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Win an iCandy MiChair, the World’s Most Stylish High Chair

Prepare to have your breath-taken away. By a highchair none-the-less! We kid you not. And even better, we’ve one you can win! 

And when it comes to highchairs they sure aren’t all created alike.

Enter the lust-worthy iCandy MiChair, a highchair that is not only functional but could end up being the most stylish piece of furniture in your entire home.


Sure, it’s fabulous to look at – but it’s also super functional.  

Here’s why the team at Mum Central love it.

Let’s be straight. When it comes to products for little people, functionality is equally (if not more important) than aesthetics. So, when we’re talking highchairs there’s plenty of things mums need from this important and much-used essential.

The iCandy MiChair ticks all the practical boxes.  

Starting from birth, the Pod is the perfect seat for baby to lay back and relax or even have a daytime snooze. Having somewhere convenient and safe to place baby is imperative and the MiChair Pod is not only that but comfortable and great to look at. It’ll fit right into your home (there’s no garish colours or huge space demanding proportions!) and the best thing is knowing it’s not obsolete in a few months and it’s going to change with your child!

iCandy-MiChair-Pod-LifestyleAs baby grows so does your MiChair

That’s because it’s the most intuitive designed baby product around. MiChair is a piece you’ll use from the minute you bring bub home long until they turn six. Yep, six whole years of practical use. Once baby is ready, you can lift the height, tilt the pod and change their view of the world. Soon they’ll be sitting up and feeding themselves finger-foods. It all happens in the blink of an eye, but no doubt as your little one grows you’ll marvel at just how the MiChair grows with them! If only every baby product was so clever!


Practicality Meets Style

Featuring an intuitive release tray, easy-clean design and dishwasher safe, you’re left with a hygienic eating and serving surface. Our favourite part is the fact that the iCandy MiChair is designed so there’s no crevices or places for dirt or food to be trapped – exactly what you dream of in a highchair!


Safety is Paramount

Meeting all Australian Standards, the iCandy MiChair has a crotch bar, post and harness to keep children safe and secure as they grow with the chair.  Hard-wearing surfaces keep your gorgeous piece looking great right through the years. Best of all its height is ideal for not only feeding bub but making perfect eye contact while you do, allowing meals to be a lovely, bonding experience.


It’s versatile and changes with your child from infant right through to six years

The iCandy MiChair has been designed to follow your little one through their developmental stages. From when baby is ready to just sit or first try solids until it becomes a stylish rocker,  the iCandy MiChair evolves seamlessly with your child.

Two height positions, one for rest and one for play, sees functionality meet practicality and is a real winner for parents of babies and infants alike.

Available in four colours too – sure to fit in to your home’s colour scheme. Stylish as always.


Clever add-ons including the MiChair Pod ($329) and rocking chair skis mean once the need for a high chair is over, the iCandy MiChair becomes a perfect piece of furniture for your child’s bedroom or living room, adapting to them as they grow.


It’s designed as a keepsake for your child

Once you’ve had an incredible six years use out of your iCandy MiChair, the end-result is the opposite of most baby products.

Unlike all the ‘plastic fantastic’ items you can’t wait to get out of your home, the MiChair is a beautiful heirloom you’ll lovingly pack away for future generations. This stylish piece will never age with its classic lines and when the time is right new family’s will appreciate its practical, versatile and gorgeous appeal all over! Yep, we’re a sentimental team but this beautiful piece demands to be enjoyed again and again.

iCandy-MiChair-OptionsIt’s gorgeous. Absolutely show stoppingly gorgeous. 

Sure, it’s highly functional and has an extended lifespan changing with the needs of your kids but let’s be frank have you ever seen a better-looking highchair?

The verdict is in! The iCandy MiChair is the most design-led baby seat we’ve ever seen. So, if you’re a mum who loves her baby products to tick all the boxes – including aesthetics, iCandy MiChair is for you!

enter-to-winSo, you want to win one – right? Of course, you do!

Who wouldn’t want this stylish highchair that turns into a beautifully crafted piece of furniture for your child?  Thanks to our friends at iCandy, we’ve got one of these gorgeous beauties up for grabs, valued at $549.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below, comment and tell us what you love about the MiChair and you could be our lucky winner!


Win an iCandy MiChair High Chair & Rocker Valued at $549


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  1. Avatar of akka08

    Safety considered in every form, stylish and multi-age use… 6 is the magic number… suitable from 6 months (with the pod) to 6 years.

  2. Avatar of Fiona

    iCandy MiChair becomes a perfect piece of furniture for your child’s bedroom or living room, adapting to them as they grow!

  3. Avatar of Gemma Dehn

    Finally a high chair that is practical and not only isn’t an eyesore but is actually a stylish piece of furniture. What’s not to love?

  4. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    I love it’s versatility and how stylish it is. Most amazing high chair ever!

  5. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love to have even the most practical items stylish! This certainly fits that brief.

  6. Avatar of Jade o

    Stylish, versatile and perfect for any occasion, a great innovative product!

  7. Avatar of Annie Tidey
    Annie TideyReply

    I love how these stylish, versatile pieces of furniture are also so safe!

  8. Avatar of Natalie Wright
    Natalie WrightReply

    The Michair is versatile and able to be used for a range of different settings where it doesn’t stick out looking like moulded plastic but stylish.

  9. Avatar of Trish Leonard
    Trish LeonardReply

    I love that the Michair is versatile, safe and very stylish.

  10. Avatar of TanyaCrerar

    I love that it will last and be used by all of the children in the family and their children as well!

  11. Avatar of Annya Cowan
    Annya CowanReply

    I love that it grows with your child. There definitely needs to be more baby products that do this.

  12. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary MoschovakisReply

    It’s versatility, the fact it changes with your child from baby up to and including six years and that it can be passed from one generation to the next

  13. Avatar of Amber Cubis
    Amber CubisReply

    I love that it’s something that lasts all childhood and would still be able to be popped away for grandkids reusability is so important.

  14. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren JordanReply

    I love how stylish it is. Much nicer than the cheapo highchair we currently utilise!

  15. Avatar of Lesley Sinclair
    Lesley SinclairReply

    I love how it grows with the grandkids & can be stored away easily

  16. Avatar of Lira

    This is perfect definitely something I would be passing on to other women in my family

  17. Avatar of Rachelvk

    If I had one of these it would without a doubt be the best looking piece of furniture in my house! It is just gorgeous and so versatile and practical to boot.

  18. Avatar of Kate Cotton
    Kate CottonReply

    I love that its stylish, practical, and will last not just years but generations.

