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Why Blackout Blinds Have Become a Game-Changer and Saviour to Better Sleep

It can be tricky to convince little ones that they NEED their sleep, especially when it’s still light outside. So whether you’re trying to get them down for their afternoon sleep or are fighting against daylight savings, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Meet Midnight Anytime Blinds!

Midnight Anytime Blinds provides complete internal blackout blinds for any home, any room and any space. These blinds are the bee’s knees too! Not only are they a godsend for blocking out light in any room, but also for beautifying your windows, adding value to your property, and providing you with a fresh yet affordable upgrade to your home.

And guess what?  We’ve got your chance to take home your very own DIY blackout blinds, thanks to Midnight Anytime Blinds!

Toddler Asleep with Blackout Blinds
Make it midnight, anytime! Source: Bigstock


Let’s take a look at why blackout blinds are quickly becoming the must-have home accessory, not just for new parents, but for every busy household.

Turn daytime into midnight, anytime. 

Blackout blinds are designed to block out the light, allowing you to darken any room at any time of the day. They fit into the interior of your window and come in various colours and fabrics.

While they also provide heat and noise reduction and offer privacy, most people would agree that the best thing about blackout blinds is how they can improve the quality of sleep, no matter what the sky (or sun) is doing outside.

Midnight Anytime Blinds
Blackout blinds are an affordable way to upgrade your sleep and your home. Source: Supplied

Blackout blinds for babies – A MUST for mums

For most parents, sleep is going to be one of their biggest obstacles. Not just in the newborn phase either. Toddlers are also known for their disinterest in sleep which is why so many parents invest in blackout blinds for their nursery or baby’s room.

Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds for Babies
Blackout blinds can quickly change your child’s sleeping behaviours. Source: Supplied

What’s great about blackout blinds is that they create a calming, quiet, and dark space, signalling that it’s time for rest – even if it’s in the middle of the day. Having this consistent sleep space, especially from an early age, is going to be a saviour, trust us.

Even as your child gets older, they start to learn that when the blinds are down, it’s dark. And it’s bedtime. End. Of. Story. Even if it’s still light out, it’s still rest time.

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Sleep when baby sleeps (for real!)

As a new (tired) mum, blackout blinds also mean you can crash out anytime you get the chance, even if it’s in the middle of the day. Heck, if your little one is sleeping peacefully at 1pm after keeping you awake all night, you will gladly shut the blinds and call it a night! Even if it’s just for 45 minutes.

This was one of the hardest things about trying to “sleep when the baby sleeps”. When it’s light and sunny outside, it feels weird to sleep. It’s bright out. The neighbours are mowing their lawns. You can see the unfolded laundry calling you from the kitchen table…

It’s impossible to wind down.

Woman Breastfeeding Baby in Dark
Create a calming, sleepy environment, even if it’s the middle of the day. Source: Bigstock

But blackout blinds can help trick your mind and set the stage for sleep, no matter what. PLUS, they darken the room so you can’t see the stupid unfolded washing pile calling your name. Being able to lie down and actually fall asleep in the middle of the day can make all the difference in the world, especially when you are battling severe sleep deprivation.

They’re great for shift workers too

Of course, new parents aren’t the only sleep-deprived people in the world. Blackout blinds are also ideal for shift workers or those who need to go to sleep early, sometimes when it’s still light out.

There are heaps of times in our lives when we do need to sleep before the sun or require a bit of a nap. You may have an early flight in the morning or you may have had a rough few days and need rest. There’s something pretty cool about having the option to black out the world anytime you like.

Create beautifully dark rooms

Of course, blackout blinds aren’t just for bedrooms – they can beautify any window in any home and many homeowners choose these blinds for their main living spaces too. The right blinds can make your room look larger plus modernise your space with clean lines.

Not to mention, they are ideal for making movie nights extra exciting. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve sat down to watch a movie and it’s still light out and it feels weird. Seriously, who wants to start a movie at 9 pm when it’s fully dark outside? Sorry, sun, but I’m far too old for that shizz.

Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds at Day
Block out the sun and beautify your windows. WIN/WIN. Source: Supplied

Less noise, more privacy

Blackout blinds are also ideal for adding privacy to your home and dampening the noise from the streets.

Blackout blinds can also reduce your heating and cooling costs too, keeping your home cooler during summer and retaining heat during winter. They block out the gaps aroud the blind, providing the biggest benefit around energy saving. Now that’s an awesome BONUS!

Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds at Daytime
Great for any space and any room, save money on energy bills too!  Source: Supplied

But before you buy blackout blinds, consider… 

1. Safety first

Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to choosing any type of blind is how safe are they. Cords can be a serious hazard, especially in nurseries. That’s why we recommend going with blackout blinds for babies that are completely cord-free, such as Midnight Anytime Blinds.

Both their Manual and Remote Control blackout blinds are both chain and cord-free. 

2. DIY or professional? 

Midnight Anytime Blinds are surprisingly easy to install. All you need is a drill – all parts and screws are included. Check out the video below to see Natasha show us how it’s done.

YouTube video

However, if you prefer, a professional from Midnight Anytime Blinds can take care of the installation for you too – the choice is entirely up to you!

With Midnight Anytime Blinds, the average DIY window costs around $600 (for Cloud9 manual) and $700 (for eSmart). Expect around $100-$150 more for an installer.  

3. Remote or manual? 

As mentioned above, all Midnight Anytime Blinds are cord-free. Their manual blackout blinds, known as Cloud 9, can be pulled up and down from the middle while their E-smart range is remote-controlled. Again – the choice is yours!

4. Colour and fabric

Midnight Anytime Blinds have heaps of modern colours and designs to choose from. As a general guide, lighter colours will make the space feel more open and spacious. Darker colours often stand out more and make a great ‘feature’ for a lighter room.

Save 5% on blackout blinds 

If you are considering internal blinds, whether blackout blinds for babies, toddlers, teens, your entire home or just one particular room, Midnight Anytime Blinds are your guys!

They come with nothing but rave reviews from happy clients across Australia and offer the best in quality, customer service and cost.

DIY Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds Installation
The masters at work. Source: Supplied

They can also add blackout blinds to your current roller blinds, allowing you complete coverage without having to uninstall and reinstall a whole new system. Or, put privacy blinds behind the blackout blinds if you’d like even more privacy.

They will even take 5% off your order if you mention Mum Central.  Simply use the code: MUM5%OFF at the checkout. Discount applies to Cloud9, eSmart, Transforma and standard blinds, valid until 31 May 2023.

Give the team a call today for a FREE QUOTE – 08 8312 5975. 

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And be sure to put your name down to WIN one of our 3 Blind Prize Packages thanks to Midnight Anytime Blinds. 

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Discover how much difference blackout blinds can make to your home and your sleep! 

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This is a sponsored post for Midnight Anytime Blinds.

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