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NEW: Britax Launches Ultra-Luxe Flexx Stroller. Here’s Your Chance to Win One!

Have we got some exciting news for all parents and parents-to-be out there! Britax, the leader in baby safety, has just released a brand new stroller to the market.

And if that’s not exciting enough, Mum Central is giving you a chance to win the all new Britax Flexx stroller right here!

Allow us to introduce you to the newest pram to hit the streets – the Flexx. It’s smooth, safe, sleek and sure to turn heads.

britex flexx stroller

Luxury on wheels, for both you and your tiny traveling tot

What’s so amazing about this pram?

Let’s start with our favourite mummy-friendly features, like the fact you can easily lift the Flexx in and out of the boot without breaking a sweat. The lightweight aluminium frame weighs less than 8.5kgs and is incredibly easy to fold and store.

In fact the WHOLE PRAM only weighs about 12kgs, so you can manoeuvre it from the garage to the car, from the boot to the shops and back again with ease. Heck, you can probably even carry a car load of groceries AND the folded pram in at the same time.

Every day we’re strollin’

The Britax Flexx stroller is designed for every day strolling and convenience. It comes with an extendable storage basket to hold all the items you collect along your journey. You know, like the shoes your toddler refuses to wear, the 15 flowers she insists on bringing home and the assortment of library books you’re borrowing for bedtime.

flexx britax stroller competition

It’s also designed to grow with your family. If you do decide to add another little one to the tribe, Flexx is ready to rock and roll!  You can extend the Flexx with multiple configurations using the optional second seat, bassinet or their Unity ISOFIX baby capsule. Converting from a single to tandem pram is easy – and safe – with the optional Flexx Tandem Pack that includes the second seat, a rear axle and everything else required to convert your ride to a double that’s still super-easy to fold,

Luxury feel and finish

And let’s not forget the whole style aspect of Flexx. After all, when you’re pushing a pram all over town, you want it to at least look good. Flexx comes with superior handling, a luxury feel and finish and heaps of accessories including shoulder pads, boot cover and rain cover.

Britax Flexx pram with Isofix travel system and bootcover

You can get the Flexx in Charcoal, Navy or Red, all of which also come with a soft touch leatherette handle and arm bar for added pushing comfort.

Britax Flexx stroller with bassinet attachment and newborn mode

Sounds pretty sweet, right? But it gets better. Because Flexx is also designed to give your baby the best ride out there.

The highest standard of safety for your stroller

You’re probably already aware of the high standards Britax applies when designing car seats. They bring this level of safety to their prams as well. Your little one will feel secure and safe regardless of where you go. Whether it’s hot, cold, windy or wet, Flexx offers complete protection with mesh ventilation panel and pull out sun visor and an extra-large canopy for UV radiation protection.

Flexx comes with a reversible seat and four recline positions so bub can either face you, face the front, sit up or lie down. Plus, it comes with a side opening for easy access to your child, just in case she needs reassurance that you’re still there.

Suitable from birth to 20kg (approx.) the Britax Flexx stroller is bound to bring a big smile on the face of your little adventurer.

mum central

Learn more about the Britax Flexx stroller and find out where you can buy your own.


We are over-the-moon excited to give away one Flexx Stroller PLUS bassinet to one Mum Central reader. This ultra luxe prize pack is valued at $1198 and could be yours!

To be in the running to win, simply fill out the form below, be sure to comment and tell us what you love about the Britax Flexx and this amazing new pram could be yours.

Win a Britax Flexx Stroller and Bassinet valued at $1,198

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Skye Danaher
    Skye DanaherReply

    I like the different styles that are available, there is one to suit every occasion.

    • Avatar of Danielle Bailey
      Danielle BaileyReply

      I love that it is lightweight and takes up minimal boot space. When my twins were babies, I had the biggest, bulkiest most frustrating pram that took up most of the boot. I don’t want to have to worry about that ever again!

    • Avatar of Jessica

      I like how convenient and easy the pram is to use and pack away

    • Avatar of Kris

      Easy enough for nana to use, love the red one, will go faster

    • Avatar of Danielle Kartinyeri
      Danielle KartinyeriReply

      Light weight pram that I would love for the reverse seat. My baby boy loves to watch his mum when cruising about. Nearly made the mistake of purchasing just the tandem seat instead of the pram

    • Avatar of Ruth

      I love the colours and that it looks so compact and easy to use! will be super handy when number 2 comes along 🙂

    • Avatar of Emma Maslen
      Emma MaslenReply

      I love that every time a new pram is brought out there are new and innovative things that help make parenting that little bit easier.

    • Avatar of Teneal

      i absolutely love the grey & brown coloured one as its unisex for me & my husband & the sex of the baby too as we are keeping it a suprise, the prams are so trendy & cute 🙂

    • Avatar of Vikki Amendola
      Vikki AmendolaReply

      I love that is light weight easy to fold , comes in 3 practical colours. Takes up minimal boot space, when you have a big family that is super important. And of course how flexible it’s.

    • Avatar of Kathleen

      I love that it’s compact but still holds 2 full size seats at a tandem pram!

    • Avatar of Em

      I love how sturdy it looks. most prams you see now are really flimsy. would be nice to have a pram for walking around the lake and parks

    • Avatar of Jessica Beth asher
      Jessica Beth asherReply

      I love that it’s lightweight and narrow enough to shop easily with two children. That it can be used with a bassinet is great for me due to my children’s age gap. This pram would be a great asset to another mother of two.

  2. Avatar of Kell

    The lightweight frame is an awesome feature. I struggle with juggling small humans, shopping and all of the baby paraphernalia…. anything Heavy or Bulky is a huge NO NO in my world

  3. Avatar of Lynn

    12kg , even Nanna can handle this beauty and
    multi configurations… AWESOME

  4. Avatar of Liz

    I love the modern styling of the Britax Flexx stroller but also the practical components like the adaptability, large extendable storage basket (a must for shopping trips!) and the lightweight frame. I can see this stroller being used for many years.

  5. Avatar of Dani H

    This stroller not only looks amazing but makes me feel confident and secure in both its brand and ability to handle the daily needs of my family.
    It’s light weight has great size storage and is super adaptable.
    It appears to be a reliable and trustworthy pram that will be nothing but loved and well used.

  6. Avatar of Jade O

    I love how lightweight it is, I already feel like an octopus juggling with my two arms and trying to do everything. Plus it is super adaptable meaning it will meet my needs morning noon or night

  7. Avatar of Kelly

    I like how they have brought the safety features into the prams and how light weight it is

  8. Avatar of Kim Wardle

    The lightweight frame, easy folding to help with putting in the car. Looks easy to manoeuvre over the streets and while shopping. Nice size storage area and with the ability to be able to rear or forward facing is a bonus.

  9. Avatar of Nicola G

    The biggest mistake I made with bub 1 was not spending enough time choosing a pram, and ended up changing 4 times! This one has it all, and would last the distance till number 2 is independent 🙂

  10. Avatar of Suz F

    I love that it looks awesome, packs up easily and is lightweight, making it easy to get in and out of the car.

  11. Avatar of Jill Bernacki
    Jill BernackiReply

    Love the chic style and class, with this amazing all in one pram – grand for a first time mummy and daddy!!!!

  12. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    Would love for bub number 2 – to travel the world in super safe comfort – meeting all their outing needs xxxx Super love the light weight and compact design x

  13. Avatar of Justine Drake
    Justine DrakeReply

    I love the soft touch leatherette handle and arm bar – the added bit of style!

  14. Avatar of chers

    definitely the ease of packing and unpacking it from the car

  15. Avatar of nicole larsen
    nicole larsenReply

    Style, ease and comfort and super safety features as well

  16. Avatar of TANYA K

    Love the luxurious look and flexibility with this pram. I need one for my 2 girls

  17. Avatar of Erin

    I love that it is so light. It is stylish and light at the same time. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  18. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d look great cruising down the main street and better yet it’d be super easy to maneuver with one hand while sipping on my chai latte.

  19. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    I love how versatile it is,
    it can be shaped in many ways.
    I love that it carries one or 2 offspring
    so we can wander through the days.
    The colours are so cool and calm
    mum will never lose it,
    with this pram being a flex
    you know anywhere it will fit.

  20. Avatar of Erin Le Good
    Erin Le GoodReply

    I LOVE the fact that the basket extends! The amount of times I’ve run out of room when shopping is ridiculous! This would be a game changer for me! If only I could afford a new pram!

  21. Avatar of Sahra A

    Lets face it, this is one sexy looking pram. I know looks arent everything, but when you have to push one around all day, its an added bonus. With all the amazing features, its hard to just pick one. Its pretty handy that it takes up to 20kg though, meaning you get more wear out of it.

  22. Avatar of Donna smith
    Donna smithReply

    This pram would make a awesome addition to our family and would come in every handy. It’s so versatile, oh and it’s fabulous colours make it look even more stylin

  23. Avatar of Anne Edyvane

    I really love the colour range. Would love navy for my little boy. The other feature that caught my eye was the weight of this stylish pram, I would love something sleek and lightweight. Having a baby and a 3 year old means a lot of stuff. Extendable storage basket sounds great to me!

  24. Avatar of Emily Bobridge
    Emily BobridgeReply

    I love how beautifully lightweight it is! Not to mention incredibly stylish, while maintaining the Britax safety standards. You can’t ask for more than that!