  19. Avatar of Jessica Mann
    Jessica MannReply

    Its very practical and would fit into our growing family perfect

  20. Avatar of Kaja Korczyk
    Kaja KorczykReply

    I absolutely LOVE how the iCandy MiChair grows with your child. It would 100% be a conversation starter during our play dates & with its stylish look I wouldn’t be tucking it in the corner like our current plastic mess. This chair is an interior lovers dream!

  21. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent StewartReply

    It doesn’t even look like a high chair. Better than the chunk of plastic I currently have

  22. Avatar of Jaimi

    MiChair is a beautiful piece of art,
    It’s a must have for our littlest sweetheart,
    Chair that surpasses expectations,
    Heirloom to pass down generations,
    Aesthically stylish, functional and everlasting,
    Innovative design will last years as their passing,
    Recommended for your little ones! #iCandy

  23. Avatar of Kate Slack

    The fact that it is a beautiful piece of functional furniture not just a lump of plastic and i love the idea of passing down throughout future generations.

  24. Avatar of Carmen

    I love how it’s versatile and adapts to to my baby’s needs as he grows. Also very stylish which I can potentially keep for the next 30 or so years for my grandchildren (Fingers crossed)

  25. Avatar of Anita Pender
    Anita PenderReply

    I love that the chair grows with your child and unlike traditional bulky high chairs that are quickly outgrown, the michair adapts and allows my child to use it as a seat at the table!

  26. Avatar of Crystal w

    I love everything about this product! My son and daughters would enjoy it.

  27. Avatar of blackwidow63

    love that i can rock it as its perfect not to scratch the lino

  28. Avatar of Nat M

    I love that it’s life won’t end way too soon and I wouldn’t feel like I had wasted my money on something that will just take up space… and that it looks cool.

  29. Avatar of Neva Beaumont
    Neva BeaumontReply

    I love that this stunningly gorgeous chair is so functional and can become a chic heirloom for my littlie to use when she has her own children in the future!

  30. Avatar of Monica Huffer
    Monica HufferReply

    Stylish, adaptable and so unique,
    The iCandy Michair is so sweet!
    Versatility and rocks so swell,
    Grows with your child as well!

  31. Avatar of Melissa McIlvain
    Melissa McIlvainReply

    I love that it grows with the child so we can use now and into the future.

  32. Avatar of Linda Miller
    Linda MillerReply

    This highchair looks very stylish i love the wooden affect and the fact that it grows we your child. And its one of those highchairs that you would pass on and on for it’s durability.

  33. Avatar of Linda Miller
    Linda MillerReply

    I would love the wooden affect as it wood stand out beautifully.

  34. Avatar of Danielle Holman
    Danielle HolmanReply

    Love how it can be used until the child for the whole childs life

  35. Avatar of Christopher King
    Christopher KingReply

    The design of this iCandy MiChair High Chair/Rocker is brilliant. I would hope this one is listed for some kind of design award.

  36. Avatar of marypreston

    So much to love. The chair is incredibly beautiful and versatile.

  37. Avatar of Sarah A

    When you start to add up the cost of all those products you have to pack away as your child grows, also finding the space, it seems like a no-brainer that one peice can do everything, and be stored in next to no space, for roughly the same price. Brilliant thinking!

  38. Avatar of Sue Perry

    Definitely a product that will be used for future generations definitely value for money

  39. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle GreenReply

    The chair is so stylish and will fit in any home. Great that it also has so many functions so it will be useful for many years.

  40. Avatar of Chelsea Ellen
    Chelsea EllenReply

    I like how it’s suitable from birth and can go from a rocker to a highchair. I also like how you can change the colour scheme so you can mix it up a bit. It’s a very beautiful highchair

  41. Avatar of Glenda

    I have chosen a GREEN iCandy MiChair because it symbolises birth, renewal and growth.
    GREEN is an emotionally positive colour that inspires relaxation, love and nurture.

  42. Avatar of Amy Macdonald
    Amy MacdonaldReply

    I love love love the sleek, modern design. There’s nothing worse than big clumpy, plastic baby furniture! Also the fact it can be a rocker is fun!

  43. Avatar of Bethany Brown
    Bethany BrownReply

    It ts amazing . its that simple …

    Its so versatile .
    Would give me the reassurance I need with my special needs son . having a secure design like this would be absolutely perfect .
    Blue or green . they are the only 2 colours my son can recognise

  44. Avatar of Bianca de Lima
    Bianca de LimaReply

    Its functionality and uniqueness are an engineering masterpiece! When I discussed having a baby with my husband I told him it would be as cheap as possible (we still laugh at that today!) it is these marvellous inventions that make it somewhat possible as it doesn’t just have one use, before it needs to be replaced. I love things that grow with my child as it cuts down on waste and works out substantially cheaper in the long run… added bonus if it can be used by more than one child! Also the name MiChair is so danged cute!

  45. Avatar of Bronwen Scruton
    Bronwen ScrutonReply

    Anything that lasts without having to upgrade as your child grows is wonderful. Who needs several expensive items when you can have one that does the job of them all, and saves that valuable space and money too.

  46. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love how elegantly designed it is and how it grows and adapts as your child develops and their needs change. The stainless steel legs make me feel it is strong and secure making it the perfect designer throne for all treasured little ones!

  47. Avatar of Naomi

    I love that it is so functional and will last a long time.

  48. Avatar of Loredana Bono
    Loredana BonoReply

    I love that it grows with the child so it can be used now and into the future and how stylish it is. It looks so much better than the chunky ones you can get.

  49. Avatar of viviennedobin

    I love that it actually lasts until bub is 6years old brilliant

  50. Avatar of Maree Gray

    Stylish, versatile, light weight and it grows with your child – what a fantastic, quality piece of furniture that is made to last

  51. Avatar of Amelia Jane
    Amelia JaneReply

    Lightweight but sturdy. Made for me when I need to move it around the house, from room to room so bub is safe and entertained while I’m cooking or ironing (or, goodness, showering). Made for bub as she grows, holds her spoon, and gets her first desk.

  52. Avatar of Jody Smith

    It’s so smart. Babies change so fast and this functional design piece keeps up with those changes.

  53. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    stability of the chair from infant to 6 years old. It is a good investment for all the parents

  54. Avatar of Deanne Deluca
    Deanne DelucaReply

    since my cat clawed my current stools i was looking for something stylish to replace them with this looks amazing great practical chairs too

  55. Avatar of Samala Cambridge
    Samala CambridgeReply

    Love the look and the practicality! I have four kids under 5, to think they could all fit in it is amazing specially if I need a timeout chair :p

  56. Avatar of Michelle D

    I love the simple design. The wood looks so much better than those clunky plastic highchairs, and looks so sleek and modern with the white and stainless steel.

