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Family Tech Done Right: Win Phones & Smartwatches in our Konec Mobile Giveaway!

Are you considering an upgrade for your gadgets or thinking of getting the youngsters their inaugural watch or phone? We’re thrilled to present to you a fresh face in the connectivity realm – Konec Mobile.

Konec Mobile offers all the essentials to keep your loved ones in touch, from prepaid phone plans to wearables and handsets. Starting prices? Just $25 per 30 days for prepaid plans and an impressive $199 for prepaid plans and phone bundles (i.e., a new network-locked phone with a prepaid plan). Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Not only do Konec ensure top-notch value, coverage and quality, but we also have a Konec Mobile Bundles perfect for families up for grabs! Dive into the latest in connectivity with Konec Mobile and understand why it’s becoming the go-to choice for numerous families.

Quality phones and affordable plans – Konec has you covered. Source: Supplied

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Keep scrolling to learn more about Konec Mobile and put your name down to WIN a Konec Mobile Bundle, perfect for your family. Our winner can choose from either 2 x prepaid phone bundles, 2 x prepaid smart watch bundles or one of each! That’s two devices for your family.

Gift the kids with a phone or watch each, or keep a phone for yourself – it’s entirely up to our winners! But before you enter, take a look at what Konec Mobile has to offer, how they work and why we’re absolutely LOVING this new phone plan service, perfect for families.

Win 2 phones, 2 smart watches or 1 of each. Source: Supplied

Konec without the confusion

It’s easy to become a little overwhelmed when shopping for phone plans, especially if you’re after something affordable. The high-end phones can set you back $1,500 and when you’re shopping for kids, this can seem a bit excessive.

Yes, a good quality phone is important for children but you also want something that is durable and affordable, especially when your kids are younger and may need a lesson or two in responsibility and proper phone care. Wearable devices are also a huge hit for families these days, but again, you’ve got a ton of choices that can lead to confusion.

This is why we love Konec Mobile – it eliminates all confusion. You get exactly what you’re after – a good quality phone or watch, on a great network and affordable prepaid plans that suit growing families.

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular with parents of young kids. Source: Supplied

You may not have heard of Konec Mobile before so here are five quick facts about them: 

1. SOPHISTICATED NETWORK COVERAGE: Konec Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator and uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, a trusted Australian network. The Telstra Wholesale Mobile network coverage area reaches more than 98.8% of the Aussie population – you get great coverage on a great network.

2. NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS: All Konec Mobile plans are prepaid with no lock-in contracts. You can choose from 2 x 30-day plans with either 22GB or 42GB of data a 90-day plan with 50GB of data or, if you want to set and forget, a 365-day plan with a huge 259GB of data.

3. YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP: Konec takes care of all your connection needs. Konec Mobile offers device bundles where you can get a phone network locked to Konec  plus the prepaid plan in one. And not only phones but prepaid wearable bundles too.

4. CONNECTED FOR UNDER $200: This includes both a 30-day prepaid SIM plan as well as an OPPO phone (more on these plans later). There are plenty of phones and wearables to choose from too with varying prepaid plans and prices, starting at $199 and up to $429 for a latest generation kids’ smartwatch with a 365-day plan. You can also buy your 30-day plans for just $25 a month – this is one of the cheapest 30-day plans we’ve come across.

5. KONEC MOBILE IS DESIGNED FOR FAMILIES: For kids. For tweens and teens. For parents. Their phone plans, prepaid phone plans and smartwatches are priced incredibly competitively to ensure families have the option of keeping connected, even when the cost of living is up.

Many of us put off upgrading our phones or considering new devices for the kids because we simply don’t have the budget for it. Konec Mobile makes it possible to get connected but also upgrade without the added costs as the kids grow and their needs change. Konec Mobile is here for every chapter ahead. Whether it’s your child’s first phone, an upgrade or a changing need, they are here to help you “Konec” to what’s next.

The perfect pairing for your kids. Source: Supplied

Konec to what’s next 

What we also love about Konec is that it’s designed for all families in all stages of life. Konec plans are designed for every chapter ahead.