  25. Avatar of Rashida

    I love the look and also when you have 3 kids having a lightweight pram makes trips so much easier. Not to mention extendable storage

  26. Avatar of Alexandram

    I love he hood with its mesh ventilation & exstendable hood this is what every parent needs in the hot Qld summer. There is nothing worse then watching your child sweat & cry as they try to sleep in there pram because they are hot and uncomfortable

  27. Avatar of Aleisha

    Can I say that I like everything about this stroller?
    Coz I do.
    What’s not to love?
    It’s SEXY, it’s LIGHTWEIGHT, I can put TWO kids in it, but what really sold me is the extendable carry basket.
    I can’t tell you how much crap end up in that tray at the end of a playdate.
    I don’t even know whose shoes I end up with!

  28. Avatar of Nikita

    I love the Britax brand, I currently own a second hand one and am ready for a new one.. This stroller looks so stylish with the leather handles and grips. I love that the pram has 4 different positions and is so versatile for all weather conditions. I love that you can add an extra seat for baby number two, and the fact that it is so lightweight!

  29. Avatar of Natasha Emery
    Natasha EmeryReply

    As a foster carer I need a pram that can change and be as flexible as my family

  30. Avatar of Rebecca Swann
    Rebecca SwannReply

    I love that it’s light weight, modern & funky looking, & the awesome safety features.

  31. Avatar of Tricia Hayley
    Tricia HayleyReply

    There are so many reasons to love the new Flexx! I love that it’s so lightweight but is still a fully functional pram. I love that it has so many configurations that when we add to our family we can keep using the same system. I love the choice of colours, not just boring black and grey. I just simply love the Britax brand overall!

  32. Avatar of Vladimir

    What a perfect present for my grand-daughter this would be. Thank you

  33. Avatar of Darina

    The lightweight, comfort, convenience, look, quality is all I ever asked for and the Britax Flexx stroller offers all and more.

  34. Avatar of Erum Zia

    FTM recovering from C section. With this pram, my search ends for a high quality LIGHTWEIGHT pram that folds into my car boot without a struggle! It would be Godsend for my post operative body and the perfect ride for my extremely wriggly baby!
    This mumma and bub NEED this in our lives now just so we can make those much needed trips to the park!!

  35. Avatar of Julia Pearse
    Julia PearseReply

    I love the lightweight frame and maneuverability. I have 2 girls a 3 yr old and newborn that would love this. Plus the colours are Devine.

  36. Avatar of Donna Johnson
    Donna JohnsonReply

    I would love so much to win this for baby number 4, there is a 8 year gap between this one and our last baby and this would be great to use at school pick up and general running around.

  37. Avatar of Bianca A

    How lightweight it is yet has so many great features. I love that I’ll be able to put any of my kids in & not have to worry about how I’m going to push the kids plus a hevay pram. It also looks nice too!

  38. Avatar of Gaibrielle Affleck
    Gaibrielle AffleckReply

    The light weight frame. This would be awesome when number 4 arrives and i’ll have a 1.5 year old, 3 year old and 6 year old while doing school runs!!!

  39. Avatar of Sallie B

    I love the fact that it is lightweight!! That and the fact you can add extras to make it a double pram means it can grow with the family (the cookouts are pretty great too)

  40. Avatar of RachelG

    I love that it is lightweight and the number of combinations for two children. Plus it looks lush too!

  41. Avatar of Tanya C

    I love the fact that the Flexx grows with your child from birth to toddler giving you great value for money.

  42. Avatar of Jan O'Bree

    I love that it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Ideal for using on public transport.

  43. Avatar of Allannah Glennister
    Allannah GlennisterReply

    How amazing! Wished i had this with my first. Would’ve saved me heaps of time

  44. Avatar of Beck mh

    Four recline positions and uv protection as well as super light weight, what’s not to Love?

  45. Avatar of Jarni

    I love how adaptable this pram is! You can go from newborn to toddler and have both at the same time!!

  46. Avatar of Milan F

    I adore the stylish look of this, but the biggest draw-card is the multiple configurations. So handy and adaptable!

  47. Avatar of Sharni

    They are light and easy to change positions.
    And best of all comes in different styles.

  48. Avatar of Danni-elle

    I love how stylish it looks, how lightweight it is and how it can grow with my family!

  49. Avatar of Gia S

    There are so many things to love about this stroller! My favourite features are ones that make life as a parent easier – it being so lightweight, extendable, and all the configurations. It truly would be a parent’s best friend!

  50. Avatar of Michele

    I love how chic and awesome the flexx pram looks it’s so adaptable and light weight
    Compared to my big, heavy and bulky pram that I needs a bus to cart around.
    Would love to be able to use this instead.
    The colors are awesome and this pram is ideal for any situation.
    Modern sleek and very pleasing to look at and admire.

  51. Avatar of Marnie

    Love how it has all the features you could want in a pram and more. Especially the safety aspects and how light weight it is compared to other brands. And that you can use the same pram for a growing family.

  52. Avatar of Jen EK

    The flexx is lightweight which is always essential for getting in and out of the car sometimes several times a day. The second seat option and multiple configurations are also great for our family.

  53. Avatar of Massouna Najjarine
    Massouna NajjarineReply

    I really love the thought of the Flexx can easily be lifted by even someone like myself with a sml body frame and that it’s lightweight aluminium frame weighs only about 8.5kg..oh and the stylish design and colours are really exciting. .

  54. Avatar of C McCarthy

    The freedom of one-handed steering, a coffee while on the go is essential ☕️

  55. Avatar of Tiara Greening-Lane
    Tiara Greening-LaneReply

    How light weight and roomy it sounds as i have never seen this pram up close. Those features sound good.

  56. Avatar of marija

    The pram that grows as the baby grows, meeting all their needs and making life easier for mum.

  57. Avatar of AleishaG

    This pram looks amazing. How can something this great be a tandom pram!?! Thats a big thing for me as sometimes Mr2.5 needs to ride as well

    • Avatar of Rie Q

      I was thinking this. Not sure if it’ll be worth getting a new stroller when I have another but knowing I could add a second seat would be amazing.

  58. Avatar of Ayla-Jade

    The colours make it look fantastic (of course that is important ) and living in remote WA with twin girls and a 3 year old, the lightness and ease of use is super attractive as I don’t have many free hands . In addition the uv protection is amazing to keep my bubs safe from the hot outback sun. Looks like the perfect pram to help this frazzled mummy ❤️❤️

  59. Avatar of Alex He

    The highest standard of safety is most awesome feature to me. Safety is always the first aspect I’m thinking about when I choose the stroller.

  60. Avatar of Di

    What a gorgeous, flexible and amazing pram! I don’t drive and my toddler is physically and intellectually disabled, so we are always out and about, going to medical appointments and enjoying the fresh air. My current pram just can’t take the daily abuse, nor is it as adjustable for my daughter’s ever changing moods. I love the storage space for all her sensory toys and maybe a sneaky block of chocolate for me!

  61. Avatar of Kathy CLARK
    Kathy CLARKReply

    My niece would abosultly love this as she is due to have her bub in early may

  62. Avatar of Rheanna

    I love how lightweight and compact the pram is. Trying to fit my current pram plus the groceries in the boot of my car is a struggle.

  63. Avatar of Mel

    A good pram has really become a luxury priced item! I would love to give my baby the benefits of this great pram without breaking into our dwindling savings!

    • Avatar of Maria Croker
      Maria CrokerReply

      I love the thought of an extra large canopy – a must-have for protection against the sun, especially in Australia. What a beautiful and functional pram for Aussie families.

  64. Avatar of Jaz

    I love that it is a beautiful luxury looking pram at a really reasonable price! Amazing that it is so compact and lightweight while still being able to convert to a double pram, so no need for an upgrade!!

  65. Avatar of Mick G

    So many different handy variations that ensure comfort and no need to fill the car to bursting point with all that is needed

  66. Avatar of Maria G

    I love the fact that it has a light weight frame, so loading it in and out of the car will be a breeze!

  67. Avatar of Laurie

    This looks like it’ll be ideal for a toddler and a baby, the forward and rearranging capabilities, the weight is so super lightweight, and it’s stylish all at once. Goodness, it sounds like a marvelous investment!

  68. Avatar of April

    With all the features that the Flexx has I really think it’s lightweight frame is what stands out for me. As a Mum of two young boys my back really takes a lot and I really struggle with the bulky pram I currently have. The fact that the Flexx has three fashionable colours with soft touch leatherette handle and arm bar is also an appealing feature.

  69. Avatar of Richard Tudor
    Richard TudorReply

    The Flexx is fabulous looking with many great features but if I can only name one it has to be the Fantastic light weight frame

  70. Avatar of Dee

    These Mum arms could use a break, a lightweight pram with a massive basket would do the trick.

  71. Avatar of Katrina Ward
    Katrina WardReply

    The Britax Flexx is a versatile pram. With so many different uses. Its a beautiful looking pram that looks light weight and easy to use. Perfect for our 1st baby. And versatile enough to continue to use when we have our 2nd.

  72. Avatar of GraceMcNally

    The Britax Flexx appears to be a dream in the shape of a pram. Lightweight, spacious storage compartment, ability to carry multiple children, of various ages in many configurations – what’s not to LOVE!

  73. Avatar of Tisa Dartora
    Tisa DartoraReply

    I loooove the flexibility the pram allows, all the different configurations and the fact that the double isn’t much bigger (only heavier with 2 kids) than the single pram! Being a mum of 2 under 2 that is extremely important. Also love the fact that it holds kids up to 20kgs, with my eldest ringing in at 12kgs at 22 months I would get sooo much use out of it. I currently have 2 prams (1 single and 1 double) and find it a hassle to have to swap them constantly depending on how many kids I’ll have at any outing. It would be great not to have to worry about it!!

  74. Avatar of Aselle

    I love the extendable storage basket, leather handles. and these absolutely stunning wheels!

  75. Avatar of Tory N

    I love that it is a complete travel system – we need to upgrade with my baby being born the week of my girls second birthday and this is ideal!

