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Disney on Ice Presents the Magical Ice Festival and You’re Invited! Book Now!

Grab the kids and get ready to enter an enchanted world full of magic and splendour as Disney On Ice Presents the Magical Ice Festival, touring Australia this June and July!

Disney-on-Ice-presents the Magical-Ice-Festival
©Disney. All Rights Reserved

With tickets starting at $34.50* you’ll be sure to take the kids on a magical journey full of wonder and excitement. I know I get just as much of a kick out of the Disney shows as my kids do!  

To celebrate, we’ve got all the info you need plus a VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY below so read on!

It goes without saying that as with every Disney performance, the show is sure to be jam packed full of action, adventure, magic and unforgettable characters, guaranteed to put smiles on your children’s faces and draw you in with their magical storylines and spectactular costumes!

Disney-on-Ice-Presents the Magical-Ice-Festival Frozen
©Disney. All Rights Reserved

Be whisked away into the wintery world of Frozen, joining Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and friends in an adventure full of action and magic. Everyone’s favourite The Little Mermaid puts on a show stopping performance by Sebastian and Ariel and get tangled up with the sassy Rapunzel and her charming ally Flynn from Disney’s Tangled.

Disney-on-Ice--Presents-the-Magical-Ice-Festival Beauty and the Beast
©Disney. All Rights Reserved

But that’s not all! Be swept away by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as the Beast and his entourage take centre stage in a spectacular show for Belle, presented by popular hosts Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy!

©Disney. All Rights Reserved

Audiences will delight as Ariel twirls 35 feet above the ice in a stunning Spanish web act and be swept away as Rapunzel and Flynn are greeted with a dazzling display of the floating lanterns with Tangled. Beauty and the Beast will include an enchanted Be Our Guest scene, with theatrical elements that will astound the audience.

“We are taking a fresh new spin on how we’re presenting the Disney stories, ,” says Producer Juliette Feld. “We are weaving together the four worlds of royal sisters Anna and Elsa, Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel as they each embark on their own epic journey.”

This year’s show pushes the cast of world-class skaters to the limit with daring choreography, theatrical routines above the ice, stunning costumes and impressive set designs that transform endlessly throughout the production. With so much talent and storytelling jam-packed into one show, Disney On Ice presents the Magical Ice Festival truly brings the magic and is a must see for girls, boys and the whole family.

*Tickets: from $34.50 per person (credit card and transaction fees may also apply), additional discounts apply on select performances.


Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival tours Australia nationally this June and July with a full schedule of tour dates below:

Perth Arena Thursday 2nd to Monday 6th June 2016
Tickets via Ticketek on 132 849 or at Ticketek Website

Adelaide Entertainment Centre Friday 10th to Monday 13th June 2016
Tickets via Ticketek on 132 849 or at Ticketek Website

Wollongong – Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th June 2016
WIN Entertainment Centre (Book at Ticketmaster)

Brisbane Entertainment Centre Thursday 23rd to Monday 27th June 2016*
Tickets via Ticketek on 132 849 or at Ticketek Website

Melbourne Rod Laver Arena Friday 1st to Tuesday 5th July 2016*
Tickets via Ticketek on 132 849 or at Ticketek Website

Newcastle Entertainment Centre Friday 8th to Sunday 10th July 2016*
Tickets via Ticketek on 132 849 or at Ticketek Website

Sydney Qudos Bank Arena (formerly Allphones Arena) Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th July 2016*
Tickets via Ticketek on 132 849 or at Ticketek Website

* denotes school holidays



To celebrate we’re sending five lucky readers 4 x tickets to see Disney on Ice Presents the Magical Ice Festival in their nearest capital city!

Simply complete the entry form and tell us in the comments below what you love about Disney and you’re in the running!


Win 1 of 5 Passes for 4 to Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

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  1. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    I love that it can be enjoyed by the whole family – even us big kids.

  2. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    I love Disney stories as it reminds me when I was a little girl. My girl would love to see this amazing show.

  3. Avatar of Lara Daebritz
    Lara DaebritzReply

    Sunday nights were Disney nights in the 1970’s (that’s assuming Dad would give up his beloved “The Winners”)…Mum would make steak sandwiches and we’d all settle down to watch whatever Disney program was screening that night!

  4. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula HarrisReply

    Disney brings back so many memories, especially going to the movies as a kid (eating choc-tops and throwing jaffas)

  5. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa ClarkReply

    I love that every disney movie also has a deeper storyline with education and discussion opportunities whilst still being fun and interactive and engaging.

  6. Avatar of Anita Rose

    I love all the Disney movies, a favourite in the household has been frozen for over a year now.Disney movies very magical

  7. Avatar of Peta

    I love the smiles it brings to my kids,
    Disney is magical, Disney is bliss. 🙂

  8. Avatar of Jim Riddle

    It’s just magical for all to enjoy the young and the old!

  9. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Escape into a world of fantasy. Fascinates, charms, dazzles and allures.

  10. Avatar of humptydumpedme

    I just love the wonderful magical memories of the wonderful world of Disney I grew up watching and the fact that they keep on producing brilliant movies for the whole family to love

  11. Avatar of Dani

    Love the wonderment & places that a Disney film can take your imagination, whether you are 1 or 101!

  12. Avatar of Alyssa Tepania
    Alyssa TepaniaReply

    What’s not to love? The places their movies take you, the music their movies have given us… So much to love about Disney!

  13. Avatar of empressjo

    I was in love with Disney characters way back when I was young. Now I get to see the shear joy when my Grandkids see Mickey, Elsa or Rupunzal

  14. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke ParkerReply

    I love the innocents of it all. You get a sense of peace and enjoyment when you think of Disney. I love it that no matter how old you are can still love disney. You can imagine yourself in a fairytale world where you get joy and happiness.

  15. Avatar of Kristy L

    I love the magic that I see in my daughter’s eyes when she watches Disney movies, and the way it builds her imagination.

  16. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna TaylorReply

    I love how even 25+ years since I watched disney movies as a child, the same princesses i loved are still around entertaining my kids. Especially Belle, shes always been my favourite. Disney is timeless.

  17. Avatar of Littlebittyone

    I love the warm feeling I get when it brings back memories of my childhood. To see the pure joy and emotion on the faces of my girls when they are watching a Disney movie just makes my heart swell with joy and love. We love to sing and dance to the songs and of course dress up like our favourite characters.

  18. Avatar of Adam Brooker
    Adam BrookerReply

    My little brother and sister and I love watching Disney. The movies are fun and exciting and even though my sister loves watching girl movies like Tangled and Frozen, my brother and I still have fun watching them too.

  19. Avatar of Adam graf

    I love Disney as it makes my girls happy, and they can be princesses or anything they put there minds to as Disney teaches kids anything is possible if you believe

  20. Avatar of Loretta Michelle Davis
    Loretta Michelle DavisReply

    I love Disney because I have grown up loving the movies and now I get to share the experience with my daughters but will new movies that offer warmth

  21. Avatar of Isabeau Jane
    Isabeau JaneReply

    We love everything about Disney! We love that everyone is included and there are so many new friends to share.

  22. Avatar of Lidya Loe

    I love how inspirational Walt Disney was and it shows in his work and his legacy. The first time I watched a Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast), I was in awe with imagination and creativity of the movie.

  23. Avatar of Paul McCallum
    Paul McCallumReply

    Would love to win these and take my little girl – she’d be very happy!

  24. Avatar of Elizabeth S
    Elizabeth SReply

    the magic, the memories, the way it makes any child light up, how Disney ignites their imaginations and how successfully they move with the times.

  25. Avatar of Andrea Chiarotti
    Andrea ChiarottiReply

    all the characters that Disney has introduced to us are gorgeous as they transport you to a another world full of fairy dust and wonder

  26. Avatar of Alyce T

    Everything!!! The music, the excitement and the joy on my child’s face.

  27. Avatar of Lisa

    I love that it has spanned generations, delighting all ages.

  28. Avatar of Felicity Turner
    Felicity TurnerReply

    Watching the joy that Disney has bought to me , my children and now my grand children is priceless. Disney is for all ages regardless. Thank you Disney..

  29. Avatar of Maria

    The fact that my kids can enjoy the same stories and share the magic that I grew up with also.

  30. Avatar of Nikki Koutspis
    Nikki KoutspisReply

    The kids smile and the adults love the double meanings so we are all happy

  31. Avatar of Teresa

    No matter how long it’s been around it always brings joy to kids around the world including myself and my children

  32. Avatar of Bianca

    Disney teaches my little boy to believe in magic and that your dreams can come true.

  33. Avatar of Jodie Cooke
    Jodie CookeReply

    We go every year this will be my 5th year and my daughter is busting to see Frozen!!!
    Secretly I am to… Lol

  34. Avatar of Louis Hui

    Disney has the healthier education for my daughters, though it somehow guides them to be a princess.

  35. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morrisReply

    It’s magical, i would love to take my Granddaughter to see this, she would be so excited and so would i, Thanks for the chance 🙂

  36. Avatar of Kristina

    A mum of 2 daughters we have seen just about every Disney movie there is. As an adult, you never outgrow Disney

  37. Avatar of Cindy Sheil
    Cindy SheilReply

    Disney opens up their imagination and allows them to dream 🙂

  38. Avatar of K Innes

    Disney always showcases feelings of loyalty and love within family and friends.