  57. Avatar of Melissa Okimoto
    Melissa OkimotoReply

    I love the stylish and function design where you can have a beautiful looking chair that is great to use, easy to clean and comfortable for my child

  58. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love that it is with your child from birth to six years….stylish, practical and no places for food crumbs to hide is just the best design encasing a beautiful wood finish. Classy yet practical.

  59. Avatar of Andrea Blease
    Andrea BleaseReply

    I love that it’s safe for your child and yet fashionable and also comfortable and great for different age ranges.

  60. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    Love that it grows and adapts with the baby, only needing the one!

  61. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    With 3 little ones…the easy clean design and dishwasher safe tray makes my life so much easier!

  62. Avatar of Leah Amy Taylor
    Leah Amy TaylorReply

    I love the fact it grows with your child and has many options on how to use it

  63. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    I love that the iCandy MiChair High Chair & Rocker looks stylish, is easy to clean and can be used to feed your child as well as keep them entertained.

  64. Avatar of Bet Hogan

    The lightweight design is top of my list. Its stylish and versatile!

  65. Avatar of Xzavia Green
    Xzavia GreenReply

    I’ve never seen a highchair that’s iCandy!! It’s beautiful and doesn’t look like a clunky eyesoar like others do.
    Not only that but itcan be used for so long as it’s really versatile. Brilliant!!

  66. Avatar of Ern

    That it’s not ugly like a lot of it’s counterparts on the market, therefore perfect for our home.

  67. Avatar of Leah Ritchie
    Leah RitchieReply

    Love how it grows with baby every step of the way!

  68. Avatar of Amanda Ramsdale
    Amanda RamsdaleReply

    Love that it can be used across so many developmental stages.

  69. Avatar of Charisse

    I love how stylish and amazingly cool this high chair is, I wish they did adults versions! I’d love to show it off to my friends and family they’ll all be fighting to feed my son in his very cool chair.

  70. Avatar of DIANA

    That it goes the distance, providing a good 6 years of use, so only one chair is required.

  71. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    A great modern piece that is versatile and stylish . Would soothe the unsettled toddler after his dinner and prepare him for nap time.

  72. Avatar of Julia Christie
    Julia ChristieReply

    My favourite feature is that it is easy to clean. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my third child and I HATE my current high chair. It is impossible to clean (I have even thrown it in my pool) and it smells horrid. I love that the iCandy chair can be wiped clean. This would make life so much easier!

  73. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca HensmanReply

    It serves more than one purpose! Perfect as baby grows!

  74. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    An amazing chair for our little lady – one that will grow with her, and that is super chic, safe and would be loved in our home xxx

  75. Avatar of Jo

    I Love the design and versatility it has all the functions but conveniently in one sleek stylish design. Would so love to have this in our family.

  76. Avatar of Ellen Kolmer
    Ellen KolmerReply

    I wish that the iCandy MiChair was a round when my children were young, it looks great and so versatile.
    I would love to win this chair for grand children (in the near future I hope).
    I would love to see the iCandy MiChair in my home 🙂

  77. Avatar of Tanya B

    Besides looking great and being totally practical I love the fact there’s no crevices or places for dirt or food to be trapped. What a wonderful highchair!

  78. Avatar of Beverley

    I love that with 7 children this won’t take up so much space and will grow with my son

  79. Avatar of Karina Lee

    I love things that last for a long time, and this chair certainly does – from newborn to school age children! Now that’s bang for your buck!

  80. Avatar of Gemma Jenkinson
    Gemma JenkinsonReply

    The fact that its so versatile and will last a long time and looks awesome too!

  81. Avatar of Jessica Lea
    Jessica LeaReply

    Love how it looks with only have a small house we need a stylish high chair because it’s always on display absolutely love the icandy MiChair

  82. Avatar of Jillian Ives
    Jillian IvesReply

    I love the flexibility of the iCandy michair as I can use it not just for feeding times. I love that it’s a modern design that will fit in with my modern home.

  83. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney FosterReply

    I love how stylish but very practical it is and the fact that you can utilise it for a longer time compared to a normal highchair

  84. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele SmithReply

    It’s stunning (I don’t believe I’ve ever described a chair like that before). It’s versatile and can change to suit the baby’s needs. It always a wonderful thing when something can adjust and be essential and fun.

  85. Avatar of Kate Hardman
    Kate HardmanReply

    I love the iCandy michair! It looks so stylish and is safe too! What more could I want for my home?

  86. Avatar of Tracy Marie Stewart
    Tracy Marie StewartReply

    It’s stylish, durable, sexy,very sturdy, looks absolutely fabulous and I would love this for my granddaughter please

  87. Avatar of katehunt

    Looks amazing – I love the rocking chair feature for stylish bedroom furniture once babyhood is done.

  88. Avatar of Antonella

    I love the versatility of the chair and it’s contemporary design that would simply blend in with my furniture.

  89. Avatar of Rob F

    I love that it’s multiple chairs in 1 and looks very cool.

  90. Avatar of Naomi Randall
    Naomi RandallReply

    The versatility of the MiChair caught my eye. Love how it grows with the child!!

  91. Avatar of Shasha

    Looks very practical and functional as well as appealing, will be perfect for my new place.

  92. Avatar of Keight Den

    What a beautiful highchair. So nice to have that sitting in the house, rather than the other daggy ones available!

  93. Avatar of Trish

    Absolutely love how versatile it is and that it goes above and beyond a highchair and it just looks so good!

  94. Avatar of Candice Wyatt
    Candice WyattReply

    I love how modern looking it is and how it grows with your child – a worthwhile investment!

  95. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka HenricksReply

    I love that it’s not “kiddy” looking! Sometimes bright colours and plastic get too much..

  96. Avatar of Amy Wilson

    Love that it looks so stylish and that it grows with baby. Very versatile.

  97. Avatar of Sarah Aiken
    Sarah AikenReply

    I love how the icandy can be used as a rocker, such an inventive idea!

  98. Avatar of Jess Savoia
    Jess SavoiaReply

    The chair is stylish and practical and I love that my little girl can have it in her room as a rocking chair once there is no need for a high chair

  99. Avatar of Vanessa

    That is a great invention! love the color choices aswell

  100. Avatar of Melanie

    The be able to convert it into a rocking chair is genius!

  101. Avatar of Annie Liu

    The fact that it blends into the existing furnishing and is great to look at.

  102. Avatar of Becky Palmer
    Becky PalmerReply

    It can be used by a child of any age, from newborn through to toddler stage!!!

