Jewel Changi Airport Transforms into Frozen Wonderland

A white Christmas that involves Anna, Elsa, and Olaf – and one that doesn’t involve travelling to Erinsborough or beyond to enjoy? It’s possible at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport.

You’re just a hop, skip and an eight-hour flight away from experiencing a truly magical, white Christmas as Changi Airport becomes a Frozen Wonderland.  If you’re planning to visit relatives in Europe or beyond, and you’re flying through Changi – this incredible installation will allow the kids to stretch their legs and their imagination.

That’s right mums – you can get the white Christmas experience without freezing your baubles off. It’s a win-win!

The world’s best airport just got better 

Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport has already been crowned the World’s Best Airport.  Inside you will find a butterfly garden, a giant slide, a pool, a sunflower garden and a movie theatre. But the crown jewel of Singapore Changi is Jewel. This 10-storey indoor garden, which opened in June this year, features a 40-metre-high “Rain Vortex” the world’s largest indoor waterfall, a forest of 2000 trees and top-notch dining and retail outlets.

And for a limited time, it’s all going Frozen. Yes, this Christmas, all of Changi Airport’s terminals will be transformed into Elsa and Anna’s Frozen Christmas wonderland. This festive addition is sure to jingle your bells and delight little travellers. It’s inspired by the magic of Frozen 2 (in cinemas 28 November) which means you can guarantee your Anna-and Elsa-loving kids are going to be ALL for it.

Different terminals will have different experiences. You can visit one if you are in a rush, or take your time and visit them all. Jewel Changi airport has incredibly easy and fast connections between each of the terminals.

Changi Airport
Treats and sweets galore at Jewel Changi Airport. Photo: Supplied

What can you see?

Take a stroll through the snowfall at the Forest Valley, enjoy an exclusive festive rendition of the Rain Vortex light and sound show, or create your very own handcrafted gifts for loved ones at a festive market. And that’s just the beginning…

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Meet Anna, Elsa, and Olaf

They will be hanging out at Terminal 3, ready to surprise your kids. Check the website for exact times and dates.

mum central
They’re BAAACCK! Photo: Supplied

Take in the Frozen 2 Light Show

Be dazzled by Disney’s Frozen 2-themed light show set against impressive backdrops and inspired by scenes from the movie. The magic happens at Terminal 3 and the show is free.

Talk a stroll in the Enchanted Forest

Over at T3 Departure Hall, opposite Check-in Row 11, you can brave the wintery weather in the Enchanted Forest. Packed with an adventure across four different zones designed around the four elements of nature (earth, wind, fire, and water), this unique attraction is sure to surprise and delight. Check the website for more info.

Changi Airport Enchanted Forest
The Enchanted Forest is bursting with colourful fun, Photo: Supplied

Snap a selfie with the massive Christmas tree

It’s a whopper at 16-meters tall and decked with all the bells and whistles. The Christmas Tree is over at Terminal 1 and located in the majestic Forest Valley. There are heaps of different activities and events happening throughout the day so check the website to see what’s on.

There is also a massive Olaf waiting for you at Terminal 2.

mum central
I like big trees and I cannot lie and this one tops them all. Photo: Supplied

Watch the snowfall at Canopy Park and Forest Valley

The highlight of Frozen Wonderland has to be the daily snowfall where you can go walkin’ in a winter wonderland. Let the kids play in the snow and experience the magic of a white Christmas.

Canopy Park is absolutely beautiful with picturesque gardens and a massive waterfall. You won’t even feel like you’re in an airport. You’ll feel like you’re wandering through a painting! It’s incredible, really – almost surreal! And when it’s all covered in snow – MAGIC!

Jewel Changi Airport snow
Walkin’ in a winter wonderland, and in T-shirts no less! Photo: Supplied

Catch the Rain Vortex

As night falls, the Rain Vortex – the world’s tallest indoor waterfall – takes on a life of its own with a spectacular and exclusive Christmas light and sound show. This is an attraction not to be missed!

Jewel Changi Airport
Light the night with a Frozen-inspired light show. Photo: Supplied

Jewel Changi Airport will also have market stalls, crafting zones, gift-making areas and heaps of Christmas-themed treats to taste.

It’s all happening now until 5 January 2020. If you are planning a trip to Singapore these holidays, or if you’re still looking at last-minute escape destinations, make sure check out the Singapore flight deals and add these Jewel Singapore Changi Airport attractions to your to-do list.

Trust us, your kids will absolutely love them. After all, what’s better than a white Christmas? One that includes Olaf, of course.

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