  76. Avatar of Kylie Thomas
    Kylie ThomasReply

    I love being able to convert it into a double if needed and that it is light weight.

  77. Avatar of Louise french
    Louise frenchReply

    Lightweight is the winner here for me. A sore back makes lifting a heavy stroller in and out of the boot a little hard but a nice light stroller would be awesome and easy for nanny to use too on babysitting days. A very stylish stroller too

  78. Avatar of Kate

    What a great design overall!!!! I love that it is lightweight but allows 2 children to be in it at the one time with the adaptability of second seat. I will have to change my first pram as Im expecting number 2 soon and so very dissapointed in myself that I didnt think of this feature before buying my first brand. It would be amazing to win this beauty as it would make my life alot easier with 2 and cannot afford to buy a new pram.

  79. Avatar of Kay McGuirk
    Kay McGuirkReply

    I would be the coolest , fastest Grandmother on the planet with these wheels

  80. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love that it is so light, less than 8.5 kgs and folds easily. As a grandma, I struggle with the old pram I have for my one year old grandson

  81. Avatar of Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth AndersonReply

    The conversions so that you can use it for more than one child.

  82. Avatar of Mary

    Consideration to back pain due to it lightweight feature without compromising the safety standards. Stylish and forward thinking with the additional seat.

  83. Avatar of Melzie86

    Love the colours and style of the pram. Also the wheels are great as I now have a commander crawler who likes to put fingers in the holes of my current 2Nd hand pram. Have to make sure the brakes are on so he doesn’t push it and get them stuck

  84. Avatar of Rebecca g

    I love how u can use it for more then 1 baby, i love the colours and the light weight everything i need 🙂

  85. Avatar of Georgiewat

    What a beautiful, stylish and practical pram! Perfect for lugging around a new born and a heavy toddler!

  86. Avatar of Anastasia Spiers
    Anastasia SpiersReply

    Lightweight and compact are the best features of this beautiful pram. With soon to be 3 kids space is a premium for us.

  87. Avatar of Tina L

    I love the UV protection and the extendable storage basket – safe AND handy!

  88. Avatar of bryan

    Lightweight is important as there is so much to carry round for baby. I love the flexibility as well as the protection to keep my baby safe.

  89. Avatar of Russell Mills
    Russell MillsReply

    What a fantastic easy to use product. I looked at these when buying my current plan. It was out of my price range but I loved the multiple positions you can set it up with.

  90. Avatar of miniC

    I like the flexibility it gives so that you can stroll through life with the little ones

  91. Avatar of Thaany

    A generous storage basket on a lightweight frame sounds like the perfect go-anywhere pram.

  92. Avatar of Linh.TNR

    I love that it is only 12 kgs and grows with my family. I am pregnant with baby #2 and my current pram is only single seater. I am in desperate need for a double pram that is also convertible and practical!

  93. Avatar of Megan

    I love it’s multi configuration and that it’s only 12kg!

  94. Avatar of Kahlia B

    A pram that weighs less than my toddler!? Sign me up!! I’m so over hauling our bulky stroller into the boot. But this luxurious beauty will be just for my little babe. Hopefully laying him flat will keep him snoozing longer while this Mumma shops!

  95. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant

    I love the fact the WHOLE PRAM only weighs about 12kgs..Also, that you can extend the Flexx with multiple configurations using the optional second seat, bassinet or their Unity ISOFIX baby capsule. Fantastic! Luxury on wheels, for both mummy and tiny tots INDEED!

  96. Avatar of Kate Slack

    I love how light it is 12kg is awesome, i also love the extra large canopy for keeping the hot Perth sun away from delicate skin.

  97. Avatar of Kimberley

    I love the colour range and how you can recline in different positions with reversible seat which my daughters doesn’t do which i have never really liked. Thankyou

  98. Avatar of Doris

    Love the top safety focus and the great versatile positions.

  99. Avatar of fiona

    It’s light and easy, carries one or two, gorgeous colors .

  100. Avatar of Rachel W

    I Love the Stylish Design, it looks super comfy and easy to use and the multiple configurations resulting in it being the only pram you would need for your child they will not outgrow it until they don’t need a pram anymore! It ‘s Awesome!

  101. Avatar of Debbie

    A lovely lightweight, easy to use design with a myriad of features to make life easier for bub and mum and dad. A lot of thought has gone into this one.

  102. Avatar of Michelle Cunningham
    Michelle CunninghamReply

    While it looks amazing, it’s also extremely practical in that two children can fit. It’s lightweight, stylish and versatile!

  103. Avatar of Bec Cook

    I love how flexible this pram is. So many different configuration. The option to have two children on one pram is a great feature. I love how when two seats are attached it doesn’t make the pram too bulky so will still fit easily in the car.

  104. Avatar of Lisa Lowry

    I absolutely love how the Britax Flexx Stroller looks so stylish and cool while being so lightweight and easy to use! One of my favourite features is the extra large storage, as a mum of a newborn and toddler I’m always carrying a million things with me! Love it!

  105. Avatar of Mrs Mellisa Counsell
    Mrs Mellisa CounsellReply

    I love that it will configure to fit my new born twin grand babies

  106. Avatar of Natasha C

    What a beautiful pram so many features to love but have to love how lightweight it is. My husband would love one of these gorgeous new prams for me so i can stop destroying our car lugging my heavy one in and out and scratching up the bumper.

  107. Avatar of Sally

    It’s the perfect pram for two under two! So many options and so many added extras!

  108. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    So much I love about it…but love that it has reversible seat and four recline positions meaning it is the only Stroller you will need

  109. Avatar of Emma Pritchard
    Emma PritchardReply

    I love the expandable shopping basket and that you can configure the pram to suit your family!!

  110. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    I love it has 4 large wheels, and is lightweight and easy to manage especially for a small car, and an extra large carry basket, there is always lots to carry.

  111. Avatar of Dominique

    It’s very stylish, large under basket always handy, and the ease of carrying 2 very small children.

  112. Avatar of Ellie H

    I love the stylish colours that the Britax stroller is available in. The fact this stroller is also lightweight, is a winning feature for me!

  113. Avatar of Jess A

    I like that it is lightweight, and so should be easy to lift up and put in the car! I also like that it will fit the capsule that I currently have.

  114. Avatar of Sophie White
    Sophie WhiteReply

    I love that this pram offers the option to both parent and world face, especially in double mode! I hate when you find a pram that ticks all of the boxes but then it isn’t convertible to a double, that’s something very important to me.

  115. Avatar of Casey Quin

    The fact that it is light weight is so important to me. I have a bad back which means i need a stroller and i need it to be easy to use by myself to maintain my independence. Its one of my top priorities when choosing a stroller!

  116. Avatar of Krystle McCarthy
    Krystle McCarthyReply

    Love the stylish, compact design and the fact it is so lightweight!

  117. Avatar of Amy

    I saw this in person and loved how stylish it looked. I also like the fact that you can do multiple configurations and that the whole pram is lightweight. But most of all, I like the extendable shopping basket. Always get more than I plan to when I’m at the supermarket!

  118. Avatar of Katie Brown
    Katie BrownReply

    After my first pregnancy 14yrs ago my things have changed in style and price range. Stunning,safe and lightweight perfect after c section. The brand is so trusting and having my baby protected i wouldn’t look at any other brand.

  119. Avatar of Jennie

    OMG the endless options! I love how versatile the flexx looks!

  120. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullenReply

    I love that its light weight and easy to push and push away myself especially after a c section it can be painful to lift. I also love the colours it comes in!

  121. Avatar of stacey coppin
    stacey coppinReply

    I love that it fits with today’s easy going lifestyle. The fact that it’s lightweight and simple to use makes it better for sleep deprived parents to go about their day.

  122. Avatar of Kelly Demicoli
    Kelly DemicoliReply

    I love that it’s light weight and that you can add another seat. I plan on having another bub within the next year.

  123. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim CampbellReply

    Britax is a brand that I trust and this design is amazingly stylish, lightweight and flexible just what every mum needs.

  124. Avatar of Irene valentina
    Irene valentinaReply

    Love the safety features and the extendable storage basket.

  125. Avatar of Linda Pepper
    Linda PepperReply

    I love how it is lightweight, easy to lift, all its safety features, its multi functional and its absolutely stunning. Its so easy to push and its a brand you can trust to keep your little one secure and safe. It also has a large extendable storage basket for those shopping trips. Just what every mum needs and deserves

  126. Avatar of Jess F

    That from the get go thanks to the Britax Flexx strollers handy mesh ventilation panel, pull out sun visor and extra large canopy for that all important UV protection; come rain, rail,or shine nothing will hold us back from enjoying the great Aussie outdoors!

  127. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary PrestonReply

    Suitable from birth and I love the sun safety features. A must for our climate.

  128. Avatar of Melissa Zammit
    Melissa ZammitReply

    I love that it only weighs 12kg, as I have a bad back this is a great feature for me.. I love the extra UV protection with the pull out hood and that it will grow with my growing family

  129. Avatar of celeste

    I love the new charcoal color. WOW
    It goes with my capsule,which is also charcoal/grey.
    Who doesn’t love to accessorize,mix,match.
    Does the capsule in photo come with the Britax Flexx?
    <3 🙂

  130. Avatar of Wendy M

    It’s skinny enough to get through checkouts and in between cars in car parks. These are things I didn’t think of when I bought my first pram with my first child. With number two on the way, I love the Britax’s accessibility and funtionallity features.

  131. Avatar of Hope

    The Flexx’s reversible seat and four recline positions allows me to manoeuvre fussy bub who is always on the move, and the extendable storage basket will aid in carrying around baby essentials and that bottle of champas 🙂

  132. Avatar of Iain D

    The stroller looks great and would be really handy to have the option to add a second seat for any additions to the family

  133. Avatar of Elise M

    With 2 kids already and another on the way having a pram that had some flexibility and style is a perfect combination for our family! Love the red too!

