-world present for a bub too,

GUMMI silicone teether

5. Becalm Baby Teething Mitten

The Becalm Teething Mitten ($24.95) is a little bit clever! Made from food grade silicone, the Becalm mitten fits easily over bub’s hand, allowing them to gum away to their heart’s content!

Becalm baby teething mitten - cool baby teething toys

6. Jellystone Designs jChews Chocolate Bar

Sugar free chocolate? We’ll take it! This cute Jellystone Designs jChews Chocolate Bar Teether ($9.95) is made from soft silicone and offers plenty of surface space for chewing and gumming. Who knew baby teething toys could be so deliciously sweet!

jChew chocolate bar baby teether

7. Hevea Natural Rubber Teether Duck Kawan

The Hevea Kawan teether ($29.95) is made from 100% natural rubber. This little duckie is the perfect size for little hands to hold and is shaped to reach all the way to those sore molar spots at the back. Plus, it has no holes so germs can’t get in.Hevea natural rubber duck teether toy

 8. Haakaa Fresh Food Feeder 

Part teether, part feeding tool, the Haakaa Fresh Food Feeder ($22.58) is a great way to soothe sore gums while introducing solids. The 100% silicone pouch allows you to pop in your food of choice for bub to safely gnaw on. Chill the foods – maybe a slice of cold apple or carrot – in the fridge before offering to bub for a soothing treat that’ll keep them entertained for at least five minutes.Haakaa fresh food feeder and teether

9. Tommee Tippee Chunkeys Gel Teether

The gel-filled Tommee Tippee Chunkeys Gel Teether ($7.95) has different surfaces to massage and soothe tender and inflamed gums so baby can find the one that works best. And it’s BPA free too.

Tommee Tippee Chunkeys Gel Teether

10. Mizzie The Kangaroo

Made from 100% natural rubber, the Aussie designed Mizzie The Kangaroo ($27.95) ticks the boxes for both sensory development and sore gums. Stimulating babies’ sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing (she squeaks!), Mizzie also soothes little gums with her soft and rubbery texture.

teething toys for ouchy gums

11. Sophie The Giraffe

Ah Sophie! The iconic teether never goes out of fashion! And with good reason! Sophie the Giraffe ($29) is made from 100% natural rubber.  Lightweight and easy for tiny hands to grasp, food-grade paints give baby a completely safe chewing experience. The long legs are designed to reach those erupting toothy pegs right at the back of baby’s mouth.

best baby teething toys - Sophie the Giraffe original

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