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Wimpy Kid the Long Haul

Return to the hilarious world inside Greg’s diary where there is nothing more embarrassing than his family. Oh, except perhaps his family on a road trip. And this is exactly where The Long Haul leads us.

Diary of a wimpy kid movie - diaper hands scene

Remember in the first flick when Greg got the cheese touch? This time he has diaper hands – and the kids won’t be able to stop laughing!

Whether you’ve already seen it on the big screen or are looking forward to watching it for the first time next week, we know both you and the little ones will share a few giggles with this cross-country adventure.


To celebrate the release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul to DVD this week, TEN mums will receive a Diary of a Wimpy Kid prize pack to pass on to their wee one (or keep yourself, totally up to you).

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All you need to do for a chance to win is fill in the entry form below and tell us about your favourite – or cringiest – Wimpy Kid road trip moment with your own kids.

Win 1 of 10 Ultimate Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Prize Packs, valued at $94.95!

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Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Rhiannon Jakobasch
    Rhiannon JakobaschReply

    Everyday feels like moments of Diary of a wimpy kid. There is always some craziness happening.

    • Avatar of Melissa M

      When master 4 projectile vomitted over the back of hubby’s car seat (new car) even though he was holding a sick bag. We are still hearing about this four years later. Poor kid.
      P.s. I am loving reading other families ‘wimpy kid’ stories. Too funny!

      • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
        Barbara FehmelReply

        Twin great Granddaughters 5 play tricks not just on me but on their Father and mother. They are so identical none of us can really tell them apart, only when they are standing together, one is just slightly taller than the other. little monkeys but so adorable.

      • Avatar of Melissa

        When the children throw popcorn at each other in the back of the car while yelling mummy mummy mummy when will we get there? I need to win a car cleaning competition now!!

    • Avatar of Danielle Bailey
      Danielle BaileyReply

      My son was a runner when he was younger. One day I was in a clothes store, trying on clothes. I had my son with me and he decided to strip off as well (naked). Next minute he crawled out under the door and took. Off. I frantically got dressed, back into my clothes and stumbled out of the dressing room in a panic. He was nowhere to be seen. I got onto security. They soon found him, naked, playing in the centre playground and ball pit.

    • Avatar of Rita Farah

      Growing up, my brother would call my mum “mummy cat” and she would call him “Pussy cat”. It was based on a book he was reading in kindergarten. Whilst shopping one day, Mum couldn’t find my brother in a large shopping centre and started to yell “where is my pussy?!?!” “I can’t find my pussy!!!” I slowly died that day and still laugh 20 years later!!!

  2. Avatar of Kate Slack

    When my son did a poo in his pants in the park one summer and flies were following him, we didn’t have any spare undies either!

  3. Avatar of Carmel Corry
    Carmel CorryReply

    Jumping into the local swimming pool and having my bathers fall off was definitely my worst Wimpy Kid moment. Mum had decided to bleach my bathers (just why?) and the elastic had unbenownst to me…completely rotted away. I had to call to my friend to go and get my towel so that I could safely get out of the pool without exposing myself.

  4. Avatar of Amanda Doonan
    Amanda DoonanReply

    My husband had just bought a brand new VW van. We were on a lovely drive for a picnic. Our 3 year old said he didn’t feel well…moments later projectile strawberry milk vomit splattered the entire back of the car, the backs of our heads and front windscreen. Our daughter aged 2 decided to go out in sympathy.
    We had no spare clothes for my son and I was 6 months pregnant scraping vomit off my children, wiping them as much as I could and all whilst dry reaching myself.
    Definitely never forgot the sick touch

  5. Avatar of Jo

    I heard a scary sound that I thought was the puppy or my son crying out in pain. I ran to find who was hurt only to discover the awful sound was my son singing.

  6. Avatar of Natalie

    Well a road trip with 5 kid’s is always fun just as long as i don’t forget my headphones.

  7. Avatar of Rachel Barnett
    Rachel BarnettReply

    We once told our 5 year old son to pee behind a tree not realising untill it was to late the tree he picked was forked and he was facing everyone while he did it

  8. Avatar of Tracy

    My daughter decided it would be fun to play hide and seek in a department store, I was so stressed and worried, when I finally found her hiding inside a round clothes rack I was too relieved to tell her off. She thought it was hilarious.

  9. Avatar of Caroline Gunnulson
    Caroline GunnulsonReply

    On a family and friends camping trip, our friend makes real damper. Our daughter takes a bite and her crown (due to pushbike accident) was sticking out of the damper. No dentists in the bush.

  10. Avatar of Susan S

    Traveling on our first family holiday and had one of the kids vomit in morning the backseat cupped in their hands but then the second child vomited after the first and did it in the back pocket of the car seat made for a fun road trip.

  11. Avatar of Amanda S

    I spent 7 hours on a flight covered in my son’s vomit because I’d already used up my spare clothes from the previous flight because he had thrown up over me then too. I took bigger paper bags for the journey home so his aim didn’t need to be so good.

  12. Avatar of Christine

    When my daughter vomited in the car on the way to a party and it ended up going under the back seat and into the door skin of the car..its all you could smell for weeks!!

  13. Avatar of Aussiedad

    We were heading interstate with 3 of our kids (fourth wasn’t here yet) and before we had gone 4hrs in to the trip our youngest had thrown up so many times he had gone through all of his clothes for the 2 weeks holiday and was making good headway through his brothers, needless to say I was glad we had plenty of nappy wipes and there were plenty of spots on the side of the road we could pull over to clean his seat and change him.

  14. Avatar of Kristy

    I can’t handle vomit, and will vomit at the sound of someone vomiting…travelling on my own with the two kids to Torquay one afternoon and my son started to feel car sick…within minutes all three of us were vomiting! I only had shopping bags to clean us all up. After that it was a long trip to my girlfriends with the windows down, before we could clean up properly!

  15. Avatar of AmberB

    The best was our last roadtrip. I had read a great tip for chaos-free travelling with kids; buy a bag of lollies and everytime they argue a handful of lollies get chucked out at each stop. They soon learned to keep quiet to ensure they could get some treats at the end of the trip.

  16. Avatar of Carol p

    We caught a ferry to get our flight home, as soon as we got on they were handing out sick bags as it was very rocky, it wasn’t long before our daughter and I were vomiting in unison

  17. Avatar of Maree Gray

    We were on a long drive interstate for a holiday and had stopped off at a park to use the toilets. Unfortunately they were thunderboxes and Miss S was absolutely terrified of them so her Dad lifted her over a fence so she could go behind a tree. She was not impressed!

  18. Avatar of Tessa

    One story that still gets mentioned years later, while putting away the laundry I accidently packed away my daughters school skort into my sons draw. Getting ready for school the next day my son got ready for school as normal, walking into class, a classmate pointed to my son and asks “is that a skort?”. To say my son was mortified is an understatement, there was a rush home to change, thank goodness he can laugh about it now. Mum fail.

  19. Avatar of kori

    When my son went and had a look at the open day for the fire brigade then he has a go on the hose except he turned it on and soaked me with it, then i had firefighters trying to dry me with towels and everyone looking, so embarrassed that day.

  20. Avatar of Samantha

    I went to my local service station,bought both the kids a slushy each and while putting my daughter in her car seat sat hers on the roof of the car,well half way home DD asked me for her slushy which I had left sitting on the top of the car and drove away….I can only imagine how that frozen raspberry splattered on the ground as i can now never go back there.

    • Avatar of Katrina

      My son has always had difficulty with toilet training and so I pack spare clothes for him. Most outings we end up using those spare clothes or buying something to change him into, but once we were nowhere near shops and I had forgotten to repack the car with spare clothes. He ended up wearing his sister’s spare underwear and pants home, much to his disgust!

  21. Avatar of roslyn kent
    roslyn kentReply

    i think the day child care left with out y son i had knocked of just got hoe and they rang e saying he had missed the bus i was in panick ode as he was only 7 i had to check the boys toliets each cubbical then i said im ringing the police i sad ring the child care as i was at the school they said he had waked as had issed the bus omg it was end of school year it was 39 degress and he had walked being so hot with al his books i honestly dont no how he got across major roads alone well he is a adult now i want to win this for my grand daughter 🙂

  22. Avatar of Charl

    My son ran off and got stuck in a window display in a chemist. He was stuck in a toilet seat! He had to be helped by the staff to get out as he was really stuck there!

  23. Avatar of Natalie Waideman
    Natalie WaidemanReply

    Heading on holiday on the road for hours
    We pull in to get some grub in a drive thru
    As I am ordering I feel from behind
    My kid has spewed all over the back of my chair
    Yummy long drive ahead

  24. Avatar of Kerry M

    Living in a house with 3 boys everyday brings a new form of craziness! My eldest is Diary of a whimpy kid mad and always referring back to parts of the books that happen in our household…. or things he makes happen….lol

  25. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    Apologies in advance for the essay, but there’s no short way to tell this story. I was holidaying in Queensland with family and we’d decided to drive to Australia Zoo, which was just over an hour away. There were 10 of us in total – 4 adults and 6 kids – so we took 2 cars. I was in one car with my brother and 4 of the kids, and my sister-in-law was in the other car with her sister and the other 2 kids. They’d ended up about 20 minutes ahead of us because we had turned back to grab something one of the kids had forgotten. Then after a quick stop for petrol at the servo we were back on the road and on our way to a fun day out. Excitement was high, and the 4 kids in the back were psyched.

    That was when my 2 year old niece decided it might be a good time to power chuck all over herself in the back of the Tarago. It was everywhere … all over her, the seatbelt, her car seat, the floor, the back of the driver’s seat … and it smelled RANK! Now my brother and I don’t cope overly well with vomit at the best of times, but this was beyond anything we’d ever had to deal with before. So we did what any good parent and auntie would do – we wound down our windows and put our noses as close to the fresh air as possible. I messaged my sister-in-law to tell her what had happened while my brother tried to stay focused on where we were going. It was agreed that the other car would find a spot to pull over and wait for us to catch up.

    So there we were… my poor little niece covered in vomit and crying her heart out whilst pining for her mother, the other kids leaning as far away from her as possible, and my brother and I trying desperately to smell anything other than the stench of vomit whilst also trying to reassure a vomit-soaked child that everything was alright and we’d be with Mummy soon. Seeing the other car on the side of the highway was like spotting a beacon of light in the distance or an oasis in the desert. I can’t say for sure, but one of us may have cried HALLELUJAH! We must have looked quite the sight to people in other vehicles on the highway that day as we screeched to a halt behind the other car. I’m fairly certain the engine was still running when I flung open my door and spilled out onto the roadside desperately gasping for fresh air. The other kids and my brother weren’t far behind either.

