Confessions of a Lazy Mum: Shortcuts to Household Bliss

Being a mother is a job like no other. Don’t hide your shameful shortcuts.

Celebrate getting shit done with a smile and a parenting hack. Surviving the day happily, easily and sane is what it’s all about. Lazy mummy for the win! There’s no judgement here…join us for our confessions of a lazy mum!

The truth about parenting?

It’s hard. Physically, emotionally, financially. No matter what you see on Facebook, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. And I for one am a long, long way from perfect parent status. Yep there’s lots of love and laughter and all that, but there is also a whole lot of day to day survival. Call me lazy, but here are a few of my favourite shortcuts…

Cereal is a meal. So is toast. My theory:

  • If it’s good enough for 6 am, it’s good enough for 6 pm. In fact by 6 pm some days, anything edible equals a meal. Cornflakes for dinner gets met with more enthusiasm than veggies anyway.

After tea (cornflakes anyone?):

  • I have been known to stick the highchair straight in the shower. Why else are they made of plastic? Turn on the tap and just wash the mess away. I will further admit that on more than one occasion I have put the highchair, yogurt covered toddler and all, into the shower. The kids think it’s hilarious and it’s a case of two very messy birds, one stone.

While we’re on clean up confessions, here’s another truth bomb.

  • In the face a poop explosion, I have chucked out the poop-covered clothes rather than clean them. At a certain point of saturation, they are officially beyond saving. It’s enough that I have to deal with the bub after one of those! If you’ve cut those shit-stained clothes off with scissors to avoid dragging them through baby’s hair – I salute you. This is a smart, lazy mother move.

Another quick lazy tip while we’re on clothes:

  • Let them wear what they want. As long as they’re clothed, there are very few occasions where it really matters. Mismatched is just expressing individuality after all. (Trust me, the more you say it the more you believe it!) There is nothing wrong with a batman cape, tutu and gumboots (my daughter has rocked this exact combination).
  • For those days when they really do have to be dressed (sigh sooo freaking tedious) put them to bed in their clothes. No one needs to know and it makes the morning manageable. Oh look! You’re already dressed, good job! High five me now kid.

The next mummy nightmare? Washing all those clothes. As they say life equals birth, love, marriage, laundry laundry laundry, death. I personally think they missed a few loads of laundry in there, but hey you get the idea.  So I’m happy to share my lazy mum solution for odd socks.

  • My kids each have all their socks in one colour. I buy those multi packs that are all exactly the same. It means they always have a pair – and I don’t even have to pair them! Win Win! It makes the sock sort simple too – and there’s no such thing as an odd sock in my house. Genius!

And finally the ultimate lazy mum answer to a long, long day? Movie night.

  • When it’s been one of those days and even eating cereal at the dinner table is beyond me, I announce movie night! Which means everyone rushes to get in pyjamas and find blankets. And we all snuggle up to watch a family favourite while munching hotdogs and popcorn. Okay so I’m not winning any nutrition awards on those nights. But you know what? Right then and there, I don’t care. Right when everyone is at their weary worst, we make the best of it, snuggled up together.

And that’s what parenting is really about. Yes there’s lots of love and learning but with a great big spoonful of survival. Call it lazy, but in the long haul of parenting, I say it pays to have a few shortcuts!

Disclaimer from the Mum Central Editor: Kerry Rosser is actually an awesome Mum with a great sense of humour. She’s not lazy at all. In fact she’s a smart, sassy girl getting through the day just like you and me. What ‘lazy mum hacks’ are you proud to use in the name of parenting survival? Tell us below!

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I love my three country kids - and all things writing! Like most mums, I wear lots of hats - writer, children's author, organisational psychologist and the pairer of the odd socks!

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    Haha – love all these!
    I wish I did that with the highchair when we used one, what a great time saver 😉

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