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Water, water everywhere. At the beach, at the creek, in the backyard, even in the bath. We can’t escape it, and, in this crazy summer heat, why would we want to?

Many parents are wary of water, and rightfully so. Every year we hear the tragic news that another toddler has drowned in the backyard pool, dam or river and it breaks our hearts. These sad stories are a reminder that water, although blissfully refreshing, is alluring to children, and can be deadly without adequate supervision and water safety.

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Ocean, pool, creek or bath – swimming lessons prepare kids for ALL water play. Photo: Supplied

Swimming lessons are vital to ensure both you and your children are confident around water as we prepare for another hot, hot summer.

Kids of all ages need supervision when around water. Swimming lessons gives them the best chance to stay safe, water aware and confident, whether splashing in the bath or surfing the waves at the beach.

Kingswim has swimming lessons for babies from 12 weeks through to adults in NSW, Victoria, the ACT and Queensland. Their dedicated teachers can get your children into the water and teach them how to stay safe, how to use the correct swimming strokes and how to have fun at the same time.

15 Cool Reasons to Jump into Lessons

If you don’t already do swimming lessons, then allow me to share some of the reasons why we (my one-year-old daughter and I) swim.

1. Gives us confidence to emerge, swim and have fun with our kids 

Honestly, before swimming lessons with my baby, I had NO idea how to actually swim with her. Do I just dunk her in (NO!)? What if she swallows water? How do I know she’s holding her breath. Through lessons, I was taught how to submerge her, how to look for her cues, how to hold her and how to actually have fun with her in the water without worrying.

Kingswim swimming lessons for summer
One of the preferred swim holds. Photo: Supplied

2. Teaches water awareness and safety 

Swimming lessons also teach water awareness, the basics in safety and, more importantly, how to PREVENT any incident from happening.

3. Makes ALL water activities more relaxing

A lot of the skills kids learn in swimming lessons can be used during bath time or backyard water play too.

4. Ensures a great summer holiday

Summer is all about water. Creeks, pools, oceans, lakes. Knowing your kids are water-ready means you’ll be able to relax when you are exploring the many waterways around us. Supervision is vital, yes, but it’s possible to supervise without feeling on edge the whole time.

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Summer beach days are so much better when you’re confident in the water. Photo: Supplied

5. Tires them out

Swim hard, nap harder. Of course, this isn’t always the case with older kids, but, it’s definitely a bonus for mums with napping tots.

6. Fun for both of you

It’s a chance to get out of the house, chat to the other mums in class, go for a coffee after and for our kids to splash around together.

7. Great for kids’ social skills too

Most classes have three to six children per teacher so your little one gets to swim alongside other kids their same age.

Kingswim swimming lessons for preschoolers
Water play is more fun with friends. Photo: Supplied

8. Keeps them active

That’s another cool thing about swimming lessons – they aren’t seasonal so it’s year-round fitness and fun!

9. Develops self-awareness

My daughter’s playful personality really comes out when she’s wriggling around in the water. She’s full of confidence and excitement when she kicks her legs and actually goes somewhere. This self-awareness continues as kids advance to the toddler and preschooler age.

10. So many swim snuggles!

And so many laughs too! It’s such a fun bonding experience for us and the other mums I’ve spoken to about swimming lessons agree with me on this one.

Mother and baby swimming Kingswim
Swim snuggles are the BEST snuggles! Photo: Supplied

11. Pride for them (and for us)

As kids progress, they get little certificates to show their achievement, which is always exciting for kids. Plus, it’s a pretty special moment for us parents too, watching our little ones confidently dive into the water and swim into our arms Happy hugs all around!

12. Improves coordination and balance

Paddling, kicking, treading water, making froggy legs, attempting to do the butterfly without looking like a drowning cat – all take some serious coordination, balance and strength.

Kingswim benefits to swimming lessons
Ready to dive in! Photo: Supplied

13. Cools us off

A dip in a refreshing pool on a hot day to get rid of that sticky summer sweat? Yes, please!

14. Stops the water tantrums

A toddler sees water and WANTS IN NOW. Swimming lessons can teach kids about water awareness so they know the protocol around a pool. Yes, they get to play, but not until mummy is ready.

15. Sets them up for all water-related activities

If you can’t swim, you can’t surf, kayak, snorkel, water ski or even float around in a pool without feeling slightly apprehensive. Being able to swim is crucial to a safe and fun summer with kids and swimming lessons are their first port of call to ALL of these water activities and so much more!

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Splash, surf, snorkel – it all starts with swimming. Photo: Supplied

Swimming is something every child should know

Up to 50 per cent of 11 and 12-year-old kids can’t swim 50 meters. This is a pretty scary statistic considering how much time we spend around water. All kids SHOULD be able to swim 50 meters by the time they are 12 – this shouldn’t be negotiable. Swimming lessons are as important, if not more important, than some of the subjects we learn in school. I’m looking at you calculus.

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Learning to swim is easy with lessons. Photo: Supplied

Get started with swimming lessons at Kingswim

Kingswim are the experts at teaching kids to swim. In fact, they’ve taught more than 17 million swim lessons to Aussie kids over the last 30 years. Their Baby Play classes and Parent & Child classes are designed for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and are the perfect way to introduce them to the water.

Getting children familiar with water early means they’re more confident, comfortable and come holiday time, there’ll be no poolside tantrums!

Not sure if your little one will love swimming lessons? No worries. Kingswim offers a FREE introductory trial. Plus, enrol now and you will receive a FREE towel or swim bag!*

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