    We eventually got back on the road and arrived at our destination, albeit almost 2 hours later than originally planned. They told us at the gate that Steve Irwin was running the crocodile show in the Croc-o-seum that day, so we bee-lined straight for that. The kids were stoked that they got to see the man himself… Then it was time for lunch so we headed to the food service area nearby. We’d just finished eating and were waiting for the Safari Shuttle to head to the tiger enclosure. Unfortunately for us, it was at this point that Mother Nature decided she wasn’t quite done with us yet. It started to rain … hard. By the time the shuttle reached the first stop, the downpour had become torrential and everybody was drenched. At the second stop the shuttle driver announced that there would be no more “hop-on, hop-off” – his job was solely to collect as many people as possible and get us all back to the main gate. Apparently this storm was not going to subside for at least a couple of hours. We arrived back at the main gate drenched and deflated. I was disappointed because I’d missed out on seeing my precious tigers, and the kids were upset that they’d missed … well … everything!

    Luckily for all of us, my sister-in-law can be quite persuasive. She spoke to someone in authority and went on to explain to them that we were from Adelaide and had driven quite a distance but only seen the crocodile show before the rain set in. She asked if we could either get a refund or some replacement tickets. They very kindly agreed to give us new tickets that were valid for the next day so we could return and experience the rest of the zoo. Thankfully the next day was much more “normal” and uneventful, but 11 years on I still remember the first day with much more clarity!

  26. Avatar of Christina

    Driving to theme parks in Gold Coast with 4 adults and 6 kids, of which 2 adults and 3 kids get CAR sick and playing musical chairs, when one turns green swap,next one turns green swap (only 2 seats avail for best front view not to get car sick) but it’s all worth it when no one vomits and we get to theme park…..then the drive home

  27. Avatar of Kas

    My daughter had a accident and wet her clothes so I wrapped her up in my jumper and took her to the car to change her.

  28. Avatar of Hannah

    My son and I have had a Diary of a whimpy kid nappy moment! Except that we were in a restaurant and a pop slid out of his nappy and onto the floor while we were eating! I was mortified but Hubby just bent down and picked it up with a napkin and continued to eat

  29. Avatar of Debbie Dye

    When my Aunty Margaret came over for lunch one day, Mr 8 kept touching her arm. She was looking very puzzled and then he started gigling hysterically telling her she had ‘The cheese touch’!

  30. Avatar of Nicole

    Nothing worse than vomiting in the car and my son always seems to need to go to the toilet on our road trips and normally where none are so plenty of by the road wees for us

  31. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny VabrianyReply

    I always feel nervous to take my kids to road trip as both of them are prone to motion sickness. It was our short first road trip 2 years ago, and I was prepared for the worst (headache, vomit, arguments, etc)

    To my surprise, my kids enjoy the trip very much. No complain, headache and vomit. They play cards, had no arguments, enjoy the scenery along the way, asking questions. They were excited and we had a wonderful family bonding time.

    I learn that sometimes I shouldn’t worry too much and be brave to have a go, because you’ll never know. I am glad I did.

  32. Avatar of Danielle Tassan
    Danielle TassanReply

    Our last car trip entailed my youngest throwing up in the car following by leaving one of our suitcases at the hotel.

  33. Avatar of Penny Lee Perry
    Penny Lee PerryReply

    Road trips are our ‘way of life’ from a 2600km round trip to Mildura with a 6week old, to our epic Queensland trip, it’s always an adventure! Our 10 yr old wimpy kid who is car crazy made up his own game: pick a car brand each, then tally any moving cars you see of that brand. His twin sisters chose colours and the rest of us chose brands- gotta be strategic in country QLD and make sure you choose Toyota (Landcruiser/ Hilux) or Holden A Fiat is the wild card, first one to 100 gets to choose where we eat at the next stop.

  34. Avatar of Stacey

    My Cody (7) Loves these books, puts back toys to choose these!
    Funniest moment has to be the Coke In Grandpas new limmo!

    My dad was showing off his brand new car and little one gets in the back seat, with a bottle of coke. ( we didn’t know)

    We head off for a first drive, only to be sprayed with tiny, sweet smelling drops of Cola, the kid had shaken the bottle up before opening….
    What a mess!
    All we hear is “sorry grandpa”

    There’s many many many more stories but I like that one lol

  35. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette BullReply

    Packed up camp, headed off out of the Vic High Country……5 minutes into our 4 hour drive home the youngest Wimpy kid powerchucked. Everything was packed away apart from a packet of wipes and a tea towel, so we cleaned up best we could. With Wimpy kids clothes covered in vomit, dad drove home with no shirt on as he gave it to Wimpy kid to cover herself. So Wimpy dad got some odd looks when we stopped for petrol and food. Him no shirt, her an oversized dad shirt. And all of us smelling like vomit

  36. Avatar of Kerryanne

    A pooping explosion! Not just a little poop out the leg or bottom of the ‘diaper’ either!! Swimming lessons with miss 1 at the time who was teething… It came out of her swim nappy into the pool with 7 mortified parents in the water with their children including hubby who froze red faced and said ‘it wasn’t me!!! I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, needless to say swimming was off for the rest of the day while they treated the hydro pool and pumps!

  37. Avatar of FionaL

    At the Bistro moving our tray of food ready to pay my daughter vomited delicately on the side of the tray!

  38. Avatar of Bianca b

    After 7 days in Bali miss 2 def swallowed too many water in the hotel slides/pool .. boarding at the airport she threw up on the baggage collector, then before the plane .. lucky we had nurofen in my bag .. a quick dose and she slept the whole way back to Australia .. next day woke up good as gold again

  39. Avatar of Natalie M

    At a Christmas work break up and my little man was being held by the bosses wife when she said there was stuff on his legs. Runny poo had leaked everywhere filling his boots and covering her lap and seat. Having your own kids vomit or poo or pee on you is terrible but when it’s someone else’s child it’s so much worse and I felt so bad for her.

  40. Avatar of Lara haynes

    I live in diary of a wimpy kid land everyday I’m afraid kids running around when not supposed to ect have moments with what they say

  41. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    Always the vomit. How do they know the worst possible time to cover themselves with puke? And whenever I play video games and my two year old pulls my pants down because he knows my hands are busy

  42. Avatar of Melinda Mahlberg
    Melinda MahlbergReply

    Our moment was when my daughter gave no notice and vomited in the car. It hit my husband in the back of the head while he was driving. We all had to stop and clean it up, she had no clean clothes and then we had to continue the trip in a vomit smelling car.

  43. Avatar of Kate

    We were driving along the Californian coast rd, very windy. I was reading and eating gummy bears and Mum kept telling me to look up so I didn’t get carsick. I didn’t listen. To this day I still can’t eat gummy bears or read The DIary of Anne Frank.

  44. Avatar of Christy

    The almighty are we tjere yet aa soon as we leave the driveway .
    And when your 8 year old holds a sign up at the window that reads….”HONK IF YOUR HAPPY”!
    and you wonder why everyone is honking at you .
    Good times!

  45. Avatar of Catherine Gangur
    Catherine GangurReply

    Windy roads, Sausage roll and chocolate milk…. You know the rest!!

  46. Avatar of Jess pringle
    Jess pringleReply

    4 boys always something going wrong hehe, but last thing was when matter 3 got his head stuck in a face prop and too us forever to get him out, alot of pulling and turning finally free’d him, poor little man was histerical.

  47. Avatar of Sheridan Miles
    Sheridan MilesReply

    Our 16 year old has always gotten car sick, but one Christmas day about 5 years ago he EXPLODED, high pressure projectile vomiting while we were on our way to Mums house.
    Needless to say by the time we arrived at our destination the car was covered in puke, our son was covered in puke, I was covered in puke and my husband and our 5 other kids were all trying NOT to puke!!!

  48. Avatar of Tanya.h

    Going out to a friends house in summer for bbq. To get there and get my son who was a baby at the time. To find him covered in Poo. He had a Poo explosion. It was everywhere. I didn’t know where to start. Lucky I packed changed of clothes. But it was a whole lot of cleaning.

  49. Avatar of Amanda jane
    Amanda janeReply

    This would be a great christmas present for my 9 year old nephew he has read all the books and loves it

  50. Avatar of Renae

    As a mum of 4 boys I am pretty much immune to most smells, noises and pranks! Except when those pranks go wrong and we end up in emergency to have lego removed from the young ones nose or a small cockroach removed from the ear. (Yes it was a real one)!! We could pretty much write the script for the next DOAWK movie/book.

  51. Avatar of Mick G

    while on holiday telling the kids we would go for a swim after breakfast only to find the tide was way way way out

  52. Avatar of Luize

    My son was not well. Heading to the doctors in the car. He said he was going to vomit. I gave him the spew plastic bag. Then an almighty noise erruoted from his throat. He spewed everywhere in the car. Projectile all over the back of me while driving. Not one bit got into the plaztuc spew bag. Not happy Jan!

  53. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fayReply

    When my son was at swimming lessons and did a poo in his costumes and it floated out into the water, everyone had to get out and they had to cancel the rest of the days lessons plus the older kids lap practice, it was extremely embarrassing and when he got out poo was still plopping out of his costumes so no denying who did it

  54. Avatar of ANGELO porcelli

    We did the great ocean road with the kids one very memorable road trip. Was Amazing!
    Apart from our youngest having gastro ….. Say no more……

  55. Avatar of Betina

    My kids make me laugh all the time. We have so many moments that I actually created a Facebook page to record them all. It’s called Funny stuff said by Kira and Sophie. One that springs to mind is when my youngest was just talking in sentences and she came to me and said “I dropped my cuddle, but I didn’t say F#*% cos little girls don’t say F#%*!”

  56. Avatar of Sherilee

    My son was not feeling well and was sitting on me cuddling. Then everything went everywhere! Major poo explosion and I’m rushing him straight into the bathroom, drips along the way and over me, I place him to sit in a baby bath so he won’t move cos the only way to clean this up was with a shower for us both! Yuck!

  57. Avatar of Bel

    Our Wimpy Kid road trip was a long haul down the south west of WA. In a 3 hour car ride we endured a power vomit by one child, followed by a ‘poo incident’ from our other child, ending with us not being able to find the street that housed our accommodation. By the time we arrived, I wanted to set fire to our car (rather than try to clean it) and had to resist the urge to run away from home!

  58. Avatar of Mstyles

    Driving on a 2.5 hour roadtrip we stopped for lunch, hopped back in the car and driving on our way again and my son starts vomiting, hubby hits the brakes and my coffee goes flying..all over my feet, handbag and lands upside down on my jumper, the only one I had packed for the whole weekend

  59. Avatar of Nata

    While shopping for toilets and vanities my toddler decided that it was toilet time and did his business in the toilet that was on display, walked out red faced from that store.

  60. Avatar of Jodi Matthews
    Jodi MatthewsReply

    My kids are the nightmare of my life, oh sorry I mean highlight of my life. Everyday is a Greg day or Manny day.. they are little shits and love to fight, who ever said kids are great should be shot! So glad they love this Movie and Book to read!

