We’re typically used to the overweight girl slimming down to a fraction of her former self and celebrating with ‘Before & After’ photos.  This one bucks the trend as this woman shows how she beat anorexia.

You might recall we posted about Taryn Brumfitt and her not-so-typical ‘Before and After’ shots after putting herself through body building competitions and strict eating regimes to prove to herself (and millions around the globe) that the ‘ideal body’ doesn’t bring you happiness.

Well here’s another beauty!

Meet Brittany! For most of her life, she’s been heavier, and consequently shamed and belittled for her weight.  When she first started college, however, she weighed just under 50kg, ate 400-600 calories a day and was very active, doing about 90 minutes of cardio each day.

Most importantly, she was anorexic.

Fifteen pounds underweight, nobody thought to say anything to her because they were so busy applauding her for her very unnatural weight loss.  So she decided that in the lead up to National Eating Disorder Week she would call them out and tell her story!

Now she’s speaking out to tell them via her blog Redefine Beauty, that they were wrong and thanking her real life and tumblr friends for everything they have done to get her to the wonderful , happy and healthy place she is today.

According to Brittany, “I have reached a point where I love my body. I love the way I jiggle when I dance, and the way my “curves” look in the mirror. I am in no way societies ideal beauty, but I am me.”

And that is finally enough.


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