Spice It Up: Best Sex Toys for Couples Looking to Rekindle the Flame

Remember ‘back in the day’ (pre-kids) when you and your partner were able to get down and dirty anytime, anywhere. You could play, alone, together, with sex toys or props, and, most importantly, without anyone banging on the bedroom door asking you to wipe their bum or asking why mummy is laying on top of daddy. #AWKS

Now, in between poo duties, snack demands, and crack-of-dawn soccer games, it’s tricky to schedule in a bit of boom-boom time. You want to. It’s making that transition from stressed-out parent to sexual goddess that’s the hard part.

And, of course, time is NEVER on your side.

We totally get it. But before you accept your sex life is burning out, or your libido is waning,  we’ve got some great sexy toys for couples to bring the sizzle back into the bedroom, starting with good ol’ fashion (and fun) sex toys.

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We went to the master of adult toys – Randy Fox – to find out which are the best sex toys for couples to rekindle the flame. You may be surprised just how easily a little communication and experimentation with sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your relationship.

We even have a 10% discount on their entire range of adult toys – oils, candles, lube, vibrators, you name it – to offer our Mum Central readers. Grab the discount code below. 

But first, allow us to introduce you to the sex toys for couples that will really hit the sweet spot.

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We’re taking games night to a whole new level with Bijoux Indiscrets Lucky Love Dice Adult Game. But rather than ending with a Monopoly board thrown on the floor and your kids accusing each other of cheating, this one ends in a pants-off dance-off.

For two. No children allowed.

Randy Fox adult toys - dice game
You want me to lick where?? This Dice Game is sure to bring the LOLs and the OMGs. Source: Randy Fox

The game is simple – roll the dice and do whatever the dice tell you. Each dice contains a body part, action, and place so there are plenty of combinations to roll and play out. Then you add your repositionable sticker to the various parts of your body so you can mix it up each time.

It’s like Twister for the bedroom, except kids aren’t allowed! It’s a great starter sex toy and also a cost-effective way to bring a little fun back into the bedroom. Plus, it’d be really great fun for those of you with a new partner … what a fun way to get to know each other a little better! shop now

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When you combine food and sex, you’re bound to have a winning combination. Bodypaint is a great way to do so and there are a ton of flavours to choose from – strawberry, chocolate, watermelon. Yum.

Our recommendation is either the Kuma Sutra range or the Bijoux Indiscrets body paint. Both are easy to use, mess-free and discreet. But we still recommend keeping it in your naughty drawer and away from the kids unless you want bodypaint covering your living room walls.

Randy Fox sex toys for couples
Discover the sexy powers of body paint. Source: Randy Fox

The Getaway Kit by Karma Sutra (top pic above) is definitely a goodie if you’re planning a weekend away – it comes with flight-approved sizes of delicious bedroom treats such as Vanilla Cream Oil of Love, Love Liquid Lubricant, French Vanilla Body Souffle, and Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust. Bon voyage.

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We’ve saved the best for last! This discreet little devil is perfect for couples and alone time. It’s a vibrator like no other – small, light, easy to use, waterproof, and whisper-quiet.

The unique Dame Eva 2 – Hands-Free Couple’s And Clitoral Vibrator is the only product on the market that can actually be worn by women without vaginal insertion. It has flexible wings that tuck under the labia to entice and titillate you further through sex with a powerful 3-speed motor.

It’s also very unassuming so if the kids do happen to stumble on it, they probably won’t be left with a million awkward questions. It comes with a storage bag and a USB charger and adaptor plus up to five hours of battery power. That’s a decent stint of sexy time!

Randy Fox adult toys
So little, so quiet, so much fun for couples! Source: Randy Fox

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When buying adult toys you cannot go past Randy Fox. They are one of Australia’s largest online adult toy stores. They have a fantastic range, competitively priced, and deliver across Australia discreetly too. Plus, they’ve got heaps of more ‘intense’ sex toys for those looking for extra cheek. Anal beads and rabbit-shaped dildos anyone? Hop to it.

Plus, for a limited time, you can get 10% OFF sitewide. Simply use the code MC10 at the checkout.  Valid until 22nd July 2020.

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5 more ways to improve your sex life 

You’ve got the sex toys. Now what? Here are a few more really simple ways to reignite the flame.

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1. One word: Sleepovers!

Praise be the person who invented sleepovers! Not sleepovers for you, but for the kids. A sleepover means a solid night of child-free time in the comfort of your own home.

If the kids are too young for sleepovers, how about sending them to Grandma’s house for the night? Or, get Grandma to watch them and you book a hotel room.

Trust us, when the kids are away, it’s SOO much easier for mum and dad to play.

2. Lingerie

Cliche, right? It’s actually such an easy way to set the mood and Randy Fox has an awesome collection! If you’re not a fan of lingerie or not ready to take that plunge, try swapping your daggy sweatpant PJs for something a bit softer and sexier.

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Lingerie can make a huge difference when it comes to couple intimacy. Source: Bigstock

3. Role playing

Yes, you’re stepping outside your comfort zone with this one, but, hey, it could be fun!

4. Celebrities in action

A steamy movie can also be a huge mood setter, especially if the celebrities are sexy. Think THAT cave scene with Jon Snow and Ygritte on Game of Thrones. And no, we’re not just talking about investing in a PornHub subscription or anything, but, hey, if that gets the blood flowing, you do you, boo.

5. Relax

It’s hard to really enjoy your trip to the bedroom rodeo if you’re not relaxed. Aim to get the things you need to do done, have a bit of wine, put on some music, light a candle, suggest a full body massage and indulge in some good ol’ fashion conversation that doesn’t revolve around how many times you had to clean up rice crackers today.

Yes, finding time for a bit of sexy time isn’t always easy and you may never return to the honeymoon stage pre-kids again. But, hey, this stage can be a lot of fun too. It’s all about getting creative, investing in some fun adult toys and ALWAYS locking the bedroom door.

Keep it light, keep it cheeky, keep it fun and see where things take you.

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