  61. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I went in to check on my son before going to bed. He was all sweaty and his pajamas were soaking. I thought he might be sick, but on closer inspection I could see his school uniform under his pajamas. I woke him up. He said that in the morning all he had to do was take off his pajamas and he was ready for school. So funny were still laugh about it.

  62. Avatar of Kathryn

    We travelled to Fiji where my hubby was suppose to pack our bathers. When we arrived and wanted to go for a swim we couldn’t find our bathers. He had left them on our dressing table. We all had to swim in our undies, until we travelled to town to get some new ones. .lol

  63. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    Whilst on holidays our daughter wasn’t feeling well & vomited in the only thing we had, a large takeaway cup which she placed back on the table. The waiter brought our drink order over & we could see him sniffing the air, unbeknownst to him the milkshake looking drink was her vomit. I quickly ran to the toilets to dispose it.

  64. Avatar of Raelene Field
    Raelene FieldReply

    Driving on road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, at the time miss 6 was convinced that we needed to drive through Africa to get there , stopping at a service station only 1 hour into our trip she announced to the man behind the counter we are going to Sydney and we have to drive through Africa to get there , he was confused as she was totally convinced that’s where we were going , it happen be Christmas Day so going aLong with her he said well you better be really good and quite so dad can drive fast and you can beat Santa there ………..on another trip to Gold Coast we were visiting SeaWorld when my hubby said to me can I have a $1 coin to feed the fish ( they had a machine to get food out to feed fish) the same miss 6 who now at this stage was miss 10 said oh do fish eat dollaR coins ……we remind her if both of these on a regular bases

  65. Avatar of brenda williams

    well the worst moment was when i was driving back from sydney,and my son was in hes carseat in the back,he was about 3 and he said mummy i feel sick,and i said ok just let me pull over,but no i felt all this water hit the back of my head he projectiled vomited all over the back of the rest of the trip home i was still pulling bits out of my hair,very bad day.

  66. Avatar of Prue

    Just finished breast feeding my baby to have him throw up all over my cleavage and White top with his warm milk mixed with pumpkin spew right down my front … … needless to say he was handed over to the grandparents quite swiftly while I went to shower fully dressed.

  67. Avatar of Christina D
    Christina DReply

    If anything can go wrong, with my family it usually does. The worst moment would have to be a poo explosion- it went everywhere. So hard to clean up – everything, including clothes went in the bin that day.

  68. Avatar of Lisa

    Our most recent would be driving home through the blue mountains after being bush with the 2 kids & our puppy when the kids say look mum the pup is dancing to which only followed by vomit everywhere

  69. Avatar of Tony Mackenzie
    Tony MackenzieReply

    It always fun getting dirty looks from passing cars because the kids are poking faces at the from the back seat.

  70. Avatar of Donna L

    My boys love this movie and now our daughter loves it too. I guess you can say it’s a great movie to watch as a family, laugh, bond and relax. Also reminds us we aren’t all that abnormal after all lol

  71. Avatar of Micky H

    On fathers day quite a few years ago now, hubby was changing bubs nappy and as he took the nappy off he did a spray poo and sprayed poo all over hubby’s good going out clothes… Poor hubby 🙂

  72. Avatar of Susan

    Day trip in the car. Small chocolate for the toddler. Add motion sickness . More chocolate came out projectile style than initially went in. No change of clothes so he was wrapped in a towel until we got home. Windows down of course.

  73. Avatar of M. Hooper

    After a long drive to attend a very solemn church occasion, we decided we all needed to freshen up, in hubbies toilet bag was his nugget for his shoes-our little Mr found said nugget & promptly ‘shined’ up his little sister-no wipes cleaned up that effort!! It did lighten the day a little though… eventually.

  74. Avatar of Lisa

    Luckily no major road trip incidents other than the usual ‘are we nearly there ‘ 15 mins into a 3 hour car ride

  75. Avatar of CHERS


  76. Avatar of Kim

    Worst moment was both our kids projectile vomiting at the same time while we were on a plane trip to Adelaide. We were all covered in vomit!

  77. Avatar of Belinda jelly
    Belinda jellyReply

    Last year after celebrating Fathers Day weekend the day we left the kids were swimming in the pool right before we left.
    Once we got in the car the kids eyes were burning and watering from the heavy chlorine in the pool. We had to stop at a chemist to get eye drops and my youngest was crying in pain. Let’s just say it was a long uncomfortable trip home..

  78. Avatar of Kathleen DONNELLY
    Kathleen DONNELLYReply

    Only have a 10 month old so nothing to report yet. But my cousin was in the car with her kids and the youngest needed to pee so she gave him an empty Fanta bottle to pee in and when she got home it was empty he got thirsty and drank it.

  79. Avatar of sonya

    My moment was sending my daughter off to school in her bathers for swimming lessons, but forgetting to pack her underwear!

  80. Avatar of Don

    Cringiest moment, hearing my daughter cough then cry and turn around to see she’d thrown up all over herself, the seat in front and the window/door

  81. Avatar of Melita

    We always get “are we there yet” starting in less than 5mins after we leave home, so we always play the eye spy game, which always ends in tears as little miss 8yo spies things in her imagination so this always ends with sisterly squabbles. Oh dear, gotta love road trips!!

  82. Avatar of Alison O

    Well my daughter at a young age was often telling massive porky pies (mostly obvious by the unrealistic nature of her stories). For example on her first day of school when we asked what she did she responded – we went to the zoo the farm and the beach! We discussed her wild imagination and attempted to curve it unfortunately it was not until she had a boy that cried wolf scenario herself that she swiftly ceased her stories.

  83. Avatar of Emma

    My 5yr old was on a school excursion to a park for geography at 9.00am. They had some play time after and by 10.00am the teacher rang me to come get him as he had thought he would be clever and see how many monkey bars he could miss before grabbing one. He missed all and face planted the metal bar below and broke his nose. I ended up in emergency with my 2yr old in tow. Only to be back in hospital the next night with my 2 yr old who (according to docs at hospital) caught a virus from emergency waiting room the day before. We were admitted til 2 pm the next day!!!!

  84. Avatar of Pamela

    My son thought he’d get the dishwasher going and put hand washing detergent in the dispenser… the kitchen filled up with foam and bubbles!

  85. Avatar of Sheree L

    Mr 9’s grade 2 class photo arrived to show not only mr 9 with a stunned mullet look on his face but half the class is either cross eyed or looks to be in pain… definitely one for their 21st’s

  86. Avatar of Debbie Mowatt
    Debbie MowattReply

    When my son got sick travelling home from Coffs Harbour. We didn’t know he was unwell until he threw up half way in and out of the Lolly shop at the Big Banana. On and off sick for a few hours andnseemed to come ok! Stopped at Taree and right in the middle of the food court threw up everywhere, all over him and hubby . 2 hours later we stopped st my sister in law’s house and he ate and played like nothing was wrong! It was a hellish trip!!

  87. Avatar of Emma Ross

    My three year old tells what he is about to do even if it’s naughty lol. For example I’m going to rip, I’m going to cut, I’m going to punch lol. All in a playing way

  88. Avatar of Jos

    Flying backing from Melbourne by myself with 2 kids. Youngest starts to come down suddenly with flu like symptoms at airport. Who flight can’t equalise ears so vomited constantly for 3 hours. The looks we got.

  89. Avatar of Rachel Edwards
    Rachel EdwardsReply

    Driving 45 min home from grannies house with little ones, 5 min from home and the little one vomits all over herself, which makes the older one start to dry reach and cry that she needs to get out of the car! Always a DOAWK moment with little ones around!

  90. Avatar of Kristy Stark
    Kristy StarkReply

    My eldest son wiped a tiny booger on my middle son while we were traveling to see family and before you know it he is vomiting in the back and some when on my daughter who in turn started screaming!! Oh what a nightmare!!

  91. Avatar of Heidi D

    When I was a kid I was a road trip vomiter, guaranteed on any trip. We couldn’t even get an hour away from home & we would be pulling over. I was blessed with two little boys renowned for the roadside wee & a little girl that wasn’t up for an al fresco wee so we would frantically be looking for a loo.

  92. Avatar of Sam

    My kids went through a phase as toddlers wanting banana flavoured milk. I have in and they had some – only for them both to bring it up in the car on the way home. Several months later, they insisted again and figured it must’ve been a once-off- turns out it wasn’t. Couldn’t get that fake banana smell out of the car for weeks…

  93. Avatar of Crazy Mum

    Everyday is a Wimpy Kid moment in my household. When my son get’s himself completely worked up he vomits EVERYWHERE. One day doing the shopping he had a big tantrum got himself so worked up he projectile vomited all of me & himself, needless to say i just left the shopping trolley where it was picked him up & got out of there fast.

  94. Avatar of Joni

    My youngest son likes doing Bush Wees… but one day he did a massive public bush wee just outside a large local girls High School at the time they were all dismissed…I pretended he wasn’t my son until he called out to me and I turned around to see 1000 girls were laughing and pointing at him!!!!!!!

  95. Avatar of Mellydel

    On a road trip about 2 hours into a 7 hour drive. Windows down as it’s hot and the next minute the police sirens were behind me. I was going the speed limit so I did wonder why he had pulled me over. I pull over and my sons starts balling his eyes out. The police officer said excuse me I just saw someone in the back throw something out the window. I was so embarrassed. He gave me a caution and told my son to never do it again and he never has!

  96. Avatar of Marjolein

    My son loves these books and I’m sure he would watch the movie over and over again!


    Walking into my little brother at 18 months who had taken off his nappy and eating his own poo…

  98. Avatar of Pavlova

    During church my daughter farted after communion everyone turned around and we had to contain ourselves but as soon as it was over we just lol, she was so embarrassed.

  99. Avatar of Karlene

    As a toddler our son got car sick on jumbo sized freckle chocolates – there was so much vomit we bought a new booster seat from SuperCheap and threw the old one.

  100. Avatar of Nicky

    I told my four year old we were going to the movies, we got in the car “Mummy, I cant wait to see Diarrhoea of a Wimpy Kid”, he was so excited About it, I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

  101. Avatar of laura sutcliffe
    laura sutcliffeReply

    when my oldest were 2 and 3 our car was broken so had hubbies smaller car. we had just done a food shop but wouldnt all fit in the boot. well the kids got into the rice and thought it was great to throw everywhere. they then throw the soya sauce bottle which then broke. no where safe to pull over so had to wait til we were home.

  102. Avatar of Dannielle Watters
    Dannielle WattersReply

    2 daughters that always try and outdo each other. Sing the loudest, talk the longest, who has the messiest room.

  103. Avatar of LizB

    I think my work wimpy kid travel moment would be we were driving to see friends and my daughter says ‘mum I….’ I then hear a sound to find that she had puked all over my drivers back seat and my hair.

