13 Kmart Dupes to Refresh Your Autumn Wardrobe on a Budget

Product ‘dupes’ not only offer us the chance to save money and try out new things, but they also provide the satisfying experience of easily finding those elusive items we love and see trending on social media.

Kmart has quickly established itself as a mecca for affordable beauty products, homewares, and clothing. It offers customers the chance to participate in fashion trends without breaking the bank. And the retail giant is serving up major dupes energy for Autumn – here are some of our top picks to refresh your wardrobe!

High fashion at low prices: Kmart dupes for cult favourites


A good pair of shoes is about more than the brand. A great pair can empower you before a date or meeting and help you feel sexy and confident. Keep you up and running all day. And they can look damn good.

Sock Fit Heeled Boots ($30) are a great dupe for Aere’s Square Toe ankle boots ($220).

Source: Kmart

If you like Wittner’s Howie leather boots ($289) or Windsor Smith’s little black leather boots ($199), Kmart’s Gusset high heel boots ($30) are a fantastic substitute.

Source: Kmart

Pointed-toe boots, like these from Kmart for $30, perfectly replicate pairs from Hush Puppies ($230) and Steve Madden Allison ($260).

Source: Kmart

These Tennis Sneakers going for ($10-$12) have been all over social media as dupes of $270 Nike Low Cut Pandas.

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Source: Kmart

Love a slingback? Look no further than these Dress Slingback Block Heels, stunningly similar to a Chanel pair that costs $1,820!

Source: Kmart


Who doesn’t love a good jacket? They’re the perfect addition to complete an outfit, armour when going into an unknown situation or having a mental health moment, and protection for colder weather. Given how much I love winter, I should have a closet for jackets alone.

For $25, this Sherpa Jacket is hailed as a replica of the $227 Free People’s Hit the Slopes Fleece Jacket.

Source: Kmart

Did I hear you say ‘Denim Trench Coat’? The $49 item is reportedly flying off shelves as it’s considered a pretty convincing dupe of the $350 version from One Teaspoon and likened to the $700 denim trench coat from Camilla and Marc.

Source: Kmart

Are you a pinstripe suit-wearing girlie who loves an ensemble? Kmart has you covered with its three-piece, mix-and-match suits, which sell for $63 combined (pants or skirt, $83 with the vest) and are being raved about as a dupe for DISSH, which retails for around $340.

Source: Kmart

Puffer jackets are back. All my kids seem to own one! Kmart hasn’t missed this trend with its $39 Crop Puffer Jacket, an easy dupe for The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, which will set you back $550.

Source: Kmart


Considered a wardrobe staple during COVID lockdown, activewear is still a fashion must-have. It’s my go-to attire for housework, which is active-ish, right?

Take this Active Women’s Long Sleeve Ultrasoft Jacket for $20. It’s giving Lululemon’s $149 define jacket a run for its money!

Source: Kmart

Kmart’s Active Women’s Youth Dance Pants, priced at $25, is an affordable alternative to Lorna Jane’s $90 Flashdance pants.

Source: Kmart


Quality, comfortable sleepwear shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. And Kmart’s range proves you can sleep in style and still afford other necessities and luxuries.

Fancy short sleepwear? This $20 Short Sleeve Top and Shorts Satin Pyjama Set in pink or navy is an excellent dupe for Peter Alexander’s $129 set.

Source: Kmart


Much of Kmart’s Shapewear is said to be a good dupe of Skims for a fraction of the price.

Source: Kmart

Unfortunately, they don’t have many dupes for curvy gals (although the satin PJs go up to size 22). As a curvy girl, I’m hopeful I’ll see some more Kmart dupes for me in the future!

What’s your favourite Kmart dupes? Let us know!

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