VIDEO: This is what happens when Bad Moms take on Christmas!

Do you know what makes Christmas so special? It’s not the people, the perfectly wrapped presents or even the freshly baked pies. It’s the mums.

Because mums are the ones who make all of this festive fodder and Christmasy crap happen. Nope, not Santa. MUMS.

This is exactly what the next instalment of movie franchise Bad Moms is all about. Because without mums working their asses off, Christmas wouldn’t happen.


“You’re a mum. Mums don’t enjoy. They give joy. That’s how being a mum works.”

Bad Moms 2: A Bad Mom’s Christmas takes us into a world we all know too well – the chaos, the crowds and the cursing at wrapping paper that comes with Christmas. Self proclaimed ‘bad moms’, Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) team up again to “take Christmas back”. And, this time around, the grandmas also make their grand appearances.  Oh, also a camel. Yes, it’s a camel cameo.

YouTube video

So, what do these ladies want for Christmas? If the movie trailer is anything to go by, the trio of bad mums simply want to take shots (in slow-motion, naturally), chill out and actually enjoy the holidays.

We are preparing for another dose of pee-your-pants funny from Bad Moms 2, due to hit Australian cinemas on 2 November 2017. Bring on the Christmas-tree banning, beer-guzzling, potty-mouth talking ladies and their adorable little kiddies (who also have some serious love for the F-word).

Book the babysitter now. And when you’re done, you might want to check our previous article about how to tell if you’re a good mum… or a bad one!

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