  104. Avatar of Maxine Mackay
    Maxine MackayReply

    Driving along the great ocean rd, enjoying the sights and then we hear it, an almighty scream as my then 4 year old was covered in vomit that her beloved sister had projectile vomited all over her. The vomitor was clean as a bell lol she just wiped her mouth on her sleeve and smiled happily. We had to stay the night in a motel to hose out the car and shower the unlucky daughter lol

  105. Avatar of shrekluck

    My son saw the “cheese” on the ground at school and decided that we would all catch something if we went near it.

  106. Avatar of joey828

    Opening the windows to feed chips to seagulls in the car

  107. Avatar of Louise

    Our son was not feeling well and was sitting in his car seat. We had just come from seeing our healthcare professional when he said to us that he needed to be sick. Sick he was all over him, his seat, the floor, the console of the car and my husband’s hair. Things happen!

  108. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy ClarkReply

    My Granddaughter loves the Adventures of the Whimpy Kid she would be so stoked to get it for xmas

  109. Avatar of Melanie

    owning a caravan and doing loads of road trips over the last 10 years we have had it all. From little Geckos in beds, oversized spiders on doors ways, peeing using the A-frame on the front of van as a toilet seat in the middle of no where and loosing multiple car extension mirrors from wind and storms while driving not to mention the huge blown up cow that have sadly passed away by the roadside. All experiences and laughable memories now

  110. Avatar of Melinda Davies
    Melinda DaviesReply

    Finding out that my two boys had been knocking yoghurt out of each other’s hands so that it would spray everywhere – inlcuding our neighbours work car and all over their garage door! I was so embarrassed, of course, they had to go and clean it up but still 🙁

  111. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie ClaytonReply

    While travelling on the Eyre Peninsula, Dad (who had fallen asleep as Mum was driving) woke up and yelled out in panic,”Watch out for the camels!”
    Mum’s response? “Honey that’s a sand dune”.

  112. Avatar of Michelle Murray
    Michelle MurrayReply

    In January we drive from Newcastle up to tweed heads with our 3 young kids the youngest being 3 who decided to tell us he needed to poo several times on the way. Luckily I took a potty so we could just pull over. It was driving my partner and myself crazy as he wasn’t actually going. He then laughed and yelled out I tricked you guys again I’m just bored. Safe to say we didn’t stop again for him.

  113. Avatar of Treena

    With 3 kids it always seems something is going wrong or someone feels that they are living a day in the life of a whimpy kid.

  114. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina EReply

    Let’s just say with 7 kids 11 and under everyday is full of diary of a wimpy kid moments. Just this morning miss 11 decided she’ll try to change miss 2months nappy, which resulted in her projectile pooping all over my bed just as we were supposed to be leaving for school as we were running late already.

  115. Avatar of Lisa Robertson
    Lisa RobertsonReply

    About eight years ago, we headed off ready for our well prepared snow holiday. Our kids were about 3 and 7 from memory. We had planned and looked forward to this for so long. We left home at 5am, by 12pm we stopped for a good period for a break, with about 1.5 hours still ahead of us. Lunch, wander around town, get back to car and my husband could smell fuel. Turned out we had sprung a leak in one of the fuel lines. Found the only open mechanic, however unfortunately, it was some kind of tradies type public holiday and we couldn’t get anything done on the car. Trying to get a part we need, we were told there were none in Australia!! We had to organise a hire car, and luckily where we were, was about 20 minutes from family (we were about 7 hours from home here), so we were able to organise to have our car left with them till it could be fixed. We finally got to our accommodation about 8.30 that night – after hearing of our day, they upgraded our room for us at no extra charge. While we still enjoyed our snow trip, some of our holiday was then spent back at our family;s trying to work out how we would get home. After our travel, we ended up on a very long train ride back home. A few weeks later, my husband was talking to a mechanic here, finds out we didn’t need to order this whole part we had been told about but could one single line which he could have there the next day!! If only we had been able to speak to him at the time!!! After all this, part came, my husband travelled back down to fix his car and brought it home – three months later!! Moral – we still managed to have a great time despite all our trials and tribulations

  116. Avatar of Alison

    Our child having fun dancing with her friends – next minute vomit everywhere in front of all our friends. 5 mins later asking for food because she was hungry.

  117. Avatar of Julia Todd

    We were having a lovely relaxing mini break at the beach for a few days when our then 3yo kept getting up from the kitchen table at dinner time and running to the lounge room and back again. Next thing, he runs head first into the corner of the table and ended up with a nasty cut/dent on his head just above his eye. Of course we headed straight to the Emergency Department to get it glued together. So much for a holiday!!

  118. Avatar of Mel

    Driving from Victoria to QLD and when we were halfway through NSW youngest through up in macdonalds ….. it was hotter than we were used too and we had been driving for hours ! I felt so bad and so embarassed……
    So….we got frozen comes an for back in the car and kept driving…

  119. Avatar of Bernadette maio
    Bernadette maioReply

    The best ever was when I never heard a peep out of them because we played spot the coloured car and I sent indigo as the colour. Do you think we could find an indigo coloured car? I don’t think so.

  120. Avatar of Leonie

    We were travelling to a city from our small country town, while my now 11 year old was toilet training (she was about 2 at the time). I usually took a port a potty with me during trip but this time I forgot.

    On the way there, she heeded to pee, so we pulled over. The first time she had to “squat” and she managed to pee all over my boots!!

    During the time there, she was fantastic! On the way home however, was the interesting part! She yelled at the top of her lungs “I NEED TO POO!!” and we were nowhere near a toilet so we had to pull over again!

    We went under a tree where she decided to “squat” again, in a bunch of pine needles! They went everywhere, including one that went up her butt….. Safe to say, our next stop was for a hospital visit.

    Butt was fine, pine needle exited safely but one stressed Mumma!

    She now no longer squats and waits til we’re at a toilet lol

  121. Avatar of Heidi

    I love our 3 hour drive we do to Moonta with my 6yr old son and his dad singing and making up their own awesome songs to pass the time and the amazing converstions that a 6yr old can have are just mind blowing

  122. Avatar of Melanie O

    My stage fright so bad as a kid i threw up during show and tell around 7 years old

  123. Avatar of Melita Malone
    Melita MaloneReply

    Every day is an adventure in our house! School, work, extra curriculum activities, dinner, make lunches etc and then repeat Monday to Friday.

  124. Avatar of Lara Daebritz
    Lara DaebritzReply

    Playing Spotto on a trip down south with my daughter and two young nieces, I wasn’t expecting one of them to yell out at a roadside petrol station….”Aunty Lara, I’ve seen a big hairy bikie. I’m crossing that one off!” I cringed, but the aforementioned bikie politely smiled, paid for his petrol and thankfully left on his massive bike.

  125. Avatar of Blossom

    Our little charmers and one of their cousins decided to hide in a bush and play. When their Dad was calling them, then looking for them they didn’t come out. After us both searching the house and yard *back and front” we discussed calling the Police. They decided they better come out of hiding. They also didn’t realise that the spiders love that bush. They were very lucky that none of them were bitten.

  126. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla SibleyReply

    One of my children vomited on a car trip once into a vomit bag. The smell was trapped in the car and so bad we were all hanging out the windows to get away from it. We had to pull over otherwise all of us were going to be sick in the car too!

  127. Avatar of Catherine

    When mum was the one who got car sick from trying to navigate off her phone too much. Kids thought it was hilarious

  128. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclairReply

    10 hour road trip, a son with gastro, parents who then came down with gastro = horrible horrible horrible

  129. Avatar of Tacey White
    Tacey WhiteReply

    When my oldest was little we went on our first road trip. Being so long I just kept passing the snacks back and he ended up filthy and orange faced from cheetos. When we arrived we quickly popped up to kmart to buy some more clothes for their stay when he suddenly starts walking real slow.. I see little brown droplets trailing him. Somehow he’s managed to do the wettest poo I’ve ever seen and it is dripping down his legs and onto the floor! Quickly accidentally grab girls clothes for him and race to the change room, call for dad waiting in the car to bring all the nappies and wipes

  130. Avatar of LaurenG

    My then four year old son vomited all throughout the car when we were about 5 minutes from our destination. It was all through the car seat and the buckle and even the air vents!

  131. Avatar of Darren L

    Visiting Bilpin when our daughter was a newborn… I was holding her while eating apple pie, and noticed some had dripped on my arm. I was just about to lick it off, when I realised it wasn’t apple pie after all, but my daughter’s ‘natural apple pie’ that had escaped her nappy.

  132. Avatar of Kim

    Every time I use a public bathroom and my son feels the need to ask loudy “are you doing a poo or a wee”

  133. Avatar of Rowan Barber
    Rowan BarberReply

    Because it’s only 6 weeks to school holidays and I need some entertainment. Oh and the kids would probably like to watch too 🙂

  134. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    My partner playing with the kids a little too much he had my almost 4 year old vomit right in his face needless to say he followed suit

  135. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea HurringReply

    My son had read all of the books so when the movie came out in July holidays I took my son to see the movie and I really enjoyed it, it was a fabulous movie and great for kids too.

  136. Avatar of Paige Yang

    One morning I asked my boy to finish his breakfast quickly otherwise he would be late for school. Then he put as much food as he could into his mouth until…… he vomited!!!

  137. Avatar of Maria Foti

    Omg 4 kids under 6 1/2 at the moment, oh so many moments. When I swung my son around by his hands and his elbow popped out (pulled elbow), or a month later when my husband pulled his top off for bath & his arm got caught & he did it AGAIN! And there’s a third time, but I’ll leave that one. The amount of times my kids go to kindy/school with their shoes on the wrong feet. And of course when my 3yr wants to pick up & est ANYTHING he sees on the floor. Oh the list can go on & on!

  138. Avatar of Belinda Bee
    Belinda BeeReply

    At an upmarket clothing store, my 2 sons dacked the shop dummy and did a runner! My cheeks were redder than the limited edition bag I ended up buying as a subconscious sorry! 🙂

  139. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry CornishReply

    My daughter having a tantrum and leaving a nice dent in our colorbond gate. Next time the stereo went flying. Love these books!

  140. Avatar of Heidi O'Day
    Heidi O'DayReply

    My son aged five and I were on our yearly bus road trip to visit my ex’s mother 4 hours away. He had just discovered that if you really focus you can fart very loudly and for a long time. He would not be told our fellow travelers were not big fans of his fart orchestra. One and a half hours in he saved up all his wind for a command performance. His cute little face contorted, he lets rip dragging it out for 12 seconds until….Yep he sharted! It was inevidable and I should have seen it coming. It ponged horribly and the poor passingers had to wait whilst the bus pulled over, I retrieved my bag and changed him in the tiny bus loo. I had to stow the soiled clothes in the cargo boot. The smell still went all through the bus.

