A Major Costco Expansion is Underway with Three New Stores in 2017

When Costco came to Australia the big-box retailer made a major impact. Not only did the chain become instantly popular with Australians, but it’s about to expand.

In 2016 Australian consumers spent $1.5 billion at Costco! That’s a whole lot of mega packs of paper towels and gallon drums of dressing. With roughly $200 million spent at each of the eight stores across Australia, it’s no wonder that this company is totally ready to expand.

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So, what’s with all of the seemingly sudden success?

Obviously, it’s the value. The American retailer has been treating shoppers in the US to major bargains for years. Clearly the company thought that the rest of the world would be totally into saving some money too. Like anyone isn’t. Well, they were right (as seen in the stellar sales numbers) and Costco is primed for a 2017 expansion.

The next new store is set to open in Sydney’s Marsden Park in July of 2017. Not only will the new store sell the same high-value but low-price items that the other locations have (that’s everything from electronics to your kids’ favourite snack foods), but they’ll also have a bakery, a petrol station, a hearing aid centre, an optical department and even their very own food court. What else could a mum want? That’s pretty much everything you could ever need under one super-inexpensive roof. And, if you need a drink (hey, it’s not easy being a mum) it’s rumoured that Costco will be carrying some premium alcohol brands in its new stores.

Oh, and the Marsden Park store isn’t just bringing on the savings. It’s also bringing on the jobs too. According to Costco managing director Patrick Noone, the new store will employ 250 staffers. Noone told the Daily Telegraph, “We feel it is the perfect location for us, offering convenience for our rapidly expanding membership in this area.” He went on to add, “We look forward to being an integral part of the growth in Sydney’s North West.”

Along with the Marsden Park location, Costco is set to open at least two other stores in 2017. These include an outlet in Brisbane and one in Melbourne at Epping.

With all of the new stores opening in the next year, there’s only one thing to do – get ready to save money.

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Perfect! That’s more in the bank for all of those toys that your kiddo definitely doesn’t need and maybe even a pair of shoes for you too!

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