  103. Avatar of Tambo

    I like that you can keep using it for years. Too many baby / children’s products are only designed to be used for a short period of time, creating so much wastage!

  104. Avatar of Erika Coyne
    Erika CoyneReply

    I love that it’s unlike any other highchairs on the market- it can be used for years, won’t get grumby, most of all it’s not contributing to the “throw away” culture as it’s high quality.

  105. Avatar of Mon Seven

    A beautiful piece that my child can use for a long time and then keep to pass on to their children.

  106. Avatar of Ellen Robbins
    Ellen RobbinsReply

    I love that it can be used for such a long time, it makes it good value. I also love that it isnt a throw away baby item (that you cant wait to get rid of because its ugly). Its beautiful and designed to be kept.

  107. Avatar of Mun L

    I love this All-in-one, stylish yet practical children furniture. It’s definitely value for money given that it can transform according to children’s needs. Smart!

  108. Avatar of Yvonne 'von' Ryan
    Yvonne 'von' RyanReply

    I love that is a slick modern look , not like the traditional high chairs that look out dated

  109. Avatar of Mary Whitta
    Mary WhittaReply

    Who would have thought a high chair could be so versatile and so much fun!

  110. Avatar of Kell

    This Chair is oozing style and is more like a piece of art than a piece of furniture, while being so very useable.

  111. Avatar of Gail Davies
    Gail DaviesReply

    What a magical chair ,,, perfect for the soon new arrival and his gorgeous sister x

  112. Avatar of Dawn Woolnough
    Dawn WoolnoughReply

    I would love to win this to give to my daughter for my grandson, it is so stylish, versatile and would be so easy to clean .

  113. Avatar of Asher Trigwell
    Asher TrigwellReply

    Babies need so much stuff – so I’m all about space saving. Having one super stylish piece of furniture that can cover a range of purposes is what I’m all about. I just love it.

  114. Avatar of Amy Hucker

    Six whole years out of one product! Nothing else out there would even last that long let alone cater for all these ages.

  115. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy HattonReply

    I love that it has so many uses over so many ages. So much better than having to buy half a dozen pieces of furniture.

  116. Avatar of Claudia

    Great versatile high chair and rocker. Stylish and easy to clean. Would love one for my baby girl ♡

  117. Avatar of Mary Irwin

    Wow, this would be perfect for my 2.5 month old. I have been holding off buying a chair until I could find one that wasn’t just plastic. Love the style.

  118. Avatar of Kristina

    What a great chair for newborns to kids! So versatile and love how you can do so much with it. I know my son would get so much use out if it and so will I! Love it!!

  119. Avatar of laureneve

    Stylish and functional. Love the high curve sides for comfort and safety.

  120. Avatar of Tina Elvins
    Tina ElvinsReply

    Versatile design and multifunctional. Very sleek and stylish

  121. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I love that this gorgeous chair grows with bubs from newborn, to infant, to toddler. No need to buy multiple chairs that will only be used for a few months and then locked up in storage. This thoughtfully designed chair is stunning and versatile!

  122. Avatar of Denyse Suarez
    Denyse SuarezReply

    Love that this chair can be used all the way from birth up to 6 years old! Plus it will match my pram perfectly!! What’s not to love??

  123. Avatar of cnkalways

    This chair is so versatile and covers such a great range of ages. The best I’ve seen! Love the colour range!

  124. Avatar of Kim A

    I love how versatile and stylish it is. It’s not like regular highchairs that can be a bit of an eyesore!

  125. Avatar of Kate

    Love how you can remove the tray so you can wrestle a squirming toddler into it!

  126. Avatar of Kelly Sherwood Brown
    Kelly Sherwood BrownReply

    What a cool looking high chair! I love how trendy it is!

  127. Avatar of Anthea Lazzaro
    Anthea LazzaroReply

    They look so modern and sleek perfect for the new age baby.

  128. Avatar of Lorraine Leung
    Lorraine LeungReply

    I’ve got a 10 month old girl who has just started enjoying her solid food, this highchair will be perfect for her! Beautiful design, easy to clean and can be use for years.

  129. Avatar of Lozz Gomez

    I love how it grows with baby, one long lasting stylish piece!

  130. Avatar of Melissa Peters
    Melissa PetersReply

    I love the fact that it looks really good, far better looking than our existing one.

  131. Avatar of RR

    It’s a beautiful piece of furniture and easy to clean. I love how it grows with your baby.

  132. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita ThornReply

    I love everything about it….how stylish it is, so it won’t make the home look messy. I love how easy I can wipe mess off. I love how safe the chair is and the variety of colours available.

  133. Avatar of Kelly Arnold
    Kelly ArnoldReply

    How refreshing to see a high chair that is not only versatile and functional, but super stylish!! Pretty sure it would trick my son in to eating better too!

  134. Avatar of NH

    Very stylish and versatile. It is not bulkly and very easy to clean. Exactly what I love about this high chair. It’s all I want when looking for a highchair.

  135. Avatar of Michelle Warwick
    Michelle WarwickReply

    It’s stylish and practical, what’s not to love?

  136. Avatar of Katherin Colvin
    Katherin ColvinReply

    It’s great that it grows with Bub from when they can first sit right until 6 years of age, so only one chair is needed

  137. Avatar of Dee

    Love that it’s an all in one chair that grows with the child. Such a money and time saver. Plus it’s so stylish and not boring like most other ones on the market

  138. Avatar of Tracey Lee

    Oh my goodness this high chair is what dreams are made of! What’s not to love?! It’s so incredibly stylish, modern and not to mention helpful. After an unexpected c-section with my first this would have been such a god sent. ❤️❤️❤️

  139. Avatar of Em Kate

    OMG. Stunning… nothing further required but stunning.

  140. Avatar of Hayley Shaw
    Hayley ShawReply

    I love the designs ! its a really nice change to see babies essential needs keeping up with the ever changing design changes we make in our homes! fantastic!!

  141. Avatar of Kylie T

    I love that the iCandy MiChair captivates our hearts
    Beautiful craftsmanship/functional practicality; intrinsically part
    Generations of memories to create, bond and treasure
    As daily living thanks to Mum Central will be an absolute pleasure.

  142. Avatar of Sue Bou

    Versatile and adaptable but mostly no sneaky crevices so that it can be wiped clean so easily. Little fingers like to push food into the smallest places & time is always at a premium so being able to clean quickly and efficiently make for a happy Mum.

