Call the Sitter! 10 Reasons Why Date Night is a MUST

Remember the days when you and the hubby would head out on the town, spur of the moment?

No pre-booking babysitters or forward planning, the only concerns were which shoes to wear, what beverage would get you tipsy quickest and how long the wait would be for a taxi (because Uber wasn’t even a thing back then).

Well, now these days are probably few and far between, or completely behind us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy an evening out with the hubs every now and again. In fact, you should make EVERY EFFORT to book a date night.

Some couples can easily squeeze date night into their calendars once a week or more. For other couples, it might just be once a month (or less). But we all should make an effort to get out and get funky with your other half. And I mean without the kids tagging along.

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1. Because wearing activewear all the time is dull

It’s fun to dig out the high heels, dust off the party dress and get all dolled up, preferably in something that shows off the twins and the fact that we’ve recently completed a squat challenge. We all deserve to put away our mum jeans for a night and squeeze into something special.

2. Because food tastes better when no one is complaining

No weird faces, turned up noses or “I’m not eating THAT!” comments. Plus you don’t have to spend half an hour on your hands and knees picking up remnants of the kids’ dinner off the floor!

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3. Because laundry can’t follow you

You’re out of the house and away from the dishes, the laundry and the to-do list that won’t go away. There’s nothing to do but RELAX and enjoy yourself!

4. Because your husband misses you

And you probably miss him. It can be hard to remain connected when you’re constantly under pressure. Spending time just the two of you can bring those loving feelings back and help get you back on the same page, which is where you need to be when attempting to wrangle the demon spawns at home.

5. Because it’s nice to be able to have a conversation without bleeping out swear words

No earmuffs needed! Rant, rave, chat, converse without having to watch your words in case the kids are listening. Which they are. Because they are ALWAYS listening.

6. Because we all deserve an evening out after watching our kids play sport all weekend

Soccer in the morning. Dance concert in the afternoon. And good ol’ fashion kid-free fun in the evening. It’s all about balance, people.

7. Because cocktails that someone else makes are DELICIOUS!

Even if they cost $16 each. They are fruity and boozy and come with little umbrellas that your kids can’t steal because they are AT HOME. No blender mess in the kitchen either.

Couple drinking cocktail at bar, date night

8. Because you’re an adult and allowed to do adult-y things

Like go to the cinema and watch a movie that isn’t animated. Or go to a fancy restaurant that doesn’t have a kids’ club.

9. Because you’re more than just mummy and daddy

Sure, these are the titles that matter the most, but it’s nice to spend an evening where you can call your husband by his name rather than “daddy.”

10. Because it’s good for the kids too

They get a chance to step outside the routine, to play with someone new and to miss you. And, hopefully, when you get home, they will be soooo happy to see you that they will actually go to bed when asked. (Or they might even already be asleep – wouldn’t that be nice!)

Happy couple drinking beers outdoor alfresco - date

How to Make Date Night Happen

  • Set the date and don’t let excuses get in the way – So what if you’re tired, had a rough week at work, the kids are slightly snotty or the weather is bad. Go out anyway. DO IT.
  • Write your date ideas down – Write each idea on a piece of paper, put them in a hat and pick out what you’ll do or where you will dine. This saves the “what do you wanna do?” debate. Check out this clever couple’s $10 date night idea – it’s a goodie! 
  • Organise a regular sitter – Same person. Same time. Same place. Say, once a month. This gives the kids something to look forward to as well.
  • Accept it might not be at night – Day dates or date afternoons are still fun and maybe more attainable if you have small kids who need you at bedtime. Plus crazy days with the kids can leave you feeling pretty knackered by date o’ clock.
  • Ignore the shitty guilt fairy – You’re ALLOWED to hang out with your husband without the kids. No need to feel bad about it! So, bugger off guilt.
  • Ignore the shitty attitude from the kids tooYes, mummy and daddy are going out alone. Now, be good for the babysitter and let mummy and daddy have a chicken-nugget-free dinner in peace. And most likely talk about you the entire time… 

Need more reassurance that escaping the chaos of the children is actually good for you? Check out this study which confirms mums should be out with their friends at least TWICE a week. See ya kids!

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