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Show Us Your Amazing Kids and Win $500

How awesome are kids? Seriously. Kids blow my mind. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

They are like these little concentrated powerhouses of grown-ups packaged into the body of constantly moving arms, legs and mouths. They jump and fly and dance and build and destroy and laugh and explore and run and skip and cartwheel and wrestle and ride and swim and concentrate and learn and live every day exactly as they should.

They are our best versions of ourselves and their willingness and ability to face each new day with the same enthusiasm and wonder as the last keeps even the most cynical of us in check.

But how do they do it? How do they maintain those insane levels of energy? The answer of course is simple. Fuel. Every night they collapseŠ some even make it to bed before they pass out! And every morning they wake up recharged and ready to be refuelled.

Mum, I’m starving!!!

My kids roll that one out every couple of hours on a busy day. They’re not, of course, actually starving but they are running on empty. It’s just the way a kid is. Always moving. Always processing. ALWAYS hungry.

And that¹s where Tip Top The One bread comes in. Tip Top The One is high in fibre, is lower in GI and contains vitamins and minerals ­ stuff kids need to help refuel their engines and Feed Their Amazingness. Whether you toast it, make fresh sandwiches or fill it with gooey, delicious melted cheese, this is the quickest fuel you can get in to your kids! My youngest son is crazy for avocado on toast and can even make it himself [NB, this is what is often referred to as a win/win parenting situation, and under my supervision of course – I just need to remind him to CLOSE THE BREAD BAG when he’s finished!]. My oldest son loves fresh tomato on his sandwich and can inhale two in about 45 seconds flat before he’s out the door again. As a busy, active and ‘starving’ family of four we go through about five loaves of bread a week so it makes sense to choose one that is packed full of all the right things!

Get ready for Arts and Crafts this month! Just grab your smartphone and capture your kids doing something amazingly creative [think drawing or painting or playing with playdoh] and you could win FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS!

Kids are amazing. My kids are amazing. Your kids are amazing. James is amazing…

Here’s our very own Bel’s 5 year old son James showing us his family of Monster Rocks. AH-MAZING!

YouTube video

Meet George. He’s passionate about arts, crafts and loves glitter and sparkles to bring out his creative flair.

Watch him here:

George’s Thoughts on Arts & Crafts“To be an artist you should practice arts & crafts a lot.” George is back and this time he’s sharing some of his arts & crafts tips. Share a photo or video of your kids arts & crafts on Facebook or Instagram and include the hashtag #FeedTheirAmazingness, for a chance to #win $500. T&Cs at

Posted by Tip Top on Tuesday, 30 June 2015


TIP TOP have created a platform to show off their amazingness and each month one lucky winner will receive a $500 voucher! Now that IS amazing!

Simply snap a photo or video of your kid being amazing, upload to instagram or the TIP TOP Facebook page using the hashtag #feedtheiramazingness and you¹re in the running to win a $500 voucher each month.

Each month there¹s a theme so be sure to check these before you submit your entries!

3rd July to 27th July ­ Arts & Craft
31st July to 24th August ­ Dance & Performing


Need some inspiration, view previous winners and to find out more, head to the Tip Top Website and get your entries in pronto! T&Cs apply.


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