  134. Avatar of amandalk

    A gorgeous, functional and customisable pram – yes please! Definitely would want to upgrade and convert it to a double pram for my toddler and baby.

  135. Avatar of Tamara

    I love the colours, it’s lightweight, it has a simple yet stylish, classic look and that it grows with your family.

  136. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty PerkinsReply

    I LOVE they versatility and that it has an extendable basket. Every mums dream pram!

  137. Avatar of Caroline

    Flexible and fancy + lightweight and loveable = freedom with the Britax Flexx

  138. Avatar of Apipheny

    I love the super luxurious look and versatility of this pram! Its the kind of pram I would use everyday for a long time from having a newborn and through the toddler years!

  139. Avatar of Jessica

    In a 7 seater car with limited boot space, I need a light and compact pram that is easy to use. The Flexx looks like it covers all those aspects and looks modern and sleek as well. Win all round.

  140. Avatar of Sarah Wallace
    Sarah WallaceReply

    Being so light is fantastic. My back is constantly tweaking with our other pram and bub. It would help so much!

  141. Avatar of leesa028

    The Flexx was by far my favourite pram to try in the baby shop recently 🙂

  142. Avatar of Natalie M

    Totally the ability to fit a second seat. My tummy muscles are gone so carrying small but heavy ones is just pain for days.

  143. Avatar of Gina Decapia
    Gina DecapiaReply

    I love that the Flexx is from newborn to 20kg – my kids are all out of pram by that stage so I’d only need one forever.

  144. Avatar of LizB

    I’m a foster carer and this pram would be great for the little lovelies that come into my care

  145. Avatar of Michelle Hook
    Michelle HookReply

    I love how lightweight and compact it is. Other double prams are so long.

  146. Avatar of Hayley

    Lightweight, stylish and safe all I look for in a pram for my children.

  147. Avatar of Kim Cockburn
    Kim CockburnReply

    I love that it is stylish and easy to drive and easy storage and above all else, its compact design which is perfect for my small car.

  148. Avatar of Beth Campton
    Beth CamptonReply

    The basket looks amazing, as does the fact that it is so light weight

  149. Avatar of Jessica Hall
    Jessica HallReply

    I love that its so lightweight. And is a good excercising going out pram.

  150. Avatar of Zoe Baynes

    I love how this pram ticks all the right boxes! Light, stylish and the option for an add on if I have a second child.

  151. Avatar of Tracey

    I love the extendable storage basket, allowing me to carry everything I need for the day

  152. Avatar of cleo

    Lightweight which takes a load off when travelling and easy to maneuver in those difficult places.

  153. Avatar of Nicole

    I love how compact it is, and light weight! Gave it a little push around the shop. It definitely ticks all the boxes for me since i neednto upgrade to a Tandem pram since finding out baby number 3 was coming. Little surprise she is, only gave us 4 months to prepare. Not enought time at all!

  154. Avatar of Maggie

    I love everything about this praam, very light weight, the 4 way configuration but most of all the added option to make it a double stroller. My son will soon be having another bub and with a one year old already, the Flexx Stroller would be perfect.

  155. Avatar of James

    is bound to bring a big smile on the face of your little adventurer

  156. Avatar of Kristie King
    Kristie KingReply

    I love the comfort for bub, with the mesh to keep cool and the UV shade to protect bub.

  157. Avatar of Alexandra

    I like the lightweight combined with both forward and rear facing full recline positions

  158. Avatar of Stephanie

    Omg whats not to love about this stroller..
    And to have a brand new pram after 3 children would b a dream..
    A ligh weight pram with large storage basket and option of a second seat but still a stunning easy to manuver stroller..
    Um yes please, this would be a blessing.
    Thanms guys xxx

  159. Avatar of Jen

    So stylish and lightweight, not to mention the perfect configuration for two! What’s not to love!! Ticks all the boxes! Would love to own one

  160. Avatar of Mel

    I hated the pram I had with my son, but this looks like a winner for my next one!!

  161. Avatar of Skye Phillips
    Skye PhillipsReply

    I love that it’s lightweight and has the ability to grow if the family grows.

  162. Avatar of Julie Parsons
    Julie ParsonsReply

    It’s has a gorgeous design, is comfortable , easy to drive and comes in a stylish range of colours.

  163. Avatar of Di_85

    I love the versatility of the britax flexx stroller. The main feature that appeals to me is the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to pack up as i struggle to lift my pram in the car at the moment (probably doesn’t help with my large bump at the front ).

  164. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara JohnstonReply

    Omgosh the pullout sunvisor,
    Is the standout for me!
    Struggling with this issue,
    With my first 2 babies.
    Now I have my third little one:
    Plus walking to prep every weekday.
    Means bub in the pram in the sun.
    Sun protection’s no child’s play!

  165. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy HattonReply

    Being light weight and easily manvoeuvrable makes it a winner for me. Reducing the struggle makes a Mum’s day much less stressful.

  166. Avatar of Mel I

    The fact that my Britax capsule will easily fit on makes this stroller a breeze to use 🙂

  167. Avatar of Juanita

    The Britax Flexx Stroller & Bassinette
    Would keep my Granddaughter safe
    Keeping the sun of her precious head
    While being manoeuverable and lightweight
    The soft touch leatherette
    Leaves bub feeling cream of the crop
    While reclining function and reversible seat
    Are definitely not where the extras stop
    There’s UV protection, plus extra storage
    And a flap to play peek-a-boo
    Britax Ultra Luxe Stroller and me
    Sounds like a perfect marriage
    With this innovative stroller and accesories galore
    There truly is not an issue
    The only thing left for me to do
    Is decide which colour to choose.

  168. Avatar of Erin

    I love the look of this pram its so stylish and light so it will be easy for when i need to get it in and out of the car or for when i need tp get my mum to babysit

  169. Avatar of melanie o

    its size and weight, perfect for my best friend who has a dodgy shoulder

  170. Avatar of Sarah

    I like that it has more recline positions than most prams, others never seen to recline or sit upright enough.

  171. Avatar of Trish

    What’s not to LOVE!
    LOVE that the Flexx is compact and lightweight. Only 12kg!!
    LOVE that the Flexx is travel system compatible. Makes life so much easier. Especially with young children.
    LOVE that the Flexx has sooooo many configurations, is super sexy and is available in beautiful colours. Totally cool!
    LOVE luxury. LOVE Steelcraft.

  172. Avatar of Barbara

    It looks so easy to use and appears to be so versatile.

  173. Avatar of Leah

    I love how many options you have in carting baby in different ways, the light weight, the look and most of all comfort for baby.

  174. Avatar of Monica Vella
    Monica VellaReply

    I love that it’s light weight and has the breathable mesh panels. I also like that everything is interchangeable and grows with my child

  175. Avatar of Caitlin James
    Caitlin JamesReply

    Birtax is there anything you can’t do?? Being a busy mother of four I’ve been around the block with the down falls of heavy and bulky monstrosity’s of apparent “prams”, until I came across the e-brake which by the way was a masterpiece compared to most and I didn’t think you could get better without sacrifice.
    But here you are again, proving that birtax is by far the best with the new flexx
    This baby has all the luxuries you want to keep of the e-brake from the light durable frame to the easiness to convert to a double or have it in multiple positions with the added bonus of more storage and improved steering ease.

    The Flexx is a pram designed to take the breath away from mothers who are still in shock from discovering that a pram that makes your life easier instead of more complex actually exist

  176. Avatar of Ellie

    I love the light weight and the ability to expand the FLEXX into a tandem pram for when my second child comes along. Of course the safety features are a stand out and the great style and colour range has really won me over.

  177. Avatar of Courtney

    I looked after my nephew for a week who has this pram. It’s very easy to maneuver, i loved going for walks.
    Easy to fold & unfold especially when putting groceries in the boot.
    The quality of structure is strong and durable. I got a few compliments when i was walking around the shops in how seamless and elegant it looked. Great space at the bottom.
    Great pram i hope to win one for my newest addition!

  178. Avatar of phil holt

    i love the safety features along with the beautiful design, it will be a great prize to win so I can take my grandson with me on my morning walks

  179. Avatar of Tabatha Voss
    Tabatha VossReply

    The 4WD of the stroller world with quality to boot

  180. Avatar of Rebecca

    When our girls where younger we had a triplet pram which was so big and time consuming to put together and pull apart and not to mention heavy. The Britax Flexx is light weight, so much easier to put maneuver, the reversable seat it awesome. Oh and its so pretty to . It would definately be amazing for anyone to win, good kuck everyone

  181. Avatar of Lesleigh

    I like that it is so easy to store and light to manage

  182. Avatar of Hayley

    I love the light weight design. Nothing worse than a heavy, hard to move pram!

  183. Avatar of Penny

    I love how stylish, flexible and lightweight the pram is.

  184. Avatar of Alanna hope
    Alanna hopeReply

    I love the fact that its light weight! With a bad back it would certainly help!

  185. Avatar of Saadia

    The light weight feature takes the cake. I currently have a heavy bulky hand me down (almost 10 years old) for my first which is difficult to lift and open up. This would be amazing!
    I also love the fact that you just need to get another seat for it to become a double stroller as we think about extending the family, so no need to out buy a separate pram, specially when we couldnt even get a new first pram because of the heavy price tags.
    Ive always eyed those amazing britax car seats because of how safe they are but had to get one from salvos instead, so to own the britax pram would be a dream come true. !! Best of luck everyone!

