10 Reasons Why Online Grocery Shopping is Actually Good For You!

Kids… we love them. Except when we need to shop. Then we would probably prefer to leave them in aisle three.

Or at home, at the very least.

But alas, sometimes it’s not possible to escape the chaos (aka the kids) and get the shopping done.

So other than cart the kids around with you, and most likely end up with $50 worth of Kinder Surprises in your trolley, what can you do?

Simple. Stay home. Put your feet up. Let the kids tear through the house, decorating the Christmas tree for the third time. Leave the Kinder Surprise on the shelves.

And bring the shopping (complete with all the delicious Christmas extras) to you.  

Now, I’m a die hard online shopper – I know all the bargain sites, how to get the best deals, find the right coupons and save a packet along the way, especially during Christmas!  That said, I’ve recently only discovered the actual JOY that comes with online shopping, particularly at the pointy, tinsel laden end of the year.

The joy of not having to find a park, of not lassoing the kids into the store, of not realising at the checkout I forgot my bags in the car (EVERY SINGLE TIME). Yes, it’s part of life. But doing it online actually makes grocery shopping enjoyable. And easy. If you can click a mouse or tap a screen, you can most definitely shop online.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then you are seriously missing out on a simplified way to shop for your weekly supplies. Give it a crack… and you won’t look back.

And you won’t be left with a pantry full of milk chocolate eggs (plus toy) just begging to be eaten at 2am…

1. You Can Avoid ALL the People

Including the super slow ones, the super cheery ones and the super talkative ones that want to chat your ear off on Saturday morning. No crowds, no waiting in line, no full car park and no awkward aisle five conversations.

Yes. Online shopping delivers a perfectly peaceful shopping experience.

2. One Word… Delivery 

Just like Santa delivers, so too does the supermarket. Groceries delivered to your door. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Heck, you don’t even have to put on pants. Sometimes I just answer the door with a blanket wrapped around me. #nopantsSaturday #noshameeither.

Only thing that would top this experience? If the dude unpacked it all and made dinner, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get.


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3. No Impulse Buying

My hips thank me, and yours might too. With online shopping, there’s no game of temptation going on in your head. Or at the very least, it’s MUCH harder to play. Remember, we MUST be focussed when shopping.

You rule out all impulse buying when you can’t see the reduced Ferrero Rochers, you don’t see that EXTREMELY CUTE, teeny weeny gingerbread house  nor can you hear that Kit-Kat screaming your name from the confectionery aisle.

4. Save Precious Time & Do the Things You WANT to Do

Not keen on driving, parking, wandering the aisles? You don’t have to! You can do it all at home. I do our weekly shop on Friday nights, while I ignore the pile of laundry beside me and watch Better Homes & Gardens. #mumlife

Download the app, add items to your online cart and it saves for next time you log in or complete the order and book your delivery. With all that time you saved dragging the kids to the supermarket and avoiding the mid-aisle meltdowns, you can find a quiet corner, admire the twinkling Christmas tree lights and enjoy a glass of vino, because you can. The shopping is DONE!


5. Easy One Look Price Comparisons So You Can Be Cheap Quickly

In my opinion, shoppers fall into two camps – those who compare prices and those who don’t.

I’m a comparer and haphazardly lugging my loaded trolley all over the aisle to compare prices and products is no fun for anyone. But, hey, I’m cheap. Value for money is important and I’m doing my homework here people. #sorrynotsorry

Online shopping lets you see all the product details at a single glance (compare all the ham, pasta or tomato paste!), perfect for making a quick decision.

Just click to add, DONE.

6. Anyone Can Do the Shopping. Yes. Even Your Husband.

The very same one who calls you 15 times just to confirm he’s grabbed the right apples. I love you, but for the LOVE OF FRUIT, just pick up a bag of apples already.

With the super handy (and free!) in-store pick up facility – available 7 days a week – all he needs to do is collect it. There’s no over thinking it. Your Personal Shopper (aka Christmas Elf) does all the hand picking. You can even pick-up your groceries on Christmas Eve, thank you Santa!

Honestly, if my hubby can do it, then anyone can. And he only calls twice during the process. To inform me he’s arrived at the shops (gold star darling) and to inform me he’s collected the goods. Congratulations hun. You’re a shopping superstar.

7. Changing Your Mind is Easier (Which Could Be Good or Bad)

Change of mind is much less laborious when shopping online, saving you 636 steps in returning products – great for time, not so much fitness or cranking up the steps on your annoying step tracker.

Popped Fruit Mince Pies in your cart back in aisle 3 but by aisle 5 you’ve decided you’re more in the mood for an individual Christmas Pudding? Swap them out in a couple of clicks and you’re done! 


8. No Screaming, Tired Kids

Especially your own screaming, tired kids who you KNOW enter the supermarket with a 95% chance of throwing some epic shade at you in the confectionery aisle or over any remaining Christmas cookies.

Place your grocery order online and completely avoid all the drama of kids kicking up a stink!child-tantrum-supermarket

9. Direct Catalogue Shopping

Save time, money and effort by checking out the Woolies catalogue every Wednesday, planning out your meals around the specials AND shopping straight from the catalogue. Keep your eyes peeled for ALL the Christmas inspo and bargains!

I only recently discovered this little trick and OMG, it’s saving me so much time. It’s especially handy on those weeks when my brain can barely make eggs on toast, let alone plan an entire week’s worth of meals.

And if you have no idea what you’re cooking for dinner tomorrow, check out Woolies super handy grocery bundles for easy don’t-even-have-to-think solutions (they’re also perfect for the days following Christmas where you simply can’t bear to eat leftovers).


10. Leave Your Bra in The Drawer and Your Toothbrush on the Basin

Get dressed to go shopping? No thanks.

Be it 8PM or 3AM, you can shop online wearing no bra and your breakfast stained pyjamas, hair and teeth not brushed even. No one is ever going to know, except for you who can feel those furry teeth – but NO MATTER, the shopping is DONE.

And you can always add toothpaste to your shopping cart…

Online shopping with Woolies is a breeze to navigate this festive season.

  • Customers can select the time when their order is ready to Pick Up (order by 11am for same day collection after 4pm or by 11pm for next day collection after 11am. Pick up is FREE on orders over $30) – perfect for those wishing to Pick up as close to Christmas Day as possible
  • Customers are free to choose Pick up from more than 1000 locations, making shopping easy no matter where you are!
  • Alternatively, place your order by 6PM for next day delivery to your door.
  • Delivery available until Christmas Eve (subject to available delivery windows and areas).
  • Woolies have extra help on the supermarket floor AND driving delivery trucks at Christmas so you can trust your shopping will be done in record time!

Delivery fees are priced from $3 and for orders over $300, delivery is free!

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This is a sponsored article for Woolworths.

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