  39. Avatar of Tamara Shaw
    Tamara ShawReply

    Disney is and always has been an amazing world of love ,laughter and adventure every Saturday night at our house is Disney night we have pop corn and watch a Disney movie it is always fun enjoying this with my 3 girls aged 11,9 &4 every year for the past 6 years I have always taken my girls to Disney on ice my 11 year old is a figure skater and has been since her 1st ever Disney on ice show at the age of 4 she feel in love with it , I took her skating 3 days later and she is still skating today hoping 1 day to fulfill her dreams of skating in your show so for me Disney is not only memories but a dream that my daughter is now doing 2 days a week as her love for skating and Disney join together, so I thank you for making my girls dreams 1 step closer and for keeping all my 3 girls princess forever the smiles on there faces when the show begins is always my favorite part thank you xxxxxx

  40. Avatar of Sam Topperwien
    Sam TopperwienReply

    I love the memories from reading the stories as a young girl, and now reading the same stories to my daughter.

  41. Avatar of Sally Manson
    Sally MansonReply

    It would be a dream come true to take our kids to Disney on Ice

  42. Avatar of Natalie

    I love the morals from Disney, like if you wait long enough your Prince Charming will eventually come into your life.

  43. Avatar of George Postans
    George PostansReply

    Disney on Ice this is the first time I have been able to go and see it due to where I have been living grandkids will just love this as much as us.

  44. Avatar of Samantha Byrne
    Samantha ByrneReply

    The happily-ever-afters are what I love most about Disney, always magic.

  45. Avatar of Lisa Mckellar-Stewart
    Lisa Mckellar-StewartReply

    The reason I love Disney, as it brings joys to all 4 or my children. When children are happy, mum is happy. Disney provides great stories to everyone. In our house plenty of imagination play is done with each person being allocated a Disney character

  46. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly HowellsReply

    Its fun, quirky and magical and there is even adult humour through it to keep us grown ups entertained too!

  47. Avatar of Cindy Portwine
    Cindy PortwineReply

    I love how disney engages young and old and provides fun entertainment with great morals. Its huge in our house

  48. Avatar of Sandra Rotumah
    Sandra RotumahReply

    The music,colors and stories of Disney are magical!! Disney ensure they capture their audience attention and delight all with their loveable characters.

  49. Avatar of Charmaine Cameron-Barnes
    Charmaine Cameron-BarnesReply

    Doesn’t matter how old you are, Disney characters bring all generations together and resonates with everyone

  50. Avatar of Larissa Winter
    Larissa WinterReply

    Disney takes you on a magical journey of fairytales that we all love watching.

  51. Avatar of angie

    When a Disney movie is born they bring out all the fun and laughter and happiness and can make any child no matter what age you are smile and just have fun

  52. Avatar of Janet Fernandez
    Janet FernandezReply

    Ive always loved my disney movies they were always so magical and captivating with beautiful scenes, colours, characters and catchy songs. They are such a joy to watch and now i watch my 2 girls falling in love with the same movies i did and have added so many more to our favourite movies.

  53. Avatar of Carla Greenfield
    Carla GreenfieldReply

    I love that Disney movies are timeless! Many movies I loved as a kid my kids now love too. As for the new ones that come out, I enjoy them just as much as my kids do!!

  54. Avatar of afd

    Disney nods to the classics, then adds a unique twist (Anna’s act of true love) that can show my little girl how to be a true princess, strong and gracious. Enchanting!

  55. Avatar of phillip slade
    phillip sladeReply

    Disney is the one thing my daughter and I can both relate to, and the regardless of whats going on in our lives, we can still believe in magic which is the corner stone of every Disney story.

  56. Avatar of Zuzi

    Took my girls to see Ice Age and they loved it, my two year old became an instant fan and is still talking about her experience, this would be so so awesome – another memory for them to keep.

  57. Avatar of Wynetta Duggan
    Wynetta DugganReply

    What’s not to Love about Disney. For my 4 year old little girl; she loves them all!

  58. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale PearceReply

    Disney is the best. I grew up with it and so did both of my children 🙂

  59. Avatar of Carly B

    Disney is the magic I see in my daughters smiling face watching any Disney show

  60. Avatar of Andieharrie

    Disney is a magical place
    Where fantasy is not out of place
    A family friendly entertainers delight
    Where children and adults can bask with delight

  61. Avatar of Amilia Dart
    Amilia DartReply

    I’ve loved Disney films since my childhood and I enjoy them even more with my 3 kids now, multi-generational appeal!

  62. Avatar of Natasha Jensen
    Natasha JensenReply

    Disney is for everyone, age and ability does not matter. Disney is where imagination comes alive with life lesson intertwined within stories. Disney makes you believe anything is possible. The pure joy on my kids faces when they watch Disney speaks a thousand words!

  63. Avatar of Karina Lee

    Everyone loves Disney, and their songs are so catchy and happy. If you are feeling crap, put on some Disney and you will instantly feel happy again!

  64. Avatar of Gillian Harridge
    Gillian HarridgeReply

    The magic Disney captures is priceless, beautiful and heart felt.

  65. Avatar of Numbat

    Never having been taken to anything like this as a kid, I always thought these things were lame. Then my own daughter begged me to take her to a Disney on Ice show and with a new baby just born, I coerced dear husband into taking her. They both came home elated – and I felt sad to have missed out. So I’ve been taking dear daughter to them ever since. Actually, to tell the truth, she’s been taking me!!

  66. Avatar of Alex

    Disney was a big part of my childhood and I will always love the stories they tell. As I am getting older I also love how disney movies appeal to people of all ages, so I can always watch a Disney movie with my little sister.

  67. Avatar of Lainie Keeley
    Lainie KeeleyReply

    The Little Mermaid always has been and always will be my favorite and i love i can now share that with my children

  68. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    I love that Disney stories are timeless and that my kids get to enjoy them just as much as I did (and still do).

  69. Avatar of Sarah Butcher
    Sarah ButcherReply

    That no matter what age you are you can always appreciate the Magic of all things Disney!

  70. Avatar of Melissa Wingate
    Melissa WingateReply

    I love disney, it makes me feel alive and like a child again. Its something i can relate too with my 3 Disney lovers

  71. Avatar of jasmyn

    Disney is so colourful and fun and happy…no matter what age you are you cant help but be swept in by the magical world it creates.

  72. Avatar of Kate

    I love that Disney makes my daughter believe anything is possible and to follow her dreams.

  73. Avatar of Melissa Keeble
    Melissa KeebleReply

    I love that as a child I was captivated by Disney, it made me feel I could do anything I set my mind to and now I get to share the same magic with my beautiful daughter. We both get swept up in the magic and it will always be a wonderful memory for us both

  74. Avatar of JessK

    I love that Disney is a timeless classic – enjoyed by all ages, at all times

  75. Avatar of Hellie

    What I love about Disney, is its ability to transport myself back to my innocent childhood-making me smile 🙂

  76. Avatar of Bec Cronin

    I love that you are never to old to love the magic of Disney!

  77. Avatar of Deb Tyrrell
    Deb TyrrellReply

    Disney is a magical world for everyone! Family friendly fun!

  78. Avatar of Anne Landon-Jones
    Anne Landon-JonesReply

    I have 4 adorable grandchildren who live in the country. To be able to bring the magic world of Disneyland to their world would be priceless.

  79. Avatar of Tara

    I love that Disney has a range of different heroes and situations that shows my kids that you can be anyone and do anything with hard work and perseverance (and a whole lotta love!)

  80. Avatar of FoodieK

    I love how the Disney classics are still wonderful to discover the second time around with your child – how the same things that delighted me now delight her.

  81. Avatar of Kylie Marks
    Kylie MarksReply

    I love no matter how old you are you are guaranteed to fall in love with Disney movies they are magical 🙂

  82. Avatar of Kodie Seaburn
    Kodie SeaburnReply

    Disney sure is great for all ages
    You just want to keep turning pages
    It’s great for both young and old
    I’m sure you don’t need to be told
    Watch a movie or read a book
    My favourite is captain hook
    A story for each and everyone
    I love disney, it’s lots of fun.

  83. Avatar of Samantha

    I love that my mum, me and now my daughters have all grown up with Disney!

  84. Avatar of Fiona

    I love the magic of the stories and how much joy they bring

  85. Avatar of Alysse

    I love that Disney has the ability to rapidly bring calm into a tantrum filled household! That is fairy tales for adults!

  86. Avatar of Rebecca Stephens
    Rebecca StephensReply

    the magic and wonder that Disney brings both young and old is what makes me fall in love with each story time and time again. They are stories that I get to share with my children and I hope they will share with their children to keep the Disney spirit alive

  87. Avatar of Vanessa Lampre
    Vanessa LampreReply

    Disney reminds me of my childhood & my children also love it. We have family movie nights and disney movies are always a favorite.

  88. Avatar of Mel

    I love that the Disney movies capture my daughter’s imagination so completely, she has many princesses as imaginary friends!

  89. Avatar of Rachel Cheel
    Rachel CheelReply

    Our family is DISNEY CRAZY! Everything about Disney is magical, musical and full of love and friendships! They are EASILY watched over and over (usually without getting too sick of them 😉 ) and in our household are sung along to on a daily basis! To win tickets to this INCREDIBLE show would be a dream for our family, creating lifelong memories for our children are what we live for <3 <3 🙂

  90. Avatar of rcheerful

    I love that when i think about Disney my wonderful memories of childhood come to the forefront and my inner child comes out wanting to sing and dance and scatter magic everywhere!!

  91. Avatar of Lisa Webster
    Lisa WebsterReply

    I love that Disney movies are suitable for all ages and boys and girls (including us Mum’s!)

  92. Avatar of Tahnee Muscat
    Tahnee MuscatReply

    I love that Disney is timeless , I watched it growing up my younger siblings watched it and now my two bits absolutely adore it. The morals and messages never get old and the movies and music make everyone happy !