  186. Avatar of Dannielle Rowe
    Dannielle RoweReply

    I think all mums find it overwhelming to choose a pram! its not just the color and the way it looks but the functionality of it and making life just that little bit easier but still appreciating that your child is comfortable and safe.
    I love the simplicity of each function on the Britax Flexx and the multi uses. We all know mums have to be multi taskers and this enables just that (you can pretty much do all functions with one hand).
    But you cannot get me past the beautiful color range I am absolutely in love with the Grey and the hint of brown it completes the light weight frame.

  187. Avatar of Linda

    The Britax Flexx is definitely the ‘creme de la creme’ of prams! I love that the Flexx is adaptable, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and best of all… STYLISH!!! The best fashion accessory a mumma can have.

  188. Avatar of Amber Daly

    Love that is suitable for a newborn and toddler!! And love that the ultra-luxe flexx stroller has two front wheels!

  189. Avatar of Ellee Buttress
    Ellee ButtressReply

    I love how lightweight, stylish, easy to manoeuvre and easy to fold. Best of all it’s a ready to go travel system with my britax capsule which I love!

  190. Avatar of Bec

    I would love to cruise the streets with this stylish pram. I also love the light weight frame an the over all appearance. Good luck to all

  191. Avatar of Kaleisha J R
    Kaleisha J RReply

    Love how versatile it is. Light weight and easy to switch to a double (with not much difference to the size) the extendable uv hood for our Aussie hot summers. I can’t get over the extendable storage basket 😮 every pram needs this feature!
    It’s gorgeous and holds up to 20kgs, my toddle being 15kgs already at 2yrs old
    What an awesome pram

  192. Avatar of Charmaine Schlaefer
    Charmaine SchlaeferReply

    I love the way it stands out with its luxuries compared to other prams on the market. The groovy wheels got me.

  193. Avatar of Rachel P

    The new style is so different to the other britax prams which makes it stand out from the rest. The fabric choices look so good, and suitable for 2 children. Amazing

  194. Avatar of David B

    I love that my wife loves everything about it and I love the price

  195. Avatar of Renee B

    I love that it can convert to a tandem & the extendable storage!

  196. Avatar of Amanda

    It’s light, luxurious and has plenty of room for both kids to move. The charcoal is Devine, would love to win this!

  197. Avatar of Katie Thurlby
    Katie ThurlbyReply

    Would love a compact lightweight pram for my new bub. Our old one is 6 years old! This looks amazing!

  198. Avatar of Mikaela

    I have twins in a side by side pram – it would be great to give this new one a go, as I may fit though the doors!

  199. Avatar of Jacqueline price
    Jacqueline priceReply

    Love how light and stylish it is and the leather handle and how its perfect for 2 kids

  200. Avatar of Amy cannan

    I love that it can accommodate 2 kids for our growing family. It’s light and compact and looks fab!

  201. Avatar of Tyla

    What’s not to love? Lightweight, extendable storage basket, front and rear facing, modern aesthetic, variety of colours. It’s a winner for sure.

  202. Avatar of Sarah Farrer
    Sarah FarrerReply

    After a surprise number 3 I’m in need for a growing family thats light and compact and practical!

  203. Avatar of Natalie P

    Looks so stylish but the light weight frame and ability to take 2 is what I love. Lifting a heavy pram was sooo hard after my first that I am on the hunt for a lighter pram for when we have 2 and this would be perfect!

  204. Avatar of Sy

    Love that it’s so lightweight. Would be great for my bad back!

  205. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    As a Mum who loves to shop my favourite feature of the Britax Flexx stroller has to be the extendable storage basket.

  206. Avatar of Elizabeth Lunnay
    Elizabeth LunnayReply

    I love that’s it’s so lightweight and so many different designs and colours t choose from.

  207. Avatar of Naomi Hines
    Naomi HinesReply

    I love how flexible this pram is with seating options.

  208. Avatar of Brodie Kerr
    Brodie KerrReply

    I absolutely love that the Britax Flexx makes me want to break up with my old pram! Lightweight, compact and backed by the strength of the Britax brand, it’s sure to make all the other mummies and bubs jealous!

  209. Avatar of Abbie A

    Having baby number three and our 8 year old pram sure needs an upgrade. But so many prams don’t offer a reversible seat – yours does! For me this is such an important feature so thanks!

  210. Avatar of Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen DonnellyReply

    easy to fold and lightweight so easy to lift into the boot

  211. Avatar of Cristina

    Would live this pram. Style, functional and lightweight what more could you want or need in a pram x

  212. Avatar of Karen Hodge
    Karen HodgeReply

    It’s such a lightweight, functional and funky design! It’s practical, and so much more suitable for a growing family to get around effectively and easily.

  213. Avatar of Ryan H

    The added detail of the soft touch leatherette handle and arm bar for added pushing comfort. These little touches go along way, especially something like this where you can notice the difference given how long you end up pushing the pram for.

  214. Avatar of Marigold Hall
    Marigold HallReply

    I love it’s sleek modern look and the unique wheels. Lightweight is so important when juggling a newborn. Would fit perfectly with my Britax unity capsule. My 5 week old will be the envy of all the babies on the block!

  215. Avatar of Sarah

    I love that it is lightweight and he colours and that it comes in a double. Would be perfect for my newborn and 2.5yo

  216. Avatar of Kate

    I love the practicality of the different seat arrangements with a touch of luxury

  217. Avatar of Hayley

    I love how it is so lightweight as well as the option for 2 seats as we have 2 young ones. With the extendable basket below thats an added bonus.

  218. Avatar of Ashram Sheridan Miles
    Ashram Sheridan MilesReply

    I love the spacious seat and generous room!

  219. Avatar of Kate Hindmarsh
    Kate HindmarshReply

    The light weight design sounds fabulous and it looks great too!

  220. Avatar of Kate Larwood
    Kate LarwoodReply

    I like how it is lightweight and easy to fold up and down. Making it easy to pop up whilst holding baby.

  221. Avatar of Charlotte B
    Charlotte BReply

    The extendable storage basket which would prove so useful on shopping trips.

  222. Avatar of Tan

    I love how light it is esp seeing I have to have a Cesar. Colours are bold & I’d be proud to go walking with my bub in one of these.

  223. Avatar of Lauren

    I love everything about it! But mostly the lightweight frame and reversible seat and it is suitable from birth to 20kg

  224. Avatar of Sandra L

    I went and looked at the pram myself. I love how it could cater for second bub and luxury feel of it!

  225. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia ComerReply

    Functionability and large wheels because the ground is so uneven here in Taree. So better suspension and larger wheels means baby can stay in the pram and have a more comfortable ride and a less frustrated parent.

  226. Avatar of Yasmin Jones
    Yasmin JonesReply

    I absolutely love the new Britax Flexx stroller, I love that it is lightweight, stylist and most of all the multiple configurations for when you add an additional member to the family!!! That feature is sure to come in very handy!!

  227. Avatar of Loz Jordan

    I love that it has so many possibilities for configurations! Flexibility is key for parenthood, in my experience!

  228. Avatar of Jess P

    Although I’m still pregnant (FTM – due in August) and haven’t had a chance to use a Britax Stroller yet, I love the availability of styles/colours it comes in and all of the accessories that are available! Being on the smaller side myself, the lightweight construction would be perfect for me!

  229. Avatar of Claire

    Love how stylish it is and all the different configurations

  230. Avatar of Rebecca bryan
    Rebecca bryanReply

    Looks great for a tall family and still stylish at the same time.

  231. Avatar of Tyne R

    The Britain Flexx stroller is lightweight and versatile. It can be used for one child or two which may just be a good enough reason to have a second child

  232. Avatar of Darel F

    I love the look of the Britax Flexx Stroller- particularly the charcoal! However, my favourite feature is definitely that it is lightweight for easy lifting/storage.
    I also love that a second seat is easily added to this stroller, ensuring it is a sound choice for people wishing to have more children in the future 🙂

  233. Avatar of Adriarn

    I love, that this pram is so easy to lift and pack away into the car. I also love, the variety of colours available and safty features this pram has. The icing on the cake, is that you can attach a bassinet for when baby number two comes along.

  234. Avatar of Tanya B

    I love how it’s both stylish and has great functionality!

  235. Avatar of kaity

    I already love Britain products- so reliable. I am in desperate need of a pram upgrade that will accomodate my toddler and new baby safely. The configuration of this pram is great, such a practical basket to fit everything that needs to leave the house and everything extra that comes home! Most importantly is durable, safe, comfortable x2 and looks stylish, love a bit of glam in a pram!

  236. Avatar of Irene

    I’ve been looking at a lot of prams and this one not only looks great, but also functions as a full travel system (with the extra parts) and is lightweight and compact. With the ability to make it a double pram, you get a lot of value for money.

  237. Avatar of Tiffany

    The seat. I have a lazy 3 year old who doesn’t like to walk which works for me most of the time but when he falls asleep I need to be able to lay him back and hide him from the sun and a stroller just doesn’t cut it. Being able to watch him and talk to him facing me would be perfect

  238. Avatar of Courtney Luki
    Courtney LukiReply

    I never win these things but I desperately need a new pram and would love to try one of these. Thanks for the chance!

  239. Avatar of Eve

    I love the bright colours and the reclining positions. Hopefully i can get at least one of my muchkins to sleep in this!

  240. Avatar of Tash Wiese

    I love the stylish new look and being light weight would make getting around so much easier. This would be amazing for my 2 kids!

  241. Avatar of Emma

    Looks super stylish and easy to use. Plus Britax is a great brand. Our bub has heaps of Britax brand items that will get many years of love.

  242. Avatar of Breanna

    Love the light weight, easy to get in and out of the car!!

