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Win Dad an Epic Hamper of Father’s Day Books Featuring a Giant Spot Plush!

Surprise Dad and the kids this year with a Father’s Day prize pack from Puffin Books featuring some of your children’s favourite characters. We’re talking Bluey, Spot the Dog and Mr Men, plus several other stories that will bring a bit of magic to the bedtime story routine.

Sure, Father’s Day is all about celebrating Dad and all the other special men in our children’s lives, but why not think outside the box and restock the bookshelf at the same time? Imagine how excited the kids – and Dad – will be to open a delivery filled with new adventures to read together.

You sort out the homemade cards, BBQ lunch, and the Father’s Day gifts, and we’ll bring the surprise with 10 Father’s Day-themed books to discover. We’ve even thrown in a giant Spot the Dog plush, which is sure to be a highlight for the kiddies.

Father's Day Books from Puffin Books
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Best of all, we’re giving away TWO Father’s Day Puffin prize packs, valued at $250 each. Each pack includes 10 fabulous books,  and a GIANT Spot the Dog plush, perfect for Dad reading time.

Father's Day Books - Puffin Books Prize Pack
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Surprise the whole family with these beautiful Father’s Day books: 

  1. Bluey: Daddy Robot
  2. Bluey: The Big Blue Guy’s Book of Dad Goals
  3. Bluey: Perfect
  4. Bluey: Father’s Day Fun: A Craft Book
  5. Bluey: Daddy Putdown
  6. Bluey: My Dad is Awesome
  7. Stop the Dad Jokes! by Adrian Beck
  8. My Baba is the Best by Bachar Houli
  9. Dirt by Sea by Michael Wagner
  10. Mr Men: My Daddy by Roger Hargreaves

Still need a reason to enter? Read on to find out why it’s so important to pencil in some reading time, not just on Father’s Day, but every day.

Pull up a cosy chair. It’s time to read! 

Many parents we’ve spoken to admit that they don’t read to their kids as much as they would like. Just one generation ago, reading was a lot more common, and you’d often find households quietly reading at night rather than watching TV. Now there are iPads, YouTube and apps and competing for our attention instead. Too often, modern ‘quiet time’ involves screens, not books.

Father's Day books
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Well, we’re here to help bring books back to the spotlight, where they belong! There are so many benefits of reading with our children including:

Improved literacy skills: Reading with children helps them recognize letters, words, and sentences. It enhances their reading fluency, comprehension skills, and overall literacy proficiency, setting a strong foundation for their academic success.

Encourages a love of reading: Regular reading with children fosters a love of books and reading. It cultivates a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure, which opens up endless opportunities for personal growth, learning, and entertainment.

Cognitive development: Reading stimulates the brain and promotes critical thinking skills. It enhances problem-solving abilities, increases creativity, and improves memory retention and concentration.

Imagination and creativity: Reading sparks the imagination, taking children on exciting adventures and opening up new worlds. It stimulates their creativity, allowing them to think outside the box, dream big, and explore their big ideas.

Building a strong parent-child bond: Reading together creates special memories and helps strengthen the emotional connection between parents and children. It encourages open communication and quality time spent together.

Reading with dad
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One of the easiest ways to keep the love of reading growing strong is to rotate your reading material often. A trip to the library every month is a fun outing for little ones (our local library has an epic cubby house and large cushions that entertain my daughter for hours).

Purchasing a few new books, especially for special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, and Father’s Day makes a lovely treat for your little bookworms too, and will foster the excitement to read.

Father’s Day, sorted

Be sure to put your name down to win one of these prize packs. You never know – the winner could be you!

The Father’s Day books will make a great addition to your bookshelf and the Spot the Dog plush will easily become your child’s favourite toy.

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Win 1 of 2 Father’s Day Puffin Books Prize Packs

Valued at $250 each, each prize pack includes a GIANT Spot the Dog plush as well as 10 Father’s Day books to read over and over again.

Enter now!


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