  141. Avatar of jocy

    We had just had the carpet put down on our second floor extension. Our daughter chose that night to do a projectile vomit – from her Dad’s shoulder. Went everywhere. One way to christen the carpet.

  142. Avatar of Rikki

    Both my boys love diary of a wimpy kid and think they are Rodrick and Gregory. Last December one morning just before Christmas, my youngest woke up and the oldest told him it was christmas morning. My youngest wasn’t to happy when I got up and told him it wasn’t, ‘meanwhile the oldest was rolling around the floor laughing.

  143. Avatar of Georgina

    Having your children fight with each other like no one is watching.

  144. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Still nearly wet myself when I remember my Diary of a Wimpy Kid moment when Levi peed into my husband’s mouth when he was changing his nappy. Well done!

  145. Avatar of Candice

    My daughter was angry at me for not buying something for her from the supermarket so she pulled my skirt up at the busy self serve checkout. Was very embarrassing at the time.

  146. Avatar of JenJen

    Driving home the other night after delayed flights, My 2yr old is whinging and crying in the back seat; nearly 2.5hrs into the drive and only 10 minutes from home he has a massive spew all over himself and through the back of my car

  147. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrieReply

    My Wimpy Kid Saved the day by taking along a spew bag in the new car
    She remembered she Vomited last road trip so this time was ready and bin wasn’t too

  148. Avatar of Joanne sampson
    Joanne sampsonReply

    We went on a family weekend away and all got gastro and there was only one toilet and the drive home was a painful 3 hours

  149. Avatar of Vanessa K Vanya
    Vanessa K VanyaReply

    The toilet can’t be flushed because my son’s poop is so BIG and we have to call the plumber. Sorry yeah I know it’s bad.

  150. Avatar of Kathleen

    While camping in our VW pop-top van, circa 1975, my husband woke up to moisture dripping on his head. We all woke up when he sleepily yelled at our dog Ralph, assuming Ralph was having some sort of insane peeing accident on him. But then my husband realized the real source of the dripping. His lovely 5-year-old daughter! She had peed her sleeping bag in the sleeper bunk overhead. Whoops. We laugh about this story ALL the time.

  151. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren BarnesReply

    Changing two year old’s nappy in lounge, stool rolled onto the floor and our baby nabbed it – gobble it.  Suddenly I heard unhappy cry.

  152. Avatar of James

    Travelling from Qld to SA forgot cutlery lol fingers as knives as we traveled

  153. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina AinscoughReply

    I think anytime your child poo’s in the bath is a Diary of a Wimpy Kid moment. And it’s one I experienced again last week!

  154. Avatar of dangle

    Winding, hilly roads + strawberry picking + toddler + 3rd trimester pregnancy = red spewfest in the car. Ugh.

  155. Avatar of Ryan H

    30 minutes into our 10 hour trip up the WA coastline our daughter vomits over our 6 month old son. He in turn vomits as well as the dog in the boot vomits. Needless to say we turned round and everyone went in the bath.

  156. Avatar of Abigail B

    On a 3 day camping holiday away in the hills our daughter gets a bout of diarrhea in the middle of the first night and its literally gone up the walls of the tent. We cleaned as best ass we could only for an hour or two for her to repeat the same thing so we binned the tent and went home and was back by 6am on the first night of our trip away.

  157. Avatar of Kathy B

    Road trip from hell with four kids in outback NSW , rain which quickly turned to mega mud, kilometres of it. We kept playing road trip games and laughing things off. An emu changed direction at the last minute and hit the windscreen of our brand spanking new 4WD, we had 2 screaming kids, 1 hurling kid, a very interested in the dead emu kid and a very shaky Mum. Oh and a broken windscreen a long way from nowhere! Next came a flock of galahs eating spilt grain on the road, most flew away, one didn’t. Eventually we stopped at a roadhouse, kids piled out and discovered the galah in the front grill, still flapping around, hubby dislodged him and it just flew away without a backwards glance, youngest said “That was lucky!”

  158. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna MartinReply

    My daughter took her first trip on an aeroplane at 3 months old and vomited all over the passenger next to me and then pooed right through her onesie that stunk up the whole cabin…. Not to mention it was all over me too but I hadn’t banked on needing a spare change of clothes too. The hostesses all had to jump in and help… WOW so embarrassing.

  159. Avatar of Cynthia Hudson
    Cynthia HudsonReply

    I want to win this for my brother who is a huge Diary of a wimpy kid fan! My daughter is too you g to have had an embarrassing moment yet but when my little brother was about 3 we went to the playground and he was having so much fun he didnt know he had to go to the toilet, he had to walk all the way home after having am accident. :/

  160. Avatar of Jill

    Family Christmas lunch at sister’s place… our family’s contribution to the feast was the PAVOVA. I placed it on car seat while I strapped little one into his car seat. Missy Five came and sat on it!! A bit squishy but PAVLOVA still tasted OK.

  161. Avatar of Jessie Chibber
    Jessie ChibberReply

    I was walking with her hand in hand and accidentally ran her into the glass on the side of the door. Forgot I had to allow for an extra little room.

  162. Avatar of Julie

    On our family road trip coming home from camping. We decided to go through McDonalds Drive thru for lunch. The drive thru was quite narrow and had a curve. We got half way in and realised we were stuck because of our van. Cars were piling up behind us. I had to get out and direct my hubby to reverse a bit to eventually get out. It was so embarrassing and we ended up taking out some of their garden beds.

  163. Avatar of claire evans
    claire evansReply

    going to the bath supplies shop and my daughter takes off her clothes and jumps in the display bath screaming bath me!

  164. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    On one particularly unpleasant Road Trip we had to clean up the vomit of not only two kids but also the dog! The car never quite recovered and neither have I!

  165. Avatar of Tracey crotty
    Tracey crottyReply

    My son vomited on sidewalk while on holidays spraying my legs too both saturated in vomit and had to get a taxi then get out halfway so he could vomit again

  166. Avatar of Janine McNaughton
    Janine McNaughtonReply

    Whilst doing a school run, you realise the baby has done a number 2 and it’s not no 2 lol

  167. Avatar of Sara

    I was driving with the 2 kids an hour and a half away to a friend’s baby’s Christening. The boys in their Sunday best and the eldest has a major nosebleed! I’m frantically throwing wipes at them as I can’t find anywhere to pull over on the Freeway. We stop the car and he’s covered in blood. Quick stop to Kmart and he’s clean and in a new outfit. Hoping that No one looks in the backseat of our car as we park and make it just in time. After the service was a Morning Tea. The kids were all playing in the playground as I heard the rip. He had ripped his brand new shirt! I was now the Mother of that homeless looking child or I could change him back into his Halloween looking blood covered shirt. We made do in the ripped shirt until it was time to drive home. Returned to the car that looked like someone had been slaughtered in the back seat. Fun times cleaning that when I got home!

  168. Avatar of kathy Ferguson Clark
    kathy Ferguson ClarkReply

    My Granddaughter loves to read all about the Wimpy Kid and going on all his adventures she also likes to try

  169. Avatar of Deanne

    Every road trip is a diary of whimpy moment for us with kids fighting, dog barking and whinging and whining

  170. Avatar of ash

    My 7 and 9 year old decided to make slime and then decorate the entire bathroom with it!

  171. Avatar of Nell S

    Our little 8 y/o suffers from anxiety. I think he’d identify and maybe learn to cope.

  172. Avatar of Cat

    My kids never stop fighting in the car. I now have to say ‘the middle is Switzerland’ and threaten to remove screens if they don’t stop!

  173. Avatar of jane gardam
    jane gardamReply

    We were at a fair a while back and my daughter wanted a ride on some small ride on jeeps, well, she was a terrible driver and couldn’t steer straight if her life depended on it and ended up knocking the man over who was keeping everything under control. Well needless to say it was pretty embarrassing for all of us, and has not ever gone on any similar rides again. By the way the man was okay after he recovered from the shock.

  174. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    My youngest daughter pinched the last mango ice-cream from the freezer. It was meant for her Dad. He saw her eating it and said “Hey, that was mine’,
    She looked up at him and whilst rubbing her belly said “It’s gone to a much better place”.

  175. Avatar of Lolo W

    On a trip through central Queensland, we made an emergency toilet stop for my then 4 year old son on the outskirts of a small town. We pulled over near a couple of trees on the side of the road in front of a fenced paddock. While he was relieving himself behind the trees, a cow walked up along the fence unnoticed and standing only a few metres behind my son, mooed very loudly! This gave my son such a fright that he screamed and ran back toward the road in mid-stream, making an utter mess of himself in the process!

    As much as we tried, mum and dad were simply unable to restrain ourselves from seeing the funny side of this, though we did have the decency to save most of our hysterics until later that night when the kids were asleep!

    My son remains somewhat traumatised by the experience – he doesn’t like cows and also now generally does a thorough survey of the area in the event a ‘bush wee’ becomes necessary!

  176. Avatar of Tracy A

    Picking my husband up from work at the local high school and my son who was toilet training at the time decided he had to go then and there. I was mortified as he just pulled it out and started watering the roses in full view of teachers, parents and students. I never showed my face there again.

  177. Avatar of Rebecca Tompsett
    Rebecca TompsettReply

    Projectile explosion
    Midnight commotion
    Hubby awoken
    not a word spoken
    I needed a shower
    Despite the hour

  178. Avatar of QR

    Was in such a rush, put the kids in the car drove them to school and was watching them go in …. with their PJs – shock horror! Rushed them back home and changed them … don’t know how it happened

  179. Avatar of Michelle Ward
    Michelle WardReply

    My kids are always vying for attention so if one of my kids hurts themselves, another will find a way to become the focus so recently, after my son injured his leg, my daughter put a sling on for two days because she was bitten by a mosquito!

  180. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy weddingReply

    my 2 are always jealous of one another and they act out to get attention

  181. Avatar of Dee Susan

    I would love to get stuck on a long haul trip with my kids because they’ll be okay while having all the Wimpy Kid’s books by their side which they read them always again and again and swap and share between each other!

  182. Avatar of Daniella Mavili
    Daniella MaviliReply

    We were going on a family fun day out to Kyral Kastle, which is just over an hours drive away. Half way there my 4 year old daughter vomited all over the back seats and all over her too…. after many wet wipes and clean up we were back on the road and had a fun time at Kyral Kastle

  183. Avatar of Gia

    My little girl loves putting on layers and layers of clothes. One day we lost her in the supermarket. I frantically searched everywhere until a staff member showed me the trail of discarded clothes starting in one aisle and continuing into the staff room. 11 clothing items later, there she was, naked!