  143. Avatar of Kristina

    The rocking chair aspect is priceless (not that kids need help falling asleep in a high chair). Love add ons instead of buying multiple items especially in small spaces. It’s clever and looks great

  144. Avatar of Sharon M

    My husband makes furniture and he is astounded by the quality and design of the iCandy MiChair, he wishes he had the idea for it!!!!!! I love the colours and the fact that when Master 1 is tired after eating, I don’t have to pull him out and transfer him to his cot, he can just rest in his MiChair!!!! 🙂

  145. Avatar of Deb R

    What a great innovative idea. This would make like so much simpler and it is so space effective.Fantastic idea.

  146. Avatar of Lorraine Cannata
    Lorraine CannataReply

    I love the fact that it’s so versatile, so much baby furniture is only good for such a short time, but this lasts from birth right through to 6 years. And it’s so stylish it’ll look great in my home.

  147. Avatar of Comet

    I love that it is baby furniture that looks like actual furniture and not some hideous, brightly coloured plastic contraption that takes up half of the kitchen!

  148. Avatar of Jessica Murray
    Jessica MurrayReply

    It looks like it is meant to be part of the furniture, not something plonked in the room just for a baby.

  149. Avatar of Renee rogers
    Renee rogersReply

    Love that it’s not a tacky plastic high chair and it’s a gorgeous piece of furniture!! And that it’s so simple but so useful!

  150. Avatar of Belinda Smith
    Belinda SmithReply

    I love the longevity of this chair. So sick of buying things for baby that are super expensive and only used for 6-12 months. Worth every cent!

  151. Avatar of Hannan

    This looks good and would last ages…. love the rocking feature so cute.

  152. Avatar of Ledam Nguyen
    Ledam NguyenReply

    ease of cleaning the materials use to craft this masterpiece

  153. Avatar of Kellie Heaton
    Kellie HeatonReply

    I love ❤️ everything about this chair ! I love the fact it makes me excited to get a high chair and the fact I know I’ll never need another.

  154. Avatar of Rhani

    I love how versatile the chair is and it looks amazing. It would be a beautiful piece of furniture to have in the home

  155. Avatar of Bianca Bonakey
    Bianca BonakeyReply

    I love the fact it’s easy to clean but just soooooo stylish and hip

  156. Avatar of Jessie

    I love the way this chair grows with your child and is so stylish to keep later on. Wish i had it for my first two.

  157. Avatar of Kirstie Andrews
    Kirstie AndrewsReply

    The versatility, longevity and style of this chair are my favourite features!

  158. Avatar of itsthepricey

    I love the add-ons so the chair can be used after your child has finished using as a high chair!

  159. Avatar of cart BOX

    It is super stylish, modern and unlike other high chairs, just lovely!

  160. Avatar of John Halls

    My nearly 2 year old grandson, Zayvien, would be in his element with this chair. His big sister Levayah who is nearly 4 going on 18, would love to have one as well. These chairs are just soooo well designed and functional.

  161. Avatar of Becky O'Callaghan
    Becky O'CallaghanReply

    I love that it grows with your child. Plus it looks fabulous

  162. Avatar of Rebecca Drayton
    Rebecca DraytonReply

    I love that it’s a keepsake that can be passed down and will always look stylish!

  163. Avatar of JM89

    I love that it grows with your child and converts into a rocker; very stylish too

  164. Avatar of Elbia Sylwestrzak
    Elbia SylwestrzakReply

    Heavenly! – the iCandy MiChair has it all: style, versatility, safety, with looks that last and flowing surfaces that can be cleaned in an instant.

  165. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess HowardReply

    The fact that it ‘grows’ with your child is amazing. So many products these days are considered ‘throwaway’ and don’t last. I’m also going to be a bit shallow and say I adore the design. Its just gorgeous!

  166. Avatar of Shelley West
    Shelley WestReply

    Great to have some timeless pieces for your child that can grow with them rather than just be sold on. This is a beautiful and functional chair.

  167. Avatar of Stacy Cox

    Wow! It’s the next Stokke Tripp Trapp – but on steroids and more architecturally pleasing… would love one for my youngest!

  168. Avatar of Sara Mercuri
    Sara MercuriReply

    i have twins so to have such a versatile and safe product would be amazing and also easy to clean is a dream to me

  169. Avatar of Bryan Rigby-Roberts
    Bryan Rigby-RobertsReply

    I love the fact that it matches our bedroom furniture, so it’ll fit in when in rocking mode.

  170. Avatar of Kyra

    I would love one of these for my three girls to share from newborn to.toddler this chair us everything we need, no more bulky chairs or huge rockers this is all in one and its the one for us we would love to make.our life easier and more adaptable with your amazing stylish high chair

  171. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I am going to be a grandmother for the first time next year. I only want the best for my grandchild. iCandy MiChair is the best I’ve seen. I’d love to win one please.

  172. Avatar of Courtney Austin
    Courtney AustinReply

    Both stylish and practical what’s not to love! Love that it can be used from birth to toddler years! Worth buying!

  173. Avatar of Fiona nellestein
    Fiona nellesteinReply

    I absolutely love that it fits into the household decor. Love the design, style and features.

  174. Avatar of Sarah Fairley
    Sarah FairleyReply

    it’s versatile, comfy safe and stylish. Ticks all boxes!

  175. Avatar of Margot Farquharson
    Margot FarquharsonReply

    Easy versatile and no hiding spots for dirt and food. This chair will grow with any child’s needs

  176. Avatar of Amelia yeo

    Versatile, about to use just one chair for all ages. Safe and modern.

  177. Avatar of Jo Shelton

    This chair looks so very stylish and versatile! Not to mention it looks easy to clean- which is what we all really want!!

  178. Avatar of Janelle Meares
    Janelle MearesReply

    I love how versatile it is. Gone are the days where a high-chair is bulky and only used for meal times. It becomes a furniture piece not a chunky bit of plastic that gets moved from place to place!

  179. Avatar of Sarah M

    It is so versatile and would work so nice with the interior of a house.

  180. Avatar of Sally Louise
    Sally LouiseReply

    Style, versatility, comfort, adaptability, functionality and flair – this chair has it all!

  181. Avatar of L Wolstenholme
    L WolstenholmeReply

    Love it! It looks like such a fun way to east your dinner. Does it come in grown up size?

  182. Avatar of Sarah Thorp
    Sarah ThorpReply

    About time something so versatile was on the market that is both modern and functional.

  183. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-PunchReply

    Unlike most “easy to clean” high chairs that hoard weetbix and cous cous in the corners, this one actually looks like you could clean it!

  184. Avatar of Maureen Metcalfe
    Maureen MetcalfeReply

    I love the versatility of both age and design, especially the rocking chair.

  185. Avatar of Malena

    Not only does iCandy MiChair it look fabulous but I also
    love how it grows with your child. This MiChair would definitely be the iCandy
    statement piece in my household.