  93. Avatar of Neta Callaghan
    Neta CallaghanReply

    The thing I love most about Disney is watching my two girls in awe no matter what movie it is fully engrossed in the magical world of make believe, imagination and fairy tales. I love that Disney makes Heros and the one that saves the day can be anyone and everyone. But most of all I love that I can now share these childhood movies with my girls as well as watching new movies for the first time together.

  94. Avatar of AdeL

    Love all things Disney, it’s like getting sprinkled in pixie dust

  95. Avatar of Ree Ree Cunningham
    Ree Ree CunninghamReply

    I love that Disney gives my kids a feel good vibe and life lesson at the same time

  96. Avatar of Tania Hardman
    Tania HardmanReply

    I love the Magic and the Memories from my own childhood favorites. It was a weekend evening ritual – bath, PJ’s and Disney 🙂

  97. Avatar of lisa s

    Disney saves my sanity- it gives me precious time!
    Wonderfully entertaining- its calming effect on my children divine!
    I love Disney’s magical stories- the captivating characters galore.
    I can’t wait to see Disney on Ice with my children I adore! 🙂

  98. Avatar of Elizabeth Mahony
    Elizabeth MahonyReply

    I love the magic of Disney,
    I love to be carried away,
    On adventures in faraway kingdoms,
    Where good wins out always!

  99. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney FosterReply

    I love disney for its magical and beautiful story lines, I loved watching them when I was growing up and now love them even more introducing them to my son to watch

  100. Avatar of Skye Franklin
    Skye FranklinReply

    What I love most about Disney is watching my Miss 5yr old sing & dance to all the songs that are in different movies & Master 8 secretly singing the movies along with his sister but under his breath.

  101. Avatar of Angel Caplin
    Angel CaplinReply

    I love that no matter what life throws at you in a Disney movie, you can always get your happily ever after.

  102. Avatar of Amie

    I grew up watching Disney movies and collected all the dvds. Now my daughter watches them and loves them too. They never get old. Just a big kid.

  103. Avatar of Antoinette T
    Antoinette TReply

    We love watching Disney movies as a family – we can all enjoy it. Even my 20+ year old sisters come over and we watch their favorites with them – which are Aladdin and The Lion King. They are timeless and ageless!

  104. Avatar of Claire Turner
    Claire TurnerReply

    I love that Disney marries great stories with great meaning with music and humour that transcendes through all ages

  105. Avatar of teigan jeffery
    teigan jefferyReply

    My 3 girls think the characters r inspiring and my hubby and i love the adventure and the charaters that disney creates.

  106. Avatar of Belinda

    I love Disney! Because it has always been around, passes from generation to generation!

  107. Avatar of Katie Barry
    Katie BarryReply

    Absolutely love Disney! I grew up watching disney movies and love sharing that experience with my daughters!

  108. Avatar of Maria Gerhardy
    Maria GerhardyReply

    Disney movies makes me feel peaceful like sleeping beauty, courageous like the lion king , playful like Pinocchio, hopeful like the little mermaid and adventurous like Aladdin.

  109. Avatar of Nicole Middleton
    Nicole MiddletonReply

    I love all the Disney movies and can remember going to Disney on Ice when I was a child. Such fantastic memories!! I think my favourite ever Disney movie is probably The Lion King…I actually already have tickets to Disney on Ice for my two boys this year, but I would love to win a family pass for one of my oldest friends (ever since we sat next to each other in reception over 30 years ago!!) and her three gorgeous girls who love being princesses and would surely love going to Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival!

  110. Avatar of Kit Man Ha Hau
    Kit Man Ha HauReply

    All time big fan, I remember my mum took me to cinema watching Snow White, love the magic and creation of Disney cartoons and now it’s my turn taking my daughter to watch Disney.

  111. Avatar of Kristy Sinkovic
    Kristy SinkovicReply

    I love that Disney transcends generations, that movies I loved as a child my kids still love now. I just love the magical worlds it takes us all to. 🙂

  112. Avatar of Leigh wrightson
    Leigh wrightsonReply

    Disney movies are just amazing and so magical for all ☺

  113. Avatar of Tara Greenfield
    Tara GreenfieldReply

    I absolutely adore Disney films.
    The love, the laughter, the happily ever after.
    But after all these years, my favourite things,
    Is a movie that encourages the whole world to sing ♡♡♡

  114. Avatar of Kristie Ogden
    Kristie OgdenReply

    Have loved Disney since I was a little girl and my kids now love it just as much! I have boys but they will sit and watch ANY disney movie with their MUM (the biggest disney kid of all)

  115. Avatar of Cathy McDonnell
    Cathy McDonnellReply

    My daughter is like all other almost 4 year olds… absolutely nuts for frozen. Acutally I think she believes she is Elsa and often Rapunzel. This would help me keep her happy- happy almost 4 year old= happy mum and dad… good luck everyone 🙂

  116. Avatar of Deb

    I love that all Disney movies have a morale of the story, something our children can learn and use in day to day life

  117. Avatar of Samantha Patterson
    Samantha PattersonReply

    I love how each Disney movie teaches a valuable lesson within the story. We particularly love all the Disney princesses. Each is unique with her own special quality and talent. My 3 year old daughter is a huge fan of them all. We regularly sit together and watch the films or we play with her Disney princess dolls together and talk about the stories. The strong concept of love which features in the movies makes them special. I love being able to share these movies with my daughter now and also really enjoy watching the modern and latest ones with her for the first time! I even shed a tear the first time I watched Frozen, Brave and Tangled! Love them! X

  118. Avatar of mary

    The magic, the history and the fact that some of these stories have been putting children to bed and making them dream for so many generations!!!

    • Avatar of Julia Hermann
      Julia HermannReply

      I have a boy who is 4 and a girl who is three and it doesn’t matter what we watch they both love it! Plus I am loving watching them all over again from when I was a kid!

  119. Avatar of Melissa Mckeown
    Melissa MckeownReply

    Disney fills kids with such a sense of wonder and allows them to dream big! Disney is wonderful!

  120. Avatar of Erin P

    Disney is magical. It’s one of the only things that make my children’s eyes light up and at the same time make me feel like a child again. It’s pure joy.

  121. Avatar of Sarah Hickey
    Sarah HickeyReply

    This show looks amazing & my family just loves Olaf ⛄❄

  122. Avatar of Stacey Elliott
    Stacey ElliottReply

    Disney breathes enchantment into otherwise forgotten stories of a bygone era. Transcending time, Disney stories touch the hearts of everyone and have done so for generations.

  123. Avatar of Gina Decapia
    Gina DecapiaReply

    Disney produces the most spectacular songs that will be remembered throughout life.
    You may not remember the whole movie but you will NEVER forget the words to the songs <3

  124. Avatar of Nikki Montague
    Nikki MontagueReply

    Disney finds the magic that is in all our lives despite the challenges and hardships .

  125. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    Disney is timeless. I love the fact that kids can watch Disney movies made decades ago and they are still captivating and relevant today.

  126. Avatar of Theoni Versace
    Theoni VersaceReply

    Disney is magical and takes you places you can’t even imagine!

  127. Avatar of Samantha monson
    Samantha monsonReply

    Me and my girls love watching disney movies together. The girls love watching the ones i loved when i was a little girl, i love how they can watch n get so much love out of the same movies i did. Disney movies by far r the best

  128. Avatar of Christina

    Disney finds a way of creating masterpieces and movies that have that unique magical experience that not only children can watch and enjoy for decades to come but also adults.

  129. Avatar of Chrissy07

    I really love “Live” shows and the children get so much out of seeing real people on stage instead of television characters or just movies. I’d love to take them to see this real show please.

  130. Avatar of Kather

    Disney is for young and old, and they are classic films that can be watched again and again

  131. Avatar of Jacqui Roodenburg
    Jacqui RoodenburgReply

    I really love the Disney soundtracks. I think the music really makes the movies amazing and I for one can recite many beautiful Disney songs from many of the movies!

  132. Avatar of Michelle Cleland
    Michelle ClelandReply

    Daring and dazzling Disney never fails to delight my dynamic duo!

  133. Avatar of Alex

    Disney is inter generation. Old memories rekindled and new memories created. Everyone can enjoy.

  134. Avatar of Alex

    Disney is inter generational. Old memories rekindled and new memories created. Everyone can enjoy.

  135. Avatar of Raechelle Van der Meer
    Raechelle Van der MeerReply

    Disney on ice will be a magical experience not to be missed.

  136. Avatar of Jayde Gelencher
    Jayde GelencherReply

    D isney is delightful
    It is something that I’ve grown up with and
    S till love to watch!
    N othing please me more than
    E ducating my children on the classics!
    Y ears from now, Disney will always

    provide magic for young and old!!

  137. Avatar of Penny Beere
    Penny BeereReply

    Disney teaches you to dream and reach for the stars!

  138. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    Disney leads the field in good wholesome family entertainment…..I still remember my first trip to the movies over 50 years back to watch Bambi….I was hooked there and then and I’ve remained a steadfast fan over the years….myself at first….then my own family….and now theirs….it is a magical journey…..I’ve been wishing on a star for a long time and loving every minute of it

  139. Avatar of Noviyah Crunkhorn
    Noviyah CrunkhornReply

    Disney movies make you laugh and cry. They are cute and animated. They teach us how to dream and how to be ourselves. They makes us think anything is possible and they help us understand that family is the most important. Hope to win it so I can take my 3 year old boy who loves Disney movies so much!!!

  140. Avatar of MD

    The Disney stories just captivate and words really do jump out of the page! My daughter wants to live in Disneyland!