  184. Avatar of Snootzy M

    I have always used a little “bear” to watch over the kids if they are naughty, just like Greg’s mum!!!!!! The “bear” always knows what you are up to, so no fibs in our house!!!! 🙂

  185. Avatar of samira Al-Ekhtiyar
    samira Al-EkhtiyarReply

    My son almost sank to the bottom of a pool while on holidays, as he decided, his thong fell in, and he should go get it. Indeed lucky and thankful we were watching

  186. Avatar of Helen Curtis
    Helen CurtisReply

    We don’t do too many road trips, mostly because no less than 5 minutes down the road the, “Are we there yet? I’m bored!” started! But seeing all the fun of the family in this crazy story makes me want to give it a go in the very near future!

  187. Avatar of Donna Leysley
    Donna LeysleyReply

    When little miss was a baby we took her to the shopping centre in a cloth nappy, whilst Dad was holding her she did number 2 and it came out the side of the nappy and all down Dad’s leg.. Dad nearly just put her in the bin..

  188. Avatar of Teresa

    In the swimmer shop last week trying on a swimsuit for the season and he opens the door whilst I’m naked mid change, the door opens up to the front of the shop, yep i stayed in there for quite some time before i was ready to walk out.

  189. Avatar of Jane

    My daughter was more the Rowley character to her friend’s Greg.

  190. Avatar of elli

    with a 4 year old and a tween in the house every day is a wimpy kid day.

  191. Avatar of Megan M

    On a tour bus from a ski resort in France to the airport to head home, a very winding mountainous 2 hour drive!
    Kid number 1 threw up (not my kid), then another kid (also not mine), everyone was passing nappy bags to catch it in which managed to contain the mess successfully!
    Then my 2 year old, who was on my lap, with no warning proceeded to throw up all over me from top to bottom, vomit dripping everywhere, stinking out the entire bus, so so embarrassing, not to mention a flight home without being able to shower beforehand! An absolute nightmare journey, my cringiest wimpy kid road trip ever, hopefully never to be repeated! I was NOT very popular on that journey!

  192. Avatar of Indy

    My son was eating McDonald’s soft serve cone in the car. Halfway eating, he was sleepy and nodding off but still wouldn’t let go of the ice cream. Whenever I tried to take the ice cream away, he woke up and cried and made me give it back. The ice cream just kept falling down from his hand and I kept catching it. Still, the result of all that is MESS everywhere.

  193. Avatar of Natalie

    When I was on the phone trying to find an important document for my husband who was interstate my son who was then seven he and his younger sister who was five and a half years old were bouncing on the lounge despite repeated requests to stop. On hearing a big thunk to the ground I turn around to find he’d hit the lino floor (concrete right under) and he spent the next hour passing in and out of consciousness him claiming he was fine whilst laying down going to sit up vomiting and passing out again so the next 6 hours were spent in the emergency room with me holding a sick bag out every time he turned green. whilst trying to keep his 1year old sister from exiting the area and his other two sisters entertained and not bored because as with all these things it happened right near bedtime on a Sunday and no other doctors were open then. The ER staff were understandably busy due to a crash but when at hour 5 I was offered to take him home, as he’d stopped being sick and passing out, so long as I could wake him up and he sleeps like a log.

  194. Avatar of Magda

    It has to be mummy I’m feeling sick and are we there yet …

  195. Avatar of Sylvia

    Road trips are the best way to not only see beautiful Australia but to have many memorable moments with three children and husband in tow! It’s all about negotiation and road trip games. Our recent favourite one is alphabet sign game. Never a dull moment!

  196. Avatar of Suz F

    My husband was sick of making toilet stops on our road trip and didn’t beleive that my son could need to go to the toilet again just 20 minutes after stopping and just kept driving. Turns out he did need to go to the toilet, not a great day that one!

  197. Avatar of rebecca carter
    rebecca carterReply

    Every day is like Diary of a Wimpy kid in my house.

  198. Avatar of Heather

    Was staying Over at my dads house when in the morning my toddler went Into his room to say hello but grabbed his teeth instead that were soaking in water at the side of his bed and was shoving them on her mouth, Honestly I was gagging laughing and screaming all at one go. Looking back now it very very comical

  199. Avatar of Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth AndersonReply

    My daughter on the beach very loudly saying “Look Mum, a rock for my rection!” Mortified realised she meant collection and have since taught her the correction pronunciation.

  200. Avatar of Isildae

    Hosting an international exchange student and while out and about on their first day with us my then 2 year old decided to whip out his doodle and pee in the bushes. He’d never done it before, never done it since but had to do it that moment.

  201. Avatar of rebecca foster-noble
    rebecca foster-nobleReply

    I love reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid at bedtime with my grandkids, especially my grandson Robert. Lots of giggles and a lovely way to bond over a great book.

  202. Avatar of Selina

    My favourite moments are always when they’re singing, laughing or sleeping. My most cringeworthy moment was when we were travelling with a dog (not even OUR dog – we were minding it!) and it suffered from car sickness. It lost control of it’s bowels about an hour into a 5 hour trip and set off one of my children gagging and retching while we were trundling down the highway at 110km/hr. The car still stinks more than a year later.

  203. Avatar of J'aime Perryman
    J'aime PerrymanReply

    I remember taking my kids on a trip through the hills. The eldest kid got sick and of course there was no where to pull over…..blah .. sick all over the car! I asked him to wind the window down and out it went outside, inside and everywhere in between! I now carry sick bags and a rubbish bin on long haul trips!

  204. Avatar of STEPHEN ELSWORTHY

    My wimpy kid moment ws finding my 2 year old playing with his toy boats in the toilet bowl

  205. Avatar of Alex

    Dressed my little brother up as the iconic Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the books for his bookweek at school!

  206. Avatar of Natalie

    In my house every day is a diary of a wimpy kids moment with 5 kids there is all sorts of craziness happening in my house

  207. Avatar of Dani

    Ten minutes into a road trip with 11month old and 6yr old little man starts crying. I turn around to see what wrong and am met with a projectile vomit with so much force it splatters across the windscreen, car seats myself and mr 6yrs. After pulling over onto the side of the freeway to discover that i had nothing to clean away this monstrosity. With no other option I removed my shirt and proceeded to wipe down mr 11months and mr 6yrs as well as attempt to wipe the windscreen to have some form of visiblity. Because of sheer amount of vomit I had to scoop it off the car seats and floor with my bare hands and that is when i noticed the flashing lights and that is how the police found me: on the side of the freeway with two screaming children, me standing in my bra and jeans with a handful of vomit in each hand. I have never seen two officers so keen to get back to their patrol car.

  208. Avatar of Kell

    My son was hungry so I suggested fruit as dinner was only an hour away. He had taken his third bite when he said “this apple tastes funny” ….my response ” Sweetie that’s a nectarine” . My kids need to eat more fruit!!!

  209. Avatar of Lyn Cohn

    On a road trip, after foolishly letting my daughter (then aged 3) have chocolate milk in the car. We’re stuck in traffic, in the middle lane. First she spilled some on herself. No big deal. Then she drank the rest really quickly so she wouldn’t spill any more. Then there’s a … funny noise from the back of the car. I glance up into the rear vision mirror in time to see a cascade of choco-vomit projectiling out of this tiny person and straight into the back of my head. It was 35 degrees celsius. We had no airconditioning. Opening the windows just blew my puke-covered hair into my mouth. It took nearly 15 minutes before I could pull over safely and help the poor kid. We were both in tears.

  210. Avatar of joanne parkinson
    joanne parkinsonReply

    pooping in the tiolet paper isle beacuse he said there was tiolet paper there and thought he was aloud too

  211. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    On our most recent road trip, we discovered our son suffers from car sickness – we all needed brand new hats after that journey. Yep, he filled 4 of them!

  212. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie MajorekReply

    My daughter was only 2 weeks old, when we were invited to a family members formal dressed, 21st family party, at a beautiful ritzy function centre.
    She was a happy, healthy child who was on the breast more than off!
    Breastfeeding in public does not worry me- but her nappy explosions were regular and at the best of times- unpopular! Lol.
    So I’d just finished feeding my little firl, when I heard that all too familiar thunder come from her nappy.
    I was so worried that even though she was wearing correctly fitted huggies nappy, there would be an inconvenient leakage.

    There were no nappy change rooms, but there was a formal lounge area, which had a leather lounge, and coffee table just outside the door of the function room.
    So I decided to quickly change her nappy there.
    Old nappy off, cleaned bottom, new nappy being applied- when I lifted her legs to slide the new nappy under……a thunderous fart coupled with projectile POOP hit me straight in the neck and chest area!!!!!
    I’d just been sprayed with poop in the ritzy formal lounge.
    I panicked, had to clean my baby, put a nappy on securely asap, and then proceeded for the next 40 minutes, trying to scrub poo out of my formal outfit!
    Oh if I could have sunken into a hole in the ground that day- I would have gladly! Lol.

    I did get cleaned up, but all I could smell, and the people at my table to, was baby poop!
    I ended up staying for 15 minutes longer till I decided that my daughter and I needed to get back home to wash out clothing and share a warm, cleansing bath together!

  213. Avatar of Paula Moran
    Paula MoranReply

    Reading my son a bedtime story the other night.. when i couldnt help by feel him staring quite intently at me.. he then paused and looked me in the eye and said “Mum, you really need to make an appointment to get your eyebrows done.. they are quite bushy!!!” #thingstheynotice #mumslyfe

  214. Avatar of Katie Ellacott
    Katie EllacottReply

    As a primary teacher, school excursions often have cringe worthy moments- most of which happen on the bus trip. One of the worst was my first year out of uni. We were on our way to our end of year picnic day at the beach, going down big long hills. One of the year 5 boys suddenly shouted that he was going to be sick. Before I could reach him with the bucket, he had vomited all over himself, the seat and floor in front of him. Next thing you know, kids in front of him start squealing as the vomit was making its way down the front of the bus on the floor. So i had to try to beat it as I urged kids to lift their feet off the floor and pick up 60 bags off the floor in order to avoid the trail of vomit. Turns out this kid catches the bus to and from school every day, and knows he gets bus sick!! Safe to say, I made sure I was on a different bus to him next excursion!

  215. Avatar of Bec Rigoni

    When my daughter was little we had a girls road trip along the Great Ocean Road with my sister. It was a really great trip, despite me and my daughter getting sick, choking incidents and normal adult sisterly squabbles

  216. Avatar of cameron lucadou-wells
    cameron lucadou-wellsReply

    When my son Max was 18 months old we went on a road trip.
    He had his favourite picture books in the back seat to look at/play with to pass the time.

    After not observing him for over an hour I noticed his book was missing…he had eaten it.
    There were bits of paper screwed up on the seat and floor, but most of the book was in his stomach.
    There was no post vomit.

  217. Avatar of Tracy

    5 kids, 1 small car and lots of kilometres. Boredom causing tantrums causing a few tears.. never again will I travel 1200km with kids!