  186. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    This high chair, is so interesting as well as useful. It can give the toddler/baby pleasure by the rocking movement, and it is a sturdy comfortable chair for meals. I love it.

  187. Avatar of Alyce-Maree McOrsum
    Alyce-Maree McOrsumReply

    As a mum to be – we know we need the essentials but not always what those essentials are. This looks like a stylish, comfortable and functional essential to me!

  188. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L BrownReply

    The safety aspect is paramount when it comes to items like this & the 2 height positions is fantastic #ThumbsUp

  189. Avatar of emsie2

    Looks very practical, could have done with one when my daughter was little. Will gift to my niece who is pregnant with her first.

  190. Avatar of Kate

    Being able to use it from newborn up until six years old is outstanding! Even then it’d still look wonderful sitting out. I love how simple it looks yet how perfectly useful it is. Would be super handy for a newborn and 2 year old.

  191. Avatar of Amie Falls

    I love how modern it is and stylish. It fits in with my current decor. Who said having a baby is saying goodbye to fashion? Sleep and sanity perhaps, but not fashion.

  192. Avatar of Bridgette Dowson
    Bridgette DowsonReply

    I am a huge fan of multi-functional furniture. Not only is this multi functional but also good looking! Perfect addition for the modern baby!

  193. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire ThrowerReply

    Not only is it super stylish the fact it converts from high chair to rocker is genious.

  194. Avatar of Anna Taylor
    Anna TaylorReply

    Love the versatility and stylish design. I’ve never been a fan of bright, plastic baby gear that dominates the space. This is aesthetically pleasing and adaptable as your baby grows and will last from the beginnings of a family through till completion.

  195. Avatar of Anna de Kleyn
    Anna de KleynReply

    Love that its so stylish with height positions and looks simple to clean.

  196. Avatar of Briellen Lucas
    Briellen LucasReply

    I love the fact it can convert to cover multiple ages, it would suit both my babies, both comfortably and fashionably!

  197. Avatar of Eleni Chrysostomou
    Eleni ChrysostomouReply

    A two in one with a 6 month old is perfect. Mine is just so in between all her chairs and carriers so this would be amazing.

  198. Avatar of Kerry Kaesehagen
    Kerry KaesehagenReply

    Super cute and my friend Lorin would love this for her gorgeous girl!

  199. Avatar of Eva Kiraly

    Such a handy piece of furniture, its great for someone like me with little room.

  200. Avatar of Whitney Ellem
    Whitney EllemReply

    I love that it lasts for so long! With twins it get expensive, so finding an item that can grow with them is such a good investment.

  201. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    This is more than just a high chair, it’s a stylish piece of furniture, and as my niece has just discovered identical twins are on the way , double stylish for these long anticipated cherubs sounds perfect.

  202. Avatar of Julie Taylor
    Julie TaylorReply

    This would be perfect for when the grandbabies visit! Wish they had been around when my kids were little!

  203. Avatar of Sarorn Ferreira
    Sarorn FerreiraReply

    Love that it is so stylish and versatile, with the feature of growing with your baby and once they have grown out of it, it’s such a gorgeous heirloom to pass on down to the next generations.

  204. Avatar of Jenny Ward

    Love the stylish design of this chair and add the versatility and practicality, you have the perfect high chair!

  205. Avatar of vivianadib

    I love the style and unique design, it will be a pleasure for baby and I to own one.

  206. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    I love the many features:

    On the chair our baby can rock,
    around the clock.
    On the chair our baby can eat,
    on a comfortable seat.
    On the chair our baby can sit,
    till she see’s fit.

  207. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee IzzardReply

    ICandy MiChair has it all, the overall design ticks every box! MiChair is practical from birth to 6 + years. My chair provides movement by rocking which for our son with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD would make meal times much more manageable given that he would still be safe in his seat that would allow him to be apart of our family dinners at the dining table with the height of MiChair without the risk of hurting himself falling backwards. MiChair was design to become much more than a place to eat! It’s a place to play, read and engage with family. I love that MiChair would be perfect for homework on years to come! It’s stylish design makes it a modern extra that I would want on display in our home.
    Most practical inovatiated piece of furniture baby ware I have ever seen

  208. Avatar of Rebecca Smit
    Rebecca SmitReply

    I love how you only need 1 piece of furniture for baby that has more than 1 purpose, bouncer, chair, rocker and it’s super hygienic! Love that there’s no places for food to hide.

  209. Avatar of Krystal Gray
    Krystal GrayReply

    There are so many things to love about this chair. I love the versatility of it and the pod that can be used from birth. I love that it’s easy to clean and safe for use in the dishwasher, I love the colourways, as the grey would go perfectly with all of my furniture. I also love that it’s a safe and trusted brand. I already have a high chair for my 9 month old but it’s proven to be very difficult to use! I could see my baby using this highchair as we share mealtimes and I could also see my future babies enjoying it too!

  210. Avatar of Angela Vearing
    Angela VearingReply

    This iCandy highchair ticks all the boxes.
    Stylish, functional and versatile.
    It allows the childrens needs to be met as well as enabling the highchair to be part of the everyday furniture, especially given the option to choose your colour.
    I am a huge fan of buying childrens items that will last well past the baby stage. This iCandy chair is certainly one of those products, and one that I know my baby would love as well as her older brothers once she isn’t using it.

  211. Avatar of Tanya

    I love the versatility of a chair that lasts up to 6 years!! The fact that it is easy to clean is an extra bonus!

  212. Avatar of Patricia Payne
    Patricia PayneReply

    I love that it’s stylish and doesn’t look like a high chair

  213. Avatar of Wendy Russell
    Wendy RussellReply

    iCandy MiChair looks incredibly neat.
    The perfect place for my child to eat.
    It’s innovative, functional, adaptable and fun.
    Pleasurable mealtimes, love to win one!!!

  214. Avatar of Kristy Smith
    Kristy SmithReply

    It Very stylish will not stand out as a high chair!

  215. Avatar of Christine

    I love the look of this chair, its 100% my style and will look amazing in my home. I also love the versatility and that its lasts until your child is 6 years. My baby is 2 months old and we havent got a hugh chair yet so it would be amazing to win this for him and his future siblings.

  216. Avatar of Shenae ould
    Shenae ouldReply

    This iCandy highchair ticks all the boxes.
    Stylish, functional and versatile.
    It allows the childrens needs to be met as well as enabling the highchair to be part of the everyday furniture, especially given the option to choose your colour. I also love the fact that it grows with your child so given it will last them over six years. And turning it into a rocker just makes a perfect addition.