  141. Avatar of Lee-Ann Trevethan
    Lee-Ann TrevethanReply

    I love that Disney never gets old. I loved Disney shows as a child and my kids and I all love them now too. They bring the imagination to life and set you on a magical adventure while you’re watching them. Just wonderful!

  142. Avatar of Ineedacoffee

    Its timeless yet innovative
    Always a sense of wonder and magic

  143. Avatar of Nicole Muller
    Nicole MullerReply

    We love Disney because they takes us on fabulous adventures. Thank you kind regards Nicole

  144. Avatar of Julie Ford

    Magical , fun ,. Disney brings the child out in everyone no matter age , nationality or income. Disney is timeless.

  145. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love Disney and would love to win because it’s how I hold onto my childhood. When I was growing up Disney taught me how to dream, how to be myself and also to realise that anything was possible.

  146. Avatar of jayla1987

    Disney create magical memories in a persons mind through its movies

  147. Avatar of Theresia Tay
    Theresia TayReply

    Disney movies are so fun and exciting it doesn’t matter how old you are, they captivate their audiences. I get more excited than my little girls when watching them!

  148. Avatar of Sharlene Gibson
    Sharlene GibsonReply

    I have always been a fan of disney i love the magical stories behind them and have passed my love for Disney onto my children. I love the inspirational stories.

  149. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    Love that there is a moral of the story in every Disney movies, attractive characters that gives a lasting impression and lastly the joy and laughter it brings to all families, especially the humour in recent movies 😉

  150. Avatar of Lorraine Johnson
    Lorraine JohnsonReply

    The timeless magic of “Disney Memories” my dad & I watched Disney movies together when I was a child, that was our special time together, laughing and believing. Now as a parent I am doing the same with my son and fallen in love with Disney all over again!

  151. Avatar of Jenny Mains
    Jenny MainsReply

    I love that every Disney movie is one that both kids and adults can enjoy. They have a special kind of magic 🙂 My daughter and I love going to Disney on Ice each year for that special Mummy/Daughter time.

  152. Avatar of Amy dunn

    The magic of Disney never fails to impress I grew up watching Disney and have continued watching Disney films as an adult and now continuing to watch Disney films with my children. Their bedrooms are full of Disney characters and I love that it inspires them to use their imaginations through their play time pretending to be those characters.

  153. Avatar of Natalie Skinner
    Natalie SkinnerReply

    I love that DIsney is for all ages – my kids love the characters and magic and I love being able to share in this with them

  154. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha PageReply

    Everyone no matter their age gets to experience the wonder of childhood!

  155. Avatar of Aimee Fletcher
    Aimee FletcherReply

    I love that Disney is a timeless classic for all ages and I would love to experience that with my diaughter !

  156. Avatar of Sharon Lorman
    Sharon LormanReply

    It’s magical and fun and you don’t have to think about it too much.

  157. Avatar of Amanda Scott
    Amanda ScottReply

    I love that Disney is innocent, its beautiful and magical.

  158. Avatar of Tara

    I love that they can make you cry then make you smile all in one movie and bring all ages together

  159. Avatar of Sandra Ayoub
    Sandra AyoubReply

    Disney has put it’s endless imagination into the hearts and minds of young children and people of all ages. Disney has helped me to transition my special needs child at different stages in his still very young life. The power of recognisable images and unforgettable music have helped my child grow more than Mr Walt Disney himself could have ever imagined. Many blessed thanks.

  160. Avatar of Stephanie Merrington
    Stephanie MerringtonReply

    Disney is just magical and brings so much imagination, magic, happiness and joy into the lives of children and even adults.
    I love that Disney teaches us to believe anything is possible

  161. Avatar of Tegan McDoanld
    Tegan McDoanldReply

    love the fact that it never gets old or out of date. We just watched the 1989 little mermaid and was still great!

  162. Avatar of sars_angelchik

    I love the hopeful and uplifting nature of Disney films, and they are just great for kids and a part of growing up.

  163. Avatar of Elizabeth Ellery
    Elizabeth ElleryReply

    No matter how you are feeling or what age you are the Disney characters always put a smile on your face. My 3.5 yr old daughter and I love sitting watching Disney movies together.

  164. Avatar of Lou Evans

    Disney brings magic to children and adults of every age

  165. Avatar of Nikki Gagliardi
    Nikki GagliardiReply

    Disney allows adults and children to escape to a beautiful amazing magical world

  166. Avatar of Suzanne

    I am such a big Disney fanatic and have been since I was little. I just love how it makes you feel young and happy and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are it still feels magical to see or experience anything Disney!

  167. Avatar of Emma Allen-Favazzo
    Emma Allen-FavazzoReply

    The innocence, simplicity and the joy Disney brings to every childs life..and they only get better as the years go by with their creativity..

  168. Avatar of kcj162026

    It’s a total comfort, and I have just grown up surrounded by the films and the songs.

  169. Avatar of margie sincoe
    margie sincoeReply

    The magic of Disney remains with you throughout your life giving imagination and sheer joy to generations of families.
    Margie mac

  170. Avatar of Andrew McKeown
    Andrew McKeownReply

    Disney creates magical and enchanted worlds for both adults and children to enjoy. They excite and delight me with their amazing storytelling.

  171. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrandsReply

    There’s something for everyone. Don’t like this movie? Then you’ll love the next one. Still watching movies that are years old and still love them

  172. Avatar of Pippa Gale

    Watching Disney takes me back to my childhood and in that moment my daughters and I are just three little girls enchanted by the story.

  173. Avatar of Melissa Mulder
    Melissa MulderReply

    Disney creates timeless masterpiece’s, I love sharing movies with my daughter that I watched with my siblings and still enjoy watching the new releases now.

  174. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie ClaytonReply

    I love the magic of Disney, the sense of wonder, enjoyment and excitement. Disney has been a part of my life since childhood and we’ve made sure it’s a part of our kid’s lives too.

  175. Avatar of Lynda Cooper
    Lynda CooperReply

    Watch peoples faces, as soon as they hear the word Disney they smile 🙂 Nothing beats a rainy day having a Disney marathon with the family. ♥♥♥

  176. Avatar of Bronie Elson
    Bronie ElsonReply

    That it’s timeless. New generations discover old favorites. Mary poppins is up there with Toy Story. Also that it appeals to both young and old.

  177. Avatar of Claire Bansagi
    Claire BansagiReply

    I love that it’s accessible for all ages, and that as you watch them over and over you uncover new layers to each story. As a Mum now I love rewatching the classics from my childhood and finally getting all the jokes!!

  178. Avatar of Rebekah Cowan
    Rebekah CowanReply

    I love that my daughters face lights up when she hears the frozen intro tune start. I love that she calls Olaf, Laf and every other snowman for that matter. I love that her favourite Disney character is Stuffy, or better known as Stuppy. I love that Disney has and always will be the favourite among children and adults alike… p.s. even at my age I love watching Disney movies with my daughter.
    Thanks Disney 🙂

  179. Avatar of Stacey Woodrow
    Stacey WoodrowReply

    The thing I love about Disney is that it works for young and old. My little girl can enjoy the movies I love that are amazing and bold. We can spend the time bonding over a magical show or movie. All the pretty costumes, characters and music, it’s oh so groovy. We love Disney.. <3

  180. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki CashionReply

    what’s not to love about Disney , magical places to dream about , transports you to magical kingdoms and places unkown

  181. Avatar of Kim Magrath
    Kim MagrathReply

    The magic and imagination of it all. A really important part of growing up.

  182. Avatar of Ann Maree Sculley
    Ann Maree SculleyReply

    I love the magical moments in so many movies and to recapture again with my kids growing up has brought back my inner child all over again 🙂

  183. Avatar of Nieta Batty
    Nieta BattyReply

    Watching the smiles listening to the giggles and watching my girls dance along to anything Disney makes me a very happy mum. Especially seen as though a lot of the ones they love I did too when I was a child!!!

  184. Avatar of rosmayes

    Disney teaches kids ( and adults!!) life lessons in such a fun way, they don’t even realise they are learning! 🙂

  185. Avatar of Carly Burnard
    Carly BurnardReply

    I love watching the Disney movies that I used to love watching as a kid, with my kids today and seeing them enjoy the stories as much as I did!

  186. Avatar of Jacqui Lagaluga
    Jacqui LagalugaReply

    The love of Disney transcends time and generations . My Nan loved watching Disney movies with me.

  187. Avatar of Amanda Holland
    Amanda HollandReply

    This would make a great birthday present for my youngest. I’ve only heard great things about Disney on ice

  188. Avatar of Nata Glavan
    Nata GlavanReply

    Disney, a provider of pure joy and pleasure,

    Filled our days with precious moments to treasure,

    Broadened our imagination,

    Brought magic to our lives, a reason for celebration.

    For generations its characters, movies and stories we continue
    to adore,

    Provider of magic and fun galore,

    Enjoyed by young and old year after year,

    Disney has become part of our family, something we hold

  189. Avatar of Natalie Walch
    Natalie WalchReply

    Disney is timeless. It evokes so many fond memories for grandparents and parents while creating the same nostalgic memories for the children. It’s a shared memory that spreads across generations.

  190. Avatar of Jemma Kitto
    Jemma KittoReply

    What I love most about Disney is the confidence the characters demonstrate and the fact that good triumphs over bad. My daughter finds the freedom to be herself when she watched Disney movies and dances and sings with confidence and it makes me so happy to see her enjoying life.

