NEW CuboAi Smart Temp is a Game-Changer for Monitoring Baby’s Temperature

Every new parent knows the fear of discovering your little one is hot, sticky and sweaty in the middle of the night. It’s a pretty scary feeling, especially if their fever runs too high.

It’s also one of the reasons many new parents put off moving their babies into their own room. Because even with constant monitoring with a baby monitor, a fever is not something a baby monitor can detect for you.

That was, until now. Meet the CuboAi Smart Temp.

Thanks to the absolutely brilliant minds at CuboAi, there’s a brand new thermal sensor – the CuboAi Smart Temp – which can detect your little one’s temperature and alert you anytime bub’s body temperature goes above or below the normal range. 

Body temperature monitoring is now possible thanks to CuboAi. Source: Supplied

Game-changer, right? And wait until you see how it works. We at Mum Central love coming across products that will 100% help new parents and this one is paving the way for peace of mind and absolute ingenuity.

Convenient body temperature monitor – a first of its kind and a must for new parents!

CuboAi Smart Temp is a medical-grade thermal sensor that you attach to your child’s skin. It’s no bigger than a 50-cent coin and easily sticks with skin-friendly tape.

Simply place it on your little one’s skin and you get real-time alerts anytime your baby’s body temperature goes above or below the normal range. If your baby does spike a bit of a fever in the middle of the night, you will know about it right away and can act fast.

Simply stick and monitor. Source: Supplied

While fever, which is considered a body temperature above 38°C, is pretty common in children, it is still quite alarming. It’s even scarier in infants where the rules of fever change slightly.

There are several reasons why your little one could have a fever but normally it’s a sign that their little body is fighting an infection. If your baby is under three months old with a fever, they should see a doctor, no matter what. If not, you may be able to fight a fever with fluids, cuddles and, if older, with pain medication.

It’s completely natural to worry when your little one does feel warm – fevers can be very scary and it’s so important we stay on top of them. That’s why we love the new Smart Temp from CuboAi.

It acts as our first response to changes in body temperature. There’s no need to disturb your light sleeper to check their temperature through the night or worry about resettling them.

CuboAi is on duty and, if anything is off, you are alerted immediately.

How the CuboAi Smart Temp works

CuboAi Smart Temp body temperature monitor works with the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor. It MUST be paired with the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor to get real-time updates on your tot’s temperature. You will also need a Smart Phone for the CuboAi App as well as decent Wi-Fi. 

The CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Smart Temp. Source: Supplied

The Smart Temp Thermal Sensor is an itty bitty cube designed to be placed under your tot’s underarm skin. The sensor has two charging sensors, a power button and battery indicator on one side and a temperature sensor on the other. You’ll be placing the skin-friendly tape on the sensor side, and then applying it to your tot’s skin.

It’s a good idea to alternate CuboAi Smart Temp placement between the left and right underarms each time to give each side a rest.

The CuboAi Smart Temp works with the CuboAi app and Plus Smart Baby Monitor Source: Supplied

Download the CuboAi App, fill in the details and you’ll have access to your child’s body temperature, records from the last 90 days, and more. If your child’s body temperature ever changes, you’ll receive an alert through the app, letting you know to check on your little one.

Rest Easy with completely safe CuboAi Smart Temp

Technology has changed the way we parent in so many ways – some for the good, some for the not-so-good. But we can honestly say CuboAi’s Smart Temp is a technological advancement that will save us sleepless nights and ease millions of concerns, especially during the first few months.

There’s enough to worry about without constantly checking your little one’s body temperature and the reassurance a thermal sensor can provide is absolutely priceless.

The CuboAi Smart Temp is also completely safe to place on bub’s skin and works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It also comes with CuboAi’s enterprise-level security, secure video stream, and encrypted data protection so there’s no risk of someone accessing your child’s data.

CuboAi Smart Temp – A parent’s best friend priced under $130 

CuboAi Smart Temp is now available for $129 on its own but remember, you do need to pair it with the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor. This is one of the best baby monitors on the market with a professional-grade security camera lens, and night vision. and a 135⁰ wide angle.

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor keeps a watchful eye on bub while the Smart Temp check their temp. Source: Supplied

If you already have one, then you can just add the Smart Temp separately for $129. The CuboAi Smart Temp package includes the Thermal Sensor, 12 pieces of double-sided one-time-use medical grade tape, a charging case, USB charging cable and a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

If you don’t have the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor, you can buy both the monitor and the Smart Temp as a Smart Health Bundle which is what we would recommend.

Bundle up for the ultimate peace of mind

The New CuboAi Smart Health Bundle includes the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor and the Smart Temp plus the popular Sleep Sensor Pad.

  • The Plus Smart Baby Monitor acts as your eyes and ears, alerting you of any changes in room temperature, and detecting cries, coughs and other sounds.
  • The Smart Temp acts as a body temperature monitor, alerting you if your child’s temperature increases or decreases.
  • The Sleep Sensor Pad can detect your child’s breathing and alert you of dangers such as their face being covered or rolling over.
The Smart Health Bundle features a monitor, sleep sensor and temperature monitor. Source: Supplied

If you are looking for the ultimate baby monitoring system, CuboAi has always been one step ahead of the rest. We predict their new CuboAi Smart Temp will be a huge help for new parents, acting as our eyes, ears, and now our hands, for constant baby monitoring when we need it most.

Kudos CuboAi – an amazing concept and one we know will be worth its weight in restful nights and worry-free gold.

Get your CuboAi Smart Temp or take advantage of the CuboAi Smart Health Bundle, now $829.

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