  217. Avatar of Alma Lucia Leyland
    Alma Lucia LeylandReply

    I love the versatility of the chair. I live in a very small house so items that grownwith my baby are a prioriry as I don’t want to be replacing bits and pieces every couple of months. This chair would definitely match my baby’s cot and tue rest of the house furniture.

  218. Avatar of ash wood

    This high chair is very versatile and would look great in any home!

  219. Avatar of Jennifer Troy
    Jennifer TroyReply

    I think I’m in love with the MiChair. With 2 boys 15 months apart I want one. It would make my life so much easier if I could have the 3 month old in the rocker at the same level as the 18 month old when he is eating. Plus the style, the versatility and the fact that it would be easy to clean (definitely a winning feature!) make this chair go to the top of my wishlist.

  220. Avatar of Milly Starkey
    Milly StarkeyReply

    I love baby items that grow with the child. Even more so when it looks great too!

  221. Avatar of Sam Allen-Stephens
    Sam Allen-StephensReply

    The style/design of the MiChair appeals to me as it’s sleek, modern and would fit in perfectly at my house. I also love how it is super safe and can be used for many years to come as it’s so versatile!

  222. Avatar of michelle

    Wowee! This looks so versatile. I love convertible baby items that can last right from newborn through to older child! And a bonus, it looks so stylish all the way along!

  223. Avatar of Helen Nolan
    Helen NolanReply

    A multi use highchair sure is handy,
    And there is no better brand than iCandy
    I love the simplicity, the ergonomic design
    The hard-wearing surfaces and overall clean lines
    With a bub on the way I will need a highchair
    It would be a dream for us to win this MiChair!

  224. Avatar of Tegan Moore
    Tegan MooreReply

    It will get so much more use as it changes with the child’s age.

  225. Avatar of Kayla

    Love how this high chair is more then just a high chair. So handy for my growing baby girl and little neice when we have sleep overs

  226. Avatar of Tracy

    I love it’s versatility. Nothing like having a high chair that’s not just a high chair! Plus it’s so much more attractive than you every day, hard to clean, stock standard product

  227. Avatar of Channy

    I’d love to win this for my daughter. We’ve been looking for a high chair lately too!

  228. Avatar of Joanne Ravensdale
    Joanne RavensdaleReply

    It looks amazing how it goes from 0 to at least 3 or 4 years. Wpuld be money well spent and simple to clean also

  229. Avatar of lexi

    So good to see a highchair that’s not covered in a typical pictures like ducks or teddy bears. love it!

  230. Avatar of Katie Burton
    Katie BurtonReply

    I love how easy to clean it is! No crevices for food to get trapped in, so hygienic. Not to mention that it’s stunning to look at and would blend right in to any home gorgeously.

  231. Avatar of Kerry-Anne Hinds
    Kerry-Anne HindsReply

    My favourite part would have to be the same as your favourite part which is the fact that the iCandy MiChair is designed so there’s no crevices or places for dirt or food to be trapped. It truly is exactly what I dream of in a highchair. Our current highchair has so many crevices where food falls into. I have to tip it upside and shake the food out most of the time. And there have been a couple of times where I’ve had to get the hose on it. (Good thing it’s all plastic)

  232. Avatar of Sam

    Love how easy it looks to clean and simple in design. Love the rocking feature!!

  233. Avatar of Lily

    The design, oh the design! My inner Eames is fist pumping the air.

  234. Avatar of Kirstina Walters
    Kirstina WaltersReply

    I love how it grows with your child and its not a cheap plastic looking chair its
    something that can be a part of the furniture

  235. Avatar of Mary Iliadis
    Mary IliadisReply

    This has to be the most versatile, beautiful, safe high chair I have ever seen, what a great give away.

  236. Avatar of Michelle Gray
    Michelle GrayReply

    So when I have pureed pumpkin splatted on my forehead and spaghetti hanging from my hair, at least my house will look stylish with a iCandy MiChair.

  237. Avatar of Lauren Rofe
    Lauren RofeReply

    I’ve had child number one and I can already see that our highchair will not last for child numbers two, three… and who knows how many more 😉 I love that this highchair is made to be an heirloom- nothing is made like that anymore!

  238. Avatar of Amanda Tudosa
    Amanda TudosaReply

    It turns into a rocking chair! That has to be the best part! I e never see a chair that does this!

  239. Avatar of Krissy Butler
    Krissy ButlerReply

    I love how it is so stylish and won’t look out of place at the dining table.

  240. Avatar of Sandra Duchenne
    Sandra DuchenneReply

    I love the unique design and very cool rocking chair feature.

  241. Avatar of Prue Milgate
    Prue MilgateReply

    I love the contours and how the design means this chair won’t date easily and I can pass it onto my children.

  242. Avatar of Kirsty Patton
    Kirsty PattonReply

    I love the rocking chair feature! Very stylish and unique

  243. Avatar of Jaala Buckmaster
    Jaala BuckmasterReply

    I love that this can grow with your child instead of one age and size only like a lot of other products

  244. Avatar of Tamara Juliet
    Tamara JulietReply

    I love how this adapts with the child, from seating and feeding, to relaxing in a rocker. Absolutely love this high chair!

  245. Avatar of Brittany

    I love the look of it and my favourite part about this high chair is how easy it is to clean and there’s no little crevices or hard to get spots for for food or dirt to get trapped, I’m always spending ages cleaning my little ones highchair because she’s such a messy eater. I also love how versatile it is and can be used from birth which is great since I’ve just had another baby recently.

  246. Avatar of Erika Alejandrino Balasa
    Erika Alejandrino BalasaReply

    I love the design of this chair.. great that it grows as your child grows too..

  247. Avatar of Grayce Belista
    Grayce BelistaReply

    I love how it changes with the child! Definitely a seat that will grow with our little prince!

  248. Avatar of Jasmine Browning
    Jasmine BrowningReply

    We have been looking for a while now to upgrade. I have found these to be by far the best value for money.
    You get more glam for your buck with this michair.
    The timber and white finish is very stylish. The fact it pulls apart to be versitle from baby to toddler is fantastic it means no more buying extra bulky items that we don’t have the space for.

  249. Avatar of Tracey Morris
    Tracey MorrisReply

    I love the design, my house has quite a lot of wooden decor so would love to keep that going! And even better, it grows with your child & even turns into a rocker, amazing!

  250. Avatar of Emma Bell

    I like its sleek modern appearance, however in saying this it is designed to suit whatever decor you already have in your home.

  251. Avatar of Jade

    What a epic looking chair. I love that it will grow with your child, easy to clean and they can rock on after a feed.

