Eek! Did Grover Just Drop the F-Bomb on Sesame Street?

Come and play, everything’s a-ok. Oh, except for the bit where furry, loveable, sweet, fuzzy Grover drops the f-bomb on Sesame Street.

At least, that’s what thousands of parents are hearing in this little clip from Sesame Street.

Take a listen and tell us what you hear – “that’s a f***ing excellent idea” or “that sounds like an excellent idea”.

Do you hear what he hears?

The Grover f-bomb clip has amassed more than 60,000 likes and 20,000 shares since US journalist J.D Turkin tweeted it to the world last week.

“… the new Yanni v. Laurel? Some people swear they hear Grover saying, “that’s a f**king excellent idea.” i’m one of those people and i can’t stop laughing,” he wrote.

And it seems everyone has an opinion about what they hear.

F bomb or no?

“I hear it both ways alternately, and I kinda don’t get how that’s happening. This is weird,” one person wrote.

“I hear the F bomb and that’s probably at least 50 percent due to the fact that I want to,” wrote another.

Even the kids can’t agree what their fuzzy friend is saying.

Grover f-bomb

But this response is hands-down our favourite:

We haven’t seen the world this excited about a Sesame Street clip since the puppets dropped their hilarious Stranger Things parody back in 2017.

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