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Life’s a Beach with this Breezy Beach Shack Wooden Cubby House

Break out the sunscreen and outdoor toys … the sunny days and warm nights are nearly here!

That’s right, mummas. Summer is coming … whether we’re ready for it or not.

Even if you’re still rocking the winter bod, you can get into the spirit of summer without even stepping foot on the beach with this sea-rific prize for the kiddies.

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Thanks to our partners at Kidzshack we have an adorable Beach Shack cubby house to give away.

Valued at $1,190, this little gem is glistening with great features. If you’ve been contemplating a cubby house for Christmas, here’s your chance to surprise your sea-lovers and bring the beach to you, no matter what the season.

Bright, bold and bursting with space, this cute cubby house is sure to set their imaginations free. Set sail for the high seas, navigate through rocky waters, slide into the tranquil waves or simply enjoy a bit of downtime inside. There’s so much fun to be had … and you don’t even have to leave the backyard!

win a wooden cubby house - kidzshack beach shack cubby house

An ocean of imaginative fun 

The Beach Shack is Kidzshack’s most popular cubby house and rightfully so. It’s got everything you want in a cubby house – a funky slide, an accessible ladder, an elevated balcony and a cosy space to call their own.

Made out of only the best premium timber Canadian Hemlock and/or Fir Wood, the Beach Shack is steam treated to prevent rotting, fungal decay and insect attacks. It comes pre-painted using non-toxic paint and is super easy to put together too. It will only take you a couple of hours, if you and your partner do it together, and have a power drill handy.

kidzshack wooden cubby house with slide

The Beach Shack comes with a 12 month warranty, safety rails, pre-made panels and pre-drilled holes. You can also get the Steering Wheel, Phone and Binoculars added to the package for an extra $65.

Bring the beach home (minus the sand in your swimmers) with this great offer from Kidzshack. Order the Beach Shack online for $1,190 (plus delivery to your door or depot collection).
Or browse through their range of additional cubbies, starting at just $399. There’s heaps of options to choose from, including elevated and ground level cubbies in a range of sizes and styles. 
Plus, there’s lay-by for Christmas and interest-free finance available. #winning!

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Hack your shack!

Inside there is plenty of space to create a special area for the kids. Add some tables and chairs, a storage box of craft materials, a few shelves to hold their favourite trinkets and a pretend play kitchen set to ensure they don’t get hungry on the water.

kidzshack wooden cubby house interior

Out of all the outdoor play toys I bought my two kids, their cubby house was by far the best investment. I cannot count the hours they’ve spent playing in it. Together. And with minimal fights. It’s so nice to know they are enjoying the outdoors, playing safely in the backyard while I can prep dinner or simply chill out with a bevy.

Get your Kidzshack beach shack wooden cubby house now or enter to win one below. 

mum central

Kidzshack beach shack cubby house win


One lucky Mum Central family will enjoy their very own beach shack with this awesome prize!

Prize includes the Beach Shack Wooden Cubby House, pre-painted and delivered to your door (that’s right – free postage for the winner) valued at $1,190.

Simply fill out the form below and share some “love” to their Facebook page to be in the running to win. 

Win a Beach Shack Wooden Cubby House, valued at $1,190!

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Kahlia B

    How bloody adorable! My boys would have a field day playing in one of these

  2. Avatar of Tina

    this looks absolutely fabulous! Love the bright colours and the idea of a happy safe place for our little miss to grow!

  3. Avatar of Luci

    We have a metaphorical ‘treehouse’ at our place. A safe place the kids go when they are feeling like you need some ‘alone time.’ How amazing would it be to actually have one in our backyard!!

  4. Avatar of Colette Miels
    Colette Miels Reply

    My son just discovered the joy of a treehouse/cubby house at a farm stay property where we just went camping, we definitely need a cubby now!!

  5. Avatar of Lucia Goldfinch
    Lucia Goldfinch Reply

    What a gorgeous cubby house any child would love to own this

  6. Avatar of Lisa

    My children would love this. Being a single parent i could never provide them with such an awesume cubby like this. This is what dreams are made of

  7. Avatar of Kristen

    My daughter is obsessed with the cubby at daycare, she would be so excited to have her own little cubby to play in!

  8. Avatar of JOHANNE

    What an amazing cubby. Perfect for Christmas and hey this would certainly get them off their computers, tablet, phone etc…………. Brilliant

  9. Avatar of Bronwyn Jackson
    Bronwyn Jackson Reply

    I look after my 6 grandies 5 days a week this would be great for the littlest one’s has I have three under three

  10. Avatar of Kate

    Perfect for our yard, we are not exactly coastal, but the cubby would make us feel. That way

  11. Avatar of Fiona

    Wow how amazing would this be for the lucky winner & their family. My 2 children would love this & so would all of their friends & family that could also play in it. It’s nothing like our beach shack, better! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Avatar of Cathy

    I need a break and I think this would guarantee me one. I also think I would s ore massive mum points.

  13. Avatar of Bronnie

    I would absolutely love to see my grandaughters having this beautiful place to call their own.

  14. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    A daily retreat for the kids. Their imagjnations could run wild.

  15. Avatar of Tara

    This would be awesome to get the kids out and about in the garden.

  16. Avatar of Chon

    Hours of entertainment & hours away from screen time in one amazing wooden house – oh the imagination!!!

  17. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia Comer Reply

    Moving from our 2 bedroom unit with 14 x 5 meter yard to 7 acres in January will be awesome. Something in the yard for the kids would be even better, although having trees and loads of room will be a fantastic change. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a wooden cubby house, but I sure know the kids would be awe struck and enthusiastic enough to know just what to do.

  18. Avatar of Kelly Baldock
    Kelly Baldock Reply

    My almost 3 year old would love this he is such an outdoors kid, it would be perfect for him, he has such a great imagination and it would big good as his older brother and sister are both at school so he doesn’t have anyone to play with but this I can see him spending hours in it even by himself.

  19. Avatar of Karen Zlatkovic
    Karen Zlatkovic Reply

    l would be the best Nanna ever if l won this. What an absolutely awesome cubby.

  20. Avatar of MARA TAYLOR

    My 4 year old little girl would love this as she always kicks and screams when we have to go home – “Mummy I just want to play for another 5 minutes” but believe me her 5 minutes is more than another 5 hours later.

  21. Avatar of Elizabeth

    My kids would love this, anything to get them out in the sun and fresh air.

  22. Avatar of Wendy Elsworthy

    With a Brithday close to Christmas I would love to win this for my Granddaughter she absolutely loves being outside and her imagination could run wild with so much fun she could have thanks Kidsshack for giving us the opportunity to win something like this it’s amazing

  23. Avatar of Natalie

    My daughter would love this as she loves outdorrs and we are currently re doing our backyard so this would be a delightful surprise for Christmas.

  24. Avatar of Laura George
    Laura George Reply

    My son would love this. We are moving into a new house soon and be perfect to win.

  25. Avatar of Aileen Andersen
    Aileen Andersen Reply

    My grandchildren would love to play in this beautiful cubby house.

  26. Avatar of Tamyka

    My kids would love this
    Replacement for lost trampoline & other stuff from tornado that hit us here

  27. Avatar of Nicolette

    My kids would love this. I can just imagine the games my daughter would play with the cats and dogs in there.

  28. Avatar of Nanna

    What a wonderful surprise for my grandkids to come to nanna’s house and see the cubby in the back yard❤️❤️ They would all have a ball . (3 ,2 and 6 months old ) my angles

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