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Hilary Duff is in a Baby Colic Nightmare Right Now and We Feel You Mama

Even the rich and famous can’t escape the harrowing condition that is colic in a newborn. Yep, it’s a b#tch alright.

Painful for bub, stressful for mum and no sleep for all. Hooray.

Calling all parents of colic babies – Hilary Duff needs your advice, like NOW.

Celebrity SOS

We knew Instagram was more than just a place to post pretty pictures. It’s also an SOS service for new mums in need of help! Well, at least that’s what actress and new mum Hilary Duff is using it for at the moment.

The 31 year-old gave birth to her second child with partner Matthew Koma two months ago – a gorgeous little girl with the divine and unusual moniker, Banks Violet Bair. However, while Hilary in her birth announcement said that their daughter had “fully stolen our hearts” it appears that she may now have completely stolen their sleep AND sanity as well thanks to that horrid little condition called COLIC.

Hilary Duff's baby with colic

Hilary’s baby girl has terrible colic. Image source: Instagram

“This ends right?”

The star of Younger (and clearly desperate mama) took to Instagram recently to share her living nightmare and ask her trusty followers for advice.

“Calling all parents of colic babies…..this ends right? Can you ever set them down with out them screaming OR waking up?” she wrote in her caption.

“We have read everything the internet has to offer… nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps! We have done all the obvious things ..please leave magic tricks in comments. Oh and happy new year lol 😩😩😩 #thankGforfilters #babyforsale !!! #anytakers??”

What the hell is colic? 

If you’re not actually sure what colic is it’s basically when babies cry ALL THE TIME for no obvious reason (e.g. hunger, tiredness, illness). Often it’s compounded with reflux too (where the milk comes back up the oesophagus and causes the baby pain), and it totally sucks.

I should know because all of my kids had colic and my youngest was the absolute worst. Four months of non-stop crying hell where I couldn’t put him down after feeds and just walked around constantly with him in the baby carrier. I even slept in a chair wearing it most of the time. IT. WAS. HELL.

Hilary Duff's baby has colic issues

Poor baby Banks. Image source: Instagram

Colic does not judge

So yes, I feel you Hilary. And as you’re no stranger to parenthood (she has a six-year-old son Luca with ex-hubby Mike Comrie), it just goes to show that colic can strike with one of your children and not the other, rendering you back into a new parent daze to learn new tricks all over again. You’re also proof that even celebrities aren’t immune to having offspring with the dreaded crying curse either. Lucky you 🙁

Hilary’s followers have stepped forward with plenty of fixes for the new mumma to try, including essential oils, probiotics, swaddling and – we”re not sure about this one – letting bub hear the sound of a running tap.

Do you also have a colicky baby that’s taken over your sanity? Try these seven colic busting tips (that actually work!). You’re welcome.

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  1. Avatar of Tracy

    The solution will work in a day.

    Soy milk.


    You’re welcome, everyone.

    PS: both of mine had colic & I put them on soy– all fixed. And no, neither is allergic to milk now. I also pumped for about a month & that was fine for them.

  2. Avatar of helen

    the MAGIC TRICK that worked for my super colicky is giving him “babies magic tea” twice a day. colic didnt last long as soon as I tried this formula. you can learn about it on

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