Man Posts This Ad on Craigslist After His Girlfriend Told Him His Dog Had to Go

What do you do when your girlfriend moves in and tells you to get rid of your beloved pet dog?

Well, when Reddit user GETZEN realised that three’s a crowd, he did what any responsible dog-owner would do and posted this ad on Craigslist.


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We hope she found a good home but seriously, who would take her?


Have you ever been asked to make a choice between your partner or your pet?

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    If a prospective partner asks you to move in with you they accept your pets too. They are a part of your life. They are not a play thing, they have feelings. A friend of mine has a cat and was aksed to move in with another person. The cat was accepted provided it didn’t have to be handled due to a medical condition. Compromise is necessary. There is often dislikes on both sides.

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