  191. Avatar of Jamie Watman
    Jamie WatmanReply

    I love the characters within the Disney movies. They show great strength and resilience. I especially love the movies that show that women are strong, able to overcome great obstacles, and come out winning in the end.

    My daughter is immunocompromised. During the winter months we spend a bit of time at home. Disney movies is her outlet. She loves watching the Disney movies, and with her sister re-enacting scenes from the movie. At the hospital, she asks the staff to pretend they’re princesses! Aww so sweet.

  192. Avatar of Kylie Sperling
    Kylie SperlingReply

    What I love about Disney is that their movies are ageless from a child all the way to 100. And there is a disney movie to entertain everyone. The characters and their lessons of life are enjoy by so many and taken from generation to generation.

  193. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott CrumlinReply

    Magic, warmth, laughs, sparkle, dreams, goodness, kindness, hope. All ages can enjoy Disney!

  194. Avatar of Simone

    I grew up with Disney, now my little girl is growing up with Disney. The magic of it lives on and continues to inspire imaginations through the generations.

  195. Avatar of Zoe Davey

    Disney is creativity, innovation and technology. What’s not to love?

  196. Avatar of Loz Jordan

    I love Disney for entertaining my toddler on long boring car trips! There’s only so many times you can hear the Peppa Pig theme before you want to crash the car. Disney musicals are so awesome!

  197. Avatar of cat

    Disney has something for everyone. I can’t get to Disneyland which is meant to be the happiest place on earth so it is great when a bit comes here!

  198. Avatar of Taliaw

    It teaches chrildren to never give up no matter how hard things get

  199. Avatar of Judith Senese
    Judith SeneseReply

    Disney is timeless, and movies I have watched over and over again, as a child and now as a mother with my boys. The stories are great with a lot of meaning and morals.

  200. Avatar of Melanie Lorencz
    Melanie LorenczReply

    disney is a classic, never gets old no matter how old or young you are!

  201. Avatar of Angela H

    Disney is just Magical. You are taken to somewhere special & fall in love with all the characters (except the evil ones! Lol). You never get too old for Disney!

  202. Avatar of Laura Green
    Laura GreenReply

    I love all the disney movies and always did and now my kids are the same

  203. Avatar of SkyeHayes

    I love that it’s entertaining for all ages and always something we can enjoy as a family

  204. Avatar of billy

    Disney brings back so many beautiful childhood memories I hope my little ones experience too

  205. Avatar of Holly Clark
    Holly ClarkReply

    Disney has always had a special place in my heart. I have so many happy childhood memories of watching Disney movies with my family. I love that I’m now introducing my daughter to the Disney movies I loved growing up, and they are such timeless classics that she loves them too. Like all little girls at the moment, she loves Elsa and Anna, but she also loves Ariel and Cinderella.

  206. Avatar of Melinda Whatman Lang
    Melinda Whatman LangReply

    I can’t pick a favourite Disney movie but I have watched all of them. I loved watching Saturday Disney, I was still watching Disney movies before I had my children now I get to watch with them.

  207. Avatar of rachel

    Disney movies are seemingly timeless, they’re movies the whole family can enjoy and even though it seems frowned upon these days, with people saying that we shouldn’t give false hope to our children; ie, not everyone finds true love and marries a prince/princess, not everyone has a happy life etc. i love the fact that there is always a happy ending, whilst still addressing peoples issues and things through the story. The mark of a good movie is to draw the viewers in and disney does that.

  208. Avatar of Belinda Fletcher
    Belinda FletcherReply

    I love that Disney movies are timeless; they are accessible
    for the whole family and really transport you to a fantastical world for hours.

  209. Avatar of Monique Nin
    Monique NinReply

    I love the fact it keeps children entertained for hours on end so mummies and daddies can have some quiet quality family time.

  210. Avatar of Jane A

    It doesn’t
    matter your age Disney appeals to every generation bringing back memories,
    creating news one and always magical, mystical and unforgettable.

  211. Avatar of Carlee Pukarinen
    Carlee PukarinenReply

    We live and breathe Disney in our house, weather it’s watching it on TV, DVDs or reading a golden book during the week before bed.
    Our girls love to dress up & role play all the characters that Disney has produced over the years.
    It’s very touching and we love that the girls are making their own childhood memories of Disney just as my husband and I did when we were little.

    We have Elsa & Anna, Cinderella, Snow White, sleeping beauty it doesn’t matter the gender of the roles the girls will even dress up as a prince and play the part down to the very last kiss!
    Our dog Benji also getting in on the act!

  212. Avatar of Shana Chamings
    Shana ChamingsReply

    I love that there is something for all ages/genders with Disney. This would be amazing for the whole family

  213. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette BullReply

    I love that Disney never gets old. No matter what my age I have always loved Disney, 30 years on I still love Disney. I love the old classics and love all the new Disney too. Perfect for all

  214. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love that Disney are varied and have something that appeals to all ages and genders.
    You can love Disney princesses or cars or something else again, Disney are amazing!

  215. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owneyReply

    It’s the magical classic stories, fond characters, and the added Disney magic!

  216. Avatar of Philippa Comerford
    Philippa ComerfordReply

    I love Disney’s feisty female characters, Rapunzel, Elsa, Merida, Mulan, to name a few – showing girls can be strong, overcome challenges and achieve their dreams!

  217. Avatar of sprickel

    I love that you are transported to many magical worlds where even villians can be empowered by the by being touched by heros and that imagination is valued as reality. I believe in magic.

  218. Avatar of James Sharpe
    James SharpeReply

    i love that i grew up with some magic disney movies, and now my four kids are doing the same, thats great family time

  219. Avatar of Sharon McPartland
    Sharon McPartlandReply

    I have loved all of the Disney movies since I was a little girl. Now my daughter loves them just as much and I have fallen in love with them all over again while watching them with my daughter. You are never too old for Disney

  220. Avatar of Deb Lee

    The strength of a Disney Princess shines through, above everything!

  221. Avatar of Melissa Beasley
    Melissa BeasleyReply

    Allowing yourself to forget the real world. Immersing yourself in fairy tales and make believe. Thank you Disney for all of the magical memories.

  222. Avatar of shelbyward

    It’s like a sprinkle of fairy dust bringing dreams to life and entertaining both little and big minds. Timeless, nostalgic and contemporary all at once!

  223. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    Dear Disney,

    Thank you for giving me someone relatable.
    Thank you for the laughs.
    Thank you for the character I’ll strive to be.
    And the romance that I can find.
    Thank you for teaching me I can be strong.
    For telling me I don’t have to be elaborate to be happy.
    Thank you for telling me to follow a dream.

  224. Avatar of Darren

    Pure magic, fantasy and escapism, reliving childhood memories and creating new ones for my own kids.

  225. Avatar of Natalie

    I love that it brings magic to young and old, boys and girls, and everyone in between :-). Their stories and characters offers something for everyone, and brings hope, joy, adventure, thrills, and of course MAGIC, to all!

  226. Avatar of Charisse

    Disney makes the childs imagination come alive with magic. Beautiful characters and storyline, that are forever cherished in your heart.

  227. Avatar of Tasha Walker
    Tasha WalkerReply

    that no matter the age, they are timeless movies and are just the best family movies with great memories

  228. Avatar of Lara Haynes Stewart
    Lara Haynes StewartReply

    the imagination kids get out of Disney is great & this would be a dream come true for my kids thats for sure

  229. Avatar of Katrina Stubbs
    Katrina StubbsReply

    I love how no matter what age you are, Disney will always be a huge part of your life. i’m 37 and love the little mermaid

  230. Avatar of Maria Kuli

    No matter my age, I still feel like I’m small!
    I love watching the Disney Princesses,
    Rapunzel being my favourite of all!

  231. Avatar of Amy Quek

    Hard not to love the gracefulness of ice skating and Disney Princesses.

  232. Avatar of Cassandra Schleyer
    Cassandra SchleyerReply

    I love that it inspires imagination it’s make believe and so magical and fun makes me feel young and like a child again.

  233. Avatar of Sasha Blunt
    Sasha BluntReply

    The stories, the entertainment, the contagious songs, the characters, the freedom it allows for kids to believe

  234. Avatar of Linda Wallace
    Linda WallaceReply


  235. Avatar of Diana Feeley
    Diana FeeleyReply

    I especially love the music, and now I’m sharing all my favourites with my daughter, who is enjoying them just as much as I did and still do

  236. Avatar of Nicki Cambourn
    Nicki CambournReply

    I love that Disney has something for everyone. The adult jokes that go over the kids heads and the lessons the characters learn.

  237. Avatar of Shierly Ardriani S
    Shierly Ardriani SReply

    I love Disney, because it creates a magical happy place in your mind where everyone is and will live happily ever after. The whole family can enjoy it together, the Disney experience.

  238. Avatar of Alyce

    Mt childhood is flooded with amazing memories of imaginative play and the love of movies thanks to Disney. Mary Poppins will forever be synonymous with that, not to mention the magical day we spent at Euro Disney when I was a teenager. Even as an adult the magic stays alive!

  239. Avatar of Jenny Amuta
    Jenny AmutaReply

    I love the characters, storylines and how I can share my childhood with my own children……

  240. Avatar of Lainie Hull
    Lainie HullReply

    The tickets are secretly for me….I just take the kids as a front…lol 🙂

  241. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny WoodsReply

    I love the unforgettable Disney characters & the magical storylines that my children enjoyed & would love my great grandchildren to experience the action, adventure & spectactular costumes.

  242. Avatar of Chnar

    I’m so glad I had My daughter recently, I will finally have someone who I will go with this year. Disney is so magical and that’s what I love about it. She is only a month old but already loves Ariel just like mummy.