  218. Avatar of Karen

    It’s not all their fault…. when my ex husband and i were together, we placed a walkie talkie under the bed and he had the other one. I said good night to the girls and then briefly looked under the bed cos i ‘thought i saw something’ and said good night monster under the bed… the walkie talkie growled back ‘goodnight ‘… my youngest almost pooped her pants and even my eldest jumped off the bunk and ran out the door…. I’m not winning mother of the year anytime soon!

  219. Avatar of Keri Smith

    Whilst driving with my youngest daughter, who refused to blow her nose and just sniffle. We were driving along and she sneezed boogie hung from her face to the floor of the car and we had no tissues, napkins or wipes. We ended up having to clean her up with her dads socks.

  220. Avatar of jr

    All the excitement, the fights and winging and whining all the way in the car only to be asleep for several hours upon reaching our destination.

  221. Avatar of Fionna

    When the kids tried to wash the dog in the newly dug garden bed area with the hose, sometimes you just have to lock the door and leave them outside!

  222. Avatar of Phillip Cunningham
    Phillip CunninghamReply

    When my son, aged three at the time thought it was fun to bring the garden hose into the dining room with it full on, or it could be the time that he decided to wash the cat in the bath, claws and hisses everywhere.,

  223. Avatar of Nikki Rodgers
    Nikki RodgersReply

    We my youngest caused a “Code Brown” in the swimming pool of a holiday park and the pool was closed off for the rest of day… There were definitely some unhappy campers that day!

  224. Avatar of Kerrie Groves
    Kerrie GrovesReply

    Mr 3 stripping off to go for a swim in the duck clam shell, that was full of mud. Lucky I Had time to empty it out and fill it up fresh before he could get his shorts and shoes off.

  225. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary PrestonReply

    I wanted to crawl away and hide when my son – in the middle of toilet training – did a wee into a pot plant at a friends house.

  226. Avatar of Helen Hamilton
    Helen HamiltonReply

    Like many parents the pojectile vomit in the car is an experience I won’t forget. Mum I feel sick, with no time to react, the back of the car is covered. Then I had the srcond lot hit me as I was attempting to deal with the first.

  227. Avatar of Maria Gillies
    Maria GilliesReply

    Baby sitting my Great Nephew, Cooper. Took him for a drive, thought he was asleep, smelt something gross, looked around and he had pooped and OMG, he decided that his poop needed to be smeared all over his head and the seat!!! Yukkkkk, needless to say, out of practice with such messes and smells, I dry reached cleaning him and his mess up while he just looked soooo innocent wondering what all the fuss was about!!! When I handed Cooper back to my Niece, I was looking rather wrecked, she laughed and said that he did this quite often and oops forgot to tell me!! I should have known better because the memories came flooding back, my Niece used to do the same thing, nearly 40 years ago!!!!! History repeating itself!!!! 🙂

  228. Avatar of Kylie

    I live the storyline if the diary of a wimpy kid daily i have 3 boys aged 12, 8 and 6 i would be here till 2020 telling you all the stories i have my boys fight like brothers do but have each others backs my 8 yr old son has autism and 6 yr old has adhd every day i havr embarrassing moments but i wouldnt change it for the world i love my 3 rugrats to the moon and back and beyond

  229. Avatar of FoodieK

    My daughter politely waited until the seatbelt light came on on our flight home before announcing that she’d been feeling like being sick for the past while and throwing up all over the place before we had a second to grab the sick bags, so we had to sit with vomit all over all three of us until we had landed and the light had gone off.

  230. Avatar of Maree Wood

    When the older brother hurt his younger sisters foot at the park & instead of taking her to the hospital to have it checked, drove through hungry Jacks drive through for soft serve cones, with her crying/screaming/bellowing in the back seat in pain!

  231. Avatar of Kim

    My daughter always gets extremely embarrassed of going out with the family when Grandad is in town. He wears his trousers like an old man, pulled up way too high. My daughter gets mortified someone that knows her will see him haha.

  232. Avatar of Jodie Craze
    Jodie CrazeReply

    Master 8 was staying with mum and dad for a couple of days. We live on acreage but mum and dad live in town.
    Sometimes when he is too lazy to come inside he will just pee outside ( no one is around to see). He was playing in the back yard at mum’s and nature was calling so he did what he usually does and found a spot to have a little widdle. Little did he know but the retirement home was right behind the fence and a few of the little of ladies started talking a giggling and gasping Master 8 heard and was so embarrassed came running to the back door but he had locked himself out. Next thing I hear is loud crying, I came to the door seeing how upset he was,, but also seeing all the old ladies having a good chuckle. His face was bright red. He has never peed outside again……
    We still to this day joke about it, but master 8 doesn’t see the funny side of it.

  233. Avatar of Tina Elvins
    Tina ElvinsReply

    Traveling with a newborn was the worst! She cried most of the way and when we got to the motel she cried again. We had to drive her around town to get her to sleep!

  234. Avatar of Megan Harrington
    Megan HarringtonReply

    My son is Autistic. We’ve never been able to make him do anything he wasn’t ready to do until HE WAS READY.
    I’ll set the scene for you.
    Family car trip during Easter school holidays. It was grey, raining, cold, miserable.
    My husband had wanted to visit the Brock museum in Bathurst. The kids didn’t.
    Total round car trip ended up being close to 1500kms. We were seeing family also.
    Our son had not long turned 3.
    Yet leaving Bathurst on the way to Orange on a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere in the rain and approaching dusk HE DECIDES THIS IS THE TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO PULL UPS AND NAPPIES FOREVER!
    Yes, right here. In his mind, hundreds of kilometres from home this is the perfect time.
    We pulled over, pull-up came off, did a wee on the side of the road (and all over Mummy’s left shoe thanks to a birdie taking his attention) and wore undies every day from then on!!!
    Well, after an emergency dash to buy some the next morning. Very special Lightning McQueen ones.
    Yes, a very memorable car trip! LOL

  235. Avatar of Brent W

    Trying to run away from the dog and it kept trying to get a balloon from my sons hand.

  236. Avatar of Alarna Walton
    Alarna WaltonReply

    My Mum in hospital, family everywhere I walked around the corner to see my youngest hopping into an elevator, my two older twins 5 squealing NO, then the doors shut, no idea where she went. I reacted like a mad woman, alerting security running up and down floors. Forty minutes later I found her happily in the canteen drinking chocolate milk, with the one person my twins had forgotten to tell me was in the lift with her my hubby!

  237. Avatar of Michelle S

    Standing in the line at school waiting for the teacher to take the class in after lunch, my son vomited all down the back of the girl standing in front of him and managed to not get any on himself!! I still am so embarrassed/mortified every time I see that girl and her parents.

  238. Avatar of Karen Stevens
    Karen StevensReply

    My son is the double of Rowley and gets himself into so many predicaments/ Too kind hearted and clueless to see what is actually being done to him. But as it does usually work out for Rowley it also works out for my son.

  239. Avatar of Katherine Bamford
    Katherine BamfordReply

    Never before had I ever felt like the Heffley family! Away for a few days, driving along the Great Ocean road, no petrol stations in sight. Kids were tired and screaming (18 months and 5 at the time). Then I turn white, younger ones nappy exploded, all up his back and his car seat. By sheer unluckiness, miss 5 decides to vomit all down the front of her at the same time I spill my coffee all over hubby (driving), trying to catch some of the vomit…with no luck. Needlesstosay, thank goodness for baby wipes and working windows till we got back to the chalet!

  240. Avatar of Toni M

    Having my child vomit in my hands at a food court. It went everywhere. A woman came up to me with a packet of baby wipes and said to me “keep the packet, you need them more than me.”

  241. Avatar of Cathrine Harrison
    Cathrine HarrisonReply

    My husband comes from a large family so road trips consisted of multiple toilet stops. His father wanted to put an end to this so a bucket was placed at his mother feet. Yes, this was back in the day when seatbelts were optional. One day his mother was emptying the bucket out the window. Unfortunately due to the driver’s side window being open and travelling at a comfortable speed … the contents flew over the car roof and straight into his father’s face! Since then, toilet stop every time.

  242. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    Mr (now 8) was about 2 years old and is the biggest houdini ever! I was doing my makeup getting ready for work while he was toddling around – I look down as he’s about to drink acetone nailpolish remover. I freaked out and grabbed it off him and notice that it is nearly empty. Nearly had a heart attack until I saw he’d tipped the whole lot in my makeup drawer. I lost about $400 of makeup that day and the drawer melted (it was a rental house too), probably lost 10 years off my life also in fright.

  243. Avatar of Melanie J Patterson
    Melanie J PattersonReply

    I have 3 boys and most days are full of over energized bunnies. But I guess it’s the times when all are in moods and don’t want to get a long and then the moods just escalate.

  244. Avatar of james pizzey
    james pizzeyReply

    my son was learning to ride the skate board but kept asking me to take him to the big skate park so he could ride this big U-shaped ramp i tried to tell him its to high but he was not scared so he climb was up there for 10 minutes frozen had to help him down his pride was shattered but gave him a cuddled and told him when he grows up love him

  245. Avatar of Jeri Bee

    Telling your kids that you are not stopping the car, when dropping them off at school.. and that they need to ‘JUMP… Tuck and Roll’….. Then screaming … GO GO GO… only to have your son believe you…… and you hear the car door open with your son (a horrified and petrified look on his face), preparing to jump. NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD!!!

  246. Avatar of Mele

    Long road trips + junk food don’t mixed with young children. Spew all through the car all over car seats and clothes

  247. Avatar of MelissaZ

    My son projectile vomited all over the dinner table while we had guests over. Definite mood killer lol

  248. Avatar of Jodie halstead
    Jodie halsteadReply

    A couple of years ago after I took both my children on holidays for the 1st time by myself. I drove them from nsw to qld and although long the drive up was fantastic. Coming home however was another story. My son (2yrs old at that time) vomited 3 times the whole way home. He ran out of clothes and wipes and the car stank for weeks. People often asked did he suffer motion sickness but to this day he has never been sick in the car again.

  249. Avatar of Kimbo

    I have 4 crazy kids – they are awesome fun!
    My son, when just two, and I were shopping & were in quite a busy isle when he proudly announces “I farted mum”……….I laughed all the way to the car

  250. Avatar of Vicki

    Every day’s a blur of vomit, wee or poo
    Don’t need to go on a road trip to experience a coup
    They may be small but don’t be fooled
    Without a strong coffee I’m doomed!

  251. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    Took the 2 boys for a walk down to the local creek, by drainage tunnels, they decided to explore, it was in summer so not much water, the bigger one could walk carefully, but the little one no so well, he slipped on the moss covered concrete and slipped into the water at the end, he couldn’t stand up, kept slipping, he finally made his way over to me and he said 1/2 crying it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t mean to get wet. Can’t get cross while I am laughing, it was funny. He thought I would get cross, him getting wet.

