Doctors Find Part of a Pen in Little Boy’s Penis. Ouch.

I’m always asking my six- year-old son to stop sticking his fingers in places that he shouldn’t.

What’s with their obsession of putting fingers (or other objects) in places where ’things’ just should not go?

Luckily I am yet to do the emergency room run with a child that has shoved a piece of Lego in their ear or a pea up their nose. And my son certainly hasn’t been in the situation that this poor kid recently found himself in.

Don’t put pens in your penis

According to The British Medical Journal, a six-year-old boy in India has just had surgery to remove a 1.5cm pen tip from his urethra.

There are many known cases of adult males having foreign objects removed from the urethra. But this may just be the first time a child has had surgery of this kind.

Poor little poppet. Not quite what you would want to make history for, right?

boy ha pen tip removed from penis
Image source: British Medical Journal Case Reports

The penis pen mystery

The young boy presented to the hospital after suffering from discomfort and some form of urinary tract infection and all was revealed in the X-rays, reports..

Doctors haven’t figured out just how the pen tip got there. They think the inquisitive little boy may have accidentally inserted it, or perhaps the whole pen was pushed in to relieve an irritating blockage and the tip got stuck. Either way, BIG OUCH!!

“How a foreign body landed up in the posterior urethra of a six-year-old child is an anomaly that has perplexed the authors with failure to reach a conclusive answer,” Dr Samarth Agarwal wrote in the BMJ report.

“In all possibilities, the authors opine that the child could have accidentally inserted the foreign body while playing.”

Wishing the brave little guy a full recovery.

boy gets pen stuck in penis
Image source: British Medical Journal Case Reports

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