  243. Avatar of Elise

    I love that Britax has combined safety, adaptability, functionality and style all in one. Having a lightweight, easy to use and adaptable pram makes life as a busy mum so much easier!

  244. Avatar of Rachel Tompkins
    Rachel TompkinsReply

    I love the lightweight frame and the colours of the fabric used. Also the ability to convert to a double!

  245. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana HodgettsReply

    We’re a one car family, so with daddy taking the car to work with him every day the only option for the kids and I to get out and about is with the pram and/or by taking public transport and the pram.
    As a mum of two children under two, and having to push the pram everywhere, the light weight yet durable nature of the Britax Flexx stroller sounds absolutely ideal! It only weighs 12kg, but yet can safely carry a lofty 20kg, now that is truly amazing!! My 18month old weighs just under 10kg and my one week old Newborn weighs 3.5kg. We would get so many months of use out of the Britax Flexx both as a Tandem pram, and eventually when the toddler no longer needs to be pushed around it would still be ideal for my family’s needs to use it as a single pram.

    My hands down favorite feature though would have to be that you can use the bassinet at the same time as the toddler seat! I have been stressing about how I can get out and about with my two littlies as our current pram whilst being a Tandem (strider compact) does not allow for this configuration!!

    I would absolutely love to be the lucky mum who gets to try out this gorgeous Britax Flexx stroller!

    Thank you for the chance!!

  246. Avatar of Cassey B

    I live that it is lightweight and compact which will come in handy when juggling a newborn and a toddler

  247. Avatar of Samantha M-P
    Samantha M-PReply

    The ability to add the extra seat – I wouldn’t feel so mean going for the longer walks if my daughter could take a seat when/ if she got tired. Also, I love the red colour!

  248. Avatar of Lyn Mac

    I love that they are stylish and appear very user friendly, definitely impressed that it can convert to a double. Would love to have for my first grandchild

  249. Avatar of Rahni Larin
    Rahni LarinReply

    I love that it has a second seat option with various configurations.

  250. Avatar of Emily Robinson
    Emily RobinsonReply

    I don’t like sweating much, so it would b nice to be able to get the pram in and out of the car easier. 🙂

  251. Avatar of Courtney

    Stylish, versatile, lightweight and can get me out the house with both my youngest being in one pram! What’s not to love!

  252. Avatar of Annaliese Allsop
    Annaliese AllsopReply

    I love the level of safety to keep our little bub safe 🙂

  253. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    I love that this stroller is compact and lightweight which is a must for a nana that looks after the little ones on a regular basis

  254. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    I love that it’s lightweight, oh and the amazing storage space OMG yaaaaaasssss!

  255. Avatar of Kat D

    This has to be the best looking pram I have ever seen! Beautiful lines, stunning colours that will not age, and super versatile – oh my!
    12 kilos is a breeze to pack up, and of course the safety level is fantastic!

    Would look stunning, even after it gets covered in food!

  256. Avatar of Sarah

    I love the fact that the Flexx holds children up to 20kg as my son has outgrown his current stroller and he isn’t even 2 yet! Being lightweight is a bonus as I often have to carry my 16kg toddler as well as manoeuvre a pram in busy places when he has had enough of being in it. The luxurious features are just amazing and keep the flexx not only practical but stylish too!

  257. Avatar of Victoria

    I love lightweight prams… they can be so heavy and inflexible- this one definitely is not!

  258. Avatar of Lauren Critchley
    Lauren CritchleyReply

    Love the style of the new Flexx and especially impressed with it only weighing in at 12kg all up!

  259. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey TaylorReply

    I love the fact that the stroller is a stable unit with no fear of tipping over.

  260. Avatar of Sacha

    I like that it’s lightweight and can be a double pram… I currently have a 13 month old and we are looking to add to our family so this pram would be perfect

  261. Avatar of Rob

    The ability to adjust the layout of the flex means that we can use it for our current child, and the new baby.

  262. Avatar of Angela S.

    I love the overall look, so sleek and stylish with such an expensive looking finish.

  263. Avatar of Jodi Dynan

    It looks like such an easy to use stroller & very stylish

  264. Avatar of Jess S

    The extendable storage basket. I need more storage space on the pram. As my son grows, so does the amount of stuff he wants to take about.

  265. Avatar of Lana H

    I love that they’ve managed to make a tandem pram with such a light frame (8kg!!!!)

  266. Avatar of Ellie

    This fogged mama can bring bubbas out regardless whether it’s hot, cold, windy or wet! Knowing Flexx protects, ventilate and block out sun with an extra-large canopy for UV radiation protection. So good that mama can sneak in for a quick nap herself and might fancy it so much that i decided to hibernate in there for a while.

  267. Avatar of Claire L

    I love how light it is and the extendable basket. Great for grocery shopping!

  268. Avatar of Gemma

    I love the different colours and how compact the flex is! My newborn would love to cruise around in this beauty

  269. Avatar of Fiona h

    I love the idea of a super lightweight frame that is easy to set up for use. I have always used Britax car seats as safety is really important when caring for our kids.

  270. Avatar of Nicki C

    I love the reversible seat!! Great for when your child is having one of those days. Also having a light pram is a must because babies are heavy enough!!

  271. Avatar of Tracey

    I love that it’s lightweight, has a decent sized basket underneath & has the extra large canopy to protect bubs from the Aussie sun!

  272. Avatar of Amber Turner
    Amber TurnerReply

    I borrowed a friends pram with my first born and loved how easy it was to push around. Love the basinette option to!

  273. Avatar of jodie

    tried this pram out in the baby store and loved it! we need a double pram for our new addition coming in august and our daughter is only 9.5 months old so this would be perfect. so easy to manoeuvre and quite roomy!

  274. Avatar of Jess Mc

    I love that my son would be cozy and safe and i like that we’ll look good while we’re at it, also our unity capsule will fit right in. Fingers crossed for my little guy

  275. Avatar of Whitney

    I’ve never used this brand before, so it’d be a great opportunity to use a pram with such high standard safety features. I’m expecting baby number 3 and I don’t have enough money to purchase a nice, brand new pram. I love to walk everywhere, so having a great pram to use will be a bonus.
    Fingers crossed.

  276. Avatar of Katie Murray
    Katie MurrayReply

    I literally love everything about this pram. Its versatility, the fabulous colours, the forward and rear facing options and the fact that it folds up nice and compact.
    This pram is by far my preferred pram, and to win one would be an absolute blessing.

  277. Avatar of Joanna Safi
    Joanna SafiReply

    I love the stylish look and features of this pram!! It is everything that I have been looking for. I am currently pregnant with my first child and I absolutely cannot stand those prams that are harder to operate than most heavy machinery. I also love that it has the option for an additional bassinet as my husband and I are planning on having another child shortly after but don’t want a double pram for our first baby!!

  278. Avatar of Kate hampton
    Kate hamptonReply

    I love how stylish and modern this pram is and that it’s suitable for everyday use.

  279. Avatar of Tashana purkis
    Tashana purkisReply

    I love love all the attachments it has everything

  280. Avatar of Bianca Johnson
    Bianca JohnsonReply

    I love the extendable storage basket! You can never have too much storage in a pram!

  281. Avatar of Donna

    Would love to win one of these for my daughter who is pregnant with our first grandchild, would save her a little stress of saving for one. Only want the best for my granbaby

  282. Avatar of Sheri Gould
    Sheri GouldReply

    I like most the multiple configurations and expandable storage. These would be super helpful

  283. Avatar of Gemma D

    I LOVE the fact that the stroller is so light, it is adaptable to be a single or double stroller, and you can use the car capsules with the double configuration as well!!
    I’m due in June, and this would be an amazing addition to our lives, as we plan to have another soon after, so the double pram would be a godsend!
    The whole pram just looks and sounds so appealing to me, and my circumstances ❤️

  284. Avatar of Leah

    What’s not to love? Stunning looking stroller!
    The weight is probably the biggest plus (I’m a weakling), but expandable storage sounds like something that would make life easier for anybody that uses it!

  285. Avatar of Catherine Jaspers
    Catherine JaspersReply

    I love a lightweight pram! With a toddler whos almost 2 & baby on the way, who wants to waste energy lugging a heavy pram in & out of the car?! This would be amazing to win! And oh so stylish!

  286. Avatar of Kaitlin

    I would really reallllyyyyy love to win this awesome pram for my 2 under 2. I love that my capsule would fit, its super stylish and has multiple configurations. Crossing everything this pram is exactly what i need!

  287. Avatar of Claire Carroll
    Claire CarrollReply

    I love the light weight and colour choice. But most of all the side access to check on bub is a great innovation! Very clever and useful!

  288. Avatar of Kim

    I really like the style and finishing touches of this stroller.

  289. Avatar of Maria

    I have the strider with my first born and with much walking and settling in pram so he would sleep, I particularly like the comfort for baby (so they’ll sleep! ‍♀️) and the lightweight and easy stear wheels Is ideal!!

  290. Avatar of Gina

    I love the fact that it is light weight! Bad backs and heavy baby’s don’t go well with heavy prams!
    Currently planning baby number two and would love this.

  291. Avatar of Danielle Hartmann
    Danielle HartmannReply

    The Britax Flexx is the ultimate in lightweight, flexible luxury. Sleek, stylish and totally functional. What new mum wouldn’t be thrilled to have a Flexx!

  292. Avatar of Angela Brown
    Angela BrownReply

    Being light weight the pram would have to be lighter to take my twins out and about. And being light weight would make it less of a impact on post cesarean mums like myself.