  243. Avatar of Renee B

    I love that my daughter can experience the magic and wonder of little mermaid just as I did when I was her age.

  244. Avatar of Charmaine

    I love all the exciting music and love the magical feeling of Disney.

  245. Avatar of Skye Khaira
    Skye KhairaReply

    I grow up loving disney, watching and reading all the stories and i still do. I now have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, and they all love disney as much as i do.

  246. Avatar of Cellyka Celly
    Cellyka CellyReply

    I love all of Disney characters and movies and I still do. Now I have 2 years old daughter that loves Disney princesses as well. So I wish I can take her with to watch the show 🙂

  247. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    I am 82 and think “Disney” always enthralls whether you are young or old. I tell my Twin Great Granddaughter stories of seeing movies of “Dumbo and Bmbi” when I was young.

  248. Avatar of Aries

    Disney does away with the generation gap. I loved all the Disney characters when I was little. My children grew up loving Disney and now my grandchildren love it as well. I would dearly love to take my grandies to the coming Disney on Ice. I know we would all be totally blown away by the whole experience.

  249. Avatar of Kristy F

    Disney is something that has been huge in my lifetime and will continue to be for my own children. Where magic begins, fairytales are told and dreams are made. Disney, it takes you on a real ice-capade.

  250. Avatar of Morena Dobrowolski
    Morena DobrowolskiReply

    Disney to me means magic – they take you to another world full of fun, laughs and imagination…

  251. Avatar of Sarah Brewer
    Sarah BrewerReply

    I would love the opportunity to take my 4 year old daughter to this, she ADORES anything Disney princess related and she would really loose her mind, she deserves a day out and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to see the show.

  252. Avatar of Tricia

    Disney takes everyone to a world of dreams and magic – no-one is too young or too old to be captivated by the characters and songs that are synonymous with Disney productions.

  253. Avatar of Hannah Bobana
    Hannah BobanaReply

    Disney stories take audiences away to magical and enchanting places. I love the way each story has a moral to be learnt. I especially love the way my kids faces light up while watching Disney.

  254. Avatar of bydesign.3

    escapism – take my daughter and I away to a magical place; even if just for a few hours

  255. Avatar of LJ Mullen

    Disney takes my daughter and I to magical, exchanted places and I love that we can sit and read, tell each other stories and play princesses together. Helps her realise that dreams can come true and magic and beautiful things are all around us.

  256. Avatar of Teagan Plane
    Teagan PlaneReply

    I love that Disney movies all have valuable life lessons in them, and that they are enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages!

  257. Avatar of Genie McGrath
    Genie McGrathReply

    I love that Disney has moved with the times, but still maintains good core values. I also appreciate the fact that I can enjoy the movies as much as the kids!

  258. Avatar of Kristy Middleton
    Kristy MiddletonReply

    I love that disney movies always have an underlying lesson or message.

  259. Avatar of manishah

    I love Disney for giving me a fantastic childhood that I can continue on with my son.

  260. Avatar of Natalie Bickerdike
    Natalie BickerdikeReply

    Disney is where my little girls world of imagination can come alive as she loves to play dress ups and be a princess. She would be able to see all her favourite Disney characters at Disney on Ice and it would make her the happiest girl in the world.

  261. Avatar of Louise Joyce
    Louise JoyceReply

    Disney captivates the heart and imagination of all ages and brings the family together.

  262. Avatar of Sharna

    Disney is a family favorite my kids aged 15,13 & 8, have all grown up with Disney characters in there life they all have a favorite. Even though they are getting older they still love watching all the Disney classic on TV and all still have there Disney characters displayed in there rooms.

  263. Avatar of Wendy

    My family and I love the magic of all the Disney films. We love to choose our favorite movie then snuggle up on the lounge and get taken away to a land of beauty, magic, suspense or heart felt emotion. Disney brings our family together.

  264. Avatar of Mandy Smith
    Mandy SmithReply

    Disney is a world of enjoyment and entertainment for everyone.

  265. Avatar of Val C.

    Disney’s ability to connect with all ages and eras to provide true entertainment and an experience to remember!

  266. Avatar of Sheree Pallis
    Sheree PallisReply

    Disney is a place that I get to step into when I want to believe in happily ever after, true love, talking mice, magic carpets, mermaids, magical kisses, etc. It’s something I’ve grown up with.

  267. Avatar of Sally Blight
    Sally BlightReply

    I love Disney as it is simply magical, fantasy and childhood all rolled into one

  268. Avatar of Claire

    I love Disney as it reminds me of the first time my 3.5 year old daughter saw her first Disney movie and she looked at me and said “it’s like my best dreams are made real”. ☺️

  269. Avatar of Vanessa Stojanoski
    Vanessa StojanoskiReply

    Magical stories & fun for all, there’s no other place like Disney.

  270. Avatar of Law Yan

    Loved Disney since i was a kid and especially loves Mickey Mouse. Now my 2 year old daughter also loves Minni Mouse.

  271. Avatar of Tiff n Lys

    My daughter(10yrs old) has done ice skating lessons for 2yrs now and she gets so excited and hopeful when she see’s what can be possible with a little bit dedication and she gets very proud to be able to say she try’s her best each week at her local arena. Each time we have been to see Disney on Ice previously her face lights up as soon as the skaters hit the ice

  272. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee IzzardReply

    It’s a favourite childhood memory of mine, it’s always on in our area around my birthday so my mum would take me most years. I would love to take my very own family now to share and make new memories with them!!! You are never to old for Disney!! Happiest place on Earth

  273. Avatar of Dani Bell

    Love no matter how bad your day is or sick your child is they are guaranteed to bring a smile and warm heart to everyone watching. The magic if Disney, unbeatable.

  274. Avatar of Krystal Evans
    Krystal EvansReply

    I have loved Disney since I was a kid. I have been to Disney World many times and it’s a magical place where imagination comes to life.

  275. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara CassidyReply

    Disney is magic. Each story capitvates my kids like no other stories can. I love that we can enjoy Disney as a family and we all love it (including Dad!).

  276. Avatar of Allyson Metcher
    Allyson MetcherReply

    Disney makes anybody young or old feel wonderful. The look on my grandkids faces when they see or watch anything Disney is truly priceless, Disney brings happiness to all whether through their movies, characters or best of all the Happiest place on Earth Disneyland. Top of my Bucket list is to take all my grandkids to Disneyland one day and just watch the happiness implode from them.

  277. Avatar of Jade

    We love the singing and the dancing! It’s a magical world when Disney is on our TV.

  278. Avatar of Emma Drew

    I love that there is something for everyone – from my 3 year old son up to and beyond my 68 year old mother and father in law. Even my husband knows all the words to “Let it go”!!

  279. Avatar of Nichole Shalders
    Nichole ShaldersReply

    Disney is not just for the kids but the whole Family …. everyone has a favourite Disney character 🙂

  280. Avatar of Katie Young
    Katie YoungReply

    I love Disney for the magic in brings in to our families lounge room.

  281. Avatar of Jen

    I love that I grew up with watching and loving Disney, and now my daughter loves watching them too!

  282. Avatar of Alessandra Giampaolo
    Alessandra GiampaoloReply

    It taught me about living, laughing and loving everything and everyone around you.

  283. Avatar of Maria Young
    Maria YoungReply

    Disney has touched the lives every young child and continues to do so, Disney really makes dreams come true!

  284. Avatar of Peta-Lee Bartlett
    Peta-Lee BartlettReply

    Disney provides a chance to escape real life, where there are talking animals, handsome princes and always happy endings

  285. Avatar of Sherry P

    Every Disney tale is magical and full of surprises, fantasy and fun! Fantastic stories for all ages to enjoy!

  286. Avatar of Christine Care
    Christine CareReply

    Disney makes me feel young again and the characters all have different personalities so everyone will fine a Disney movie they love.

  287. Avatar of Michael Tower
    Michael TowerReply

    Disney connects adults to their children in a way that no language, no music, no other things can compare. It is a truly universal magic of love, laughter, fun and magic that all ages can connect to each other through.

  288. Avatar of Clare

    Disney is for all generations. Grandparents, Parents & Kids can all enjoy the movies & shows!

  289. Avatar of Esky Ruth

    Disney shows children and adults alike that everyone can be special. No matter where you come from or who you are, if you believe in yourself and rely on your inner strength, everyone can achieve their wildest dreams.

  290. Avatar of Deldig

    Disney seems to be timeless! My mother loved it and shared it with me as a child, now I am sharing my love for Disney with my girls and they can’t get enough!

  291. Avatar of cloughmachine

    my kids got super excited just seeing the pictures on this page … god knows how they will react if we win

  292. Avatar of zero30zero

    I love the use of imagination and the little lessons learnt through adventure and storytime

  293. Avatar of Melanie

    I grew up with Disney movies and now my childs love the same movies as much as I did when I was young.

  294. Avatar of Gail Davies
    Gail DaviesReply

    Disney is magical and we all need magic in our lives ,,,

  295. Avatar of Joanne Deane
    Joanne DeaneReply

    I love feeling like a kid again through my own children and their excitement!

  296. Avatar of Ashley Paulinsky
    Ashley PaulinskyReply

    Disney inspires imagination, courage and beauty within. My daughter loves the princesses and I love the morals they teach. We love Disney

  297. Avatar of Rachael

    Dreams can come true, they lived happily ever after, the orphaned girl becomes a Princess, Sisterly love is powerful. Anything is possible when you dream and work hard! Such positive messages for young girls .

  298. Avatar of DMS873

    Disney has the ability to bring all ages and nationalities together to experience the magic of fairytales. Disney warms my heart.