  252. Avatar of Smilie2601

    We have a beautiful severely-autistic boy,
    Unresponsive to the latest toys!
    The comfort of home he thrives,
    Familiar items his jubilant character comes alive!
    ICandy would be all we need,
    From rocking, playtime and his feed.
    The kitchen to the nursery we can effortlessly transport,
    His need for familiarity Icandy seamlessly does support.
    We have double of EVERYTHING to eliminate the fright,
    The versatility will take this family to enchanting heights!

  253. Avatar of Samira

    I am in Love with the chair. It is one that can be used as my baby grows. Worth every dollar. But would prefer to win it as I am a mother of 4. Every dollar counts.
    So, I never enter comps. But this is definitely worth a try!

  254. Avatar of Emily Mclaughlan
    Emily MclaughlanReply

    i love that it is safe but also stylish best of both worlds 🙂

  255. Avatar of Hayley

    I love the Fact that I can use this for all 3 of my babes ages 5, 2 & 1 little babe on the way.
    It’s extremely versatile and such a gorgeous design.

  256. Avatar of Chrissy07

    Amazing chair. So well-designed, so versatile too. I just adore it. Wish I was as clever a designer. So perfect.

  257. Avatar of Charlotte

    I love that its like a transformer. Its so versatile and looks beautiful

  258. Avatar of Karen Smart
    Karen SmartReply

    It’s the new transformer! It’s beautiful, versatile and grows with your bub! It also looks amazingly easy to clean!

  259. Avatar of Stevee-Lee Anderson
    Stevee-Lee AndersonReply

    The versatility is amazing! From newborn to child! Speechless!

  260. Avatar of Mary tan

    I like the sleek, modern design. And the wood gave the soft touch.

  261. Avatar of Nikki

    I like the versatility and it doesn’t look like your normal highchair, its stylish but still practical.

  262. Avatar of daniela barbaro
    daniela barbaroReply

    It’s quite fascinating and very sturdy and safe

  263. Avatar of Nolie Petersen
    Nolie PetersenReply

    Wow I know a certain little fellow who would love this 🙂

  264. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    The adaptability of it,
    Makes it a non-landfill hit!
    Growing with their age,
    Not buying new items at each stage!

  265. Avatar of Janine Gardiner
    Janine GardinerReply

    “nowhere for food to hide”, my eyeballs have popped and I’ve started to smile,
    brilliant, a baby item that doesn’t require extreme cleaning, coz I’ve got better things to do, like play with my baby.

  266. Avatar of Elizabeth Davey
    Elizabeth DaveyReply

    I love that there is no hidden pockets or places that food can hidden for either eating later or hiding from mummy

  267. Avatar of sarah crowe
    sarah croweReply

    I love that even when there’s no longer a need to feed in the chair, it can still be used in a fun and stylish way. What a practical and adorable addition to a childs space.

  268. Avatar of lennicecummings

    Initially I loved that it fit in to my décor perfectly, but as I read on I fell head over heels at the versatility. The fact that’s its a high chair and a rocker. The different bases. This really is unlike any other highchair. Love love love it

  269. Avatar of Amy June Hartfield
    Amy June HartfieldReply

    Love how the Michair converts into a rocker and the colours available are beautiful

  270. Avatar of Shannon Discombe
    Shannon DiscombeReply

    They are so versatile would be life changing and make life with bubs so easy and they look great too

  271. Avatar of Kourtney Sjaardema
    Kourtney SjaardemaReply

    The functionality of this chair is unbelievable. When you’re living in a smaller unit, a chair like this could be an absolute lifesaver. Our son’s stuff takes up most of our space, and it would be a dream to eliminate some of it and be able to move around again.

  272. Avatar of R clark

    I love that there is a high chair on offer that blends in with your existing decor that looks modern! Seamlessly functionable ans fashionable- yessss!

  273. Avatar of Sarah-Jane Riddell
    Sarah-Jane RiddellReply

    This chair is so practical and so stylish, it would look great in our home. I love how universal it is and how it will grow with my daughter.

  274. Avatar of Rosy Johnson
    Rosy JohnsonReply

    I love the fact that the Michair grows with your baby!! Such an amazing chair to go through from baby to childhood!

  275. Avatar of Dawn

    Practical and stylish. Hard to find but the icandy chair does it! Love to win this.

  276. Avatar of Karis

    This looks awesome and stylish and it grows along with baby. It also looks sturdy and safe which is the most important thing.

  277. Avatar of Belinda Bee
    Belinda BeeReply

    I love the unique design! wow, a transforming highchair, what a stunner! <3 it would blend nicely your home decor when not in use. love it.

  278. Avatar of Samantha New
    Samantha NewReply

    The versatility is wonderful and is looks amazing but what i like the most is that the children will like and enjoy using the chair as they grow.

  279. Avatar of Rhiannon Gardner
    Rhiannon GardnerReply

    This highchair is so stylish. It would defiantly match any home decor!

  280. Avatar of Jordan Robinson
    Jordan RobinsonReply

    This high chair would be perfect for my little man and second little guy when he arrives in 2 weeks. I love the fact that it converts from a rocking chair to a high chair!

  281. Avatar of Ross Powell
    Ross PowellReply

    beautiful looking chair, ideal for my beautiful looking granddaughter,first grandchild ,can just see her getting the most out of the chair and her meals,

  282. Avatar of Aleisha

    I have to say this is the best thing I’ve seen since sliced bread!
    They’ve taken every possible necessity and turned it into this GORGEOUS multi-functional, safe piece. I am quite literally shocked at how perfect it is – and disappointed that I didn’t come up with the idea!

  283. Avatar of Felicity Turner
    Felicity TurnerReply

    What an amazing idea. This is a must have. Absolutely love it.

  284. Avatar of Jac

    I love that the iCandy MiChair Highchair and Rocker is a beautiful piece of furniture as well as being amazing versatile and practical.

  285. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    MiChair is so stylish, I would be the first person I know to own something like this, nice to be out in front sometimes, it would be “guess who’s mum has a MiChair” me.

  286. Avatar of Sheree Pallis
    Sheree PallisReply

    The most creative design I’ve ever seen,
    This iCandy MiChair looks amazing in green,
    Not is it stylish, its so versatile and fun,
    Such a modern chair that’ll grow with my little one

  287. Avatar of kori

    It looks so cute and Im sure the kids wold love sitting in there rocking away.

  288. Avatar of Brenda Cormack
    Brenda CormackReply

    I Love the unique styling of the iCandy MiChair with the fact you can use it till 6 you can take with you to outings, also the fact there are no gaps for food to be trapped in therefore always a clean healthy chair for our children

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