  293. Avatar of Taila Campbell
    Taila CampbellReply

    I have two kids 14 months apart (19 months & 5 months) and my pram is so hard to manoeuvre as they get bigger, it would be absolutely amazing to have a good looking, sturdy and safe pram for my babies

  294. Avatar of Kristen

    I love how the Britax Flexx stroller is truly flexible in design. Having 3 young ones myself I know how handy the extended storage would be or the option for it to grow with the family without the need to upgrade. The stroller wouldn’t be for myself, instead I would gift it to my younger sis who is expecting her first. She has been my biggest support and altra flexible with my little ones.

  295. Avatar of Talia

    Being light weight will help with lifting it in and out the car and easy steer wheels will make it easier fo control with my older kids holding onto to it when we walk daily for school drop offs

  296. Avatar of Alex Francis
    Alex FrancisReply

    Light weight aluminium frane and overall weight 12kg! I’m sold! Need this in my life.

  297. Avatar of Jayde M

    I love the stylish design and how many accessories you can get! Also being lightweight makes it easier to deal with when out and about!

  298. Avatar of Julie

    I love that it is light weight, making it easy to lift into the boot of car especially if you’ve had a c section

  299. Avatar of Melissa Ferdinands
    Melissa FerdinandsReply

    I like that the Flexx is compact and light weight so even my husband who has a long term knee injury can carry it in and out of the car. The soft touch leatherette handle looks amazing too and easy to clean.

  300. Avatar of Laura McNeice
    Laura McNeiceReply

    An extendable storage basket – wow! There’s always so much to carry with just my little girl, I can’t imagine how much I’ll need for baby #2!

  301. Avatar of Kylie Gerstenberg
    Kylie GerstenbergReply

    Oh how I wish I could afford such a nice and flexible upgrade for this next baby. Will just have to hope and dream for a bit longer.

  302. Avatar of Tracey Allkin
    Tracey AllkinReply

    I would love to win this pram for my Son and Daughter in law who are having their first baby. The pram looks compact and easy to put up and down exactly what you need with a newborn.

  303. Avatar of Michael

    I love the option to have a second seat added, we are having our first baby in June and would love to extend our family, only needing one pram from start to finish would be ideal. Also knowing that the safety standards are so high is what every parent looks for!

  304. Avatar of Centaine Walters
    Centaine WaltersReply

    I love that it can hold up to 20kg, so my toddler who refuses to walk on occasions (like most of the time) can have somewhere to sit as well as the new bub on the way. Plus win win it will save my poor back.

  305. Avatar of Ally

    Whats not to love about this pram? Definitely love the lightweight design and amazing extendable storage basket

  306. Avatar of Aliesha

    I love the durability of the Britax stroller. It’s definitely a stroller I would feel safe having my baby in

  307. Avatar of Emily

    I love the range of colour and the classic style. Large storage basket and being lightweight would be very convenient

  308. Avatar of MV

    I love the way it looks and I love how the basket underneath is easy to get to.

  309. Avatar of TANYA K

    I need this in my life, have been searching for a pram since my bub was born 6 mths ago that would suit both my girls & our lifestyle. Flexx is the answer!

  310. Avatar of Kathleen Williams
    Kathleen WilliamsReply

    I love the convenience of this Britax pram, how versatile it is, how lovely it looks, and how light weight it is.

  311. Avatar of Jazmin

    What I love most about the Britax Flexx stroller is the luxury finishes and accessories, it’s an all inclusive, one stop shop, never need anything else kind of pram. Who wouldn’t love one of these in their life!

  312. Avatar of Jess

    Id love that it would keep my son cozy and safe, that our unity capsule would fit right in and my back would thankyou for how lightweight it is… One can dream, fingers crossed for my little guy!

  313. Avatar of Kelli

    It’s convenience and lightweight structure are perfect for today’s busy families.

  314. Avatar of Amanda porter
    Amanda porterReply

    This pram looks so amazing, stylish and versatile. I love that it is light weight too. Our current pram is falling apart. The wheel literally came out with my baby in the pram last week. This would be perfect especially with us trying for another baby at the end of the year. I will be a busy Mum to two under two so this pram will be great to have to get us out and about with ease and comfort and with style. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  315. Avatar of Al12

    I love that it’s lightweight and the design is just beautiful + practical!

  316. Avatar of Britt

    So many configurations and not so far to bend down to pick bub out of the capsule as other prams. Not to mention… trendy!

  317. Avatar of Michelle Le Leu
    Michelle Le LeuReply

    Modern, lightweight, stylish and easy to use for the whole family including my older children who are 13 and 11.

  318. Avatar of Reana

    I love the stylish look of the pram, the light weight of it is fantastic, having to carry a cranky toddler in and out of the car can be difficult enough without having to drag out a big clunky pram… I love the fact you can add another seat for baby number two, and that you can do this with your youngest on top parent facing. I love the grey fabrics and the seat design, but the best thing – the basket is extendable! Can it get any better?!

  319. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth KaminskiReply

    I love that it is compact and lightweight but still full of great options & safety features. Looks super stylish too!!

  320. Avatar of Loretta

    Love the functionlity of this pram and it’s still so compact not gonna take up the whole boot!

  321. Avatar of Deb Mathew

    I love that this pram has optional configurations. My first bub is only 5mths, so being able to have a pram which can be used for 2 babies if we have another is amazing. And it’s so lightweight! Every mothers dream!!

  322. Avatar of Kareen

    I love the safety features!! I mean who wouldn’t want their kids safe right And the multiple configurations is amazing aswell!

  323. Avatar of Skye Groves
    Skye GrovesReply

    I love that baby can be laying down! Aswell as sitting up, facing you or facing the front. I have a 5month old and a 2 year old and their double pram is soo bulky and heavy so this would be AMAZING!

  324. Avatar of Tram

    I’m not quite 5 feet so I love the fact that this is a stylish lightweight pram

  325. Avatar of Megan t

    What don like /love about the flex?
    *Able to fully recline a 2nd seat
    * Luxury for baby and myself
    * easy ho handle,fold and handle
    Overall it is the complete package in what I want in a pram

  326. Avatar of Andrea

    I love that baby would be comfortable, has easy access from setting up to storing, lots of designs to choose from (all very sleek looking!) and most importantly it’s very safe for baby!

    The first and most important point that I genuinely look into is safety, from the pram to the car seat, which Britax offers! Comfort for baby would be second which is there also, and that’s what I absolutely love.

    I like that it’s easy to access from setting up to storing, is able to attach another seat for growing families, is able to face front or contact view with mum or dad.

    UV protection was a big surprise for me! I havent come across a pram that offers this (and I’m glad I have now!)

  327. Avatar of Mimi

    I love that it takes up to 20kg for my very tall babies who are well fed!

  328. Avatar of Melissa

    I love that such a reputable company has designed something so sleek, yet so functional and safe. As a first time mother, looking at prams has been overehelming but this one ticks all the boxes.

    From it’s easy manoeuvrability to it’s ability to adapt to more children and a car seat, all whilst providing comfort for an infant, it seems to have it all!

  329. Avatar of Natalie Cooper
    Natalie CooperReply

    When it comes to Britax you know you are getting quality and thats so important! Love that the flex is lightweight taking up to 20kgs and can fully recline a second seat.

  330. Avatar of Kara Lewis

    The multiple configurations is my favourite part of this stroller as it ensures it grows with my family throughout the years ahead

  331. Avatar of Vanessa Jacobi
    Vanessa JacobiReply

    I love how light the pram is and the extra room in the storage basket! Such a brilliant pram!

  332. Avatar of Rebecca Zammit
    Rebecca ZammitReply

    I love how lightweight it is I also love the look of it.

  333. Avatar of Belinda

    I love how the Pram grows with your family over the years, with all the different configurations. Also how lightweight the pram is.

  334. Avatar of Carolyn

    I love how light it is and how versatile it is – suiting mums of more than one small human. Especially love the extendable shopping basket!

  335. Avatar of Katie Gilroy
    Katie GilroyReply

    I love the Britax stroller because it has an extendable storage basket. It will be perfect when we go out for a whole day exploring. The recline positions will also be great for long days as bub will be able to lay flat to sleep. However most of all I love the peace of mind that the Britax brand brings.

  336. Avatar of Kate Morris
    Kate MorrisReply

    Love it all. The safety, versatility, flexibility, ease of use, and the slick look.

  337. Avatar of Georgia Guy
    Georgia GuyReply

    I love how light it is and easy to fold to take everywhere.. Would love to win one of these!

  338. Avatar of Livii

    Tried out one of these lovelies the other day and loved it. Has the cutest design, super easy to manouver, plenty of space and looks so cosey for bubbas, specially with the bassinet attachment. I’m in love with this pram

  339. Avatar of Victoria Habra
    Victoria HabraReply

    I love the colors available and style of the pram as well how easy it is to maneuver (tested it out in store). I also like that Britax is the leader in the market in safety.

  340. Avatar of Alissa Frilay
    Alissa FrilayReply

    I love the fact this pram has room to grow for my (hopefully) expanding family. As well as the stylish colours so Bub and I can always look good.

  341. Avatar of Rachel fabbro
    Rachel fabbroReply

    LOVE LOVE the light aluminum frame and stylish design!!

  342. Avatar of Nicole

    I love the fact that it doesn’t weigh alot, easy to fold and it also has the 2nd seat option for when the family grows!

  343. Avatar of Louise

    I love that it looks stylish, but is lightweight and easy to fold. I also love that its easy to push because a lot of lightweight prams aren’t that nice to push!

  344. Avatar of Susanna503

    I love the look of the Britax Flexx stroller (especially the grey one) and the large extendable storage basket is a must for me. Also, the lightweight frame and easy foldability are features that I am looking for in my pram. This one seems to be a perfect match for me!

  345. Avatar of Michelle M

    I love how much more compact it is so versatile, great double pram which won’t, break your back…. Great colour too.