  299. Avatar of michelle brown
    michelle brownReply

    Disney is everyones childhood! All the best movies are Disney 🙂

  300. Avatar of TripleG_9000

    I’ve loved watching Disney cartoons and movies since I was a little toddler so I couldn’t imagine a world without them!

  301. Avatar of Lyn SC

    The catchy songs and wonderful movies encouraging using your imagination and subliminally teaches us life lessons.

  302. Avatar of Sarah Wi

    It’s magical for all ages.
    The classics are timeless
    and the songs are contagious.
    cheers for ears, DISNEY.

  303. Avatar of Lisa Gant

    I love that the old school animators had fun adding sneaky things into the movies that are now visible through frame by frame viewing. Bet they never thought that would happen 😉 for the kids though I love that it sparks their own imaginative play experiences.

  304. Avatar of Alicia neale
    Alicia nealeReply

    Love the magical moments that I grew up with that my kids can now enjoy. Moments that make life magical 🙂

  305. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidisReply

    I love that Disney is for both young and old
    A magical place u hold dear to your heart
    Characters That come to life bring joy , and laughter to all .. A magical place where dreams do come true

  306. Avatar of Philippa Tudor
    Philippa TudorReply

    It fires little imaginations and the characters are so loveable

  307. Avatar of Stacey Navarro
    Stacey NavarroReply

    I love that Disney doesnt just cater for children. Young or old can enjoy a Disney movie. It’s also clever how they are able to sneak things in to the movies that only adults would understand.

  308. Avatar of Tania

    I love Disney because it is magical and really makes you believe in magic.

  309. Avatar of Diana

    What I love most about Disney is their ability to engage both children and adults in so many wonderful adventures

  310. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy WintersReply

    I love that the movies and cartoons I loved I are timeless and I can share with my children, reliving my childhood with them

  311. Avatar of Katherine Marsh
    Katherine MarshReply

    I grew up loving Disney and I get to experience the magic and beautiful characters with my kids.

  312. Avatar of Margaret O'Shea
    Margaret O'SheaReply

    Disney is for all ages. I love watching them as well as my Grandchildren. They take you to a magical place in the imagination.

  313. Avatar of Bianca Bonakey
    Bianca BonakeyReply

    My daughter is a mad Disney fan, and with the newest members Elsa & Anna coming she will squealing with excitement … So hope we win tickets this will make her dream come true

  314. Avatar of Evelyn

    I love that Disney creates a feeling of magic and wonder in this often trying world. Reminds us to be kind and happy, and that anything is possible.

  315. Avatar of Jade Curnoe
    Jade CurnoeReply

    The magic the characters and stories create and that it unlocks my kids imagination and shows my girls that they can do and be anything they want.

  316. Avatar of Kylea Daymond
    Kylea DaymondReply

    Love love love Disney movie. It reminds me of doing movie nights with my cousins every sat night. My kids would love to see it come to life on the ice what an experience!!

  317. Avatar of Lyndall Crisp
    Lyndall CrispReply

    Disney is just magical, and dependable, it was there when I was a little girl and now is there for my girls!

  318. Avatar of J Ryan

    Disney allows you to escape the day to day grind, even if it’s just for a little while. No matter how old you are, you can still embrace the child inside.

  319. Avatar of Gervase Dsylva
    Gervase DsylvaReply

    Disney makes stories memorable and inviting to read the original books / fables / stories.

  320. Avatar of Katie O

    No matter the age Disney has something for everyone. I love the movies and stories that let you dream and imagine that anything is possible.

  321. Avatar of Patrick

    This would be so much fun for the whole family, My fingers are crossed!

  322. Avatar of melinda nardella
    melinda nardellaReply

    Loving Disney in every possible way because it gives me a chance to finish a cup of tea (or wine) in silence! No matter what the story, this Mum gets 5 minutes peace with Disney. (jumping up and down thinking of that wine and which Disney movie I can put in front of my daughter)

  323. Avatar of Rebecca OpdenBrouw
    Rebecca OpdenBrouwReply

    I took my daughter to a show like this when she was four, I would love to take my son who is four….with his sissy of course 🙂

  324. Avatar of Umi Ayyildiz Keskin
    Umi Ayyildiz KeskinReply

    Disney reminds me of my childhood, I love that my daughter will also get to watch the same movies as me. It’s as if we will be sharing a legacy of loving family movies.

  325. Avatar of Roney Holland
    Roney HollandReply

    My entire life my family has watched Disney movies, giving everyone of us hours and hours of enjoyment and most importantly, family time together.

  326. Avatar of Edward Dekkers
    Edward DekkersReply

    The Magic. No matter what age, Disney and it’s characters represent timeless magic. From first Mickey appearance in “Steamboat Willy” to classics such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Disney has always taken me (and continues to do so with my kids now) on journeys into imagination where extraordinary things can and still happen. The looks on my kids faces when they met their heroes in Disneyland France was unforgettable. The same goes for Disney on Ice. It brings with it a certain magic that is timeless. Although I’d love to take my family, good luck to every family who enters as it will be a spectacular day out I’m sure.

  327. Avatar of Jody Sun

    I love all of the Disney movies because each movie makes you fall in love with it for an entirely different reason.

  328. Avatar of julie stanley
    julie stanleyReply

    My kids grew up watching Disney and we had every Disney movie available, I would now love to share some of that with my grandchildren

  329. Avatar of Lisaolivia

    A world without Disney, is just too unbearable to think of. Disney is magic, it is adventure and imagination at its finest. My childhood was just perfect every weekend when Disney was on.

  330. Avatar of Bianca de Lima
    Bianca de LimaReply

    Pirates, princesses, dreams come true,
    These are the fairy tales by which we grew.
    Timeless classics, both old and new,
    Songs to sing, the whole movie through
    But best of all my babies love it too.

  331. Avatar of Jessica Thomas
    Jessica ThomasReply

    Wow would love to win this awsome prize… The magic of the Disney characters & stories are just such an awesome part of being a kid!

  332. Avatar of Leah Amy Taylor
    Leah Amy TaylorReply

    I would love to take my son and niece to this
    They love everything Disney, memories made forever

  333. Avatar of Jen

    What’s not to love about Disney? It dips you in magic and takes you back to your childhood!

  334. Avatar of Billie Lee

    What a birthday present this would be! My girls love ice skating and disney, this is a winner.

  335. Avatar of Sueb

    Disney brings out the inner child in every adult with memories of the magical captivating characters the whole family have grown up with.

  336. Avatar of Rachelle Seabridge
    Rachelle SeabridgeReply

    I love Disney, it brings back so many childhood memories. I want my kids to have just as many great memories too

  337. Avatar of yvonne williams
    yvonne williamsReply

    I went as a kid and loved it so did my son,I’d love to win for my lovely friend who lives on a tight budget


  338. Avatar of Mel

    I loved all the Disney characters from my childhood and would love to share these memories with my little boy!

  339. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    Their staying power and their ability to make movies that entertain both children and adults alike!

  340. Avatar of Robert Banyard
    Robert BanyardReply

    Memorable characters we have all loved and grown up with, sharing now with our own children and grandchildren

  341. Avatar of silver101

    It brings the child out in everyone and reminds us all to dream big.

  342. Avatar of Alicia Cleland
    Alicia ClelandReply

    Disney is a great way to take some time out of normal life and delve into a World of Magic

  343. Avatar of Leanne Campbell
    Leanne CampbellReply

    Just the place where I would love to take my grandchildren, as I grew up with all the Disney characters myself & so did my children (2 of my 4 daughters actually got to see a Disney on Ice show themselves with their grandmother but the others missed out as it got too expensive once I moved to the bush) so I would love to win tickets to take my grandchildren so all I need pay for then is accommodation,travel & food expenses – plus souvenirs for each of them.

  344. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H SimmonsReply

    Mickey he was the reason i would get up early in my mickey mouse ears and watch Saturday disney

  345. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    Disney has been around so long as I can remember and I am 82, they takes young and old alike into a world of beauty and fun. My children were encouraged to read Disney stories, also my 4 Granddaughters and now the 4 year old twin Great Granddaughters and 1 Great Grandson can relive the pleasure that the rest of us loved.

  346. Avatar of Renae

    Disney has always been my life…I’m pretty sure I had a child just to buy the movies as they come out…and an excuse for the ones I already have! 😉 Ariel still is my idol!

  347. Avatar of Anu

    Its fun,interesting and colurful and cute… i loved from my childhood and still love it and want to have the wonderful experience for my son

  348. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie MasonReply

    What I love most about Disney is their wonderful story telling ability, how they create and bring to life new worlds that spark children’s imagination, excite, and captivate them, and for the important messages behind their stories.

  349. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna ReinhardReply

    Disney are fun priceless movies and they entertain not only the children but the adults with subtle adult jokes. And the movies have great morals in each story to teach kiddies of all ages… I own 99% of the Disney collection such a huge fan as is my kids

  350. Avatar of jsm2016

    my kids love all the Disney characters..they would be in awe of this show….

  351. Avatar of Leisa Sandles
    Leisa SandlesReply

    Childhood memories,
    With Mickey and friends,
    It’s exciting and fun,
    Entertainment for everyone.
    Shaping little imaginations,
    With creative animations,
    Generations explore,
    Disney, I just adore!

  352. Avatar of Dana Scott

    I have two little princess’s that would love to go to this show and see Minnie Mouse!

  353. Avatar of Kristy Nicholson
    Kristy NicholsonReply

    Its enduring spell continues to capture and delight millions of kids (young and old!) as it frees imaginations to have fun and enjoy life freely as kids do so well!