Smartwatches, for example, are ideal for younger primary school kids and bring peace of mind anytime. Many schools don’t allow phones so having a smartwatch is a great way to stay connected but also give your kiddies a taste of independence and responsibility.

A smartwatch is a great way to keep in contact with your younger children while at school. Source: Supplied

Phones are ideal for tweens and teens, not only to stay connected to you but to also keep in touch with their friends. It’s up to you if you want to allow them social media or not, but with Konec Mobile, their plans have enough data for games, photos and watching TikTok videos (if you give them the go-ahead).

For families, you can’t go past the quality and peace of mind that comes with Konec Mobile. It’s honestly the best choice for families who want to stay connected to their kids but don’t want to pay a fortune to do so.

What does a Konec Mobile bundle look like? 

You’ve got a few choices under Konec. If you already have a phone, you can get prepaid 30-day SIM plans starting at just $25. A whole-year plan will cost you $259 and this includes 259 GB of data, which is PLENTY!

For phone bundles

If you’re after a SIM plan and a phone, then the Konec OPPO A78 5G Bundle is our top pick. My kids both have OPPO phones and they love them. OPPO devices are great quality phones for a great price point.

The OPPO A78 5G Phone is network locked to Konec and comes with super speedy charging – we’re talking less than 30 minutes to charge 50% and a high-quality camera that takes beautiful photos.

With the Konec OPPO Bundle, you also get a 30-day Konec $35 Everyday SIM included in the bundle to get you started. After the first 30 days, continue on the same $35/30 day prepaid plan, or pick another! All plans are no lock-in contract, so you can change plans as your plans change. Plus, you’ll be on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, a trusted Australian network.

You can also bank your unused data – you can save up to 500GB of unused data for a rainy day.  And if that’s not enough, you can also gift up to 50% of your plan data to another Konec Mobile customer – now that makes clever financial sense!!

If you already have a phone number, you can keep your number or, if you’re buying a phone for the first time, you will choose an available number when you activate it. They’ve made switching as simple as possible with easy activation online or in their Konec Mobile app. Available on Google Play or iOS App Store.

The Konec OPPO A78 5G phone is a great starter solution. Source: Supplied

For wearable smartwatch bundles

For a smartwatch, we love the Konec imoo Z1 Kids Smart Watch Bundle. It comes with a 365-day SIM with more than enough data to stay connected for a full year, using the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network.

There’s no app fee (like some other kids’ watch brands) or subscription fee and it comes with all the bells and whistles you want from a smartwatch. GPS. 2-way voice and 2-way video calling. Parental controls and it’s even water resistant so the kids can swim, shower and sweat without worrying about taking off their watch (and potentially losing it).

Plus, kids LOVE these smartwatches – they look great and are so much fun!

Kids love having their very own piece of cool tech. Source: Supplied

Stay connected with Konec for just $199!

There are a lot of perks to giving everyone in your household a phone or wearable. Kids adore having their own piece of tech but it’s also great for providing peace of mind when you’re away from one another. What we especially love about Konec Mobile is that the devices are so affordable and can be easily upgraded when your little one is ready for a new phone.  Konec Mobile is there for whatever comes ‘next’ in your life when it comes to connectivity/network. 

Grab one for yourself, your extended family, your kids – whoever! With bundled device and SIM plans starting at just $199, you won’t find a better-value phone plan for your family. Find out more about Konec Mobile and check out their plans at Konec Mobile. 

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Be sure to enter to WIN a Konec Mobile Bundle. Enter below:

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Win a Konec Mobile Plans perfect for your family. Choose from 2 phones, 2 smartwatches or 1 of each.

Our winner will both receive 2 devices plus a prepaid plan from Konec Mobile. The winner will be able to choose two:

  • Konec OPPO A78 5G Bundles, locked to Konec Mobile
  • Konec Z1 Kid’s Smart Watch Bundles
  • Or one of each

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you could be our winner! GOOD LUCK!

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