  346. Avatar of Michelle

    We need a new pram with a second seat as #2 is due in 3 months. I love Britax as it’s super reliable and this new one is very trendy.

  347. Avatar of Kendall

    I love the large basket space and the fact that it can be converted into a double pram when number 2 comes along! We have other Britax products and love how durable they are.

  348. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana AngelReply

    Id love this pram for my sister, this pram has a great storage, big canopy for sun protection and its very light.

  349. Avatar of Aleesha

    I love the britax for its light weight modern design!
    The fact it is durable practical and can be adapted is a dream.
    Not only is it great for storage but you can use it and feel fabulous!

  350. Avatar of Cathy-Lee Chopping
    Cathy-Lee ChoppingReply

    I love that there are so many safety features from the elements like mesh ventilation panel and pull out sun visor and an extra-large canopy for UV radiation protection.

  351. Avatar of Lisa Victoria
    Lisa VictoriaReply

    Love that it looks amazing, is compact, and super versatile!

  352. Avatar of Chantal

    I love the fact that there is extra storage with the expandable basket! I never seem to have enough storage

  353. Avatar of Amanda

    Extra storage at the bottom which would be perfect for my catalogue delivering and street walking with my bubs!

  354. Avatar of Jess Grinter
    Jess GrinterReply

    Britax flexx where have you been all my life? I love that you are so much better than my current pram, so easy and practical and that you would fit into my life so easily!

  355. Avatar of Carly Garth
    Carly GarthReply

    The fact it will grow with my family and bring big smiles on the face of my little adventurers boys.

  356. Avatar of Oanh Abdullah
    Oanh AbdullahReply

    I love that it has so many options and is versatile

  357. Avatar of Karli Hose

    I’m impressed! How fantastic that it is so light weight., only 12kg. It has 12 different configurations, very useful as the clan expands. Great compatibility with capsules. I’m also impressed with the one-link breakes (open toe friendly).
    Love the colours too! Especially the Charcoal.

  358. Avatar of Kerri Nixon
    Kerri NixonReply

    A light weight 2 seater pram that is also compact sounds too good to be true!

    This could definitely be a winner in our household when i put our pram in and out of the car 10 times a day for kindy and prep drop offs.

  359. Avatar of SelenaBaker

    This is one nice looking pram, having a pram that is safe, lightweight and looks amazing is certainly a winner for me. Plus who doesn’t LOVE BRITAX! <3

  360. Avatar of Amy Petersen
    Amy PetersenReply

    I love how flexible and easy to use the Britax, unlike some other prams it’s the perfect companion for myself and baby!

  361. Avatar of Christina L
    Christina LReply

    I just love the look of it. It’s so elegant and sophisticated and looks like its worth a million bucks. Definitely out of my price range. Would be a dream to own something like this.

  362. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate MarconiReply

    I love the flexible storage size options and that it is light weight. Perfect for recovering post birth.

  363. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda BelindaReply

    Very compact but doesn’t lack in quality – love the fact that it has a reversible seat and is light weight!

  364. Avatar of Peter Gerard

    The Britax Flexx stroller has many advantages over other strollers. The fact of it being so ‘lightweight’ is great for lifting in and out of the boot without hurting your back! And that it is so versatile to add on the extra’s when you need.

  365. Avatar of Danielle

    It’s lightweight and looks stylish. The option of having 2 tandem seats is also fantastic.

  366. Avatar of Belinda

    Love: that it can have 2 seats, my toddler doesn’t like being ‘left out’
    Love: the big canopy to keep the harsh Aussie sun off of bubs face
    Love: that the basket at the bottom is a decent size
    Love: that the handle doesn’t just have 2 settings and can be adjusted to different heights based on who is using it
    And LOVE that it’s easy enough for hubby to use!

  367. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    The 2nd compartment for number 2,
    And the gorgeous shade of blue.
    The leather handle is a Mummy plus,
    The extendable storage is no fuss!

  368. Avatar of Nikie

    I love the different color range, and that it’s lightweight which would be so handy. Currently having to lug an old mountain buggy that’s second hand and falling apart in and out of the car for my second bub. I wish I could have got a new pram for him instead of his 6 yo sisters old pram ☹️

  369. Avatar of Kelly seeberg
    Kelly seebergReply

    I love thats its lightweight, stylish and veritile.

  370. Avatar of Carlin Lee

    I love the lightweight, versatile design. Perfect for a growing family, when juggling multiple items becomes an art form!

  371. Avatar of Danee

    Stylish, lightweight but sturdy are my main criteria when I shop for a pram! This is HANDS down a massive improvement on our current temperamental, worn-out beast (which we bought when pregnant and we didn’t know anything about what to look for in a pram!)
    I LOVE the aesthetic, its so compact, sleek and looks great as well as being really practical and versatile- AND it looks easy enough for my sleep-addled brain to figure out when juggling the babe and all the other life stuff.

  372. Avatar of Kathy Ferguson Clark
    Kathy Ferguson ClarkReply

    Perfect for being out and about everyday with my new bub

    • Avatar of Jenny Nguyen
      Jenny NguyenReply

      I love how lightweight and compact it is – great for city living and when you have a carboot full of other kiddie things!

  373. Avatar of karina l

    I love that it is lightweight. That way I can carry my son in one arm, and still be able to hoist the stroller into the car with ease and no grunting!

  374. Avatar of SkyeD

    Being a mum to twins having a lightweight practical pram that can take two babies comfortably is like striking gold! It’s cute too 🙂

  375. Avatar of Egger

    It’s sheer luxury, for Bub to be in and Mum to wheel around……or Dad in this case.

  376. Avatar of Nici

    It seems extremely easy and versatile to use which is exactly what this first time mum needs

  377. Avatar of marie

    It’s a very practical pram. Lightweight, easily portable and looks great.

  378. Avatar of PAUL MCCALLUM

    Light weight frame that is easy to fold and store – that is what everyone wants and is my favourite feature, Thanks!

  379. Avatar of lisaol

    We made the mistake of buying a pram without researching, and ended up with the opposite of this amazing pram – Lesson learned! I love that it’s lightweight -a must if trying to get it in and out of the car while pregnant with number 2, without dreading leaving the house! I’m a big fan of the extendable storage basket too. It would be fantastic to go out for the day in the knowledge that I could fit more than just the nappy bag in the pram. Brilliant idea!

  380. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    The Britax Flexx Stroller and Basinnet is light as a feather (well almost!) but totally controllable. Perfect for aching backs.

  381. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie MasonReply

    Energy is in short supply when your a parent of a baby, so I love that this pram is lightweight! I also love it’s luxurious look and feel, especially the soft touch leatherette handle and arm bar.

  382. Avatar of ErinS

    This stroller looks amazing! Would be great for when we go for bun number 2

  383. Avatar of Erin Lindsay
    Erin LindsayReply

    I currently have the Britax affinity and think it’s a good pram, but the Flexx seems to have all the upgrades the affinity needs- 2 seat capabilities, a sunshade that extends down lower, and a bit basket that is easy to access! Would LOVE to win this!

  384. Avatar of Joanne C

    Britax is already renown for the safety of their products, but add to that the light weight, style and flexibility of the Flexx pram and you need not look any further for a pram that suits all needs.

  385. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    Lightweight and compact
    So perfect for me
    The complete travel system
    For baby number 3!

  386. Avatar of Sue Kraay

    Love that it’s lightweight and flexible as us mums need all the help we can get when transporting our precious cargo

  387. Avatar of Leanne Cattell
    Leanne CattellReply

    I love that it is lightweight and has the option of multiple seats.

  388. Avatar of Shanti Wiwatowski
    Shanti WiwatowskiReply

    I love that it is lightweight yet has spacious storage space – after having a little pram for so long I’ve realised these little things do matter!

  389. Avatar of Monique Klein
    Monique KleinReply

    I love the colour options to suit any parent’s preferred style, The basket size is phenomenal for all day use, and the slim look and height is great for kids and parents to access easily.
    Its a stunning pram.

  390. Avatar of Shameemah

    The ability to have to both bassinet and pram in one make it perfect and flexible. With it being lightweight and stylish, it is definitely a winner.

  391. Avatar of Caitlin D

    I love the colours and that it is easy to store and transport!

  392. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison HumbleReply

    Modern and lightweight! I would love this pram for Mr 2 months he is baby #4 and his pram is a hand me down from the others… it has seen better days haha

  393. Avatar of Kylie H

    I love the fact it has 4 recline positions so you can change the way bub is facing. Really handy.

  394. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    Looks stylish grows with my child and lightweight sounds perfect

  395. Avatar of Donna

    I love the light weight and the configurations possible especially with the weight of my kids that this would allow me to do.and of course the look is super cool!

  396. Avatar of Pieta Hill

    I love the flexibility of this stroller. I have 4 kids aged 2, 4, 4 and 8. One of my twins is very tiny and doesn’t like walking. This stroller would be perfect for my 2 year old and my smaller 4 year old. No more having to carry one on my front and one on my back. I have a different brand double pram but it is so heavy and clunky that I never use it any more.

  397. Avatar of Amy Hucker

    Just the look of this pram. I have not seen a pram look this stylish and still be able to be so versatile. Looks like there is so much room for everything and yet so lightweight. It is love at first sight for this mumma

  398. Avatar of Lucy C

    I love how stylish and practical and the pram is. With so many configurations this pram would be perfect for when bub number two comes along.

  399. Avatar of Tess woodall
    Tess woodallReply

    So lightweight and easy to manoeuvre! Looks fab! Would be perfect for my beautiful sisters first baby!

  400. Avatar of Amy L

    I love how lightweight and stylish it is. Perfect for my 9 month old!