  354. Avatar of Kim

    Everyone loves Disney, we’ve grown up with it! Disney is for the whole family, not just the little ones!!

  355. Avatar of Janelle Field
    Janelle FieldReply

    It doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 102, Disney brings generations together. It truly is magical!

  356. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana AngelReply

    When you are with Disney your heart is always young, happy and beautiful!

  357. Avatar of Daniela Vella
    Daniela VellaReply

    Disney is not just a word it’s countless generations of happiness. From having the pleasure of growing up watching some of disneys finest, I now have the privilege to watch it with my daughter. Sharing memories so special as this starts with Disney and finishes with happiness.

  358. Avatar of lovelyloves

    They make all of us love dreams! I believe in dreams.

  359. Avatar of lindasteabben

    Disney is a dream that starts in childhood and lives in us right through adulthood.

  360. Avatar of Alesha

    Disney is timeless. It never gets old, loved by generations past present and future.

  361. Avatar of Emma Myers

    Disney creates the magic that keeps smiles on little faces forever.

  362. Avatar of Beki Fowler-Mills
    Beki Fowler-MillsReply

    Disney brings out my inner child and keeps me young at heart!

  363. Avatar of Alex

    The magic of it. Without fail the magic of Disney is that it makes children’s eyes light up – no matter how old they are!

  364. Avatar of Grammy

    Disney is ageless. We know it and now our grandchildren know it’s magic.

  365. Avatar of Kate Slack

    How it still captivates the imaginations of generation after generation of kids.

  366. Avatar of Ali Hillier
    Ali HillierReply

    The colours, the songs, the characters, the inspiring stories. I love it all and now my daughter does too.

  367. Avatar of Alex Ho

    Disney’s stories are never out of date and people always love passing them from one generation to another.

  368. Avatar of suzi

    Love Disney because each character has its own uniqueness that creates fun and magic for a child.

  369. Avatar of Abbid Chaudhry
    Abbid ChaudhryReply

    (D)efinitely the ability to simply (I)nject (S)urprise, (N)atural curiosity and magical (E)xcitement all (Y)ear round with Marvellous Magical Mickey and friends!

  370. Avatar of Maria Braund
    Maria BraundReply

    It’s just magical and makes you feel like a kid again.

  371. Avatar of Michelle Hay-Chapman
    Michelle Hay-ChapmanReply

    the magic never ends its beautiful and is for all ages

  372. Avatar of Lisa Summers
    Lisa SummersReply

    I love that Disney brings Magic to everyone across the generations. We can share it with our children, our parents and our grandparents and everyone has a special Disney memory. I love that it teaches my children important qualities and morals without them even realising they are learning! And with the recent shift to positive role models for young girls, what’s not to love about DISNEY!!!

  373. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate MarconiReply

    I love how the stories last the decades. I grew up loving Disney and now my daughter can too.

  374. Avatar of Debbie Moody
    Debbie MoodyReply

    I can trust that anything Disney is going to be good because it always has been and hopefully will always be that way.

  375. Avatar of elizabeth

    Disney movies are for the whole family to enjoy, both young and old.

  376. Avatar of Lauren G

    The whole family can enjoy and sing along, and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way.

  377. Avatar of Natalie Lees
    Natalie LeesReply

    An excellent treat for my well behaved little girl, she will be so super excited! We pretty much only have Disney movies in our house- I grew up on them and my children are growing up on them. I can always count on them to be age appropriate and funny.

  378. Avatar of Tori Parrotta
    Tori ParrottaReply

    The magic of Disney is always something that makes the heart sing!

  379. Avatar of Maree

    Disney is such a fun filled fantasy land. Bring such joy and laughter not only to the kids but adults also!!

  380. Avatar of Kerry

    The magic of Disney excites any age, you don’t have to be a kid.

  381. Avatar of Cassidy Logue
    Cassidy LogueReply

    I rememeber going to Disney on ice as a child and it still brings back the warmest of memories. I would love to take my children to share the joy with them.

  382. Avatar of Belinda M

    Disney is always child friendly but its also adult friendly. I love that it can have humour for all ages and great viewing for everyone

  383. Avatar of Terri Deacon
    Terri DeaconReply

    I love the Disney songs. I can listen to them for hours and they always cheer me up

  384. Avatar of PhilandAvrilsmum

    I love that disney movies are child friendly but also throw in adult jokes that are not noticable to the kids. It makes for great whol family entertainment!

  385. Avatar of Martin

    Disney continues to amaze me and create even more magical characters than before

  386. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia BardsleyReply

    Somehow Disney manages to capture audiences young at heart and keep them forever

  387. Avatar of Amanda

    I love the underlying messages found in their stories, often about the important of perseverance and being a good person, I want my kids to learn these things. And I love that I enjoy Disney just as much as my kids!

  388. Avatar of Julie-Ann Summerfield
    Julie-Ann SummerfieldReply

    The magic of Disney had me totally enthralled as a child and it is having exactly the same effect on my Daughter. And I still love it just as much as I did back then.

  389. Avatar of Kerri B

    The best thing about Disney is that my husband and I enjoying watching it just as much as the kids. Makes for a great family movie night!

  390. Avatar of Ellie Williams
    Ellie WilliamsReply

    What I love about Disney is that it is timeless, the stories that I enjoyed and loved as a child, my children still are amazed by them today. There is no age limit for the movies, the movies have story lines that capture not only the imaginations of children but adults as well. You don’t watch a Disney movie or read a Disney book without feel joy and happiness. The underlying messages that the stories have are brilliant and made for all ages to understand. I absolutely love Disney and I have my entire life. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed

  391. Avatar of Julie Karas
    Julie KarasReply

    The thing I love about Disney is that you are never too old for a Disney movie or show! ❤️

  392. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire ThrowerReply

    I love the magical places it still transports me too, great entertainment for young and old, always happy for my kids to watch Disney, non violent with great role models.

  393. Avatar of Lisa Greiter
    Lisa GreiterReply

    Disney takes every child and all other people on the planet to a magical place no matter what the age is, Disney makes you feel the magic!

  394. Avatar of Rach Dee

    Amazing!!! What an awesome prize. Would love to take my little one

  395. Avatar of Megan C

    My son absolutely loves mickey and all his friends from the club house.

  396. Avatar of Annette

    Disney allows both adults and kids to drift away into another world. Megical

  397. Avatar of miranda

    It joins parents and children in a world of imagination. ☺ i love disney

  398. Avatar of Sharyn W

    i love that it keeps children in childhood and takes parents back to childhood – magical and mystery and perfect

  399. Avatar of Leigh T

    Purely just watching the shear joy on their faces whenever they hear the Disney Studios intro music. While at the same time bringing back fond memories of my childhood. How it goes by so quick.

  400. Avatar of Paita Diaz

    Absolutely amazing, Disney is where every one can dream, myself, my 5 and 3 years old daughters are fans of Mickey Mouse and Disney’s Princess! Hope we win!

  401. Avatar of Amber Schmida Greene
    Amber Schmida GreeneReply

    Oh Disney, we love you. Do you wonder why?
    It’s not just the tales of princess alumni
    You bring magic, and mayhem, and fairy dust too
    To lives, young and old, that’s what you do.
    To be in your company is super dooper fun
    To sing along with Mickey, Minnie and everyone
    We love Disney, it’d be a dream come true
    to watch and bring our little family before we bid adieu.

  402. Avatar of Sarah Sabatino
    Sarah SabatinoReply

    We love that the whole family can watch anything they produce without anyone missing out on the enjoyment!

  403. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthyReply

    I grew up watching Disney cartoons and movies and I am sharing that joy with my family. There just doesn’t seem to be an age barrier for this type of entertainment.

  404. Avatar of MP

    I love that Disney is timeless as my girls enjoy the same things I did as a child. Doesn’t hurt that I get to do it again as well!

  405. Avatar of Paige Yang

    Disney is just like your dream world where you could make anything that can’t happen in real life happen.

  406. Avatar of melanie whittle
    melanie whittleReply

    Disney always has something for the whole family to enjoy making Disney movies a great choice for family movie night.

  407. Avatar of Sarah Fairley
    Sarah FairleyReply

    Absolutely everything…….the books, the movies, the characters and the parks. How can it not make you happy?

  408. Avatar of lk

    It reminds me of the Disney magic whenever we watched a Disney show when I was a child.

  409. Avatar of Belinda Harbron
    Belinda HarbronReply

    Disney is imagination come to life! It gives kids belief in everything magical! Not to mention adults love it too!!

  410. Avatar of Andrea Ponga-Morgan
    Andrea Ponga-MorganReply

    I had a Disney Movie collection before I had kids! I love the imaginstion, gorgeous stories, beautiful songs, the Disney Magic!

  411. Avatar of Melanie Graham
    Melanie GrahamReply

    The world of Disney was an impossible dream made to come true with unquestionable passion and a belief so strong that it was destined to bring joy and happiness for children and adults alike through the ages.

  412. Avatar of Kimba

    I love Disney as they allow people of any age to relive their childhood again and leave their worries and troubles aside for a short time to enjoy some good humour that is not just directed at children but the comments to adults alike. I love being able to sit with the whole family and watch a movie together that we can all enjoy

  413. Avatar of Blossom

    Disney is magic.
    Individual characters.
    Salvation for parents
    Never will leave
    Entertainment for all
    Yes, it is here to stay

  414. Avatar of Sean Miller
    Sean MillerReply

    Disney has been around long before me & it’s so wonderful to watch our children enjoying the same characters & their antics as we did when we were children. Disney is timeless enjoyed by every generation all over the world!