  252. Avatar of LorraineC

    My son was refusing to respond to a pleasant lady who was trying to talk to him. I began reaming him out. My younger son kept pulling at my sleeve, and I kept brushing him off with “Don’t interrupt!” I got increasingly cranky with my older son, who was defiantly ignoring me. I finally turned to my younger son, and snarled “WHAT?”

    It turned out that he’d been trying to tell me that his brother had taken the external part of his cochlear implants off, and was ignoring me because he literally didn’t know I was ranting at him.

  253. Avatar of Kris

    There seems to be a bit of a theme in most of these posts… i.e. “vomit” – so I’ll add mine… My young son burped – a very large, loud burp – then proceeded to vomit – all over himself & the carpet… while we were at a wedding reception! We cleaned up as best we could, then made a hasty exit…

  254. Avatar of Alesha

    My son does the “are your serious mum?” Eye roll when I drop him at school the wave and blow kisses. Appparently name label aren’t cool either and he tears them all off the gets in trouble for losing all the containers…

  255. Avatar of Bella Ri

    My little one hates anything green – at school, the teacher brought in green, “healthy” smoothies and as soon as my little one saw the green smoothies, he vomited all over the floor! The bad thing is his vomit resembled the smoothie. Truly stomach-churning!

  256. Avatar of izabella di tomasso
    izabella di tomassoReply

    Stopping extremely often for toilet stops and snacks on our trip to Bright, Victoria turned out to be a full-day affair, more than we bargained for!! Arrived safe though utterly exhausted, come bedtime the four of us were out like a light!!!

  257. Avatar of cheryl ellis
    cheryl ellisReply

    When my daughter was 4 years old I went to pick her up from a friends place and she announced they had been to the supermarket and all the groceries they bought were junk food. Lucky my friend could she the funny side My daughter is an adult now and she still is a very healthy eater

  258. Avatar of Leanne

    The day my four year old was playing in a piano recital and someone told her title of song was Yankee Doodle she started howling. Once calmed her I asked why she was upset and she said I don’t want to go out in front of people and play a song about someone’s doodle. Got to love kids

  259. Avatar of Lisa

    Camping for the first time with mr 3 and miss 2.. miss 2 starts screaming hysterically “snake,snake” never have we heard her say snake before, in the ultimate panic I race over ready to grab her and run for out lives, as I get to her, miss 2 bends down to show me a wriggly wormomg my heart was pounding on this day

  260. Avatar of Angela Myers
    Angela MyersReply

    My son who was three at the time used a display toilet at Bunnings for number two.
    Admitedly I did contemplate closing the lid and leaving the store but suffered from gullt so alerted staff and offered to clean it . So so embarassng but now kinda funny.

  261. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale PearceReply

    Our whole lives were Diary of a Whimpy Kid moments. My eldest was forever in trouble picking on his little sister, constantly getting into scrapes – his best one was when he disappeared one day and we found him in the laundry inside the chest freezer eating frozen chocolate cake – why??? just because he could.

  262. Avatar of Juanita

    My daughter loved pretending to talk on the phone when she was a baby. One day I was putting clothes away and I could hear her waffling on. I laughed to myself as it sounded like she was actually having a conversation. 5 minutes later I went into the lounge room and saw her sitting on the floor chatting away with the phone stuck on her shoulder. I went over and grabbed the phone so I could put it back on the hook and as I grabbed it I thought I could hear a voice…so I put the phone to my ear and said “Hello”. I then had a Policeman introduce himself and ask me if everything was OK….I explained that my daughter had reached the phone and that I thought she was just mucking around….some how she’d managed to ring the Police…..the Policeman told me that it’s probably a very good idea to put the phone right out of my daughter’s reach….oops!

  263. Avatar of KATHY

    My favourite road trip moment was driving along the road on the way to our campsite. It was nearly Christmas and the kids were bored after being in the car for so long. I decided to play a game with them to see who could spot any Christmas lights first along the way. After a long time of seeing nothing, my 3 year old son excitedly shouts out ” I can see Christmas lights” and starts pointing enthusiastically in front of him. We all looked eagerly to where he was pointing…. straight at the Maccas golden arches lit up in the distance!!! It was the funniest moment ever, and we didn’t have the heart to tell him they weren’t actually Christmas lights! We still joke about it now with him every Christmas by saying we need to put the golden arches lights up on our house for our decorations!

  264. Avatar of Skye Danaher
    Skye DanaherReply

    My moment with my son was when I read the first book I bought. Since then he has become addicted to the stories and we buy a new book every week.

  265. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara LambReply

    In Woolworths my 5 year old at the time said to me “No one can touch that sign!” pointing to a sign hanging from the roof. I decide it would be a good idea to jump up and hit it! The sign then came loose showering me with the metal clips used to hold it up before the entire sign fell on my head! As I scurried to pick everything up, my eldest says to his two little brothers “Come on guys. We’re not with her!”. As I look up, my 5 year old says to me “That’s why no one can touch that sign Mum!”. I was forced to take the clips and sign up to the customer service desk and explain what had happened!

  266. Avatar of Virginia sollitt
    Virginia sollittReply

    My 10 year old sit in the troll and tells the shopper assistant how much change they need to give me.

  267. Avatar of Gale

    After being spoiled with lots of coca pops for breakfast our then 10 y.o daughter on the way home for Christmas in July in O’Connell projectile vomited all over Grandma’s 2 month old car on the windy bell’s line road 🙁

  268. Avatar of Nicole

    Me: “We’re going on a long trip, do you need the toilet?”
    Mr Four”No, stop asking” I told you I don’t ”
    Me: “Are you sure, I won’t be able to stop”
    Mr Four: (rolls eyes) I told you no!
    Me: (enters freeway)
    Mr Four “I really need the toilet and can’t hold!”

  269. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla OleinikoffReply

    When my boy was younger, I’d given him a bath and put him in his nice clean winter jammies. Older sister was in the bath after, I turned around to grab something, turned back, and found he’d decided to get back in the bath, clean nappy, clothes, blanky and all. Not impressed!

  270. Avatar of Mel Redman

    It was April and my husband and I, and our three children were heading to Mollymook for my brothers wedding. It was about a three hour drive, and unusually warm for the time of year. While travelling along a windy, bumpy, country road, our then 16 month old rear-facing daughter vomited in her seat! We were already about an hour into our trip, so we just did the best we could to clean up her and her car seat with wipes on the side of the road. By the time we reached our destination the smell in the car was almost unbearable! Thank goodness the place we were staying had a washing machine. And may I just say, cleaning vomit off seatbelts and out of cracks is one of my least favourite things to do!

  271. Avatar of Alison Draper
    Alison DraperReply

    Travelling back from a trip to Melbourne with my 7, 11, and 16 year old (who recently got his Learners licence). I didn’t realise the speed limit in VIC roads was 100 km, whereas SA is 110km/hr. Well giving my son a lesson about driving and obeying rules of the road, and explaining how quickly accidents can happen, and lo and behold…..I was flagged down by the Police Officer hiding amongst the trees in the distance. Turns out I was speeding!! Not a good lesson for my son, but lesson learnt all round! And he has never let me forget about it since!!!

  272. Avatar of Chrissy Roberts
    Chrissy RobertsReply

    At a family barbeque little Jasmine slipped and fell in the creek, Josh jumped in to grab her, at the same time Dave did too, I fell when I was trying to get them out and then Jess got soaked consoling Jasmine. What at mess! All these wet people and definitely not enough dry clothes for us all. Lucky it was a warm day but we declined all the photos that everyone wanted to take!

  273. Avatar of Leah Cook

    My son will randomly find me and read out the bits he finds hilarious. I love it! His laughter and enjoyment of these books is never ending and he’s continually re-reading them!

  274. Avatar of Amy Petersen
    Amy PetersenReply

    My stepdaughter was throwing the ball to the dog and the dog threw it back with it’s mouth, my stepdaughter burst out in tears in the middle of the park!

  275. Avatar of Amy Hannah

    My daughter vomited in a McDonalds bag but we soon found out it’s not a great vomit receptacle when it all exploded out of the bottom of the bag!

  276. Avatar of Robyn Vitacca
    Robyn VitaccaReply

    Went on a ten day holiday with friends. Forgot to pack my 3 year olds favourite toy he whined and wimpered the whole ten days. Friends were n’t too impressed.

  277. Avatar of Mary Iliadis
    Mary IliadisReply

    We live and breath ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ day in day out, we are always late for school and I am always late to pick up, inbetween these hours mum duty is at its highest, I am either washing down texta marks on walls or toilet spills because there is something that has blocked the toilet or sink, I can go on and on and on. I love my kids, they are adorable.

  278. Avatar of amanda L

    Stopped for a quick toilet stop with Master 7…me in one toilet and he in another he decides to yell across the toilet block..”Mum are you doing number 1’s or 2’s” to my embarrassment i hear “Yeah Mum what is it” from a stranger. Out of the mouths of babes.

  279. Avatar of Cheryl Crumblin
    Cheryl CrumblinReply

    On out last leg of our trip, we decided to dig a plant off the road to plant in our yard when we returned home. Little did we know we also dug up an ant nest! Ants were everywhere biting! We had to pull over for hours to clean out the car!

  280. Avatar of Peta

    11 year old kept supplying 3 year old with lollies and chocolate to the point that 3 year old projectile vomited said lollies and chocolates. Luckily the dog enjoys second-hand lollies and chocolates…

  281. Avatar of Kelly Ryan

    Simultaneous gastro on a road trip resulting in the car needing a shampoo and detail when we returned home!

  282. Avatar of Cassie Baber
    Cassie BaberReply

    When its complete chaos with my four children and Im watching the clock until bedtime and out of no where one of my kids will say, mum I wish I had another brother to play with.

  283. Avatar of Sapna

    we were flying from Perth to Melbourne and unfortunately there were no entertainment screens in the flight. My boys kept singing during the flight and many other kids also started singing and they all made it into a game. There were many passengers who were not happy about it.

  284. Avatar of madelaine howe

    I actually have a large age gap with my sisters- 16 and 14 years. One little sister was doing art on my kitchen table which was wooden- the pen went through the paper and completely destroyed my table ugh. They love wimpy kids books!

  285. Avatar of Jen Stocks

    The longest haul of my life was road-tripping from country NSW to Melbourne with our four kids, including our two-year-old (now seven). The only time he wasn’t screaming was when Justine Clarke was playing. I will never forget the sheer torture – it is etched into my mind for life. I even took a photo to mark the occasion.

  286. Avatar of Samantha W

    My son is mad about Diary of a Wimpy Kid. When he was much younger, we lived in central Queensland, away from the rest of the extended family in Victoria, so we took road trips all the time. We took a little longer once, off on a scenic route over the hills, and even though he’d complained of feeling queasy, he didn’t take our advice to stop reading. Of course he spewed – right into his sister’s Happy Meal box, which was the first thing he grabbed. She still hasn’t forgiven him for putting her off chicken nuggets for life!

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